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PRQ will pump any day now. Any day now... R-right guys?

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> he didn't buy GRT at $0.30 and sell at $0.58 like everyone else
Lmao ngmi

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yeah, the day was 2 weeks ago

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The coin was ten cents less than two months ago be fucking patient it’s not even listed on binance yet

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B-binance listing. Yeah guys. S-soon. I just know it!

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not before this whale dump 350k

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over $2k in unrealized loss, but idgaf cause this shit is easy $5 by EOY

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when can we expect to be freed from the whale dumps?
2023? 2025?

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I got over 5k parsnips finally guys.

I'm a poorfag but if this dips down to 1~1.1 I'm going to 6k.

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Poorfag swingies panicking it hasn't 10x'ed again since they bought the top and here I am with my 200k planning my retirement.

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