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Run a node for sentinel bros. Support the cause.

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But where’s jackma?

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Does this mean we're not going to the moon?

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quite the opposite, the jobs done the shorting fucks are financially ruined

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Protip: If Melvin is using this to buy a bunch of stock, there will be a final short squeeze tomorrow and then a MASSIVE sell off. Anyone not in has missed the gravy train. Anyone in now should get out early.

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https://www.oneindia.com/videos/alibaba-may-be-nationalised-chinese-state-control-deepends-1327052.html dont invest in comunism

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Okay im glad i stayed up at 3am here so now i dont have to place an order and wake up to a clusterfuck come evening

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thinking they can cover their short position just by selling BABA lol

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If the hedge funds go bankrupt, the brokerages have to cover the shorts. If the brokerages can't, the Fed will bail them out. It's infinite upside, almost no risk.

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These jokes want you to sell anon, this shit is going to $1000 and they are CONTRACTUALLY obliged to fill those positions. Buy more and take the market down.

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I want to buy more but I can't. Wat do?

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>sell before friday
shut up, (((you)))

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That doesnt work. They have to buy 130% of the supply to cover their shorts. Impossible to do at all right now. The alibaba money is just a last ditch attempt, they're hoping the "millenials on reddit" get bored and ditch first. Its a game of chicken, except the reddit side can get infinite fed money.

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we're going to Mars, baby

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This is a hedgie Jew, careful.

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What happens if they just go bankrupt and stop existing? Aware that im sounding stupid but do illuminate me

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job not done yet, Fridays price should be as high as possible but definitely above 175$, that's when the job is done

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This, in fact I can see the feds going after wallstreetbets for all this.

You people think there wont be any blow back for regular people making millions? lol

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Who exactly is tied to Melvin, who exactly is going to get bailed out? I don't think it's that big of a deal

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Marvin getting ready to be assraped on Friday. Raising as much capital as possible to pay off the market. It means we are about to leave the solar system.

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Woo, get ready for insane (((regulations))) for the goy!

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their insurance and lender(the broker who lent melvin the shares) are on the hook

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Well I already have coinbase and put my stuff into link and my portfolios down almost 20%... Fuck it I'll pull this shit out and how do I buy this stock? It's not on coinbase...

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Why is this being Fucking allowed!? Make these Fuckers sell their shares to equalize the price!

What is happening shouldn't be Fucking allowed! The shorts need to be able to buy the stock and settle!

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get a load of this fucking shill. what the fuck is with this place, its like november elections and CCP shills screaming in every thread non stop.
the best part is half you cunts are actually doing it FOR FREE.

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The moon is just the beginning

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Just stop baiting people and tell me how this will blow up on everyone faces.

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Melvin doesn't have a 130% shorted position. The entire stock has a 130% shorted position from multiple people. One major party closing their position will trigger a massive sell off.

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Whose side are you on, the hedge funds?

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Ooh baby, thanks for the heads-up, Herschel! I'll keep an eye out for that pre-friday sell, and buy in harder.
Get ready to suck some fed dick, hedgie. They're going to want you to lick the balls too, as much help as you're going to need.

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That is not true if they are forced to buy them back at high prices, it's a domino effect. You have no idea what you're talking about

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2 weeks
hold for 2 weeks
trust the plan

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Sit back and enjoy it. The longer it goes the bigger the blast radius will be. Calm down and make some popcorn

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Set your sell price higher, you knob.

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I'm an idiot but:
>Hedge fund cant cover it's ridiculous short position
>Sell off assets to cover it
>After bankrupt, lender has to cover it's losses
>Has to part with assets to cover those losses to GME holders to fulfill contract
>This causes other stocks to selloff, possibly

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I'm on the side of stability! Shorts help balance the market and provided a valuable service!

If you MotherFuckers keep doing this and cooking shorts with no real legitimate financial reason this should be happening, it's going to ruin the whole market!

We need Fucking shorts!

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Retardfag here.
Plz explain.
I buy anything tomorrow when the market is open and then I SELL on Friday and I will get guaranteed free money?

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are there any exchanges that work with crypto? sending funds to etoro or whatever via SEPA would take way too long

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>t. Kike

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Stop being a dunce. It is NOT healthy that 140% of the float got shorted. You are going too far and it came back to bite them. Shorts are fine, doing that much is what haunts them now. You must work for melvin, kike

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>Dude they can't close their position if they can't buy stock
That's why I said it would trigger another short squeeze followed by a massive sell off. People will sell for a profit. The 180 million shares that were traded today were a majority by AIs who will sell for profit, not for some sort of moral "Take down Wall Street" position.

I'm trying to reason this out. You guys are putting hands over your ears screaming "GAMESTOP ONLY GOES UP!"

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So you’re saying this can’t go tits up?

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So I can buy $25 of GME or AMC on Robinhood, hold until they are forced to buy, sell at 10 million, fuck a hedge/lender/insurance company, or at the very least point out a major flaw in the system and force a fix. I see absolutely no downside here.

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Is all this gonna be good for GameStop in the end? Will they have a second chance at life?

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And it’s all perfectly legal kek

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You're overreacting

It's literally a high risk mutual fund. You act like it's a bunch of greedy jews but there's probably a significant number of Melvin investors that are middle class, probably even some 401ks.

Yes, now call me a kike shill. GameStop can only go up, it's infinite money.

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New regulations are the best case scenario at this point.

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But how do people know when they are forced to buy?

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cope and seethe, hooknose

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Yeah bro that's how that works. Everyone who buys gamestop will be trillionaires.

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Can Gamestop Fucking do something to capitalize on this huge market cap? Shouldn't they be able to get money out of this!

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Given that consoles are getting rid of physical media, Gamestop is pretty much funded by Funco pop sales.

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post nose and timestamp Chayim

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Yea so do you think they could use this as an opportunity to retool and adapt? Surely they have a fuck tonne of money floating around now (or expect it very soon).

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>I'm trying to reason this out. You guys are putting hands over your ears screaming "GAMESTOP ONLY GOES UP!"
The shill begins to understand that reason doesn't work against a legion of retards.

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Can't they just hold it indefinitely? Why don't the shorts just wait a few weeks for the price correction?

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don't governments and corporations usually do some sort of magical kikery so they never have to pay whenever this shit happens? I feel like buying at this point isn't a calculated risk but more of a "holding hands with a bunch of redditors and jumping into a pit together"

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We need a way to protect them from being used by foreign entities in economic warfare. This is basically economic terrorism. The hackers have broken the firewall without breaking the law. Pay us what we deserve for identifying the glitch and fix the fucking problem.

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Wall Street will win
You will be left holding worthless stocks in a dying company if you don't sell before Friday

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Yeah? Well, punishing stupidity is good for the market. When the lion gets greedy and swims out into the ocean to kill a tuna, he gets assraped by a bunch of fucking tuna.
You need to watch more animal planet.

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And what if everything you've sold off still isn't enough to convince the holders to sell, Melvin?

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Depends on the contract.

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I am happy to see Jews get financially fucked, sadly they will most likely get bailed out. They can't stand plebs like us making millions off their loss KEKW.

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LMAO, 130% short interest is "balance the market" dumbest shit i read today

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>t. nervous kike

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Ignoring that you are a shill if you bought at around $4 its very unlikely that it would drop anywhere near that low with all this coverage

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robinhood or webull

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Why Friday?

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>Shorting a company that's literally dying is stupid
Everyone who's buying GameStop right now agrees it is a shit company and are only buying it because they think there's some legal loophole that entitles them to infinite money. Shorting Gamestop three months ago was the smart play.

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No but they will get paid a fuck ton more than they put into it. I honestly expect gub intervention and settlement.

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Why do people want to sell each stock at 1500 specifically is tha max Ive seen, why not buy a stock and sell at 15000 or 150000 if they have to buy anyway? Like whats the mechanics here in the eventual transaction

>> No.26629446

The max sell limit order for robinhood is $99,999,999.99

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Oh damn. Reddit actually vanquished the Jews...

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Depends on when you buy and where the top is, like every bubble.

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Melvin capital has 7 clients. Look them up.

>> No.26629531

It was just the popular play. Not smart at all, as you can hopefully see now.

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>cooking shorts
>We need Fucking shorts!

You and your ilk won't see the other side of this generation

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GameStop's stock is going to crash after this to like $15, and slowly deteriorate to $3 again within two years. You're looking in hindsight when this short squeeze was impossible predict.

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Buying now is retarded then.

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I think this shit will go to 175$ per share, maybe higher. Friday is the latest I would sell by. You could hold but it’s risky

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Sell Monday actually. Not Friday.
Tuesday is probably too late, unless the retarded hedgies keep doubling down.

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How about you link them to me? I have a feeling you're mistaking clients for holdings because I don't think Melvin is obligated to publish its investors and there's no reason why they would.

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Shorting it by 130% isn't seeming too smart now, is it?

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Have you looked at the after market trading?

>> No.26629834

yeah and their last names are all Goldberg Goldstein etc.

>> No.26629895

um, look at After Hours price sweety

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It's already at $209 a share.

Thousands if not millions of investors shorted gamestop which is why so many shares are short sold right now. Melvin is just a large holder of this short position.

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there wasn't any blow back for stealing an election. feds should let this go too.

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Goddamn you're lazy

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Some of their short contracts will be expiring Friday, and they'll have to buy the stock at whatever price is available

>> No.26630062

the feds were the ones who stole the election, of course there wouldn't be any blowback.

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This but unironically. 140% of the shares are shorted. An untold amount more are due thanks to ITM call options. Unless crazy stock cycling happens and losses are accepted, everyone's price has to be met.

>> No.26630132

So I can buy GME tomorrow. no problem. I can buy lots actually and price doesn't matter much. I have money to throw around. Question though: how do we know they have to buy 130%? what hard evidence is there?

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Imagine a company that is known for memes and is hanging on by the thread of our digital society to be the downfall of the Jewish elite and their manipulation on the market started by the very same division of cucks and clowns from reddit which the Jewish usually support due to the influence of beta whites encouraging other beta whites it's okay to be as such, but actually are now gnashing their teeth at the bad goys because they found a financial clown shit show occuring that they weren't suppose to notice.

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That's exactly what they're doing and exactly why Gamestop didn't go belly-up during its dip. They have a new CEO with a proven track record for eCommerce, building up online shops that can remain competitive even with Amazon, and they're doing a huge overhaul of their product and revenue model.

>> No.26630152

Going to buy in the morning.

>> No.26630157

states are the ones who sent the troops to the capitol, not the feds, ie trump.

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>he says for the 3rd day in a row

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Please see: >>26629767

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Beyond based

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>know absolutely nothing about finance
>just wanna talk vidya, see this shit all over /v/
>some jews are angry about losing money on gamestop i guess
>lol they're probably just fine
>see this
They're actually fuming holy shit
What are the chances of getting disappeared for investing right now /biz/ anons?

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Anon I...

>> No.26630333

that pic sent me down a rabbit hole of coom. i hope your happy.

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How is that even Fucking possible!? How can you short more shares than exist? Don't the shareholders also have to Fucking agree to lend the shares to the short seller? Surely not everyone would even agree to do that!

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I'm gonna spend some of this money at GameStop, just so I can complete the circle

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>then a MASSIVE sell off.
That's not the way it works kike.

>> No.26630404

Ok fags here’s the deal. GameStop is rebranding to Endgame and they will rollout a monolithic hardware software as a service that will capture the data of every gamer for battle ai for our war with China. Musk is going to use his juice to pump his Mars bags and preemptively kneecap chinese upstarts. The Mars race is his to win and the Chinese are the only obstacle. Remember to never ever sell. Anyone who doesn’t understand the implications of this and is holding btc is getting rekt. This is gonna flip Amazon. Boggs will bankrupt every central bank on earth and you will just watch? Or do you wish to profit?

>> No.26630482

Hmmmm... so, bullish on DOGE?

>> No.26630502

>How is that even Fucking possible!? How can you short more shares than exist?
Naked short where you sell a share without borrowing one. Basically it's fraud.

Another way is to short, and then short using an already shorted stock.

>> No.26630519

Sheer greed. Imagine investing in a fund where over 10% of the fund is in an unprotected short. Zero check and balance, zero diversification.
Hedge funds are just /wsb/ with better network and quants.

>> No.26630611

They have to pivot to selling pc parts and other bespoke nerd shit like figurines and merch or die. Hell I've seen a Kamen Rider belt in the online store.

>> No.26630630

>only buying it because they think there's some legal loophole that entitles them to infinite money
This is also true of shorting 130% of the stock.

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>> No.26630732

>How is that even Fucking possible!? How can you short more shares than exist?
Hedgies committed a crime and naked shorted.

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>> No.26630820

Ceo sold his stock at $34

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Ok goyims, I really need some explanation here.
Never traded, never bought stocks or whatever. What would happen if I were to buy GME with my 25 euro's right now and sell it monday or friday? My financial situation is fucked right now and this shit looks promising so far.

>> No.26630882

Hi so this can happen if I borrow shares and lend them to you and you lend them to someone else. Now we are all obligated to each other and have created short interest in excess of the initially borrowed amount. Just in case you needed an explanation that didn't imply ski masks and bandanas.

>> No.26630977

Fed wont bail

>> No.26631254

The moon is one of the frens we make along the way

>> No.26631285

Okay I think I might understand

>> No.26631574

Stocks are "safer" gambling anon. Try to save what you can, even if it reaches reddit's target of 1,000 you would probably make less than 100. Now if you want I'd shop around for something long term with good dividends (the stock will pay you for holding on to it, you should read more about it) I like AT&T myself but maybe find a growing company that you believe in and then give it a few years

>> No.26631591

You'll make money.
Get on the fucking rocket.

>> No.26631680

>t. Melvin

>> No.26631691

You're too late to buy into GME, you won't make any returns worth the risk of losing it all through government intervention. But you are just in time to watch it all burn.

>> No.26631702

we did it reddit :D

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it caused those trips so yes i am

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Mgs2 predicted this,
And /v/ is always welcome here ever since the quinn incident. There's an anon in the Natsoc threads making a pro nazi vidya. It's pretty neat.

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I'm not in it for the money, Moshe.

>> No.26632224

This can't be real

>> No.26632418

just an FYI to anyone jumping into the stonx from crypto. The tax jew WILL want their 30% capital gains. It's not like shitcoins where they just want you to work on the honor system.

>> No.26632962

LOL, time to short FISV which will drop when Melkikes have to liquidate their 10.5 million shares. Average volume is only 4.3.

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We know.

>> No.26633087

what if I told you there are many times more gold and silver certificates of ownership than physical gold and silver that exist?

>> No.26633428

Thats only when you cash out though right?

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We know, we know. /PMG is that away. We're here to bask in overt antisemitism and end of times financial prophecies regarding the great reset, the end game. The GameStop as it has been called.

>> No.26634072

Yes, 15% up to 20% on long term gains. St is based on your ordinary tax rate up to 37%. So if you are a beer, it is still free money, no tax since standard deduction + personal exemption.

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>> No.26634173

>no tax
how so?

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It’s been incredible to watch. Watching the order flow is fucking nuts.

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>> No.26635012

Hedge funds shouldn’t be shorting businesses trying to survive but can’t due to their bullshit lockdown restrictions

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shut up

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its at 210 in after hours trading right now

>> No.26635869

Actually though, can someone explain to me if they’re obligated to buy 100% of the shares back, why the fuck can’t I just set my sell to the highest number possible?? These dudes fucked up massively, and I want to get paid.

>> No.26635945


Why monday and not friday?

>> No.26635994

Capital loss from not selling at the top.

>> No.26636306

They will most likely file bankruptcy before you even get paid out and then it’s now on the insurance, brokers, and SEC to pay you whatever they “deem” to be fair market price for each share

>> No.26636307
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You can look it up

>> No.26636354


>> No.26636457

Anon they are going to buy shares>>26628114
What stop Melvin from buying the stock that is low, giving it to it's lender and the lender dumping back in the market, and Melvin keeps buying it?

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it was fun watching them lose 11m in about 40 minutes trying to dump that shit. That said, I need that girl to sit right on my face.

>> No.26636505

Money being traded between private investors dosen't somehow make video game retail profitable.

>> No.26636546


>> No.26636554

They borrowed shares, sold them at current value (prior) and agreed they would pay it back at a later date when the price dropped.

That pay by day is now and the stock went up 100x instead of dropping.

>> No.26636581

Whats your opinion on selling? Friday at close or wait till Monday?

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>> No.26636619

>Anyone in now should get out early.
Found the hedgie.

>> No.26636634

Government backed hedge funds. AKA GOVERNMENT REPO HEDGES.

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>> No.26636844

They are not gonna make it bros
>selling pc parts and custom pc
Tigerdirect didn't make it. A bunch of electronic retailers did not make it.
Only micro-center and newegg made it.
micro center has few locations and good dealsl. newegg the only one that didn't get killed by amazon.

>> No.26636849


>> No.26636880


out of date with this volume of trading.

>> No.26636923

Shill anon want you to sell on Friday cause that is the day most shorts expire. If you wait out Monday they will start losing rivers on daily interest and will buy your shit Monday.

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lmao you retard, I WANT to lose it all

>> No.26637003

>What stop Melvin from buying the stock that is low, giving it to it's lender and the lender dumping back in the market, and Melvin keeps buying it?
Fraud charges and a wave of lawsuits even if they beat the prosecution.

>> No.26637014

Absolutely based

>> No.26637082

still cheaper than giving us billions bro.

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>> No.26637224

You know most of the people that bought have very little to lose even if they lose, right? This is a game of spite, the same game that memed Trump. The less you give a shit about making bank, the better

>> No.26637340

Gabe's 45 million mansion will almost certainly be reclaimed in this scenario.
Right now if he declares bankruptcy his personal wealth is protected. Fraud charges opens up his personal wealth to reclaimation.

>> No.26637457


>> No.26637649

what stops someone from taking out a loan and using it to buy as many GME shares as he can and setting the sell price to a billion dollars per share?

Is the government prepared to tell that guy that even though he still has to repay the loan, Melvin doesn't have to buy the GME shares?

>> No.26637718

You’re a worshipper of the synagogue of satan.

>> No.26637857

a story for another time.

>> No.26637859

>Is the government prepared to tell that guy that even though he still has to repay the loan, Melvin doesn't have to buy the GME shares?
Absolutely yes
Welcome to America

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>> No.26638075

The current manipulation of their stock price has precisely zero to do with what the company is actually worth, which is why this whole situation is all the more hilarious. Physical retail is fucking dead, you'd be a fool to invest in it outside of this weird scenario.

>> No.26638128
File: 50 KB, 1280x720, 2billthanosed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$2,000,000,000 gone in an instant.

>> No.26638211

No selling before Monday. HOLD THE LINE

>> No.26638225



>> No.26638259

Their backers are then on the hook, if the chain goes all the way to the end, eventually the US TREASURY insures their activities or they let the market explode. Basically, we're getting our stimulus money one way or another FED fuckers.

>> No.26638260

How does a noob new at investing expoit this to make money?

>> No.26638314

Honestly the massive amount of shit in their pants right now is worth losing my money.
And I'm not even a USA citizen.

>> No.26638341

He could just refuse to buy on Friday. It would be a breach of contract and he would be sued but probably cheaper than buying

>> No.26638412

criminally underrated

>> No.26638426

What animal planet episode is that?

>> No.26638613

No way. He would be exposing himself personally rather than professionally.
The lawsuits and repo will haunt him until his deathbed given the sheer number of retail investors.
Maybe even one crazy redditor will gun him or his kids. Bankruptcy is the easier option.

>> No.26638866

There are real world consequences to stealing a poor persons money?

>> No.26638909

>some legal loophole that entitles them to infinite money
literally the risk shorts accept when shorting a stock

>> No.26639117

Not really. There are real world consequences stealing from single young men with nothing to lose though. And those types fill both here and reddit.

>> No.26639387

Clown makeup, a pack of cigarettes and a gun.
I want to see it, could actually happen.

>> No.26639608
File: 154 KB, 1024x640, A82E5CC0-B1B3-49E4-8928-6F31B4CC737F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Develop an electric car lol

>> No.26639626
File: 2.11 MB, 330x166, 1593558412868.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There are real world consequences stealing from single young men with nothing to lose though.
You faggots said this about ballot fraud too and yet Biden's in the White House, fuck off with this "some day I'll do something" nigger shit.

>> No.26639806

You're built to lose

>> No.26640155

this is about making money and nothing else. If the money were made by tonguing bidens anus these faggots would be tasting his stomach right now

>> No.26640223

>hey guys i lost in the most lucrative investment ever
>can you tell me what is this magic money multiplier that im too lazy to even google?

Anon thank you for being so idiotic, i want you to know that i greatly enjoy your money, it goes to someone with good taste, its not wasted

>> No.26640420

All makes sense, but what's to stop the US Treasury from fucking around and not bailing out or "setting a reasonable buy price" for these shares?

Want everyone here to make it but when the buck stops at the US Treasury, I have zero fucking clue what's gonna happen. Could they just turn their noses up and say no or just inflate / print USD to shit to pay us out? Imagine if a bankruptcy chain kicks off, then we won't exactly be realizing our gains on Mon (or anytime in the next few months). Need someone to dispel this FUD so I can go back to moon feels.

>> No.26640500

>will the federal reserve that just printed trillions of dollars fuck with the economy?

>> No.26640619

Ahhhhh someone tell me whats a good amount to limit order GME. I wanna set it to $150 but I dont wanna get shafted

>> No.26640679

I love it. It's great.

API3 solves this too. So win win.

>> No.26640824

When the shorts need to close Friday, how does that work? Is it just a market buy at close? A 15 billion dollar market order? What happens if there aren't enough shares with limit orders?

>> No.26640932

In all likelihood the government will step in and tell shareholders to go fuck themselves. Just think about it. They are literally holding shares for ransom and could potentially sell them for ridiculous amounts of money. The media will call them alt right extremists and then some of them will go to jail. Others will be paid out and some will end up losing money.

That said I think it is worth a shot to make massive gains though because that possibility definitely exists. Also it is a big fuck you to the system so there’s that.

>> No.26641023

Did the math. That's roughly $40 billion of Baba shares.

>> No.26641105
File: 30 KB, 960x960, 1603828952093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus christ even if this is bait fucking christ I cannot read this combination of words it's just too Jewish

>> No.26641126

bullish for baba

>> No.26641130
File: 20 KB, 640x480, 1471832790191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I was Melvin I would short GME at 200 right now! Triple down, make it all back and more!!

>> No.26641167
File: 58 KB, 647x778, europe lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>In all likelihood the government will step in and tell shareholders to go fuck themselves. Just think about it. They are literally holding shares for ransom and could potentially sell them for ridiculous amounts of money. The media will call them alt right extremists and then some of them will go to jail. Others will be paid out and some will end up losing money.
>That said I think it is worth a shot to make massive gains though because that possibility definitely exists. Also it is a big fuck you to the system so there’s that.

>> No.26641170
File: 391 KB, 521x464, 1541491726986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As more and more /v/irgins are forced to leave the comfort of their battlestations because of real world faggotry, they are learning that being a /biz/raeli isn't all that different.
Remember the Diablo 4 release disaster? I made hundreds off of that, and learned how easy it actually is to make real money off of bullshit. I could have made a shitload more, but it was my first foray into the world of stonks, and I was far too timid for what was a sure thing.
Use your knowledge of the vidya world to get your feet wet. MSFT, SONY, NTDOY are all your friends now. You'll see the console war faggots in a whole new light, and just see $$$ every time instead.
Welcome aboard. Beware pajeets shilling coins. /smg/ is your friend.

>> No.26641174

I wish.
The great western staredown. Hedgies shorting vs retail holding. $10k would actually happen.

>> No.26641175
File: 196 KB, 828x520, DBEF21E4-2423-4F40-966A-87CB7592EA84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please think of the poor hedgies and bankers...have a heart

>> No.26641188

Lol holy shit

>> No.26641243

Buy GME at 9:30

>> No.26641262

That's precisely what I'm fucking worried about - if I'm supposed to get my payout from the feds and they tell me to fuck off, what am I gonna do? Storm a bank vault?

If this was just about sending a message, I'd thrown in ~$1k and be done with it, but I'm sure a bunch of people have put in tens of thousands and expect a payout.

>> No.26641279

My bleeding heart for all of those rich faggots

>> No.26641370

Sell GME buy OCTO faggots

>> No.26641378

Nevermind, I don't think I did the math right... The dip was $15, which is ~5.7% of the $265 pre-dip price. The BABA market cap is around $760 billion. Someone do the math

>> No.26641379

There are already articles being pumped out about how this is somehow a white supremacist movement.

>> No.26641425

What horror! Buying a stock and holding it! What pieces of shit!

>> No.26641427

Oy vey this is like anudda hall of cost

>> No.26641433

I got a call for you..

>> No.26641466


>> No.26641686
File: 114 KB, 1080x988, 20210127_012548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No wait I think that's right. $40 billion in BABA. They were also known to have stock in Amazon, which I just checked and AMZN dipped about $18 billion at 5:35PM. Pic related.

>> No.26641849

I know you wont invest in communism because you cant even spell it correctly

>> No.26642038

Yes they print billions non existent dollars and devaluate the currency, you should buy Bitcoin cuz it will go up.

>> No.26642058

They are getting liquidated. Meaning the squeeze is here.

>> No.26642077

Muse will moon

>> No.26642092

retard here, what is the squeeze and is it good?

>> No.26642159

The squeeze happens when we squeeze the kikes for all they are worth. Yes it is good. Melvin just got margin called and this was him selling their assets to cover their shorts.

>> No.26642215
File: 1.58 MB, 498x205, FE5F0EE5-B528-407E-8ACF-06509163CF05.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t sell until after market close on Friday you say? I think that’s what I’ll do.. hrrmmm yes.

>> No.26642267

Don't sell until the squeeze starts.
How you know when the squeeze starts? When you see something stupid like 200% in a day.

>> No.26642303

Imma go for the greatest lol
drop you portfolio and cry like a baby
I will be cleverer and hold my base with top Cascade system protocol
market volume will rise this month so I will become rich

>> No.26642437

>”conspiring in open view”
So... conversing? How do you conspire in open view?

>> No.26642460

You're right. This is unprecedented.
Jews are going to jump in on this as well to fuck one another over.
It's great.

>> No.26642461

Could you actually be arrested for having stock in GME now or is that all a bluff? It doesn't seem like it'd be possible.

>> No.26642507

If you're the one making money, you're wallstreet, kiddo

>> No.26642514
File: 160 KB, 1056x1149, power to the players.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time for AMC to shine.

>> No.26642546

Not gonna work Melvin, not selling until after Friday.

>> No.26642556

Buy MUSE. we will 10x easy

>> No.26642605

Don't time the peak unless you have balls of steel. Because if you time the peak you might be left bagholding.

>> No.26642636

So if its about to bust shouldnt we start to SHORT it?

>> No.26642646

You don't understand why people are buying GME and you sound like a retarded child.

>> No.26642689

It's not a taxpayer funded fund retard, why do people repeat this shit?

>> No.26642715

oldnews is old

>> No.26642731

Imagine GME being the actual stimulus check

>> No.26642783

>Government can jail you for fomo
Only in America.

>> No.26642844

9:30 what time?

>> No.26642871


>> No.26642878

Implying I’m in it for the money.

>> No.26642891

It’s from the movie very bad cop

>> No.26642909
File: 218 KB, 900x800, d27w21p-87d81c08-cd4b-4178-81c7-b42aba14c2b5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26642984

So I have a question. Bought one share aftermarket and linked my bank acct. Robinhood shows a balance and I bought. This means that if a share is available I should receive one? I know I’m not going to be rich but if I sell at the theoretical one thousand I can have a little money to try and invest as I learn. Just want to help fuck over the investment assholes in the firms.

>> No.26643004

The taxpayers pay for the inevitable chain of bailouts though

>> No.26643029

Nice try, Melvin.

>> No.26643048

Buying stock with the expectation of it increasing in value is legitimate market activity.
Refusing to sell stock, with the expectation it will increase in value at a later date is legitimate market activity.

If you could be arrested/jailed/fined for this the whole entire concept of a stock market is illegal.

>> No.26643076

What are our predictions for GME price??? I’m considering buying but don’t know if it’s worth it considering it’s already $200+

>> No.26643192

nice try, schlomo.

>> No.26643248

When you get your money anons remember to buy your new xbox ferraris from gamestop.

>> No.26643411

Never invested before but I put $100 in GME and $100 in AMC this afternoon. Am I gonna make it?

>> No.26643474

WSB mods are deleting this news on sight. Which means reddit doesn't know. Probably want to keep the optimism going on as long as possible.

>> No.26643496

I'm going to buy two and set limit sell prices for $1488.
I want to do my part.

>> No.26643640

Stock price is just a barrier of entry. All that matters is how much the % of a return on investment is made.

>> No.26643679

The internet sucks in much of the USA. This helps GS.

If the USA gets fiber in every small town GS will collapse.

>> No.26643704

>Shorts help balance the market and provided a valuable service!
Maybe, in principle.

But in reality you get tons of "short and distort" scammers who first take out a massive short against company X and then start pumping out """information""" about company X to discredit it and tarnish its name and reputation.

And in the case of Melvin Capital, they took out a 140% short; they shorted 40% more stock than actually existed.
They wanted to completely ruin the company for their own benefit.

Shorters are leeches.

>> No.26643779

>If you could be arrested/jailed/fined for this the whole entire concept of a stock market is illegal.
We live in the era of an emergent and emboldened authoritarian state. They could brand everyone involved as "right wing economic terrorists" and start mass arrests and nobody would be able to do anything.

>> No.26643829

Oy vey, it's like anuddah shoa!

>> No.26643859

fucking idiot, do you not know what a short squeeze is?
obviously not, because you're too stupid to understand the meaning of the post which you replied to.

I'd call you a hedgie shill but you clearly have no knowledge of the situation. My guess is you're seething about having missed the train.

>> No.26643908

No. I think the thing to remember is that we can all talk about this, say we’re going to buy, but there’s no guarantee in any of this. None of us actually know each other and very few of us are putting serious money into this. For all we know 90% of the posts are Melvin shills telling us to buy so they can unload GME they bought at $80 and make money while crashing the price. The reason this is such an interesting event is that for once people on the Internet were able to find trust in each other to make a bet against the establishment. It’s why the establishment is reeing so hard right now, because they want us at each other’s throats while they go about doing their bullshit undisturbed. Idk what “regulations” come after this, but we’ve either found that we can work together to piss the establishment off pretty easily or they crack down on this stuff and show that the game was meant to be rigged against us all along. My bet is on the latter, but for now they can’t do shit. Btw I’m a dog. Everyone on the Internet is a dog.

>> No.26643909

>sell price checked

It would collapse the global economy as it sets a precedent for the fed to disrupt legal trade activity. It's going to moon unironically but not to >5k and honestly robinhood "investors" might get rugpulled on this one.

>> No.26643988

>Will they have a second chance at life?
uhhh if they issue more stonks it does, and it would unironically stabilize this situation before it gets a little to hairy.

>> No.26644098

Hope they're reading these threads so that they know we're never going to stop hating them for making the world a shit.

>> No.26644119

I'm getting muse

>> No.26644121
File: 17 KB, 271x186, 1611462399117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26644160

was meant for this post too

as actually meant for

>> No.26644180

Melvin capital owned $1b in BABA stocks. You have no idea what you are talking about.

>> No.26644223

I know what a short squeeze is retard. I've been riding the waves for days. I also know that between Melvin liquidating their assets and GME shorted stocks falling from 138% to 97%, Plotkin either got out already or will get off easier than he should.

>> No.26644241

Who do you think owns the press?

>> No.26644284

How will this effect BABA when the makret opens up? Should i buy in?

>> No.26644291
File: 1.74 MB, 177x150, 1583504585996.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26644307

>short more than 100% of the shares
>expecting this to end well

I hope hedgies like buying stocks at $1000 a piece.

>> No.26644371
File: 105 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26644407
File: 487 KB, 856x962, bandit keith2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

underrated kek

>> No.26644427

Yesh, the fire rises.

>> No.26644483

OWS2 but more violence in minecraft

>> No.26644521
File: 144 KB, 396x432, 1604560028388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26644534

what the fuck

>> No.26644600

And people wonder why medieval Christians banned usury.

>> No.26644628
File: 213 KB, 600x450, 1588982276661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks /biz/raeli fren. I've always had a slight interest in stonks and shit ever since the Disney-fox mega merger but never bothered looking too much into it and actually making money from it. Guess I gotta start watching charts and doing biz reps for the upcoming apocalypse
MGS2 is surprisingly kino, just played it a few weeks ago. Still prefer 1 and 3 though

>> No.26644664

Dog here, can confirm, my fins are positively quaking with excitement during these interesting times.

>> No.26644719

How does $2000 sound?

>> No.26644736
File: 22 KB, 512x374, 1611477986370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26644846

BTW this is founder of Point72 Ventures who bailed out Melvin, the major short seller

He spits in your face and thinks you don't have what it takes

>> No.26644860

Good luck buying a fraction of a stock, as if anything else you said made any more sense.

>> No.26644952

You can do that on Robinhood, wise guy.

>> No.26644995

Well it already went above 240 after market today so...

>> No.26644996

HR just sent the entire company a very somber email. Our pensions were all managed by Melvin Capital. We've lost everything and it looks like nothing is recoverable. I just lost 10 years of retirement savings. Hedge funds hurt the people that use them like normal employee pension plans. The government needs to stop in and bail them out. SEC must investigate and prevent collusion like this. Halt the stock and refund the last week's worth of trades. Do it tomorrow Biden

>> No.26645046

we should unironically tell the niggers all about this and let them make coin too. Only because FEDS will have to go after some nogs and theyre bound to shoot one of these niggers then BLM happens again under pedopres but coupled with finances. They popo be shootin niggas for outsmarting wall street yall dig?

>> No.26645130

super based

>> No.26645193

For a first time venture, I'll take it.

>> No.26645243

hello, fellow dogs. i am also a dog. do you 2 dogs remember where we keep all the stuff we like to use to fuck with cats? i would like to know because as a dog, i enjoying giving cats a hard time. cats are definitely stupid and should be given a hard time so please give me this information so that i may partake in giving cats a hard time.

>> No.26645311

Next to the room where we keep the things to fuck with lizards and birds

>> No.26645347

There are foreign investors. Holding a stock ransom against their own population is one thing because you can prosecute people that live in your own nation and come up with a bullshit reason why their investment has to be seized like market manipulation. Doing it to foreign investors is going to be a disaster because people will start pulling their investment out of the American stock market if their assets can just get frozen at will.

>> No.26645386

Trump lost, get over it

>> No.26645481

GameStop is being massively undervalued as it stands and has a great future ahead with its plans to renovate these spaces into recreational stores for geeks. Once the pandemic ends it could have a redemption story. The new investor of Chewy is on board to renovate it so there’s a lot of hope left still. I’ll never forgive them for trying to buy my Xbox and Xbox games for $5 total, but I will love them if I make a few hundred from these shares.

>> No.26645578

Where can I see the 97% number anon?

>> No.26645647

(((He))) pulled that out of his ass.

>> No.26645667

Why kind of iluminati homo lingo is this, are you writing songs?

>> No.26645904

the shill is losing it's mind

>> No.26645988

cool story bro