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You guys aren’t going to make money off of GME.

You inflated the price of a tanking stock, and it will crash even harder than before once you try to extract the value to use it (sell).

You screwed over a few investors, sort of; as in you screwed over the pension funds that had invested in those hedges. So some working class joes just lost a significant portion of their retirement, which is probably a good thing... no, it’s not.

When someone “shorts” the market, like the hedgefund did, they are buying a “stock option”, which is a form of insurance sold by insurance firms. In a short, if the stock goes down, then the insurance company pays out to the owner of the short; and if the stock goes up, then the owner of the short pays the insurance company.

GameStop makes no money in this.
Investors in GameStop make no money in this.
A few people who were holding GameStop are now able to sell at a good price, so you saved those investors some money; but if you’re buying right now then you’re buying high, and you will lose your money.

The insurance company is the only one making bank on this. No one else really. Even the previous investors who are using this as a moment to sell aren’t likely making much on their investment.

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>When someone “shorts” the market, like the hedgefund did, they are buying a “stock option”,

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>Gamestop males nooney in this

Youre a fucking retard.

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We like the stock

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Look asshole, I don't know what any of this wallstreetbets or shorting business means. When I purchased stock in gamestop I did it for a reason. I believe in gamestop, I believe in a future where a kid can go to a brick and mortar store for the latest Halo, coolest new funko pops, and I believe in the management to make correct financial decisions. Maybe this is a game to you, but I think it's about time we all started investing in things we all actually use. Power to the Players!

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>>Gamestop males nooney
mmm i want some of that

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You buy GME for whatever reason you want, just rest assured you're losing money.

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I don't care about making money off GME. As long as some rich kikes lose big, I'm happy :^)

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Didn't read your whole post bc you're obviously a faggot
They only need GME to be high enough to liq Melvin
obviously anyone who buys over whatever ridiculous price happens next is playing with fire

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You can just sell once you see it tanking. Unless you've got garbage reflexes/internet, you're fine.

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This boys... is the embodiment of /biz/

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>You won't make money selling the stock at an inflated price
Are you fucking retarded? Also, where are all these low quality pepes coming from?

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>When someone “shorts” the market, like the hedgefund did, they are buying a “stock option”
False. What Melvin did was sell naked shorts, which is why there's more than 100% short interest. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/nakedshorting.asp
This means their brokerages will force them to cover the shorts, because if Melvin goes bankrupt, the brokers are on the hook.

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>You inflated the price of a tanking stock
You have no idea what is happening or what a shortsell is.
Inform yourself then get back to us.

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this man deserves a place in the citadel even if doesn't hold any LINK

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I don't get what you're saying anon . They bought the stock at a certain price and can be sell them for profit or loss whenever

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Everything you said in your effort post is wrong. You wouldn’t be getting paid for spreading discouraging misinformation, would you?

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hearty kek

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