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Go back, please just stop this onslaught of kikery.
We get it, you have a big shill army and bot programmers.
Most of us have never paid taxes, we don't trade stocks. Keep your jewish tricks contained in /smg/ where it belongs. This is literally a crypto board created with the sole purpose of containing shitcoin talk that was taking over /g/.
I hate all of you so much, and your attempts to fit in by saying nigger and jews is not working.
It is so obvious you don't belong here, so why don't you just go back?

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Based historically inaccurate retard

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Redditors came to the wrong neighborhood...

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Fuck off

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go back to /b/ newfag

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Dude, we've had xrpaypigs on this board for months, and bsv pajeets are coming back in waves - these normies are getting semi redpilled by kike bailout schemes at least. And don't forget some of us here were picking gme up months before wsb.

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I don't come into your thread and slap the dick out of your mouth. So why would you say these hurtful things?