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You have bought a stack right? 2021 will be amazing year for Quant.
>Quant will be on Binance blockchainweek2021
>OVN going live
>More and more banks and governments

I told you biz a year ago when price was 1.5$ that QNT will be 20$ eoy 2020 but you always kept spamming fud to QNT threads. How does it feel now?

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im fucking stacked man, gonna swing all my rubic profit into it

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Brother they don't gno

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I want to get in but dont know when FUCKK

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This and ALBT are going to make anons some serious money.

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>bro buy my bags
>plz the future of finance
>only three lines of code bro plz
>plz bro buy

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Honestly I'm not selling until 2000$/QNT.

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anything you'd like to share with us?

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I am all fucking in

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Don't sleep on aleph. This is 2021 tech and chainlink of the year 2021.

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