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Holding FTM is as comfy as it gets

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Truly, I was gonna actually do a workout today, but I think Ill just sip wine and smoke cigarettes and watch my portfolio moon, ohohohohohoho!

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based, just called off my tennis classes
tonight I'll smoke weed and drink red wine watching my prince rank stack rewards go up in numbers and value

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lets gooooooooooo

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Tell me about Fantom. should I add it to the list of my investments which includes LINK, PRQ and GRT?
what returns can i expect

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fantom to the moon

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>owns LINK
Gtfo this thread faggot, go make some shitty discord memes about how cool Sirgay is because hes a slavshit.

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you must be a complete moron

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Based, the time to monitor is now, the time for working out and tennis can come later at our own personal estate gyms.

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We need people like you to buy over 1$, so just wait til we're on coinbase normie.

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Youre going to $12 EOY, dump bags or cope, memes wont float your empty project much further.

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Ignore him. He thinks Link marines are behind the fantom fud. Yes go buy a smol bag of ftm.

>t. OG link marine from 2017

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the people who made etherscan just made fantomscan
make of that what you will

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amazing, can you send me 500 link anon? I would very much appreciate it

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Fantom is unstoppable now.

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Are you fucking retarded? Fantom Foundation literally uses Chainlink as it's official Oracle solution and recommends all developers on the Fantom network to use it.

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you will never be a real male

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Smart reverse FTM fud

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if you didn't buyed Fantom stock, you're fucked

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Check coinmarketcap, Fantom is knocking to top100. You know what happens next...

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Coingecko is more accurate

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Most normies know only Coinmarketcap...

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They use band and link

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actual retard here

what does this imply?

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Etherscan is a closed source, commercial, for profit software. Only Ethereum. Binance Chain and Fantom are supported by the team. Connect the dots...

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