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Listen here: We fucking scalped bobos, hedge funds, and the SEC trying to halt trading 5 times today - 5 fucking times! We're never fucking selling.

It's not late to buy in:
Buy at $200
Buy at $300
Buy at $400

They're going broke tomorrow and panic buying the shares to recover, causing a massive increase in price. Your portfolio will moon tomorrow, all you have to do is not give them your shares.

We are making history. Movies will be made about this one day.

Markets open tomorrow 9 am EST for newfrens.

How to buy GME stock:
For Americans: Robinhood
For Europeans: Etoro
Place a market order to buy and a limit order to sell at $1488 (or higher).

We go above $1K even as much as $5K, this is the biggest short squeeze in history. We could crash the stock market if short sellers lose half a trillion, they're only down $100B as of today.

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I hope none of you have families because
A. If you do and they find out that you are destroying other people’s lives like this then it’s not going to look good for you
B. If, no, when you get punished for manipulating the market and destroying said people’s lives it’s going to come back and not only hurt you, but the ones YOU care about.

This is the real world, it’s not a fucking meme. These are people. You are all actual psychopaths if you continue down this road.

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I can't buy on etoro! they are taking 3 days to review my fucking account, any other option for a euro tard here?

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>Place a market order to buy and a limit order to sell at $1488 (or higher).

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Okay listen up faggots - this is really fucking important. Ordinarily a broker can lend out the shares that you own to short sellers. Now if for whatever reason you don't want a broker to lend out your shares... For example if you want to squeeze a short seller by limiting the amount of available shares he can borrow here's what you need to do:

!!!A broker CANNOT lend your shares if there's a pending order for them!!!

So let's say you have bought some shares of GME for example.
All you have to do is create a sell order

Meaning you put in a sell order, make sure its marked "good till cancelled" so it doesn't expire at the end of the day (important, don't forget to do this retards), and you put in a ridiculously high price that it will never reach - 50k per share in this instance.

Make sure that is a whole NEW SEPARATE order, not a limit price.

This prevents your broker from lending out your share LEGALLY, because he might be forced to sell your shares when he lent them out.

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How much does aftertrading affect market open price for the next day?

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So just get robinhood, buy GME stock, and wait till Friday right?

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Robin Hood stop loss at 5,000$ Till Thursday

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should we be aware of this happening to other declining stocks aswell?

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question: can aftermarket buy on etoro as an european?

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What stops us from buying puts expiring feb 5 and making a killing?

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awful pasta, retard

Lads, does it make sense to buy GME around 30 minutes after the market opens tomorrow?

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>new order
>not limit price


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it's a dog eat dog world out there, daddy needs his tendies so they will have to deal without the second yacht until the government bails them out again.

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You mean limit sell right?

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Fug sandniggers! Dunecoons aren't people.

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What country are you from? Your local bank probably has us stocks available.

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>didnt buy the DIP
good. you learned

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I can only get so erect

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>that $124 blip
alright know what I'm selling my limit order at

this thing is going to fucking crater friday, so do you think we'll see sell-offs thursday?

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here's a non-potato version

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who /neetbux/

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Man it's going to moon past 1k
Move your sell limits away from 1k!
Don't want to set up a wall

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they can eat their fucking foreskins idgaf

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HELP! I'm looking for some clarification since I'm a total idiot. Is buying GME outright better than buying an option call? What would the the potential gains be for either choice?

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Do it now.
I've been waiting since 110 and there's no dip at sight

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Crater is Monday, selloffs late Friday

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What is actually the realistic chances of this going to $1k?

Seems too good to be true.

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I hope all of you have families because
A. If you do and they find out that you are destroying kike’s lives like this then it’s going to be really whitepilling for you
B. If, no, when you get praised on /biz/ for investing your hard earned neetbux and destroying said kike's lives, big profits will come back to you and not only that but you will get a lot of (You)s as well

This is the digital world, it’s a fucking meme. These are not people. You are all actual madlads if you continue down this road.

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is there really no chance of it dumping back down to 100-ish?

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Who's she calling?

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it'll be all over soon

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Explain to me this plox
>what happens on Friday when hedgefund is forced to cover but literally not enough people are selling ? Volume will fucking drop, but why would price go up ?
>what happens on Monday when shorts are expired or settled ? Does the price just goes back to $2 ?

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fuck off shills

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options have crazy premium right now, better to buy shares

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My 400% gains is good enough. I'm out suckers, I don't even care if it keeps pumping.

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face it, your gonna have to dump as game stores are going bust all over the globe.

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is 1k memed just because its a round number
or is there reasons for specifically 1k

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Why are you saying this

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why's it going down

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I kinda wish I would have thrown another 10k at it, but I would be dangerously close to bankrupting myself

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The stock is more than 140 percent shorted. It’s physically impossible for it to be less than 1000.

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maybe 130-150 at open tomorrow once sell orders click in

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Jews are not people.

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Using TradeRepublic as Kraut

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Some may sell in the after market in hope for premarket to be lower - so they can buy back

A gamble considering GME just kept rising during premarket the last days.

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Do I get more in now or wait for a dip ahhhh

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retard here could someone explain something to me? If this pump is entirely sustained by reddit memes, then doesn't that mean shorting the stock is the correct play? I mean there's no way it's sustainable, right?

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Extended hours for markets are ending, weak hands are selling. Expect another drop in the morning, might be worth buying the dip

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What is the over/under on the CEO of Melvin hanging himself this week?

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After market always does that.

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shhhh dont tell them

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Why are people's retirements tied to some feelings based casino beep boop bullshit machine manipulated so easily? Why? Because it is absolutely a game. The numbers are all horse shit. You borrow 140% of the available stock? My my, you've been naughty.

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based department

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Bogdanoff's, GME going to 1 trillion confirmed

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You fucking idiots really don’t understand how serious this is do you? You’re causing major institutions to lose billions of dollars and might even cause the grandparent loaning bank to go under. People will lose their homes, people’s mortgages and investments will be impacted as a result. There is a loser on every trade and mark our words at the end of the day it WILL be you

Enjoy retaining a lawyer and fighting off discovery for the next five years. Was it worth ruining your life for a 10x? Good luck explaining why you’re using words like “Jew” and “nigger” to a federal judge. Enough is enough and it’s about time someone took you man children down a notch.

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Normies jumping ship?

>> No.26611434

If you short you join the jews side.
Don't let the bad guys win.

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I made more than my yearly salary today. I'm in a daze.

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what happens when trader want to cover their short and not enough people are selling ? I mean, it's enough that 10% of people never sell so they can't cover
Are my brokers just forced to sell my stock at infinity level without my consent ? How does it fucking work

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Why etoro? I'm using 212, is that bad?

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0%. He'll get bailed out.

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retard, read the thread

>> No.26611494

money high
don't let it make you stupid

>> No.26611509

too many people are in this to be tracked down and no one is going to obey the orders of poor people who are stupid (ex hedge fundies who gambled on gamestop)

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If you short too early you're just gonna eat a fuckton of losses. not to the tune of billions like these funds but it won't be pretty

>> No.26611513

monday actually, but yes that's all you have to do.

>> No.26611523

I'm HODLing until thursday then, then I'll be back here and I'll ask y'all what a good sell price is on Friday
Anything over $1k is fine by me, but $5k would be really sweet

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Just buy shares and hold until monday

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Kill yourself nigger jew.

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the normie influx tomorrow will be incredible

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they have to bid up the price until someone else, it's the free market

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If I understand the situation correctly this will happen (only it will probably go to $10-15 my guess). That's what makes this risky. When the time to sell comes there is no guarantee your shares will be the ones picked for liquidation. Most people will probably lose money. If you want in on this do it to fuck the banks and expect a loss.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but why exactly would someone buy GME's on the free market when they could buy from the brokerage they borrowed from?

>stock broker lends stock to GME
>GME sells it
>GME needs to cover the margin call
>GME buys SOME GME on the market
>Broker receives GME and immediately sells it
>GME buys it and returns it
Couldn't they just arrange this and circumvent smaller holders?

>> No.26611575

Can some kind anon please give a step by step on how to buy stocks on Robinhood? I figure it's easy enough to just buy them but I dont know shit about limiting orders to sell or what settings to select or any of that shit, I just want in on this before it's too late and dont want to fuck it up by being a retard.

>> No.26611589

I using t212 too and i think its one of the better ones for us europoors

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nobody knows how high this can go and anyone pretending to know is lying

there probably is a number you could calculate based on what the hedge fund will be able to buy, but the price is certainly going to shoot past that because now we're in a speculative bubble of 'how high is that number'. Throw in lots of stupid money and it's all just chaos, there's no way to know for sure.

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Fuck off nigger jew

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SILENCE, jewnigger! Go back to Ethiopia.

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>what happens when trader want to cover their short and not enough people are selling ?
The price goes up until people start selling. That's why holding right now is so important.

>> No.26611640

Short attack mindgame during after hours. They'll probably try to do the same thing tomorrow morning during pre-market. Unfortunately with 130% of the shares shorted, all it takes is a few folks with iron hands to ignore the tricks.

>> No.26611647

If you can buy now you better do so.

GME will only keep rising during pre-market when euros realize what happend in our after market.

And the moment US trade starts will be a real fire.

>> No.26611650

what if there are no liquidity though ? they can't buy 9à% of the share, let alone 120%

>> No.26611660

on monday they are obligated to buy back all the shares. that's why this is unprecedented. they will have to pay whatever we ask for them.

>> No.26611664

bought 1k worth at 89 dollars. Shoulda all ined.

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Can a fine gentleman start from the beginning and explain to this fine gentleman how this happened?

>> No.26611683

Who's really making money off this? I don't believe it's retail investors.

>> No.26611684

Maybe they shouldn't have rigged the election

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should i wait for a dip tmr to buy?

>> No.26611699

This event has a constant stream of noobs signing up to 212, Robinhood and whatever all go by GME it’s an amazing time to be alive. We’ve taken the war to them and weaponised two generations of internet nerds

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I just made a trading account

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>> No.26611706

Buckle up, buckeroo

>> No.26611727

bro I just said I'm retarded, I don't understand what the fuck is happening and what it all means

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serious question abut GME

I know the short sellers have to buy back the stocks but what if they go broke and literally don't have the money?

>> No.26611739


Imagine a coordinated effort to buy and exercise every ITM call across the entire option calendar for a heavily shorted stock simultaneously. Now imagine a coordinated effort to have a ridiculously high ask for that stock. 3 years of options exercised in 1 hour, only available ask is $10,000/share. What would happen?

People short the 2023 calls are not expecting people to exercise them with so much time premium left, it would be a shame if those bobos were caught naked shorting calls.

>> No.26611741

>Markets open tomorrow 9 am EST for newfrens.

No it doesn't, 9:30

>> No.26611748

fuck melvin
fuck citadel
fuck the banks
for once I’m happy with reddit. the cuck is now the bull

>> No.26611780

I bought 1.99 shares lol

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*ring ring*

'e bought?

Crash Robinhood

>> No.26611786

What did you use?

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>tfw i have to wait until the 30th to buy stocks
hold me bros...i just wanna be part of the fun

>> No.26611795

you retard? that's a huge bull signal for crypto

>> No.26611808

Google naked short selling.

>> No.26611810

Hope this crashes the market lul. It is time.

>> No.26611819

He’s likely already dead. Citadel has assumed command.

>> No.26611827

Anyone have GME memes ?

>> No.26611841

fuckkkkkk, I just saw that all the call options are in the money - not most, but fucking ALL. The move was $115 by Friday but here we are blowing past $200 on Tuesday. jfc I believe $1000's not a meme now. This SECOND gamma ramping WILL lead to the infinity squeeze.

>> No.26611845

why would GME agree to do this? it seems like they are the ones left holding the bag in your scenario

>> No.26611851

at the end, banks bail them out, and if not banks then the government

>> No.26611858

The short sellers borrowed the stocks. If they don't have the ability to buy them back, the cost is eaten by the ones they were borrowed from, which would be brokers and banks.

>> No.26611861

Ryan Cohen he bought about 8 million shares at 15 dollars last year - guy who made chewy w/e the fuck that is. it's just internet jews milking wall street ones

>> No.26611863

im right there with you fren

>> No.26611864


>> No.26611869

I am. That's why I'm enjoying and encouraging this buying frenzy.

>> No.26611882

it is retail, hence the seething, the fud, the shills

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>The price goes up until people start selling. That's why holding right now is so important.
how the fuck does it work? If people are not fucking selling they can't be made to
It's not like all the people who own the share are watching the trading screen and suddently decide to put a sell order, most people don't monitor and won't put the stock on the market

>> No.26611916

The gamers are rising up

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You fucking idiots really don’t understand how serious this is do you? You’re causing major institutions to lose billions of dollars and might even cause the grandparent loaning bank to go under. People will lose their homes, people’s mortgages and investments will be impacted as a result. There is a loser on every trade and mark our words at the end of the day it WILL be you

Enjoy retaining a lawyer and fighting off discovery for the next five years. Was it worth ruining your life for a 10x? Good luck explaining why you’re using words like “Jew” and “nigger” to a federal judge. Enough is enough and it’s about time someone took you man children down a notch.

>> No.26611936

he’s about to become a trillionaire

>> No.26611942

>another bailout when many are unemployeed and didnt get their checks
that's when the fun starts

>> No.26611950

I just downloaded Robinhood. How do I "short"? Asking for a retard (myself)

>> No.26611952

used trading 212 since we don't have robinhood here

>> No.26611954

i'm already using trading 212, did I fall for some meme or something?

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>> No.26611980

>how the fuck does it work?
Everyone has a price.

>> No.26611995

Gamestop has been doing consistently dog shit for a while. As a result bigger (but don't be confused the real big boys are too smart for this) hedge funds and research firm's piled on the short orders and leveraged the shit out of them. Some bullish news on game stock like the new CEO and strategy pivot caused a price bump leading to an opportunity for this to occur. If you want to look into it this happened to VW in 08.

>> No.26612000

>naked short selling
So is Friday the "required time frame"?

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You fucking idiots really don’t understand how serious this is do you? You’re causing major institutions to lose billions of dollars and might even cause the grandparent loaning bank to go under. People will lose their homes, people’s mortgages and investments will be impacted as a result. There is a loser on every trade and mark our words at the end of the day it WILL be you

Enjoy retaining a lawyer and fighting off discovery for the next five years. Was it worth ruining your life for a 10x? Good luck explaining why you’re using words like “Jew” and “nigger” to a federal judge. Enough is enough and it’s about time someone took you man children down a notch.

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>I hope none of you have families because
>A. If you do and they find out that you are destroying other people’s lives like this then it’s not going to look good for you
>B. If, no, when you get punished for manipulating the market and destroying said people’s lives it’s going to come back and not only hurt you, but the ones YOU care about.
>This is the real world, it’s not a fucking meme. These are people. You are all actual psychopaths if you continue down this road.

>> No.26612009

Braziltard here willing to help. Any tools that work in this hellhole?

>> No.26612013

If they sell at prices these high, they're cementing in losses. Secondly, that'd literally be price manipulation. Lastly, once the cycling trickery starts, they HAVE to gamble on the other people involved in the cycling not to hold the stock, set a ridiculous price to offset their own losses, and fuck all the other hedgie cheaters over on the game of musical chairs.

>> No.26612014

I transfered fucking $317 to my brokage on 1/19 and I BOUGHT FUCKING ARKK.



>> No.26612016

we all know what happens on friday, but what will happen tomorrow and on thursday? will it go to 1k even before the actual squeeze starts?

>> No.26612024


>> No.26612025

I'm fucking retarded and meant to say Melvin. Why wouldn't the broker and Melvin make an agreement to just cycle stocks?

>> No.26612033

Cry more shlomo

>> No.26612042

The shorters will have to buy them back, or someone has to compensate for them, which is why in this case holding as a collective actually works.

>> No.26612045


are there fees on selling?

>> No.26612060


>> No.26612069

not sure there are that many "american" options on circulation, so you can't exercise them before expiry

>> No.26612080

$5k in as of right now. Gonna add $200 every day and go in another $2k midday Fri. If we can push it to $500 by monday I'm gonna sell one of my cars and go another $3k in for the memes. Wanna see $1000 by feb.

>> No.26612081

This is actually a really interesting question because they shorted over 100%. They will eventually need those shares.

>> No.26612084

Sorry i dont have the money to invest in the war but i wish you all the best of luck.
BORN TO INVEST / GME IS A FUCK / Bankrupt Em All 1488 / I am ROBIN HOOD / 410,757,864,530 HOMELESS HEDGEFUNDERS

>> No.26612091


lol what, cunt?

THEY (hedge funds) manipulated the market by selling shorts on more GME stock than were actually in circulation!
They did naked shorts over and over and over, and got caught by the internet with their fucking dick in the cookie jar, trying to fuck over every worker and family depending on Gamestop to make a living.
They took an incredibly risky min-max gamble and it blew up in their face, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

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File: 8 KB, 237x233, unknown (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are running an illegal scam, whoever is behind this! This is a clear pump and dump market manipulation. The SEC won't do shit naturally. Movies will be made, about how you and Musk manipulated the market. This is a stern warning: DO NOT BUY THIS STOCK! This is similar to what used to be emailed to unsuspecting investors. This is a worthless company.
This is a bubble and most of you just signing up for a robinhood account aren't experienced enough to know when to get out. STAY OUT.
And don't come crying to me when you lose all your money.

I hate people like OP. You make me disgusted. You make me, a legitimate investor, seethe. Use your heads. Whoever posted this is out for his own interests. He got in before allt his, he is trying to spread this drivel to increase the stock price artificially.

Use your heads!
I have no position, held no position, and never did hold a position in this company. I am paid by nobody, beholden to nobody. Even if you don't believe me use your brain. Look at history. You don't know enough to get out at the right time. This is not a viable company.

>> No.26612103

Coconuts and condoms?

>> No.26612117

The number is infinity, unless illegal stock cycling shenanigans are allowed to be used to close the short positions. Shorts have to buy every single stock in existence to close and then start illegally cycling to cover the remaining 30%.

>> No.26612123
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these anons are correct, this will be the most butt fucking rapey time in human history, we are all fucked, but while it happens I am gonna watch it and laugh my fucking ass off

>> No.26612125

he owns 6 million apple shares, dw.

>> No.26612147

>So is Friday the "required time frame"?
The short contract expires on Friday. They have to deliver. It's the same kind of thing that made WTI hit -$42. Also, czeched.

>> No.26612151

Lads I'm literally retarded and I bought my first stock to join in on the bandwagon. How do I the thing where it gets automatically sold once the price hits like 2k or whatever, is it basically just putting it up for sale right now for that price?

>> No.26612158
File: 185 KB, 1044x869, 831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26612165

Is there such a similar case in history? If so how it was ended?

>> No.26612171


We all know it's worthless. I'm prepared to loose 100% of my money. This isn't for profit, this is for fun. This is the stonks equivalent of electing Trump four years ago.

>> No.26612176

If it drops you'll pussy out thinking its crashing, not like it matters, its gonna go up to 1k

>> No.26612185

Lick my ass, Fred

>> No.26612210

GME currently is ETH @ 375....... don't be a melvin, get your $$$$

>> No.26612214
File: 359 KB, 417x411, 1580322264892.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Limit sell at $800 for half my stocks, I'll play the rest by ear

>> No.26612216

It hit the circuit breakers that's why it stopped, if it jumps or drops 10 percent super fast, it halts trading.
IT's a beautiful day anon.

>> No.26612218

sure, I'm not disputing this
Of course I'd sell my stock at 10K or some shit.
What I'm talking about are all the boomer / clueless people that own the stock but don't monitor it.
It's not like they will get a call from their bank saying ARE YOU AGREEING TO SELL NOW AT 100K USD A SHARE ITS AN EMERGENCY

>> No.26612220

its a kamikaze run at the hedge fund/banks anon. Getting caught was part of our plan

>> No.26612229
File: 572 KB, 320x240, 1610701668466.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26612231
File: 262 KB, 608x707, hemad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


How is it not illegal to find people's stop losses, but then they want to sue Redditfags for abusing their shorts?

This is a fucking joke and these people need to hang for gross abuse of the average investor.

>> No.26612257

Buy shares

>> No.26612260

>These are people
No. These are jews.

>> No.26612282

So what's the real % gain /biz/ and reddit are expecting from now til then?

>> No.26612288

yes in 1932 something similar happened

>> No.26612297

They don't. Not all shorts have to exit at the same time. So shorts that can hold past the squeeze can exit at a lower price but still at a huge loss. The shares are over shorted but that doesn't mean all the shorts have the same expiry.

>> No.26612303

noob at trading. How can i buy if the market is closed?

>> No.26612309

Buy shares

>> No.26612319

>What I'm talking about are all the boomer / clueless people that own the stock but don't monitor it.
That just drives the price higher. I think memeing $1488 might be too low.

>> No.26612320

sell at friday close or monday open?

>> No.26612322

i also currently have no positions but am going to buy one share tomorrow just to be a part of history lol...

idgaf about $300, i am not poor unlike most of biz

>> No.26612338
File: 37 KB, 664x675, rubsHands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know where I can find data on total number of short shares vs total number of outstanding shares for any given stock? If we can automate the search process for this type of imbalance in the market we could potentially force short squeezes like this every time wallstreet gets too greedy.

>> No.26612343

Put a sell order @2K and it should automatically trigger

>> No.26612344


>> No.26612351

I cannot believe this is fucking happening
We are actually draining fucking hedge funds

>> No.26612352

Ok, how do I use those to fuck the stock market?

>> No.26612358

Okay, alternative. So, the reason that the debt can't simply be forgiven is that the lending broker owned that stock at some point to lend it - thus he'd be out of his stock which is quite substantial especially now.

What happens if the broker makes a reprieve of some sort? Like return the stock in another week? Or offers to take stock over time?

>> No.26612365

Just hold and see for yourself

>> No.26612366

You’ll see 1000 by fucking Friday at close.

>> No.26612373

You can use traders who let you buy/sell outside of markettime

I don't think Robin Hood offers that. My bank does tho but only for a few more hours.

>> No.26612376

are other big dicks now piling on the long position?

>> No.26612382
File: 61 KB, 500x484, A996E968-61A3-478E-89A4-777DEBB0FB5C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meanwhile at Melvin HQ

>> No.26612393
File: 383 KB, 1000x1000, RAGECANON.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26612399
File: 271 KB, 710x837, 1603314684646.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder: you have to ante up if you want to make gainz
Take these kikes for all they are worth

This is a ten billion dollar game of Texas Hold 'em
Don't fold

>> No.26612409

Who even knows? $500-$5000 is not outside the realm of possibility. Melvin has to deliver those shares. They have a contract.

>> No.26612418
File: 10 KB, 598x115, GME 1488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26612420

Lmao yeah go ahead and short it

>> No.26612436

They get stuck paying interest until they can close. Either that, or the banks liquidate them and then the banks have to close for them by printing money and paying whatever price the people holding the stock decide to sell at.

>> No.26612443

Somehow I don't see "us" winning in this. They will pull some trickery that ends up issuing new stock, avoiding the squeeze, leaving most people holding bags. Of course the early adopters will make bucks, but someone is going to lose big and it's pretty much never the big players

>> No.26612444

>limit order to sell at $1488
Oy vey it's another hall of cost.

>> No.26612457

The hedge fund and banks are also going to be doing everything they can to force an early sell-off so expect to see a few sharp dips in the next few days
unless the dip holds don't sweat

>> No.26612462

Thanks that's what I was thinking. Could I make more of a profit if I opted to buy the cheapest ITM call on RH? I see there's a JAN29 $200 Call @18.75

>> No.26612470

Closest was VW squeeze where the shorts were required to pay at 1k/share and that was because Porsche had mercy on their souls

>> No.26612475

Pls drop

>> No.26612476

See anons

This is what paper hands is doing to you.
Just keep buying and don't sell or you end up being this guy.

>> No.26612478
File: 18 KB, 285x400, nancy_pelosi_botox_smile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to help screw the jews but I can't afford GME wtf do I do?

>> No.26612479

tfw too late
gonna kms :(

>> No.26612487

weak hand

>> No.26612494

Oh yeah, all the big fish smell Melvin’s blood and checkmated position and are eager to get in on the action

>> No.26612495

Imagine being Melvin right now lol

>> No.26612497

okay stupid question, but why are Melvin capital or whoever forced to buy shares at 1000$ a piece or whatever the price will be at the time?
They obviously can't afford it.
They'll just declare bankruptcy, probably win a SEC case using their connenctions and will be forced to buy at a very low price or whatever.

no way this doesn't create a ton of bagholders.

>> No.26612506

Leaf here. What do I use to transfer funds and buy ASAP?

>> No.26612511


This guy talks a fucking bit, but if you're seriously interested and want a good walkthru of the situation from top to bottom, this is a good start : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EUbJcGoYQ4&feature=emb_logo

>> No.26612513

So just how will this end?

>> No.26612533

Why don't big institutional investors do short squeezes more often, if it's free money? Surely the have more capital to work with than a bunch of weebs on the internet.

>> No.26612543

Currently wondering if I should set my auto-sell to 5000 rather than 1488.
If things go well, I could move the fuck out of Portland.
If things go wrong, I lose ~750.

>> No.26612544

buy on dips right?

>> No.26612546

1488 or bust!

>> No.26612554
File: 104 KB, 827x1024, black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to know this too, everyone says that the short squeeze is on Friday so I assumed that is when most shares need to be bought back and the price will peak but people also say to hold until Monday open which I don't understand.

Can anyone explain why we would wait until Monday if the squeeze is Friday? I don't like the idea of giving the tribe a weekend to wiggle out their obligations if I don't have to.

>> No.26612556

Melvin capital is 100% finito after this fisaco. That is a 10 billion dollar hedge fund that just got shutdown. How the fuck can you say big players are not going down?

>> No.26612561

I hope it's a covered call, sis.

>> No.26612571
File: 31 KB, 660x574, 000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought at $215
Am I fucked?

>> No.26612588

>I can't afford GME
a) get a job poorfag
b) fractional shares

>> No.26612590


>> No.26612600
File: 291 KB, 220x229, 16871616841.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Danke mein kameradens

>> No.26612604

Got a dozen shares at 97. I regret hesitating all day waiting for dips as it climbed higher to buy more. Buying all I can on open tomorrow

>> No.26612612

Hope your umbrella can resist ash, because jews will rain on friday

>> No.26612617

Nah, it will go atleast to 500.
Probably 1k and beyond.

>> No.26612619
File: 912 KB, 4032x3024, 1611702645291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine Lou Dobbs having to report this.

>> No.26612622

They are bankrupt at $175 per a r*ddit post. Someone guaranteed that loan so now they are on the hook.

>> No.26612623

I dare the FED to try it. I fucking dare them

>> No.26612630
File: 123 KB, 952x1024, 1597325985620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is potential

>> No.26612633

/biz/ and wsb get deleted from the internet by 2022 after government pass new laws

>> No.26612636


>> No.26612645

This will be their financial 9/11. This time we will make out, but expect changes so it can never happen again.

>> No.26612650
File: 28 KB, 425x529, gripStrength.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here anon take this

>> No.26612661

>can't afford GME
Can't afford... 200$ right now? And even less before today?

>> No.26612662

These are the worst Jews there are. And there's a hell of a lot smarter than me, a hell of a lot smarter than you, and if you think you can outwit them and know when to get out you're in for a rude awakening. It will never go up to 'your price'. At the very least if you bought in already when you double after taxes take half out and the rest is a fucking meme and then you can't lose money on it.

>> No.26612668
File: 105 KB, 1128x1002, 1564348674236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

paycheck comes tomorrow, guess where its going kek!
we are all in this together frens

>> No.26612678

Normally yes. In this case no.

>> No.26612680

What if I change my mind, can I cancel that sell order and make another one with a different price?

>> No.26612681

only if you're sure that it's a temporary dip and not the real selloff

>> No.26612687

Will they find enough to cover with the various paywalls going up? There's tens of thousands of shares available just up to 250 per share.

>> No.26612688

I put orders of dip 139, too cheeky u reckon? ;)

>> No.26612689

Yea I'm sure the courts will see 100000 cases over this

>> No.26612691

etoro better fucking verify my account
it's been 3 fucking hours, hurry up cunts

>> No.26612695

If they declare bankruptcy, the people who sold them the shorts are liable aka the banks and brokers. If they can't pay, then we 2008 part 2.

>> No.26612710

It won't be the Fed. It will be a bank one or two levels lower.

>> No.26612712

what happens if it dips below 60 before friday? or was it 115?

>> No.26612734

what is the fastest way to transfer money to a robinhood trading account?
is debit instant?

>> No.26612743

This is sick, thank you anon

>> No.26612747

Yes, I'm sure the fucking 1000s of buyers are going to go to jail.

I'm sure the SEC has the manpower and resources to conduct such a thing, as all they need is, oh, 100x the amount of lawyers they currently have? FUCK OFF WITH YOUR FUD. YOU THINK 1000s OF PEOPLE INCLUDING CHAMATH AND OTHER PAJEETS INCLUDING OTHER HEDGE FUNDS (WHO WERE LONG) ARE GOING TO GO TO JAIL. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU WORK FOR? MELVIN? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

>> No.26612758

Read this >>26612042

>> No.26612767

Dunno if they can do this quickly enough, but what happens if Gamestop uses this as an opportunity to raise money, issue millions more shares and it's no longer over 100% short? Is this a possibility or am I just a dumbass

>> No.26612792

GME needs to dip to 48 for shorts to not get fucked.

115 and more means shorts are MEGA FUCKED

>> No.26612807

No, because they are over-leveraged. They have short contracts for more stock than exists on the open market. Something like 140% more. They have to buy something like 100 million shares, and there are only 65 million shares outstanding.

>> No.26612809

no it's fine. plenty use 212 as well. i think etoro is just more popular

>> No.26612815

get robinhood gould

>> No.26612820

How do I get in on this in Canada? Does wealthsimple trade work?

>> No.26612835


>> No.26612846

Next they'll suggest that GME buyers are misogynist bullies who are issuing death threats to intimidate establishment analysts. That's coming tomorrow or Thursday. They already said it briefly yesterday on CNBC and offered zero corroboration.
Remind you of anything?

>> No.26612849

up to $1000 is

>> No.26612850

usually yes, you can cancel pending order unless it's a retarded app you are using

>> No.26612861

Can jews exit their short position early? Take their losses or whatever

this just seems so stupid to me, how could "experienced" hedge fund managers be this retarded.

>> No.26612865

Gamestop would love to do that but they can't because results are going up soon.

They cannot issue more shares, they can't trade or do other forms of capital actions.

>> No.26612866
File: 2.93 MB, 323x422, ass.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Before I take off for the evening, I just wanna say the following:

I'm proud of you guys. You're making a killing off the backs of the greediest scumbags within our species. I hope you all send GME up to $1K/share before Friday's closing bell. Why? Because fuck the kikes! That's why!

Goodnight & God Speed

>> No.26612875
File: 130 KB, 700x393, 1610647821189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26612892

black woman: OOOH LAWD

>> No.26612895

sell limit order

>> No.26612896

Shorts scale according to splits. They can issue more shares but I doubt they will.

>> No.26612898

What are the long-terms effects of this being a cautionary tale discouraging people from taking out bigtime shorts

>> No.26612906

So the consensus now is that it will pass $1k? That's insane

>> No.26612908

>Remind you of anything?
US Capitol where the terrorists respected the velvet ropes?

>> No.26612916
File: 12 KB, 112x112, 3x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bought in at 140 and sold like a bitch just rebought one whole share at 200

we holdin boys

>> No.26612922

No idea. But I don't think they'd do that when they could execute and tell the other person they owe them billions. That'd require empathy to beat out greed and for the lenders to accept losing money on the shares the lent.

>> No.26612932

Coming from an idiot is there anyway to get in now? i have no brokerage accounts Am i fucked will robinhood allow instant deposits from my bank or etrade? should i just buy in tomorrow if possible or do i want to wait for fuckery and a dip to $60-$80?

>> No.26612941

It won’t be. It’ll be memoryholed in a month’s time

>> No.26612949


>> No.26612964
File: 236 KB, 580x563, 1501191399962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we like the stock

>> No.26612978

You better. Every share counts.

>> No.26612979

They ARE this retarded. They think they are above us and don't have to follow the rules. Today we will remind them.

>> No.26612984

One thing I don't understand is they say to hold until Friday to sell shares for ~$1000. Who the fuck are going to buy those shares.

>> No.26612985
File: 253 KB, 1080x1706, maxcopenow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hold, they have to cope with this

>> No.26612989

>Enjoy retaining a lawyer and fighting off discovery for the next five years.
lmao, I'm pretty sure the people shilling have good enough positions to hire a competent lawyer

>> No.26612996

Short of everyone getting weak and selling, it as sure as gravity this will go over 1000. Nobody can sell though.

>> No.26612998

This is a pump and dump scam.
I hope OP spends the rest of his life getting his ass raped by some real thugs, that's all he deserves in life.
Hopefully this all dies down and you fucks lose most of your money but nothing bad happens.
One of these days the SEC will wake up. Until then this BS is basically the modern day penny stock pump and dump.

>> No.26613008

That is the first domino. When they start exiting early, that is when this shit goes to the moon.

>> No.26613011

You dumb bastard, just use Charles Schwab

>> No.26613020

I already have an account with TD Ameritrade - is using that fine instead of robinhood? I don't like how robinhood "goes down for maintennance" right when people are trying to sell things.

>> No.26613022

They're not retarded. Their position was a sure thing before internet autism intervened.

>> No.26613023
File: 9 KB, 906x129, whoops.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh oh

>> No.26613035
File: 8 KB, 188x250, 1611340718218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Virgin billionaire is in
>Elon is in
>FOX News is informing the normalfags

Tomorrow we are going straight to 500.

>> No.26613039
File: 297 KB, 671x473, 1611345597523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't the hedge fund be in deep shit anyway even if the price wasn't pumped as fuck ?
How do you even buy back 90% of the pool of stock (let's say) without driving the price up ?

>> No.26613054

Don't get in now. It will most certainly dip a bit tomorrow (due to Melvin & the gang pushing the prices down artifically).

Besides, right now it's still riding the Elon hype. If you buy now, you're literally buying the closest to the top. Too much of a risk.

>> No.26613061

This is GAMER GATE 2, revenge of the gamer!

>> No.26613063

ur good. robinhood allows 1k instant, 5k if u get gold

>> No.26613068

gamestop can't be worth that much, if the losses get too high couldn't they just do a hostile takeover and issue more stock to cover their asses? they'd probably still lose money but nobody is paying 1000 bucks for a gamestop share

>> No.26613069
File: 160 KB, 593x403, 1611594824344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have any cash available in either of my brokerage accounts, is there a faster way I can buy rather than transfer money to my account or sell off some current stock? Am I able to sell off current stock and buy GME with what I'll make from that?

>> No.26613071

lol this is so epic

>> No.26613072

>That screenshot
It's fucking happening, finally.

>> No.26613078

Can tell if trolling or just a jew.

>> No.26613082

Go into gamestop before the pandemic to buy a few games for an upcoming trip, first time I've been there in years
>full of popco and other coomer shit marked at a heavy discount for not selling
>games are expensive
>buy the game and get asked if I want a protection plan. "No" Ask if I want to join their mailing list "No"
>Buy three games, decide to return one the next week
>"I can give you $7.50 for it. We dont accept opened games for a full refund."
>Swear to never shop their again
>this shit happens

>> No.26613090
File: 62 KB, 768x740, 1554353771088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>panic sold 40 shares at 97
>bought back 30 at 123

Feel like a complete moron, but hopefully the price will rise so much it won't really matter. Going to buy 5 more tomorrow.

>> No.26613095



>> No.26613099

i literally cant verify my bank with robinhood no matter how many times ive tried, its so fucking annoying, i woulda bought gamestop weeks ago if it would just fucking work

>> No.26613103
File: 249 KB, 531x680, MELVIN_UNBASED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you don't feel so good

>> No.26613113

Fukken saved

>> No.26613118


>> No.26613123

If I make it big bros I'm gonna commission so much porn, send me suggestions.

>> No.26613124

>it's currently 200 with peaks at 250 ah

>> No.26613145

AH!!!! HALP!!!!!

>> No.26613149

Chinese government ploy to crash the system lol. Comes out of chinese owned site to attack a flaw in the system. Gee I wonder. Hope you guys make dosh though.

>> No.26613158

I was thinking more like claims straight out of the anti-gamergate playbook

>> No.26613160
File: 21 KB, 534x432, Seenitall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So if I am at 1.5 share as of end of day today, What does that mean come friday?

>> No.26613163

It isn't dipping below 100 before the squeeze. 60-80 will be the base price when this is all over, assuming the market doesn't actually crash.

>> No.26613169

It's just my cynicism I guess.
This is what I think can happen >>26612767
I might be stupid in which case explain why they can't do that. Or reddit gets hit with market manipulation, trading and exercise of options is halted. Etc.
>but it's a contract you can't do that!
*you* can't do that, they can

>> No.26613172

wait so I can make a sell order for 100k a share and they have to pay on monday?

>> No.26613174

he mostly bought it then sold

no broker out there right now is letting retail write naked calls.

>> No.26613193

this, media smearing is going to happen. top kek

>> No.26613194

Im new to this, should I use Robinhood? Whats the quickest way to open a brokerage account? I want to buy by the time the market opens tomorrow.

>> No.26613202

Holy fuck get out of this thread.

>> No.26613204

How can we find other positions that they over shorted like GME?

>> No.26613207

more money

>> No.26613220

But I like vidya :(

>> No.26613224

Interestingly enough this means they need to buy, sell, and buy again to fulfill their quota. There may be multiple squeezes

>> No.26613228



>> No.26613233

lmao it's only a matter of time before people start saying this unironically

>> No.26613236
File: 37 KB, 747x601, dttcndmxi1r21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's wrong with murdering shorts of these hedge funds? no one is buying this long term

You sound like you dont know anything

>> No.26613253

No, the common buyers won't go to jail. The SEC is incompetent. The person/people pumping it ought to be jailed even though it's unlikely unless it really blows up.

>> No.26613254
File: 242 KB, 1080x875, Screenshot_20210127_001913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we could crash the stock market

Should I seriously pull out of my ETFs on thursday

>> No.26613258
File: 29 KB, 741x568, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lads can you explain why theres a need to limit sell on friday? Is it because they shorted more stock than exists so they have to buy it? why are people limiting it to 1k if they could put like 10k

>> No.26613260

Thanks lads. Also in the app I'm using I have to pay a transaction fee to sell, if I make a sell order now and then cancel it to make another one do I have to pay the transaction fee for the cancelled order anyway?

>> No.26613264

this is the most based moment in financial history and we are witnessing it LIVE

>> No.26613268

Questrade. Comes with premarket and after hours trading too.

>> No.26613276

Yeah, OP and 1000s of others are going to kail because that's clearly how things work.

The SEC certainly has enough lawyers to even consider such a thing, and its totally illegal. (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-26/reddit-fueled-rallies-like-gamestop-s-defy-easy-crackdown-by-sec)

You know, what the shorts were doing was not illegal at all, you know shorting more shares then available. Nah, that's cool, lets just go after 10,000+ people who bought into $GME, because they artificially inflated the price. Oh that's not illegal? Well we'll go after the 10 pajeets who spread lies to increase the price. Now that's more realistic.

But, no. You're a moron, and OP is not going to jail. Short and gamma squeezes are not pump and dump scams. You need to do homework before commenting on shit you have no idea about.

>> No.26613280
File: 25 KB, 247x358, EbhqbWWX0AArize.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I want to buy by the time the market opens tomorrow.
>new buyer
Good luck

>> No.26613287

The hedge funds are forced to close their position (buy the stock) by the people lending them the money on margin.

>> No.26613301

The hedge fags HAVE to buy. They sold borrowed shares that they are obligated to return, which means buying back in at ANY price. Sellers take advantage of that to raise prices to retarded levels, thus the squeeze.
Pure supply and demand.

>> No.26613304

They are contractually obligated to anon, there is no way out that wont collapse everything.

>> No.26613306
File: 434 KB, 853x461, delores shrink ray.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remember to never fall for the "hopeposters" on /biz/
literally the same exact thing as a jew. the more people they can trick into dumping all of their income into the system the better off they are.
you don't matter to them, only your money.

>> No.26613316
File: 37 KB, 1127x685, pepe it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Markets are closed on Robinhood will I be able to shitpost with my money tomorrow or will this have blown over by then?

>> No.26613334

unironically this

>> No.26613343

that's what I'm wondering, does this happen again in the next few years? I wouldn't put it past big dumb money at all to get caught in the same trap twice

>> No.26613346

That's some panic for you to sell lmao. Glad you're back in though bro

>> No.26613349

i have 100ish dollars on my revolut account that i made off of buying uber when it was like 8dollars last year
where do i put them
i dont care if i lose them

>> No.26613359

Kike detected.

>> No.26613365

It's honestly a perfect storm.

>> No.26613366

At most 5 people may be arrested.
I doubt anymore, and arrests may not even happen. SEC may just reiterate some rules. There's nothing much they can do. People thinking they have enough manpower for a full on investigation are just braindead.

>> No.26613383

They are inbred sandniggers.

>> No.26613389

Is it better to buy stocks, or a call?

>> No.26613404

The shorts are obligated to do so or hold positions that cost them continual interest open indefinitely.

>> No.26613411

How come? Will the verification process take days no matter what brokerage I use?

>> No.26613422

It's a pump and dump scheme. If you don't know when to get out (and nobody does except the person running the scheme itself!) you're going to get burned. This could collapse very quickly. If I do anything it's buying options all the way down, but I won't because it's fucking unethical to trade when you're giving advice!

>> No.26613433

cant buy on etoro, order failed, wtf?

>> No.26613437

$100,000 could be the limit. Which is why only hedge funds get this level of margin afforded to them.

>> No.26613449
File: 144 KB, 1074x1623, 4D848442-0C39-460A-A92E-D8A44C1B1B82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can’t lmao

>> No.26613452

just like the anti-gamergate shit. Gamergate was basically payola for the gaming media. Since the whole media is run that way (as has since been proven many times during the last administration) it was instantly deflected into "misogamy, death threats and bullying" out of complete fucking thin air

>> No.26613453
File: 1.14 MB, 220x220, 1611531374592.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is margin call. They absolutely have the money to cover. The exchanges dont let non accredited investors with shallow pockets to make these plays.

>> No.26613458

Stocks if you care about helping the squeeze (but you probably won't with your small purchase anyway).

So go with calls.

>> No.26613485

Diamond hands

Also set SELL LIMIT order to 10000
this will prevent them from loaning out your shares

>> No.26613513

1. its illegal to use other peoples money to do trades YOU think are unsound just to manipulate prices like this. AKA paying 10x the value of gamestop. The SEC would clap them instantly.

2.With out the weebs to buy the stocks at these incredibly inflated prices this wouldn't happen.

>> No.26613575
File: 41 KB, 680x660, i happen to be a baka on this topic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where is the sell limit in robinhood?
t. baka

>> No.26613579

I've seen companies be run down to 14 cents and up to 70 dollars. I've seen companies being stolen from under the noses of investors with debt shenanigans. And nobody went to jail. It's the unfortunate truth.

>> No.26613595

This is just the perpetual gamma squeeze.
The actual short squeeze hasn't started yet.

Both of the above are not pump and dump schemes. I advise you to research them. This is not a pump and dump you fucking moron. Even some mainstream news articles are starting to explain it to their retarded readers.

>> No.26613600

$BFARF is a crypto mining stock that has 20% short float. It will moon if btc goes up since most shares are held by insiders. The stock will be $30 in a couple of months

>> No.26613601

This. makes sure you have them set frens.

>> No.26613618

How do I afterhours buy in the US?

>> No.26613622

Well you are a retard if you can’t figure out how to buy a fucking stock. Youre ngmi

>> No.26613649


>> No.26613687
File: 296 KB, 418x497, fe7d4b170803c927a15f1fef90e4ac43-imagejpeg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26613752

Depends. If it dips, GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. If it doesn't GET AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

>> No.26613783

oh so regular anons are only allowed 1k limit sell? Ive never done stocks before just got some vanguard funs

>> No.26613818

Thanks king. Much like nobody talks, everyone walks. If everyone sets limits to $1488 they have to pay.

>> No.26613846

how do you know melvin capital hasnt been covering this whole time

like on the rise from 20->60 in the past week?

do you have any proof they are still short even

>> No.26613865

Should I just put in a long call for the 29th saying it'll go up?

Won't i just make ungodly money from that? much more than if I buy the stock outright?

>> No.26613901
File: 23 KB, 372x339, 1610329189207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is margin call. They absolutely have the money to cover. The exchanges dont let non accredited investors with shallow pockets to make these plays.>>26612861
>hedge fund managers
You mean parasites and rent seekers
They are def not rehtard, but they are parasites who create nothing.

>> No.26613953
File: 28 KB, 222x533, 19sun.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much we talkin here?
Can explain why the friday sell off?

>> No.26613963

They aren't required to close the trades. They can get liquidated. The trick is that the bank has to pick up the tab to close the trades. Someone has to close those trades and return the actual shares that were borrowed. The only way to do that is for whoever is stuck holding the hot potato to buy the actual shares.

>> No.26613984

>please allow up to three days to activate your account

Bros I just want to fuck the system, shits going to be too late by then.

>> No.26614076

Because the short interest is still fucking high (130%+). In fact, the shorts are going up and doubling down.

If Melvin were to cover, it would cause surges in SP that would be noticable and also the short interest would be steadily going down (if they were doing it in increments), and the 2nd part of the statement isnt true.

>> No.26614103

It's a real possibility. Especially if you're new and young.

>> No.26614128

cheers anon

>> No.26614163

They could take losses but they wont. At these prices its bankruptcy either way.

>> No.26614226

where can you see short interest displayed on a daily basis

>> No.26614246

How do we know they are still fucking high though?

>> No.26614275

One of the most Jewish people I’ve ever seen is on CNBC oying and veying all over the place. Turn in.

>> No.26614298

I almost wonder if the trick here is to convince dummies to buy their short positions before they get liquidated instead of actually shaking out GME holders.

>> No.26614300

The short sellers MUST cover their outstanding shares on Friday, this is a legal mandate ordained by the god of the Jews. They have to cover an obscene amount of shares and they have to cover it at whatever price is at the market. People are expecting them to blow through the initial sell walls and nab shit at whatever price is above it, no matter how insanely overpriced. There is a remote chance that they'll be forced to cover at $10,000, $100,000 or even $1,000,000 a share depending on how violent the squeeze gets.

>> No.26614371

Because of firms that trick this thing, like S3 partners.


"Short sellers also reloaded bets over the last seven days, where shorted shares jumped by more than 900,000, worth $69 million, the data showed. GameStop’s short interest stands steadily at 139%, unchanged from a week ago."

This was yesterday.

>> No.26614384

Whoops meant to greentext the quote:
"FINRA requires firms to report short interest positions in all customer and proprietary accounts in all equity securities twice a month."
>twice a month
isn't the 130% figure from jan 15?

>> No.26614418


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