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Frens, what happens if GameStop issues more shares?

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They're not going to do shit while the people shorting them are getting assfucked. Lol

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They have to announce that shit in advance. They can't just wake up and decide to pressbutan and put shares into the market.

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Doesn't adding more shares effectively increase the number of shares people already own? Like if they double the number of shares, you keep the same value in your portfolio but now it's for double the number of shares.

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300 dollars a piece

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They unironically announced that last earnings call retard
That is why i sold my calls

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Did they file with the SEC?

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they are just as hyped as we are.
they won't... unless some bs government intervention is cooked up out of this to make them

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that’s a split silly

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no that's a split
>price becomes so high retail investors can't afford 1 stock
>split stock by multiple of 10
>stockholder with 1 old share at $1000 now has 10 shares at $100

what people are talking about here is raising capital by issuing new shares for sale. This dilutes ownership of the stock, brings in new blood, but previous investors have priority over purchase of the newly issued shares

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Yes they filed a shelf registration statement for 100 million worth of common stock

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Here's the actual, definitive answer:

Usually a firm has to file with the SEC to dilute its shares. However, GameStop filed a "shelf offering" with the FEC in December 2020. This allows them to issue a set value of shares at will, when they want. Their shelf offering is up to 100MM, and was likely what the short sellers were counting on.

However, the market cap of GME is now over 10B, which means the potential dilution is less than 1%. Even if GameStop issues every single available share tomorrow, it cannot possibly cover the shorts. If GameStop announces an offering, the stock will temporarily tank. If retards are determined enough to hold through it, the squeeze will still take place--and this actually creates enormous opportunity to double dip on the squeeze before and after the dilution (assuming one is clever enough to time it properly).

One the other hand, if people panic sell, the dilution will save the short sellers even though it's impossible for the diluted shares to save the short sellers by themselves.



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I hope reddit gets dumped on

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that would only happen if the price would be expected to remain at these levels.

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They won't, people in the company hold shares

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I guarantee gamestop bails out the shorts some jewish way very soon

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They will force them to. Mark my worlds they will NEVER let retail win. You are going to see some fucked up shit tomorrow. I expect WSB to be banned and lots of weird shit start going down.

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Gamestop has an agenda to burn the shorts since they were betting on driving the stock to bankruptcy tier.
If they let the shorts get away they'll just return stronger again to drive the stock back into the dirt.

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Redditfags are retarded and are gonna get DELUDDED

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>100 million worth of common stock
That will be the price of 100 stocks if melvin keeps losing shorts, kek

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they would be retarded not to

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seethe, kike

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can they do this and sell exclusively to the shorters? can someone please explain this to a retard?

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Maybe gamestop should start making money

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What happens if gamestop helps the people that tried to bankrupt them? Idk good question

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no, and they have zero incentive to do so. you people are seriously retarded

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no proof

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>execs own thousands of stocks
>employees own thousands of stocks
why would they fuck themselves over by diluting at a time their holdings have 30x in value?

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Why would they help the firm that tried to strangle them? Reggie isn't a retard.

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Gamestop makes solid revenue, it's p/l and future growth that worries investors.
Of course there was one smart-brained billionaire fund manager who decided to naked short 140% of the available stock, to lock him his potentially infinite loss.

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Yeah right
They are in a perfect place to set themselves up to be financial powerhouse in e-commerce right now
They don’t give a fuck about retail investors
They are gonna come out as the good guy saving the based jews and black business owners that shorted them

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I don't buy or sell stocks, I'm just interested in what's going on. I don't have any stocks at all.

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There is nothing that can be done to fuck this up at this point, AS LONG AS PEOPLE DON'T PANIC SELL

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because everyone knows this value is not real

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They'll float AFTER the shorts are burned.
You have to understand Gamestop hasn't magically changed since the shorts began. If shorts win then they'll realize that nothing can stop them from shorting again and again until Gamestop stock price is back to bankruptcy projection. That was their original end game until deepfuckingvalue memed it into pump and dump of our generation.

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And that's the company's problem because? They could only justify doing this to raise funds that they need to invest. Except to don't come up with a multi-million expansion project overnight, and even if they did come up with one the timing would be very suspicious. The board can't just dilute the shares without a rationale, that'd be the best way to completely destroy their credibility and the company's with investors, and fast track them to bankkuptcy. Also remember their largest holders are BlackRock and Vanguard, and they won't take "we diluted just because" as a answer, they will sue.

tl;dr Gamestop board won't dilute.

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>71x debt to revenue
They're at real risk of bk regardless of short activity. Actually it's why there is so much short interest.

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>fast track them to bankkuptcy
>by raising huge amounts of capital for free

lol okay

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Not saying the short case isn't legit.
But shorting 140% (and doubling down) is going to get you squeezed.

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Another gamma squeeze, hedgie even more fucked.

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Yeah I can tell they were hostile in this position, but looking at it now, I can't tell what this is: a squeeze maybe, but one hell of a squeeze, exuberance probably, actual change in sentiment? Maybe it's all three to some degree

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Yes as a one-off, they can count their investors out from there on. And they'll end up in court.

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100 million is barely a drop in the ocean when you look at their current stock.

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Also why would Gamestop issues shares now rather than at the peak of the squeeze like Porsche did with VW. The only reason VW shares did not hit 5 digits and murder all the hedges was because Porsche gave them an out.

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A very bad short play that got meme'd into public consciousness because one person in reddit held calls for a year that turned 15k to couple of million.

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It’s over

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Read this post ^^, create a thread with this as OP; newfriends (faggots) need to continue to buy and hold till AFTER FRIDAY when the (((leveraged shorters))) get utterly JUST'D.

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You realised that hedge funds have done this to thousands of businesses before right?

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Never meme'd into public consciousness on this scale.

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Volkswagon was the last big one

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That was the Porsche family giving the middle finger to American funds who tried to kill Hitler's last legacy. This time it's driven by sheer amount of retail investors whirlwinding around memes.

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Robinhood derped out on me as i was trying to transfer 5k over to be ready for GME in the AM now its giving me this deficit shit even though I havent done anything and should have 5,000 instant to buy more in the morning. I don't want to miss out on this shit when it blows up so what's another good place other than Robinhood???