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Quick reminder if you were doing this with Gold or Silver shorts, you wouldn't just be pissing off a few greedy investors, you'd be able to crash the world economy overnight (with no survivors). Plus you wouldn't have the international issue of stock accessability - since everyone can get into PM deliveries.
Yes, you do have that much power, and yes, it's in a more precarious short position than GME was to begin with. And no, there's nothing they could do to stop it - you short, the crash happens; they try to stop you, systematic bank run occurs, crash happens.
They don't care about muh 91 billion (91,000,000,000). Even if GME goes to 10k, they will pay you what they fucking owe. It's chump change. Especially compared to the ~1 quadrillion of total currency (1,000,000,000,000,000) and complete loss of control that's at stake if attention were directed elsewhere. It's not the money, it's the message.

Fuck what leddit says. There's no use trying to deny leddit is fucking retarded; but just keep that in mind, for if this retains any directionless momentum afterwards (don't try to derail the train while it's chugging at top speed). It only takes a few persistant autists to kick a post to the top of the leddit and steer the tard-train into doing something fire-rising.

tl;dr the 4chan pranks in 2011/2016/2021 image could have such a better thing for 2021

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>nooooo you have to spell the cancer that's killing the site correctly, you can't just deliberately refuse to call it by it's correct name
Ah, I'm sorry, 'leddit niggers' - is that more accurate?

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I don't really want the world economy to crash though...

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I have no money and live in the UK.wish I could do my part guys but it wasn't meant to be. God speed.

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thanks, but you can keep your boomer rocks, not interested. you apparently have no clue why it was GME and not any other asset that created this phenomenon.

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your children do

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Why would I want the global economy to crash? Fuck the elites but at the same time I'm old enough to have stood in actual bread lines.

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you dont have a hundred quid? i bought mine at like £77 yesterday

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explain it to a boomer brainlet please.
I'm listening.

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What a failure I am. I even made a funny meme on this stock back in September. I sold and wandered off. I'd have about 200k, maybe, with the 2k in stock and options had I not sold.

I'm filled with regret and sorrow. Every stock I touch, once I leave ends up pumping. My mind is blank and all I can think is how sorry I am to my family.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I've failed them and myself. A peasant I am and it seems I won't be escaping that reality. It'll be a crushing defeat if the stock I'm in (not gme) crashes. Most of my life savings wiped away.

I talked about GME when it was sub $10 around them. My mind feels blank. I don't know what I'm going to do.

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I have 30 quid m8. It's the end of the month and I'm a NEET.

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Something about shorting 140% of stocks meaning they somehow shorted more than stocks available. Anyway their shorts supposedly expire on Friday if GME price stays above $115 which means they would have to cover their shorts which simply means they would have to buy back GME stocks at MARKET PRICE which means if GME goes to $10k by Friday, these kikes have to pay $10k PER GME STOCK.

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If you're in it for a quick buck, you evidently don't know either.

>but at the same time I'm old enough to have stood in actual bread lines.
Yeah, at least your kids will never have to stand in those. It'll be the socially diverse breadbug lines, complete with a fast-track to the front for progressive minorities. With no way out, for a next milennia of Void Era until AI gets to the point it can just exterminate the fleshie retards that built it.

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Can I buy options on the s&p in case this cases an overall market dip?
Sorry for retard question

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So is there still time to buy?

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>Every stock I touch, once I leave ends up pumping

dude 200k is like 200 dollars in 2021 funnymoney...

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buy it today

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not going to spoonfeed you, i just replied to your original post because it was so hilariously pathetic to shill PMs to GME gamblers.

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yes it got tweeted by elon fucking musk after the close yesterday, it's only just beginning

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I put $600 in at $140 and another $600 at $80 I think. Average is $108 at least. This is play money for me so I just wanna be along for the ride really. Lurk the GME threads to get more info from anons who are deep into this. $1000 seems to be the meme target.

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If GME hits 1000k today, it will hit 5000k tomorrow, 10k at 3pm friday but A SINGLE MENTION of GME and the word regulation by any government official at any moment will send this plummeting down and they know exactly how to word the headline, when to strike, and how to react, your dealing with the very con men that built the system, dont fall for it the plan is simple, hold until friday sell before close.

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>could only afford 1 stock
i guess it's still cool...

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good morning Max Keiser

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Finally GME singularity.

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Watch this simple explaination and STFU kike

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>hedgefund cunts lose money
>r*dditors lose life savings

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327 already

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we hav had our funs and its now time to stop TOTURING poor short sellers, before there is HELL TO PAY.

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What platform you guys suggest to buy GME stocks? I can throw some money if it means to piss off people

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bros is it too late to buy now

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Than $2k is $2. You know what I meant. This couldve helped but I guess I'm just a failure that cant help them.

I think I'm too late. If I sold at around $10 what's to say I'll even hold if it dumps after I buy? Ive failed my family a lot. I cant risk buying and getting btfo'd at this point. Once the squeeze ends anyone left holding it will likely be permanently screwed if they bought above $100. If that were to happen to me, the absolute shame I'd feel in telling them I failed and lost nearly all my life savings chasing a stock after it pumped. I have no idea when the squeeze ends. But it's too late for. I should go to bed and stop thinking about this. My health is already starting to suffer because of this.

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fucking Christ.... how do I sleep?

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>made money
>still upset
shut the fuck up faggot

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Join Robinhood with my link and we'll both get a free stock https://join.robinhood.com/christc33505

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irl dayz but zombies are niggers

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I didnt make much money off gme. I sold it off at maybe a few dollars of a gain back in september or so, or maybe a small loss.

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So what happens now that every fortnite zoomer starts buying stocks with their parents cc because they saw it was cool on reddit?

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If you are a burger then just use Robinhood. You maybe even able to buy option calls there to get even more profits at a bigger risk. I as a European pleb have to use Etoro which only has simple stock buying and like 3x leverage max. Then there's Trading212 which is quite good as well and has AMC which seems like another opportunity(Etoro doesn't have the stock AMC). If you want options as a non US citizen, then there's TastyWorks, Interactive Brokers that I know of. Currently I'm trying to get verified on them both. Trading212 took like 10mins to get verified and you can deposit with a debit/credit card fast.

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But it's an obsolete company, just as blockbuster was. How can you be bullish on a company which has a net loss of 1 billion USD in the past 2 years.?

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It’s the mother of all short squeeze, hedge fund is going bankrupt and there’s blood in the water

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Are redditors actually trading in enough volume to be causing this?

>> No.26652045

I’m asking, I really don’t know how it works.

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they get fucked when it crashes.

Normies always get dabbed on

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No, other big players have jumped in now this is self sustaining

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>missed buying in because my life was too busy and I didn’t know it was going on
Some people aren’t meant to strike it rich, are they? I’m gonna end up buying in at $400-500 and I don’t have that kind of money for a full share.

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You're bullish on the bears

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if i wanted to open a trading account now is there any way for me to buy gme stocks in time or am i fucked? im a money n00blet btw

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Tell why I should not just yolo all my money into whatever meme stock is recommended next. What's the point of slowing grinding away until I'm 60 with boomer fundamental stocks when I could've been a millionaire and enjoyed the prime of my life instead of slaving away.

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You/They have to be 18 to open an account, they would probably try to verify that before letting them open one. Maybe a little more volatility at worse.. probably not enough to make a difference I think

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youre kinda fucked. If you bought 2 days ago you would be chilling

>> No.26652222

If you haven't bought GME yet you deserve to be poor

>> No.26652228

elon tweeted

>> No.26652231

Buy AMC, BB and Pltr.

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Says it takes 5 days to transfer money, how do I do this shit right now?

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just look at their net losses from the past couple years

>> No.26652260

I know the pain brother. I even knew about this at $41 and thought it was all just a meme. boy was i wrong

>> No.26652268

There’s literally no evidence that those will do the same. Waste of money to detract people from helping skyrocket GME.

>> No.26652282

Just made 300 Euro. Thanks guys.

>> No.26652287

I dropped 2500 on it a few days ago but I was genuinely considering just yoloing 20k+ on it.

>> No.26652315

amc is still low and looking promising

>> No.26652321

What if I didn’t even know this shit was happening until yesterday evening after the market closed?

>> No.26652328

never too late to try
make sure its a no fee broker tho:
>US - RobinHood
>UK - Trading212
>DE - Flatex - first 5 trades free?

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look at these

96-99% down from the top to bottom
now people are still doing mental gymnastics to not be at least mildly bullish on them now that biometric payment cards etc are becoming a thing
there is still time to buy GME, yesterday it seemed sketchy to buy in at around 90, now 90 seems cheap, whatever price it opens at today will seem cheap tomorrow

>> No.26652337

Have faith in the autists, not everyone got one board the gme train.

>> No.26652344

Will the feds bail out those kikes?

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You should be checking /biz/ every 10 minutes to ensure maximum profit

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is there a pink wojak for this feel?

>> No.26652383

I know that now, but I had no clue about this shit until it was already too late, relatively speaking

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ok so on etoro, it's saying $148 for a share
on google, the API says $209, after-market
so does this mean if i place a buyer order at $148 on etoro now, it won't get filled when the market opens?

>> No.26652445

So realistically how far is GME going to be pushed? Is 1k our target or can we genuinely push it higher?

>> No.26652460


best video explanation


>> No.26652485

you can't do it! it would be fucking anti-semitic!

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You literally won't know till close on thursday at the earliest. This could still take weeks of gamma squeezes and pump and dumps before any real capitulation from the shorts.

>> No.26652529

gme just start printing new stonx, and laughing.
it will open above $200, yup.
maybe get a dip right after, but, this is unchartered waters. could equally head straight for $1k and not stop

>> No.26652540

Check again, it's $318

>> No.26652576

What does real capitulation look like. They're down 3 bil.

>> No.26652577

How much do I set my limit order at? I'm buying on Trading212

>> No.26652626

you can get a 1k instant deposit on RH.
just sign up add your bank and they will allow you to have up to 1k to trade with while your money is in the process of being transferred to your account.

>> No.26652682

based af

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>> No.26652761

fuck me dead, i'll be able to buy one share at this rate
if fucking etoro hadn't taken all day to verify my account i'd have three already

>> No.26652772

i signed of to cmc because im aus, when you say never too late to try are you implying that i can get in befor emarket open because i would love to but from what anons have been saying its not happening

>> No.26652797

same my wife was like "go all in" and im like nahhh i dont wanna risk it. dummy.

>> No.26652808

Not too late it will reach 1k you still can 3x your money

>> No.26652819

What's to stop the internet from striking with some other meme stock like this?

>> No.26652842

Can't believe nobody checked you

>> No.26652971

put my GME stop loss at $150, its not going to dip that far down before the friday short squeeze right?

>> No.26652985

>AMC already normalizing

>> No.26652987

The fact that the memestock needs to be severely overshorted

>> No.26653028

I have no money, guess fate agrees with you.

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>> No.26653070

How can you have 30k liquid and be this silly

>> No.26653098

I'm not American, but if they do make shure to riot and protest, it's your money, from your taxes, going to jews instead of building a road or fixing a bridge.

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>> No.26653131

You should buy now, it’s going to $1000

>> No.26653140

I will help you to get $$ in this drugrace, just follow my advice

>> No.26653153

I got £200 bong here. Buy on Etoro? GME or BlackBerry, AMC Nokia?

>> No.26653157

What if I put 1k into this? For example if 1k isn't enough to buy 4 whole shares do I get a fractional share? Is there a reason to stick to buying a whole share?

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>> No.26653167

GME is the ONLY sure thing right now. Everything else like AMC or BB is just a diversion tactic. Literally BUY GME ONLY even if it's like 4-5 shares you will still make 3x

>> No.26653175

>He sold
Pump it.

Literally what happened.

>> No.26653207

gold and silver supply is unlimited tho stocks are not.

>> No.26653237

I certainly hope not. They made a risky investment decision and it blew up in their face - just like happened to plenty of us in the past.

>> No.26653263

idk anon, its (a) def. not to late to buy into GME - be fun till friday, at least. But you are not buying before market open, and its not opening below ̶$̶2̶0̶0̶ ̶$̶2̶5̶0̶ ̶$̶3̶0̶0̶ $350 now.. Dunno how quick cmc process KYC and shit? Better to at least start the process now tho.
BB's prob. a good shout, but all in good time. As >>26653167

>> No.26653268

Okay, thanks. Anything like this for foreign sites?

>> No.26653293

Also who wants to buy AMC? It's a dying business selling overpriced popcorn nobody wants.

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>> No.26653336


>> No.26653389

If you didn’t buy in when it was $15, you are a subhuman mingoloid who should be euthanized

>> No.26653396

A number of other failing stocks are seeing large price bumps.

>> No.26653458

>gold and silver supply is unlimited tho

>inb4 asteroid mining
Yeah, and that ain't happening in your lifetime on logistics alone, given how long it'd take to drag an astroid to orbit Earth if you were to start with perfect technology today.

>> No.26653463

you just fell for a jewish trick

>> No.26653489

200? It is currently 330.
It is going to open at fucking 300+

>> No.26653512

>It's a dying business
welcome to VultureWorld anon.
not overwhelmingly convinced GameStops longterm prospects are very fucking rosy either. Thats all absolutely not an issue here tho.

>> No.26653541

shoorters on suicide watch now

>> No.26653562

put it all in, market opens at 2pm, youre gonna make nice buck out of nothing, you still have time retard

>> No.26653570

It's going to open at 500+
screencap this faggot

>> No.26653582

yeah, corrected myself few posts down
tbf, difficult to keep up.

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>> No.26653644

black magic. they sell to much of something they dont have and suddenly shit is pure gold.

>> No.26653647

that's what crypto is, what happens is stocks become extremely volatile

>> No.26653669


>> No.26653751

should i buy at open or wait for a dip?


>> No.26653756

If it opens 500, I am gonna blow it all on cocaine and hookers

>> No.26653760

How can it go up if the market is closed?

>> No.26653782

if you want the dip you better be fast as fuck

>> No.26653803

About to put money in, anyone want to try and talk me out of it last minute?

>> No.26653811

After Market.

Tons of idiots are gonna FOMO in
Or tons of Paper handed fags are gonna dump
You decide

>> No.26653836

I have money in AMC and very little in GME.
Should I remove from AMC and go to GME or hold?

>> No.26653848



only jews allowed

>> No.26653858

Do it fgt

>> No.26653873

>father was broker

>> No.26653940

If I set my limit order for 10k can I still sell it earlier if I want?

>> No.26653960

You can trade when the exchange is closed but you need at least one Jewish parent

>> No.26653993

hey man, PLUG is down 3,80%

>> No.26654010

Hi retard anon here who has no idea whats going on how do I make free money off this

>> No.26654024

4chan then:

>Prank call Gamestop
>Ask for Battletoads
>Hang up and laugh about it

4chan now:

>Buy Gamestop stock
>Crash the Stock Market
>Cause Global Financial Catastrophe

I love you guys.

>> No.26654118

>4chan now
>Buy Gamestop stock
>Crash the Stock Market
Unironically reddit did it, were jumping on ship like anyone else

>> No.26654135

*Reddit now

>> No.26654175

how can you be this much of a retard, even when I was ultra newfag and didnt know how to buy a stock I went and googled for 2 minutes

>> No.26654341

wsb is a spiritual offshoot tho, '4chan with a Bloomberg Terminal'. Our lost brethren be returning to the fold shortly enough, kikes gonna go fucking bugshit over this. And meanwhile reddit gets the blame, its all good.

>> No.26654450

Lurk like I did, search for other newfag threads/posts before making your own. But basically download a trading app or program, and put some money on GME. You can probably double it at this point, maybe even triple, or at a stretch quadruple.

>> No.26654519

I bought GS2C.
Did I fuck up?

>> No.26654614

>"Hello, you've reached Melvin Capital, how can I help you?"
>"D-d-do you have Battletoads?"

>> No.26654690

as far as Ive understood thats not the one they were shortselling lol

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sentinels our time is now

>> No.26654753

Why would any of these moon?

>> No.26654773


>> No.26654815

What can I use to buy some of this shit if I’m a leaf

>> No.26654833

Over shorted

>> No.26654865

fast how do i short melvin capital

>> No.26654948

Should I put an order in right now for market open or should I wait for a dip?

>> No.26654980

The dip was just now.
It went from 360 to 288.
You missed it.

>> No.26654989

so why arent the shorters accepting their losses at this point? it looks like this is going to keep going up until friday at the very least

>> No.26654995

melvin just sold out of gamestop wtf? you guys told me they would have to buy on friday? its in freefall already

>> No.26655048

Melvin sold out means he is covering now.

>> No.26655081
File: 60 KB, 938x960, 1608622596626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw watching this unfold from the sidelines, happily witnessing a historic event
i may be missing out on easy profits, but i don't fuckin care
watching this mess unfold has been fuckin spicy

>> No.26655090

Explain to me why and how gamestop stocks are crashing the economy like you're explaining it to a 5 years old.

>> No.26655174

what does that mean?

>> No.26655207

Means he admitted defeat and is going to start covering his GME shorts. Aka the game is afoot.

>> No.26655257

>investment company places bet that gamestop stock will go down
>NEETs find out about this
>NEETs collectively buy gamestop stock and hold onto it
>gamestop stock skyrockets (supply and demand)
>investment company loses LOTS of money on failed bet
>investment company receives huge bailout, billions of dollars
>NEETs plan on doing this AGAIN for other stocks
>may cause billions of dollars to be wasted

this is my uneducated summary of the situation, idk much else

>> No.26655273
File: 26 KB, 480x445, 1611209391767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i bought GME because i hate kikes

>> No.26655320

the real question though is which one is next. possibly AMC or BB

>> No.26655346

I placed an order at $220 earlier. Would it get cancelled when it opens and it's at $330 or whatever or does it buy at $220 or the current price?

>> No.26655357

if you think autists on the internet are doing this you are delusional, NEETs are just pawns in here and who will be blamed in the end. This is flat out economic warfare.

>> No.26655393

Limit or Market?

>> No.26655402

Nothing will be like this. GME is shorted at 130% and AMC is 58%

>> No.26655415

so does that mean anyone who isn't holding already shouldn't buy when it opens?

>> No.26655421

Kek, thanks.

>> No.26655443
File: 109 KB, 1413x341, battletoads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gamers rise up!

>> No.26655452

That means he is going to start buying shares to cover.

>> No.26655510


It means that the stock will pump like no tomorrow.

>> No.26655521

i was wondering, this seems to substantial for bored internet autists to accomplish
surely there must be some greater powers at play behind all of this
it will be very interesting to watch this unfold
i am sitting comfortable on the sidelines

np brah

i'm hearing rumors about AMC being in the line of sight next, but i doubt that'll unfold
all i can predict is that GME will skyrocket until some seething jewstreet bankers force a law to be made about this shit lmao

>> No.26655670

I don't know, I just did it a few hours ago through RH I think it's market?

>> No.26655716

What the fuck are you doing anon

>> No.26655814

No idea, probably losing money. I bought a share on RH and transferred $400

>> No.26655901
File: 192 KB, 828x1792, 197942D1-D89D-4FEA-858B-03007D553FF6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uhhhh bros? its dropped from 350 to this in like 40 minutes...

>> No.26655974

think a few scared bois sold off at 350, unsure of the future increase, wanted to take a safe bet

>> No.26656066

Gold and silver price is dictated by the comex, which has been getting manipulated with massive amounts of paper shorts for decades. More silver than is mined in years is routinely dumped.

>> No.26656111

umm bros, its dumping. it might even hit my $160 stop loss. bros?

>> No.26656197
File: 188 KB, 828x1792, AA5F2BD2-C9B0-4383-BB64-92C61C9C5522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bros its dropping fast... i dont feel so good...

>> No.26656201

after hours can be volatile af, theres (usually) not much volume. Its still 50%+ over close.

>> No.26656239

what the fuck is the point of closing the markets if then the price is still going up? i wanted to buy yesterday at 150 but since it closed i had to wait and now its gonna be like 300? thats bullshit, someone answer me damnit, how does this work

>> No.26656427

shhh, only rich people trade now :)

>> No.26656450

>after hours

>> No.26656458

when you are a privileged person you get to buy and sell at special times when others don't have access, this keeps you from losing it all as a special person

>> No.26656484

>put in an order for some shares of GME
>had enough money in my trade account to cover it
>prices are shooting up in pre market
So if I can only buy a couple of the shares my order is for, will my order buy what my account can afford or will it void the whole order and say "not enough funds in your account!"? I want it to just buy however many shares my money can afford, I don't give a shit how many it is at the time.

>> No.26656498

They are putting out so much false info that people are selling
You guys better be holding

>> No.26656526

it literally is unlimited. there is no hard cap. new billions of tonnes of gold and silver is produced every second just in our neighborhood.

>> No.26656527

Get a real brokerage

>> No.26656579


>> No.26656605

Then it will buy at the limit.
Nothing higher

>> No.26656609

What the fuck are you talking about, it's a rock.

>> No.26656633

How do you do that when you only have $100 and can't buy a whole share?
I'm new

>> No.26656662

>inb4 asteroid mining
earth is especially rich in gold and silver in the known universe. so this is not relevant right now.

>> No.26656666

Nobody answered my question

>> No.26656670

Pay in dollars (fractional shares).

>> No.26656715
File: 369 KB, 1020x976, GME_kvetching_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The GameStop folly isn’t just a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a tale of inequality.

Interesting article.
Surprisingly balanced and reasonable.

>> No.26656726

it's metal not "rock" technically and it has no appreciable scarcity. biggest scam in history.

>> No.26656741

Ty anon. If I change to market it'll splurge the money I put up in whatever the price is immediately at open, right?

Idk I'm putting in around 2k

>> No.26656794
File: 160 KB, 1024x768, 1611498135519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wasted get

>> No.26656990

If I'd bought GME on open I'd be down 85 dollars.
Fuck mate bank transfer delays saved me.

>> No.26657002

So I put the limit price to 100?
And then put 1 stock (the lowest it goes)?
Sorry if this is stupid that is the only option I'm seeing for limit order.

>> No.26657203

probably about to dump in 84 bucks for the hype, whats the worst that could happen?

>> No.26657812

>That’s the thing about economic and wealth inequality: It helps to have rich friends!
yeah, fair stuff indeed - articles practically a call to communism compared to the kevtching kikes on Yahoo, blabbering about 'shorts being tortured' and demanding the SEC intervene and save their endangered shekels.

>> No.26657895
File: 58 KB, 800x450, maam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>GME $1000
you hold
>GME $10,000
you hold
>GME $100,000
you hold
>GME $1,000,000
>hedge funds are dropping like flies
you hold
>GME $10,000,000
>insurance companies are dropping like flies
you hold
>GME $100,000,000
>governments are dropping like flies
you hold
>GME $1,000,000,000
>Joe Biden has been relocated to a low-rent strip mall. He is forced to wear a nametag for minimum wage and get screamed at by autistic trannies all day.
you hold

>> No.26657975

Hmmm. Is the play to buy on open or wait for idiots to take profit?

>> No.26658002


>> No.26658057

wait 10 minutes to take profit then buy

>> No.26658080

Jews waking eachother up to buy shares

>> No.26658088

>after hours

>> No.26658336

I placed a market order a few hours ago, when does it go through? Should I cancel and reorder?

>> No.26658397

When the market opens up if someone sells it to you.

>> No.26658426

market opens 14:30 UK time

>> No.26658711
File: 26 KB, 635x189, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26658753

It's a lie to get us to sell

>> No.26658789
File: 75 KB, 1024x768, 1605938105639m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26658921

how many emails must I send these pajeets before they let me use their damn stink money

>> No.26658959


>> No.26659008

totally spontaneous decision to organically and separately exit the market at exactly the same time here, I see.
>believing kike bullshit, ever.

>> No.26659063

2 hours and 11 minutes from NOW, chief.

>> No.26659185

its really funnny how reddit is superior to biz

they hold the lines on GME like fucking chads because (even if its onions plebbit) they know who the fucking enemy is.
biz on the other hand, while knowing perfectly about the nose, drowning in disinformation and distracting shills, shits itself over some STOCK MARKET VOLATILITY.

4chan and especially biz became a fucking joke. who would have thought that plebbit is that much fucking brighter than the goys on 4chan. well how times have changed.

>> No.26659263

You're fine, I literally figured it out yesterday myself.
If you don't really care about the value because you want to buy as soon as the market opens, then, if you're using Robinhood, you should be able to just buy in Dollars (top right when you click "Buy") and it'll buy that amount when the market opens.
If, however, you're waiting for it to dip to a certain point before buying, you can set a buy limit order, where it will automatically buy however many share you tell it to as soon as it dips to the value you set (in your case, $100 (but it's doubtful that it'll dip to that tomorrow)).

>> No.26659390

>slapping down leafs with food price memes is wasted
This is your life right here

>> No.26659443

Thank you

>> No.26659497

This. If bailouts happen again, there NEED to be riots. If the Jews want to play their games on the markets, they need to know that every game you play, there's a chance of losing. The only government help I can support is the the feds mailing a free copy of Antifragile to every bankrupted Jew.

>> No.26659565


$1000 at end of day my little scared boys
trust in the diamond hands

>> No.26659633

I'm on 212 trading, bought now and waiting to open for order to process.
Did I fuck up or am I still safe?
Also, going to hold until Friday but when it comes time, how do I sell without being fucked?

>> No.26659657

I don't want to crash the world economy but I wouldn't mind crashing Chinese economy.

>> No.26659767
File: 266 KB, 738x692, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do people like this run hedge funds?

>> No.26659786

Read between the lines you dumb fucks.
>Citron closed MAJORITY of positions
They're still in this. Sell now and they win.

>> No.26659874

What does "covering his shorts" mean?

>> No.26659939

When is the agreed time and date for us to actully sell?

>> No.26660015

how do i get instant access to this
Robinhood took away my instant deposit privileges from trying to make a deposit...
Ameritrade will require today or tomorrow to open up.
Wat DO

>> No.26660025

Friday and gather those sweet sweet neet bucks

>> No.26660106

What brokeage account do you use for UK?

>> No.26660260

trading 212

>> No.26660306

Okay, thanks.
I bought while the market is closed, did I fuck up?

>> No.26660336

get robinhood gold

>> No.26660699
File: 376 KB, 1024x676, 1526676713625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all those retards that sold at 180
This is a battle of will faggots, if we all hold we all win.

>> No.26660823

Give me sheckles and sign up.
You can buy a fraction of a share still.

>> No.26661059

dont yolo all your money
like half at most, so you dont starve and die and instead have option to try again

>> No.26661080

I'm saving money for the dip, and I'll buy.

>> No.26661101

looks like he throws dildo darts at a Yahoo Finance screen, blindfold. GME by side, some of that shit is 300% up since (Penn, etc)

>> No.26661137

You really think it's going to dip under 180 again? If you're planning on doing that sell right fucking now anon.

>> No.26661214
File: 69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210127-070625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just a crossposter trying to make some money. I made a robinhood account and now it's saying I have to wait 1-5 business days for my application to be approved. Am I not gonna be able to buy before it's too late?

>> No.26661241

I'm straight retarded, I just keep hearing about the dip when the markets open up and it sounds like that is a good tie to buy, idk

>> No.26661253
File: 485 KB, 802x550, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26661336

Just made etoro account, will it not let me buy GME and BB? Why the fuck would they do that?? Should i witch to trade212?

>> No.26661338

Prisoner dilemma says we are fucked then

>> No.26661369

Just keep a constant eye on it from 9 to 10. If it goes around 230- buy as much as you're willing. I don't see it going to 180 again.

>> No.26661402

I'm so stupid.

>> No.26661432

>please pump my boomer rocks next

>> No.26661445

Everyone is anon, hindsight is 20/20.

>> No.26661504

nice fud but im buying more

>> No.26661518

You really think that's the lowest it'll go? I was banking on around $200 at least.

>> No.26661613

If we all work together, we could all shoot ourselves in the foot!

>> No.26661683

> Need KYC level 2 to trade stocks on FTX
> My papers still haven't gone through
The dream is dead

>> No.26661718

nervous 'bout something, fellow goys?

>> No.26661790


>> No.26661884

this is basically a pajeet central nowadays

>> No.26661963

You fucking idiots really don’t understand how serious this is do you? You’re causing major institutions to lose billions of dollars and might even cause the grandparent loaning bank to go under. People will lose their homes, people’s mortgages and investments will be impacted as a result. There is a loser on every trade and mark our words at the end of the day it WILL be you.

Enjoy retaining a lawyer and fighting off discovery for the next five years. Was it worth ruining your life for a 10x? Good luck explaining why you’re using words like “Jew” and “nigger” to a federal judge. Enough is enough and it’s about time someone took you man children down a notch.

>> No.26662042

biz is garbage. 90% of threads are retarded pajeets shilling bags. I only come here because discussing things on reddit is impossible, and the ocassional memes.

>> No.26662072

You fucking idiots really don’t understand how serious this is do you? You’re causing major institutions to lose billions of dollars and might even cause the grandparent loaning bank to go under. People will lose their homes, people’s mortgages and investments will be impacted as a result. There is a loser on every trade and mark our words at the end of the day it WILL be you..

Enjoy retaining a lawyer and fighting off discovery for the next five years. Was it worth ruining your life for a 10x? Good luck explaining why you’re using words like “Jew” and “nigger” to a federal judge. Enough is enough and it’s about time someone took you man children down a notch.

>> No.26662083
File: 763 KB, 500x275, aiEJH.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26662150


>> No.26662389

That is only if you are verified. Which still takes time.

>> No.26662619

Is it too late to buy?
Help me, please!

>> No.26662694

No, buy and hold

>> No.26662767

You fucking idiots really don’t understand how serious this is do you? You’re causing major institutions to lose billions of dollars and might even cause the grandparent loaning bank to go under. People will lose their homes, people’s mortgages and investments will be impacted as a result. There is a loser on every trade and mark our words at the end of the day it WILL be you

Enjoy retaining a lawyer and fighting off discovery for the next five years. Was it worth ruining your life for a 10x? Good luck explaining why you’re using words like “Jew” and “nigger” to a federal judge. Enough is enough and it’s about time someone took you man children down a notch

>> No.26662768

nono not Ronaldo!!!

>> No.26662772

Hey guys I need your advice, I’m pretty casual at trading. I bought GameStop stock back when cyberpunk released thinking there would be some spike. I was disappointed but I held on, and now I’ve made more in 2 days than I have in 2 years.

What should I do? Hold on or dump it?

>> No.26662874
File: 473 KB, 849x885, Lucky_Larry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gentlemen, let us all rub larrys head for luck.
virtually, of course.

>> No.26662966

hodl till friday

>> No.26663041

Can I ask why? Also checked

>> No.26663055

It's monday

>> No.26663076

Should we sell before friday trading opens up?

>> No.26663094

contract ends on thursday so jews have to rebuy the stock

>> No.26663105

Also is there any possibility for me to be in legal trouble? I mean I feel like I won the lottery.

>> No.26663145
File: 774 KB, 800x800, laugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Biden is office for a week
>US economy already fucked beyond repair

>> No.26663159

why would you be in trouble? you like the stock

>> No.26663166

wait and see what the price is doing on friday as it'll likely moon and sell whenever you're happy to

>> No.26663170

So I should sell Friday morning?

>> No.26663205

Ok, thank you

>> No.26663246


>> No.26663259

just watch the market all friday and see whats going on, cos it'll likely go up throughout the day but probably sell before the market closes unless things have changed by then

>> No.26663267

>Also is there any possibility for me to be in legal trouble?
for fucking what, exactly? winning? nah, your golden. HODL till Fri midday tho, see where its going. You are gonna be well up regardless.

>> No.26663317


>> No.26663328

I've got £25,000 in cash in a stocks and shares ISA, should I invest even though the price is so high?

>> No.26663336

>not going to be verified until friday
it's over

>> No.26663360

Why were some people saying Monday? I don't trust the market to behave over the weekend, strings will be pulled.

>> No.26663398

I’m just the Uber suspicious type. Life always find a way to screw over people who win

>> No.26663457

what do you mean?

>> No.26663479

>Life always find a way to screw over people who win
thems called the IRS anon.

>> No.26663484

The "worst" that will happen is you'll need to pay taxes on the money next year. Just look up how much the taxes will be on your earnings and keep that money aside.

>> No.26663494

What's the chances the SEC steps in and freezes this shit at market open? I'm tempted to liquidate everything and jump on the train, but that's a BIG FUCKING RISK if the SEC decides to stick their slimy, grimy cock in.

>> No.26663623

It's a real possibility, they are seething right now.

>> No.26663669


>> No.26663721

Is there any risk in this scenario with what's happening?

>> No.26663729

freeze it and then what?

>> No.26663740

Not waiting for the paper hands to sell out and buy large at the dip, what the fuck are you that new?

>> No.26663749

>oy vey, save us, SEC!
they cant, too high profile now.
a public kike v. reddit major league shitfest is the last thing anyone wants on their desk. They'll probably halt trading briefly a few times tho, dependant on whats habbening.

>> No.26663811


>> No.26663827
File: 63 KB, 640x1094, 88D1C313-768E-4F8A-B384-BC621DE0E2B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is they closed their short position why is it still so high short interest and why did they only announce premarket? SEC?

>> No.26663842

realistically how high can it go

>> No.26663903

Throwing in $500 at open it’s all I have left. I’ve made 13k on GME so far and I will. Never. Fucking. Sell.

>> No.26663905

What do you mean? Price is pretty low right now

>> No.26663949

assume they be lying through their teeth.
I doubt you'll be too far wrong.
besides, the numbers don't add up, no way in fuck are they covered.

>> No.26663960

People are saying realistically $1000-$5000

>> No.26663963

the most intelligent choice would be to bring plebbit here
sure it might ruin things for a bit, but those fags have the 4chan soul within them, it just needs to awaken

>> No.26663980

Name your price. 2000 is the lowest bet we have, and some people speculate as high as 10K.
Just HODL and see.

>> No.26664005

never go all in

>> No.26664034

What did you put in to maker 13k? I put in £100, what can I expect back?

>> No.26664088

There is always a risk retard but this is very low risk

>> No.26664095
File: 453 KB, 497x509, 7706019a0ec9a648e7e0e7875bfcce79ec4d470022f5a11749882f75e9fd5170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26664092

I bought 3k worth around 32

>> No.26664137
File: 77 KB, 731x470, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the most expensive virtue signal ever

>> No.26664302

I sell only for 1488 US$

>> No.26664325

>Ass of this morning, I have ZERO
never a truer word spoken.

>> No.26664351


>totally not a shill trying to lower the value for a short.

>> No.26664413


>> No.26664449


>> No.26664596

They had like 1 million shares shored, every day almost 200 million have been trading (since this started) - they can easily cover them, it would be a tiny spec in the overall buying.

I would be surprised if ANY shorts are not covered by now, but as retards keep buying it can for sure go higher

>> No.26664610

Watching the movie margin call right now and pretending that it's based on Melvin capital

It's comfy and reassuring

>> No.26664784

.>Having a stop loss

>> No.26664910

Depends if you are market buying or limit buying. Market should just execute at whatever the open is, check on your broker what you ordered

>> No.26665002

say i ordered 6 pieces for 146 each, what happens if the price jumps to 200 instantly before my order happens? using a market order

>> No.26665150

>Also is there any possibility for me to be in legal trouble? I mean I feel like I won the lottery.
This is the American Dream. I know the kikes want to make it illegal for non-tribe members, but you won't get in trouble for succeeding.

>> No.26665237

Only if you don't pay your taxes