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I want on this ride now but don’t have a fucking brokerage account and they are all set up to take up to like 2 business days to allow me transfer funds. How long do I have before I completely miss the boat lads??

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>How long do I have before I completely miss the boat lads??
My last digit in days

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Move along, don't be concerned, it's only a post by someone who has never even had a brokerage account trying to fomo into a totally legitimate uptrend, nothing of concern, move along

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>2 days
Accurate. Get on it, op.

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You are a walking sell signal

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fuck off /pol/tards

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Robinhood, duh

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Just opened an account and it said 4-5 business days

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Did you sign in with the plaid thing like on an exchange?
they let me deposit and trade instantly even though the money hasn't technically been debited from my account yet

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I just did too, and when I deposited $1500 it let me start trading with $1000

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I’m thinking about just moving to fidelity or something. It’s also making me take a picture of my SS card. I lost my wallet a year ago with my card in it (ik stupid retard) so It won’t even Let me trade without it

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I was able to open an account and buy calls within like 2 hours.

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whats wrong with his nipples?

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Is it too late for me to jump onto game? I have a broker account and everything, I'm planning on buying during dips. Will it really moon to 1k? Or is this a meme

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nothing. would suck on

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Imagine suckling on those nips

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