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Hello frens, let me explain you why Rubic is headed to at least 4 USD.

It's trying to compete with a dex like uniswap, so, let's say it won't be better than UNI and ONLY takes 10% of its market cap, it means Rubic will 30x and reach 4$.


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Thank you Rajesh. How would you prefer your payment?

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>UNI Market Cap = 3.7B

>RUBIC Market Cap = 12.8M

>Rubic being 10% of UNI = 370M Market Cap

>EASY 30x


Suck my cock faggot I'm swedish

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Fuck, when you put it that way $1 and even $4 is fucking tiny. I bought heaps at 12.5c and pic is absolutely fucking related

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holy shit you're right

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their website is very smooth, I like how it also doesn't automatically try linking to your metamask like a lot of other projects do; that shit gives me a heart attack. You manually have to click on to attach it on rubics site, I've got high hopes for it based off that souly alone.

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That's pretty based I never noticed that. Privacy and UX will be big in 2021, so this is bullish for Rubic

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based project.

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Funny thing is, even if you take 1 FUCKING % of UNI's market cap, we'd have to go to 37m market cap and that's already a 3x.


No way pajeet street shitters keep fudding this gem instead of buying

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i just bought, get ready for the dump. always happens

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yeah, it's also better more innovative because of binance smart chain being included

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Just hold it desu, it's undervalued as fuck rn

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Hmmm. Uniswap has $3B in locked value on the platform. So how much does Rubic have locked in it’s protocol?
Is there a place where we can find this common information on the platform? How about the trend for the last week even?
Let us know when you find that key information. We’re anxiously awaiting to invest.

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It's been launched recently just give it time

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Ah, I see ok.

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why do you think this project got fudded so hard this past week?

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Probably because these niggers didn't want to buy at 16 cents and bought at 10. It worked unfortunately

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I honestly thought people were just being fucking mean

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So basically the narrative is that Rubic is an undervalued WEBSITE that is better than UNI with $3B in valuation locked in. But Rubic has none, so we should buy it. Got it. Thanks OP!

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Stop shilling it anons, we got a gem in our hands we early and huge potential ahead of us.

Don’t fuck this up

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Checked but you're fucking cringe

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Already doing fine. I own real projects, not pnd scams with zero intrinsic value. You are a victim on the other hand.

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Ad hominem, logical argument. What’s cringe? The truth? Yeah absolute cringe is right.

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Oh god fuck you're so cringe just fuck off

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Kill yourself faggot fudder

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Yep. Scam artist does like the truth. These Rubic spam threads are fucking shill and echo chambers cheering for a scam. Shills and gambling faggots.

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you can't even do it yet you fucking faggot, it's coming soon and it's one of their goals to make as many people as possible to lock valuation. also you're cringe and ngmi

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you talk like a fag and your shits all retarded

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Fuck your mother. And its not fud, its truth or you would have made a counter against it that could be easily verified. You’re a shill.

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shill some quality projects then genius

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Counter is above by op so respond to that you braindead unlikeable cocksucking kike. Kill yourself

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Eat cock faggot. You lost.
Where’s your high IQ counter to the facts, cunt boi.

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Why does it cost insane gas to swap without rubic, but with rubic everything is supposed to go cheap?
can someone explain?

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The real green pill is actually the potential of Rubic is way past Uniswap cause it can do far more than trade erc20 tokens. It could be last big exchange that anyone ever uses again..literaly the global DEX of the world. That's so fucking huge potential market it's actually insane.. just give the dex some time for people to start using it....its coming.

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they literally posted about it 17 hours ago and it's coming you fucking RETARD, go check it by yourself.

your critique is senseless, post your arguments now.

also you talk like a onions faggot so go eat some protein and leave the onions

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Pro team

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Easy cheap one: Loopring
Vitalik a few days ago gave their CEO credit on his own blog. Then in his next article wrote all about the zk-SNARK technology they are deployong, genius. But keep listening to faggot spam Rubic shills. Good luck with that.

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Eth is expensive. Matic is L2 which is another layer on eth. And Binance chain is cheap. Polka etc will use parachains and will also be cheap. In time no one is gonna accept eth fees...

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It's all Eth tokens faggot. Defi is gonna be multichain and polka and Avax etc.

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>it's coming

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Fuck you faggot>>26651375
>gonna be
But isn’t shit.
Loser coin

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Even pajeets want to be paid in RBC, do you understand that?

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Done BTFO you shills. You lost, eat a dick and keep cucking for pajeets, faggots.

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>yet to implement the road map
>what is being early
have fun buying my bags at $4 faggot

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i swear to god you're an actual fucking retard, also go check the medium link in their twitter to check how your critique is worthless and proven wrong.

retarded fud is a buy signal btw so imma buy some more for myself meanwhile u will remain broke

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i don't like twitter but it's good to screenshot announcements and posts by the team, but nice argument retard

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ok you're a pajeet fudder confirmed lmao do you realise you're actually making the project look more bullish?

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faggot you'll my bags at 4$ if not higher, you don't even wanna know how much it'll be if it gets half of UNI's market cap(which it deserves)

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did you buy loopring at the top in 2018? kek
just cut your losses man unfortunately we don't want you in rbc though find some other moonshot if you can

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so you shill loopring because Vitalik off hand mentions them in a blogpost no one reads and then shit talk rubic because they announced staking on twitter? The same twitter they also announced the binance smart chain on?

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fudders always make themselves look retarded, it's so hilarious

>> No.26652310

aaaand he won't respond

>> No.26652404

And he was so fucking pompous about it lol

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what advantages does rubic (the platform) have over competitors to get some usage? shill me

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Educate yourself anon, and ywmi

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and everything else in the whitepaper, it's not long and easy to read through

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i am now the proud owner of 14000 rubic

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dangerously based, i hold about 30k and wgmi

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Congratulations fellow Rubichad and welcome onboard. We early and we gonna make it $$$

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Rubic is definitely going to rival Fantom finance in the future, it's been very impressive so far.

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42k owner here.

>> No.26653254

Alexandra looks like she fucks ________

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I was only able to afford like 600 RBC, hope I will make it

>> No.26653369

get fucked i only brought 10k - do i need more?? whats a suicide stack for this shit??? whats make it stack??

>> No.26653370

Just bought another 20k to stack off my bag for a nice 70k. Feeling really comfy anons.

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How does 60K USD sound to you?
Don't sell no matter what

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Suicide stack would be 100k (Assuming that it goes to 10 USD)

>> No.26653504

Come on anon, that would be 100$ for each rubic. Im all for the project at 70k but that's a little too optimistic, Im saying $10 eoy.

>> No.26653572

yea 100$ is a bit too extreme

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It sounds unrealistic, but sweet nonetheless.

>> No.26653742

>Staking Liquidity Campaign
Is it a good idea, or is it better to put the money I would have spent in the Eth into Rubic?

>> No.26653753

welcome onboard anon

>> No.26653954

i was only able to afford 275 rbc, what should i expect to gain

>> No.26653967

UNI is good but I migrated to 1inch mostly now. Why is Rubic better than 1inch? Because market cap? Lmao

>> No.26654075


> calling ur platform 1 inch instead of 12 inch
> 2021

>> No.26654131

RBC will flip UNI in 2023 and be the biggest exchange. It will be $100. Screenshot this now.

>> No.26654350

1k to 3k

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>buys based on memes

>> No.26654527

>I'm Swedish
Thanks Mohammed

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iron hands and you can expect 2750 dollars

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>> No.26655317

>seethe & cope
Textbook example for all you newfags

>> No.26655433

507k here, between 2 different wallets

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>> No.26655631

What's Rubic's circulating supply? In the billions?

>> No.26655642

Nice dubs, but you're still brown raj

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they're not laughing now!

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Lmao this is too accurate.

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just bought 3k worth

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98 million

>> No.26655998

welcome onboard

>> No.26656033


UNI is at 286,565,427 and has pumped to $14

>> No.26656054

Ok you got me but I cannot figure out how to by with USD

>> No.26656068

Tell a /pol/ack where to acquire this shit. I'm tired of being a poorfag

>> No.26656106

Coingecko. 98 million circulating, total supply is 124 million

>> No.26656166

Where do you buy?

>> No.26656193

Uniswap or on rubic.exchange

>> No.26656233

it looks like it has to be bought with other cryptos but I cant tell, it's not simple Google shit apparently

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get eth from any exchange
create a metmask wallet
deposit the ETH there
go to either Rubic.exchange or Uniswap
swap your ETH for Rubic
choose the highest gas fee so the skelly jew lets you succeed the transaction

>> No.26656272

You can get it on uniswap, you have to have a metamask wallet. There are basic youtube tutorials online if you're new at it.

>> No.26656395

Bought at 8 actually

>> No.26656398

Yeah, but it's worth to figure out how Uniswap works if you're into crypto alts. Exchanges where it's simply to buy come later, to buy early dexs like Uniswap or 1inch are the way

>> No.26656409

I can’t believe I stared at it at .08 for two days and didn’t buy. Am now topping up my stack at .13

Why am I like this?

>> No.26656522

ahahaha fucking faggot btfo

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>> No.26656836

From a newfag:
Get the MetaMask app. It’s piss easy to use and will be worth it if you want to get in on coins early, rather than waiting for a ‘proper’ exchange to list them. You can access uni (and other exchanges) from the app.

At the moment, I buy ETH on Binance, send to my MM and access Uni from there to buy RBC

>> No.26656936

Nope, unironically went hard on Rubic. It's 40% of my holdings right now.

>> No.26657123


>> No.26657380

I learned in 2017, that if you find an undervalued gem, you have to go hard into it. If you believe in what it will do, why not? In fact, I'm debating on buying another 200k, but I'm waiting for weak hands to sell after the 28th so I can get it at a discounted price.

>> No.26657394

Just bought in with a meagre $250, first time crypto buy. Wish me luck anons

>> No.26657424

Top kek.

>> No.26657617

When should I sell? When it hits $1? $5? $10?

>> No.26657658

same I bought 25k today

>> No.26657685

I'm selling 10% of my holdings at 1$, then 20% at 4$ and holding the rest.

>> No.26657794

When it surpasses Uniswap in marketcap evaluation. If Uniswap stayed where it is right now, and Rubic matched it's marketcap, RBC would need to be $41.26. Everyone here is thinking way too small. So many people are going to rope themselves in 10 months over this.

>> No.26657920

I think 5$ eoy is reasonable

>> No.26658107

Way undervalued

>> No.26658516

allright then Im MAYBE buying Q3

>> No.26658623

Enjoy buying my bags at $40+

>> No.26658630


Let's see how it goes. If alt season hits the market as I'm predicting it will, Q3 might be too late. Good luck Anon

>> No.26658685

Don't swing trade faggots. We can either do this is a couple of months or a year. If you hold we get to the destination quicker.

>> No.26658699

How long would you expect to see Rubic reach 1$

>> No.26658786

EOY maybe

>> No.26658845

As soon as people realize that trading with Rubic on the Binance Smart Chain is 99% cheaper and doesn't require KYC. It will quickly hit $1, after that, it will hit $5 - $10 faster than it took to reach $1.

>> No.26658931

Explain why Uniswap is valued at $4.06 Billion. I'll wait.

>> No.26658966

why cant i log in to the rubic exchange using metamask? i confirm signture and nothing happens. not a good look...

>> No.26659100

Same problem. Still buying with Uni and 1 Inch, but it’s frustrating.

>> No.26659161

Never had a problem using rubic. Try reloading Chrome. Metamask has been acting up lately.

>> No.26659225

Can't find it on etoro, what do?

>> No.26660366

2 weeks

>> No.26660829

Ctrl + F5. And/or try clearing the browser

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lol. ngmi

>> No.26660985

>Hmm..I'll just dip my toes in to this RBC thing
>Downloads Metamask
>Send $10 ETH from coinbase to metamask
>Go to Uniswap on metamask
>Try to convert $10 of ETH to RBC
>Gas fees: $25

Kill yourselves

>> No.26661170

>Send $10


>> No.26661248

RBC $100+ EOY
UNI to tank
Screencap this.

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1k poorfag here

>> No.26661604

just stay out of crypto with this poorfag shit

>> No.26662005


Right let me just drop $1000s into a an obvious pajeet PnD.

Fucking kill yourselves

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File: 7 KB, 250x250, 1589136462620s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

youre too poor for this lmao, bye bye

>> No.26662367

What's the bare minimum to put into this to get rich? 500? 1k? 2k? Uni student so money is a little tight sometimes

>> No.26662534

Blatantly obvious fud

>> No.26662540

Bought another 10k today. Am now at 39k. Wish I could go higher, but it’ll have to do.
Convinced that we’ll get Binance listing by summer and at the absolute worst after that, we’re looking at $2-3.

Hoping for $10 eoy. Of everything goes right, it could be closer to $20.

Not selling until $100.

>> No.26662845

ngmi, brainlet

>> No.26662854

You were never going to make it.

>> No.26662859

>site is down

>> No.26662940


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>> No.26663049

It'll be a good amount eventually

>> No.26663140
File: 214 KB, 1060x1434, SmartSelect_20210127-051639_Firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Officially listen on uniswap as of two hours ago
Time to get out the rope fudster

>> No.26663203


>> No.26663289

I hate that you have to provide ethereum.

>> No.26663464


>> No.26663661

Wish a poorfag like me could afford more than 100 rbc.

>> No.26663850

EOW prediction? Think we will break ATH later tonight, we have some serious traction

>> No.26663889

Gas fees would kill you

>> No.26663993

$1. This is the magic number.

>> No.26664018

I am so close to falling for this bullshit, but the last time I bought something of a dex I ended up holding literally discontinued worthless chuck-e-cheese tokens.

>> No.26664020


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File: 25 KB, 460x400, 0112201800001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Th-they already did anon.

>> No.26664248

Lol ptsd will get you every time. But this project shows real potential

>> No.26664256

Ausfag here. Going to sleep now. If I wake up tomorrow and find out that I've suddenly become poor I'm never coming back to /biz/. I mean it this time.

>> No.26664313
File: 462 KB, 1200x1200, 1600418028625.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you buy? Or did you just ended up transferring it to metamask

>> No.26664433

This is true

>> No.26664437
File: 192 KB, 1024x737, 1595234669318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$ 1.488

>> No.26664480
File: 140 KB, 1080x857, Screenshot_20210127-083447_MetaMask.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26664508

So is this a pajeet scam or not lmao. Hard to tell.

>> No.26664545

.13 is nothing compared to what it will be

>> No.26664665

Ok, we will buy it cheap, you will fomo in with everyone else.
Got it smooth brain.

>> No.26664682

You are looking at 130 dollars right there

>> No.26664708

you are going to be rich anon

>> No.26664746

Why RBC and not XCM? Being genuinely curious.

>> No.26664751

pajeet scam
marketing is a slavic woman.
no use case.


>> No.26664793

It never was.


>> No.26664827
File: 31 KB, 656x527, 6D7E48F8-E24C-4E77-B207-30E8BBC0BE20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not supported on Coinbase

>> No.26664842

Rubic will solve the gas fee problem, that fact alone will make it a multi bn $ token EOY

>> No.26664866

Just but with what you can afford to lose anon
Don’t go crazy but definitely don’t miss out all together

>> No.26664886


>> No.26664942

I don't understand anon, what do you mean? The have very different products, usecases etc. I like coinmetro and their token might be good but it's two different projects

>> No.26664965

If BAO somehow 10,000x you made it, otherwise you're going to make a modest $10k at best.

>> No.26664981
File: 579 KB, 403x498, 1610107152514.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he uses kikebase

>> No.26664995


>> No.26665001

You’ll make money on this for your next coin. Then you’ll make money on the next for the one after... and so on and so forth until you’re a poorfag no more.


>> No.26665156

If you’re buying on CB or Binance, you’re already too late.

>> No.26665160
File: 12 KB, 336x281, all in.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a poorfag but I'm all in.

>> No.26665247

People still think it’s a scam kek kek kek

>> No.26665339

Thanks anons, bought more.

>> No.26665379

Lol. Bigger than my stack and I make all the nazi edits

>> No.26665391

give me rbc ranks otherwise I won't buy

>> No.26665420

Memes aside, what are your realistic EOM and EOY predictions?

>> No.26665468
File: 436 KB, 1800x2400, 1603237165549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26665478

if any of you shills post hand to prove they're not a pajeet, I'll buy 5k rubic right now

>> No.26665564
File: 1.12 MB, 1200x1200, 1590259487668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1 10

>> No.26665643

I have no real predictions. I know little to nothing about this coin. I’m here solely for the memes.

My meme prediction is $33 September 2021 and $100 eoy.

>> No.26665654
File: 2.48 MB, 2000x1429, 1599354175875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26665720

Nobody wants you to buy.

>> No.26665735

lol who the fuck buy boomer crypto, you can make much more in stocks

>> No.26665746

Look at UNI coin's trajectory, then factor in that RBC is a fraction of its market cap. That should give you an idea.

>> No.26665775

are you black?

>> No.26665820
File: 308 KB, 885x437, SmartSelect_20210127-055227_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26665862

oh fuck fuck fuck. Just bought 5200 RBC through uniswap. Im shaking. all my money on this

>> No.26665891

Sri Lanka, sir.

>> No.26666081

The lower money you put the more you need to shill

>> No.26666094

This situation with GME will end badly, the NASDAQ is already fuming because retail normal people are making money instead of billionaires, and if they somehow halt the stock then it will be unbelievably bullish for crypto

>> No.26666100

Just hold. If it makes you that nervous get your investment back as we near or get past ATH tomorrow, which is likely, to be safe you can sell at like 18-19 cents.

>> No.26666117

good enough, ty anon

>> No.26666173

that would be the most gain I ever had in any investment ever

>> No.26666261


but I hope it will pay off, it was a risk and a big fee for my means. now im in the chad team. this is more fun than playing video games

>> No.26666286

Based white fren
Careful though dude lmao never bet the entire farm, good luck to us

>> No.26666306

Okay post proof of your 5k buy homeslice

>> No.26666327

20c EOD
40c EOW

>> No.26666389

>boomer crypto
>bunch of altcoins literally 2x multiple times per week, 10x few times per month, 100x every month
It's all fun and games until your funds get frozen because you're fucking with the elites.

>> No.26666471

I know how you’re feeling. Relax and hold

>> No.26666576

Honestly, you should consider looking into AMC and GME too, if you understand anything about what is going on. And while RBC isnt guaranteed to touch those amounts, it can, and with tomorrow's news likely will. Just stay vigilant. It is very possible we blow even farther beyond those, but I do hope you make it with us

>> No.26666598

just bought some of this absolute shitcoin
I'll check on it in a few months

>> No.26666823

This is literally the exact problem this coin aims to solve.

>> No.26667486


>> No.26667599

Both are young promising project, have cheap affordable tokens, have mooning potential, based in Eastern Europe, one is DEX and the other one is CEX, but /biz shills only RBC. I just thought maybe there any interesting technical aspects which I’ve missed doing research.

>> No.26667636

Is it normal for gas fees to be $30+ for buying less than 1500 RBC?

>> No.26667718

It already 2000%, this is going to bleed now.

>> No.26668547

gas has nothing to do with the amount youre transacting. its based on erc20 network traffic. so yes, they are very high the past weeks

>> No.26668614
File: 143 KB, 1194x1106, 1611645549981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck plebbit tourists

>> No.26668677

unfortunately with ETH being high in price and so volatile gas fees are rly fucking high, they'll be 30$ even if you only wish to get 1 RBC. this is also the exact problem RBC is trying to solve btw

>> No.26668713

I already feel scammed by the amount of money I lost buying my little bag.
t.proud owner of 1400 indian rubies

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