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Frugal bizanon edition.
Nothing over $50k value, used or 2nd hand.

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Frugal mode activated.
And yes, Im going to drive with tow mirrors extended to piss off all the crybaby soiboi urbanite faggots who get mad at people for driving big chad trucks.

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gotta go fast

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Hideously modified, but an incredibly based care nonetheless.

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>Not owning at least one flying saucer
Enjoy your lower technology cars, h*mans.

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do people really go reee about tow mirrors in burgerland? Every boomer in aus has a caravan.

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A fucking Dodge

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Mostly just assblasted urbanite fags who are mad they bought a $25k Honda, instead of a $12k truck and dump a few more into mods.
A fucking dodge with a fucking 12 valve coomins in it.
Get some fucking taste retard, stuff other than JDM exists.
>b-b-but muh MPG so i can afford an extra gram of weeeeeed
Meanwhile I can tune this shit to get 40mpg and still have 1000ft/lbs of torque on tap lmao.

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Dodge viper early 2000s

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Land Rover Defender

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With ICE engines being outlawed in the UK it makes a good investment as well. A nice mechanically basic V6, few major problems and could be used now and again as a daily driver. I could get my hands on a good clean example with low mileage for 7-8k.

I'm going to buy a classic motorbike as well.

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Get on my level plebs

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Old diesel G-Klasse for mild offroading and flexing in east europoor land.

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These look fucking retarded ngl

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8th gen civic si, fuji blue. I will find the nicest low mileage one in the US.

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2017 got me my /biz/ "made it" cars and I wouldn't trade them for anything

91 Mercedes 190E and a 94 Honda Del Sol

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The world's worst art museum

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Some of these are depressing

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A lite 90s or early 00s Honda Civic with under 200k miles will be my gift to myself for earning my first million.

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>139 lbf⋅ft of torque
>0-60 in 7 seconds
Anon, it's a fucking shitbox.

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if you live somewhere sunny I swear you can't go wrong with a Del Sol, the ones with the B16 in them are stupid fun to drive. Greatest civic ever made

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Who needs art when I can just run shit over and drag it and go 0-60 in 2 seconds while blowing smoke like the fuckin Kuznetsov?

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I would make my 1994 Ford Mustang Cobra look like it did showroom new, and since I made it, spare no expense. Full new leather upholstery, full engine rebuild (and making it a blown 331 stroker), redo the whole electrical system, everything.
And then I would never drive it. Just stare at it like a boomer.

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the only reasonable option in this day and age

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Really like the utilitarian aesthetic and the fact it looks like the old one

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I want a regular Mustang GT or Bullitt, gonna buy one this year probably.

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lol imagine buying a car in 2021 and it still comes with silver steelies

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already have mine, a 21' Tacoma to go mountaineering in.

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Nice choice though anon. Once my API3 hit $50 a token, I'll be right in about this era of cars.

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can you grab a Bulitt for under 50k? if so good choice

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r32. even with import cost its under 30k for such a pretty car

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Probably a lightly modded FD to go with my S2000. NSX would be next up.

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timeless car, the original godzilla. Sadly prices will skyrocket further once legal for import to burgerland.

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A golf, quite expensive but really comfy

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the r32 and a lot of r33s already can be legally imported in all states its the r34 thats still not avaliable. r32 prices really arent that bad, people want the r33 or r34

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hi Achmed

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i am keeping my 10 year old prius for the rest of my life

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Is it really that cheap? That's what I'm getting too. I'll put a built stroker motor and a sequential gearbox in it and leave the exterior completely stock.

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current gen is an ugly munter

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Germoney here so in USD it's probably more like 55k. Cheapest listings I can find for Bullitts start from about ~45k EUR.

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I don't care too much about cars but I saw this in a dealership and thought it looked sweet. 720hp

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mazda miata or toyota corolla

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Why's it so sad?

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the newest one is a hot stinking mess though, they threw everything overboard that made the golf a golf

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Even buying from an importer the most for like a mint condition, low milage, and rarer color, will be like 32-35k. You could import yourself for even less than 30k.

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nice gas mileage faggot

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A 2002 is a nice choice but not that abomination, keep it classic

A classic range rover >2000 with three doors thats also nice

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I’m a simple man, anon

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See >>26585172
JDM faggot.

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Oh shit you are right. R32's since 2017 or so.

For me and most people I talk to, the R33 is mainly desired for it's aquatic capabilities as the hull is especially strong.

The R34's will skyrocket soon as they were sold from 98/99.

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Thanks. Do you happen to know a good importer in Vancouver?

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meant <2000 of course

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No sorry. It might be even cheaper in Canada though. Find whatever local JDM car facebook group there is and ask them tho

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I like the steelie look and I’d rather buy wheels of my choice (methods) than pay extra for the gross factory upgrade wheels

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Lexus GS (previous gen)

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imagine having gross factory upgrade wheels

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i like my vw desu but i wouldnt recommend it as a make it car, the TDI is the only good thing VW has and it's a bang-for-your-buck-runs-forever engine. get a merc at least if you like germans

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for me, it's the gs3. (hundred)

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Bronco 66

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we say tree hunnie on the street

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not bad desu but please dont ruin it

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new tesla roadster with extensive body work to make it look like a datsun 510

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2006 scion xa manual

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Good taste

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Got a older gen golf and it does what its supposed to. Not a fan of the newer gens though.

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>wanting an rc car

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Why not just buy a Datsun?
Then drop a LS in it?

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Absolutely Based

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i don't know anything about cars. i just know that i want the performance and tech of a tesla roadster and it should look like a datsun 510. i guess i'll probably ask someone for advice to find the best way to do it when i'm ready

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