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Are you a redditor? Are you looking into /biz/ for some reason? Do you want to park your GME gains in crypto for the bull run? START HERE
>Okay but i dont know how cypto works
Great news, you don't need to know. Most of us neither know nor care about crypto it's just free money. Don't even watch a video on how Blockchain works, its a waste of time.
>Okay so what cryptos do i Buy?
1. $XRP is the /biz/ coin of choice. The SEC is fudding it because we pulled shenanigans with it's ICO. That's how good of a buy XRP is. Not buying XRP is like not siding with Jordan Belfort because he does too much coke.
2. $EOS is our dark horse coin, buy that as well.
3. Chainlink is an enormous scam, the government of India has paid jannies to shil LINK here. Do not buy under any circumstances.
>Altcoins are scary I want bitcoin
Don't buy the top, Mr. WSB, Bitcoin is over, this is the last BTC bullrun. XRP will flip BTC by late 2021.
And, the real bitcoin has always been Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) not BTC. If you insist on buying BTC, buy that.
>Where do I buy?
Robinhood is great and you probably have your cash there, otherwise use Coinbase! Coinbase Pro is a scam btw, and has insane fees, higher than regular Coinbase.
>How do I store my crypto
Great news, back in 2011 you had to make your own wallet. Now you can just leave your cash on an exchange. With high tech cryptography, even with two factor authentication off, your funds are SAFE.

P.S. if you are a redditor, used to getting "Gold" the good news is we have that here. Maake sure to buy a 4chan pass, then on any post you want to gild, type since4pass in the name field to gild the OP.

Welcome to 4chan, WSB :)

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he cute

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hey man it's not cool to trick people like that

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>$XRP is the /biz/ coin of choice
is it ? It's not looking so good

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Fuck off redditor

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Biz has manipulated the price downwards since the 2017 Pump as we accumulate. The SEC fud is really helping. It is the best crypto by far and will be used by Banks in the near future. When the manipulation ends, our analysis suggests it may pump to $2000.

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Excellent advices OP, ++ karma.
Also stay away from RBC, it's a proven pajeet scam. Be safe there reddit frens.

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Ahh, I see. Well that's all I need to hear to put my life savings into it. Have a good day gents

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Great advice OP, bumping this thread so more people can read your post
The moment I saw the shilling for RBC I knew it smelled like a scam, stay away from it at all cost!

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I'm gonna have to move to 4*2chan at this point. This site is no less than 60% redditors now.

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I put it all in Polkadot. Seems like the right stock for me.

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I wish I had such quality information all in one place when I first visited this board

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This should be a sticky.

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It really should, this info can save lives

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retard from pol here.
Can't tell if this is a trap or genuinely helpful.

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Excellent OP, upvoted

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ex-pol here
can confirm xrp will hit 4 digits this year

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pol is the only board more retarded than biz.
Imagine A) caring about American politics and B) going on a Glowie-infiltrated image board to discuss it

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even trump has ties to XRP. do your own research but i promise i am trying to hlelp grow biz. redditors finally stuck it to the hedge funds and are welcome here. as are polacks

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Redditors crashed a hedge fund with no survivors. I'm going to give them props and let them know op is trying to bankrupt them.

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fuck off pajeet

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Guess i'll have to trust those dubs

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pajeet you are not welcome here

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Wait a second!

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>retard from pol here.
Leave this board immediately.
1. you are from /pol/
2. this board is notorious for baiting retards into rugpulls
3. will probably fall for a pajeet trap.

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Thanks for this thread OP. Spread the news! reminder, the more people buy the richer we get!
I wish I had access to information like this when I started here in 2015

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Based. XRP and EOS are kino pics, LINK is dogshit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnKrMKo_WlU

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only newfags who dont know about the /biz/ market manipulation of XRP would think this. go back to /r/crypto

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Go back

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Also: don't fall for the Monero scam, it can be tracked. Buy 0xMonero instead.

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Buy EOS. Joe Biden owns 430,000 of this token. Shoulda bought XRP before the SPARK snapshot date.

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Guys ! I posted earlier in the thread. I just got back from the XRP exchange. It's all good. Be careful when you go over there to buy some, it's a frenzy of activity but I managed to grab a big pile of XRP stocks. I've made heaps of money already, I'm pretty sure, but that's not important right now, what I did do though is I just quit my job and told my boss to fuckin fuck off and fuckin jam fuck it up his fuckin ass get fucked because I know I'm gonna make it

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Can we please make this a daily general ??

This thread has helped me enormously and we need to make sure outsiders aren't put off by the confusing/old layout.