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we need a clg now that /biz/ is primarily a stock board, let's discussed everything chainlink

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Chainlink is THE natsoc hold

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Worry about it later, buy AMC for now to get more LINK.

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About time you faggots got a containment thread

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Hi guys.

Is this a time to be swinging?


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I'm putting my gains in LINK after I destroy the juden

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Yes my friend, sell low, buy high.

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LINK and crypto discussion is going to be dead until GME has topped. I hold $400k worth of LINK and I give no shits about it currently.

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fuck a general the whole board is ours

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Since we are free of nulinkers right now, let's talk about the possibility of Sergey announcing staking in the Singapore talk, just like he did with mainnet before.

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I give that a high probability.

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Question is: is there enough network use to necessitate staking?

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serious question anons: I bought LINK in late 2017 and pretty much forgot about it 'til now, I thus missed all the discussion going on here from 2018-2020. I want to know what the deal is with staking? Will Linkpool be the only way to stake or will there be other options as well? What kind of returns can we except from it and is there any major risk involved?

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Israel has no right to exist.

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Biz has needed a chainlink general for 4 years and it fails everyone

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Link is going to $150 eoy. Check em

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>cucking yourself to the point of having a general
don’t do this beta shit. if you want to discuss link just make a thread. name one good project that had a general.

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You can stake yourself, Linkpool just makes it easier for people with small amounts and less technical knowledge to do so. There are other pools but LP is an official partner.

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was my first coin i bought like an hour or so ago
>lost seven cents
wtf /biz/ you lied to me

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I'm leaving /biz/ until this shitfest is over.

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Feb 1

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nvm i just earned 40 cents
thank you /biz/

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Link is the ETH of GRT

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This signifies the decline of the meme magic

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too many r***** here today

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Generals suck dick, and quickly degrade into stale copypasta and tripfaggotry within hours.

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imagine being so cucked that your coin needs a general

checked btw

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None of those have consistent generals except grt and it’s garbage

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Why are we so confident in chainlink?

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200k LINK stack here

Linkchad whales where u @?

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Lurk moar, newfag

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People arent?

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Should I keep buying link or buy gamestop instead? I bought .8 yesterday and I can put $25 more in next week

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wen is singapore talk ser?

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You mean $1500, right anon?

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you need to figure out to tell memes apart from actual advice

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this board and the entire market both crypto and stonk are completely fucked until this GME shit passes. Cya biz

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You need to tell the Toilet apart from the Street, Ranjeet.

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token literally not needed

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Link unironically the god protocol. Linkies are the chosen one who will ascend to the new earth

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The NIGGA chain failed it’s unironically over

Just sold 100k

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Im on a mission to earn more money to buy more LINK, thats why I sold. temporarily

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larp nobody on /biz/ has more then 1000 LINK

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I bought LINK at 2$ but I fucking lost my wallet, what the fuck do I do?

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just find your wallet again bro

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What did you guys think about staking being moved from Q1 to Q3 this year, along with what Coventry said.

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When staking?

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True. How do we get people to realize that they can mega pump something and it won't eventually go down 99%? It's better to pump something with actual value.

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I have no idea. I just went on linkpool and still no idea. I am a retard sadly.

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