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Uh, bros... I made an XCM account at ICO but then sold my coins a couple years ago. I just got this email. Take a look.



Hope you are staying safe and your cryptocurrency investments are going smooth!
You are seeing this email because your information, i.e. your CoinMetro profile information and KYC documents are within my possession.

Back in 2018, there were rumors about user documents leaking from the CoinMetro platform. Through their support rooms and Kevin's AMA sessions, these accusations have been denied.
However there really was a leak of user profiles and KYC documents. The data had been pulled directly from the company's KYC storage, using access of an (disgruntled or careless or whatever) employee.
The pool contains more than 11,000 KYC documents and user profile information including user photos, ID and address verification documents. Some of the documents are expired, most are not.

Why is this suddenly surfacing after all these years?
Two reasons (or one if summarized):
- The new venture I started is in a very bad financial situation lately and I desperately need funds to recover.
- Cryptocurrency industry is booming and XCM price has soared, bringing the company huge revenue.


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Two week ago, I notified Kevin of the existence of the data and tried to "extort" the company (as they put it) of BTC payment.
The data pool is huge, and contrary to the company's false claims, this data has never circulated online. With those in mind, the initial price asked for was 150 BTC, in exchange of destroying the data (I know, it is a crazy amount).

Presenting proof of possession of the documents along with this mailing list (which you are in) and non-existence of any copy of this data floating around, I continuously proposed different negotiation terms trying to come to an agreement.
I just did not want to publish the data - if I wanted, these data would have already been widely circulating by now. The final price I asked for was 3 BTC, all down from the initial 150. 3 BTC for 11,000+ customer documents. And it was rejected.

The reason I am bringing up all this is for all of us to question how CoinMetro values its customers.
From the very beginning, CoinMetro tried to evade the truth and made false claims about the value of the leaked data. Did you really know that your personal data has leaked as the company claims? No, apparently not.
All this could have been stopped with just 3 BTC - 3 BTC for a crypto exchange. For sure there is no guarantee from the company side that the data would actually be destroyed after the payment is made but wouldn't the fact that the data has never circulated online provide some relief and assurance? That is what I thought, however the company rejected my proposal and went on to ignore the publishing of its 11,000 user documents, to save 3 BTC.
From my point of view, this clearly shows how the company values its customer privacy and security.
Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am not...


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You can reach out to Kevin directly and ask him about all this. He will come up with very reasonable explanation about his decision. He is very good at convincing people. I could feel it from our conversation. But the talking alone can not be trusted fully and very often deviates hugely from actions.

I will not include the link to the actual documents in this email. I will be honest - I still want to get something out of this.
I will not get any benefit from sharing all your data to the public and really want to avoid it.

If you could be so generous to make some donation to my BTC address, I would be hugely grateful.
My BTC address is 15aNn128u9NvmiMbsgTW91342dpCAfVHZt

God bless you and your family.
Best wishes.


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Well I thought this was pretty interesting.

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Is this some weird reverse fud?

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Could be real, could be a pajeet, we need confirmation from Kevin

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Oh yeah I guess I could be making it up. Here is a screencap of the email so you can see the sender address. I'm not sure what to make of it- this email is correct in that I did make an account with KYC information with CoinMetro back in the day. The ID I used for it has been renewed since then so I don't think I'm in much trouble.

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As a systems security expert do you know how many fucking times a goddamn Pajeet told me they had confidential information on the companies I worked for and asked for a bitcoin ransom? Probably hundreds of times. shit, they even would encrypt sections of our filestores.
do you know how many times I paid out bitcoin? zero. Do you know how many times I lost data from their pathetic attempts? zero. fuck pajeets.

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>they claim all your ID is belong to them
>make thinly veiled threat at the end
>don't (or can't) even use your first name in the email
bluff called

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>then sold my coins a couple years ago
im sorry for you loss anon

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It's weird, in the email preview there is an extra line at the beginning that does have my first name (with no space between it and "Hi"). I'm not sure why it doesn't show up in the body of the email, or the subject.

It's okay I just converted it into LINK

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dont worry, its just some ex employer who apparently belonged to a group who tries to work for companies then steals the data and fucks off
the data stolen was probably just an email list and unusable info
listen to the audios on the TG of kevin sharing whatever they know about this

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Coinmetro are taking the piss. Third time they've been hacked. The hacker was able to tell me my passport number, full name, addresss etc I've filed a tip to SEC, and mentioned their illegal ICO too.. reckon others should too:


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CoinMetro is based in Estonia, which is part of the EU. The EU have GDPR legislation which results in some VERY tasty fines for companies who do not safeguard their users data.
Not sure what I think, but either the person doesn't have what they say they have, or they are shit at laying it out on the line. It really should be as simple as "The EU are going to fine you 2% of your global turnover. Give me 25% of whatever that figure is or your ass is grass."

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Yeah got the same mail, obvious pajeet trying to scam gullible metrobros

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XCM always has, and always will be, a shitty Russian scam

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Thanks, buying.

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It's estonian and better than goybase.

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>You can reach out to Kevin directly and ask him about all this.
Ok anons, who's gonna do it? Take one for the... the... biz.

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Give e-mail headers, censor your shit first with something like XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

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>total received: 0 btc
scammer btfo

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You stupid idiots. Read the email. Its about the 1st breach from 2018. This is OLD NEWS. It also wasnt a hack, it was an employee who got let go and stole people’s data, all of which is basic shit.

Move on anons.

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I was legit getting fudded until i read that the moron only wanted 3BTC down from 150. Kek, if you're that desperate then you literally have no information of value.

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btw to the pajeet extortionist, from the way you worded your email, i can tell this is your first rodeo and you bought this info from someone, hoping to make a quick buck. Next time, don't back down from your initial negotiated amount. Also don't be a retard and ask for donations, you showed your hand and got absolutely BTFO.

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I'm not worried about anything, I just haven't gotten an email like this before and thought it would be a fun read.

Maybe this is what you want

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Loki is as silent as the underground network in London

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Nvm, don't do it, you would probably doxx yourself.
This is the way btw.

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he literally replied to all of this with multiple 1min audios

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just reply back with "nigger"

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Recieved the same email.

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