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they just announced a partnership with INJ to do oil and gas futures? that sounds big af
and dont they still have a tradfi announcement in the pipeline???

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Wait for BTC to stop dumping then watch the fireworks

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$1 easily once the market turns green

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Probably even better. I hope to see 1ALBT =2$ very soon

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i think it'll be done in time for q2, lord knows where we'll be eoy

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yeah the tradfi partnership is coming soon. albt is so slept on here that it's made me realize the state of biz. small community of maybe a thousand posters, and 80% of them are just here to organize pump and dumps of random 2m mcap shitcoins. Another 15% are late to the game and think they're still gonna make it off of buying LINK, and maybe 5% care about identifying solid projects that will grow with time. Hate to say it but this place is just good for memes and saying nigger now

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sad but, mostly true
like, albt or qnt threads die really quickly but bao is hyped for a week
ah well

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best post on this whole board. Probably the best post on /biz/ in 2021. Unironically, i hope WSB hops over for a while if the SEC get them, those guys are smarter than biz

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Most of biz these days are followers and wannabes. It’s incredible they can sleep on ALBT. I guess they will start buying at $10.

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Its the epitome of choosing bigotry over being rich. HFSP

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I read carefully the ALBT thread, one of the few coin that caught my attention, thanks to various anons here. I decided to get in. Any idea as to what we should expect ? I wonder if it is a long term hodl ?

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Yeah I cringe to say it but, agree
I used to make effortposts here where I would identify solid projects due for some growth. I basically never missed either, but people just did not give a fuck so I stopped. It is what it is. Guarantee that at some point today, there will be a 200+ comment hyped post about the next shitcoin. People will buy in at the top, despite it being up 60% in a few hours, and then they will get dumped on

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I read first time about ALBT here in november and bought it at 0,07$. I guess I was on of the few

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if albt is successful in their aim it will be a top ten coin. it is a unique project which is necessary and will capture extreme levels of value in a manner similar to chainlink.

Shorter term, I could see $5-$10 relatively soon. Maybe this quarter depending on the market. There are big things coming

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Its one of the best coins in defi

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moonboys say like, $10 conservatively and i dont actually disagree, given the scope that the team has for the project
has it got link potential? absolutely

also im gonna shill qnt as well sorry, but its an interoperability solution and its very closely tied to albt so if youve not already, give it a good look as well

also, checked??

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holy fuck, satan confirms

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>I used to make effortposts here where I would identify solid projects due for some growth. I basically never missed either, but people just did not give a fuck so I stopped. It is what it is. Guarantee that at some point today, there will be a 200+ comment hyped post about the next shitcoin.

I used to make ALBT posts when it was 0.07c back in 2020. Barely got 3 replies before 404. After this thread im not making another effort post again. Id rather go to reddit or telegram

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I am glad some people talked about it and explained what it was about. I did my research and found it was a very solid project with strong connections. It is just obvious, eventhough I never invested in altcoins before.

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I guarantee that when ALBT is $5-$10, it will be hyped here. And granted long term, it will still probably appreciate from there, but people will think they'll make it from putting a few grand in to it. Just the nature of biz

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just as people do with chainlink nowadays

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>if albt is successful in their aim it will be a top ten coin. it is a unique project which is necessary and will capture extreme levels of value in a manner similar to chainlink.
>Shorter term, I could see $5-$10 relatively soon. Maybe this quarter depending on the market. There are big things coming
I usually read this yes. So I suppose it's a long term hodl.

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could either of you, or anyone, throw me some crumbs on where to look to understand the financial system we have? Authors, books, the names of problems they're having? I'm in ALBT purely by following the <80 iq investing hypothesis because I really don't know what's going on, I just see wizards discussing coins on the bluebird and see if people that look legit enough in real life are also excited about them.

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Here's a general, non-ALBT related tip for picking winners. Ask yourself: Does another, more established project already do this well enough? Is there another project in the works closer to launch that is going to do this first?

If either answer is yes, you're probably buying a loser. Something that will pump one time, maybe twice if you're lucky, and then be dead forever. Those of us who bought alts in 17 know how this goes. If you're new, look at hot alts from 17 and look at their graphs. Dead, forever. First mover advantage is real and clones are stupid to buy

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this is very helpful

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>could either of you, or anyone, throw me some crumbs on where to look to understand the financial system we have?

What do you mean? Crypto or stocks?

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how financial systems work without/before crypto. I'm trying to get an eye for what sort of projects industry people want and need. For example, I know how skittish banks are about regulation because I'm a burger and saw the back and forth in the news with cannabis dispensaries and banks scared the feds would seize funds if they let those dispensaries deposit, so it makes sense that ALBT would bring in a lot more traffic to the crypto space. In general I'm a retard when it comes to anything more than compound interest and basic loans.

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Not sure I understand the question. If you have zero understanding of finance and economics, I unironically advise you spend some time on Khanacademy. Go through their economics section and learn everything. Start with macro and microeconomics, then do college macro/micro, then finance/capital markets. Generally people don't learn well by just watching videos, even though they think they do.

The number one investment you can make if you want to be rich, is educating yourself. That doesn't necessarily mean going in to debt over college. But just learn something every day

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bumping bc there's some good info in this thread for newfags

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>feds would seize funds if they let those dispensaries deposit, so it makes sense that ALBT would bring in a lot more traffic to the crypto space. In general I'm a retard when it comes to anything more than compound interest and basic loans.

Okay, identifying industry/market sector problems. First rule is ignore anyone who's selling a solution. They will create problems where there aren't any. Instead research that industry/sector. For instance search "cannabis dispensary business common problems/obstacles." Then deep dive. Find an online community of those people, or better yet find a few individuals in that industry you can talk to, and ask them what problems they run in to.

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You have he general idea. Regulation and professionalism is what banks like. Projects like ALBT, LINK, QNT, INJ, OCEAN are the ones you should be investing in because theyll be helping the old financial system get to grips with defi .

This anon is right too. Reading Soros and Buffet would help too. Find books by Nassim Nicholas who explains the markets well and philosophies how traditional finance runs. Read up on financial history including the 2007 crisis which is the reason BTC even exists.

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Specific problems that ALBT solves:

1) Simplicity. Contrary to what you might think, investment banks and hedge funds have a more oldschool mindset than 20 year olds on the internet. They don't want to onramp fiat on coinbase, swap to ethereum, and send to a metamask wallet. Anything that simplifies DeFi purchases/sales/trades is good. Fiat->DeFi->Fiat capability is good. ALBT provides this

2). Regulatory compliance. Tradition finance has a lot of very serious regulation to strictly adhere to that we do not have to worry about it. All modern DeFi and Dex's are retail consumer focused. This project is establishment focused, and thus will ensure that regulatory compliance is provided without stress or hassle

3) Trust and pedigree. Elites and bankers only do business with other elites and bankers. They are not going to use a dex made by some autistic group of 25 year olds. However the ALBT team is established and respected. Degrees from top universities, successful careers in finance at elite firms, socially high tier people (one founder gave a popular TedTalks presentation, etc)

This is just an extremely brief and limited explanation of some of the value ALBT adds. Anyone who wants to know more should read their very good Whitepaper, take a look through their website, and read the medium articles

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I always hear about khanacademy for math, never thought to actually check it out for other subjects. thank you! I've become suspicious of regular youtube videos lately after realizing that the average person flooding the site with info about a coin is probably a big bagholder, considering the effort involved in making them. (copywriting knowledge is good but a potent cognitohazard)

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You're just not on the same wavelength as the real /biz/lets. Nothing that is hyped here is viable, almost every project hyped to no end is a pump and dump. This board is much like the rest of the site, a gigantic turd with small gold nuggets.

Now the idea is that you have to spot the nuggets. Nuggets are elusive threads made by legit insiders sharing true information and almost all of them rarely stay on the front page.

DYOR, and use /biz/ accordingly and you'll see it's much better than you think it is.

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The announcement today is a very good leap forward. https://blog.injectiveprotocol.com/injective-partners-with-allianceblock-to-launch-decentralized-oil-and-gas-futures/

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>Now the idea is that you have to spot the nuggets

Im literally the one posting the nuggets

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Ignore crypto YouTubers. They're all shit with the exception of Coin Bureau. EllioTrades is okay too for one specific reason: He will name some solid undervalued projects that you might not hear about until later. He identified ALBT, AAVE, and other solid projects early. However he is still a shill imo so do your own research on anything he mentions and don't take his word for it. Actually with crypto, don't take anyone's word for anything ever. With the exception of a few good projects, it's a zero sum game. Don't buy ALBT because I told you to, take the time to do your own research and see if it makes sense to you.

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Anyone else staking CAKE in pancakeswap to earn ABLT tokens at 195% APY? I've earnt 1000 ABLT so far.


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This looks like a copy cat of link that wants to fight the never ending war against the supreme DIA

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ALBT is not an oracle problem solver and does something entirely different than LINK. The two are partnered with each other, and ALBT has been strongly endorsed by the LINK team. Surely tho your shitcoin will steal LINK's marketcap

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what time span and how much did you stake?

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Explain how it works, I am retarded.

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You're doing God's work anon. I keep refreshing the catalog for little pieces of advice like yours. It's hard to filter all the bullshit but it pays out nonetheless

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What's this?

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I have around 10k CAKE tokens staked, been in this pool for a few weeks now

If you own CAKE tokens you can stake them in pools on pancake swap. So if you stake 100 CAKE tokens in the ALBT pool, you will earn 186 ALBT tokens in a year. You get your earnt tokens when you unstake your CAKE from the pool.

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if it's still the same as 3 months ago and if I understand correctly, then this is what you do:

>buy cake on pancake exchange
>go to staking page
>stake your cake (and gradually earn more cake)
>while you're staking, you can take out Syrup token (1:1 with cake)
>go to Syrup pool and stake Syrup in a token pool to accumulate that token (apy at 190% for all the listed ones)

Then go in reverse when you wanna pull out.

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Singlecoin albt staking should be here in around 3 weeks btw, can't wait

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Fuck I love that ALBT is getting attention, don’t forget there’s a SIFI involved somehow, should get more info on that soon

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very nice indeed

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INJ and ALBT are both my biggest holding so this is amazing news.

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I don't think they still do the Syrup pools. Instead you stake your cake and gradually ALBT in our case.

Make sure your wallet has a Binance Smart Chain extension otherwise it won't connect with pancake swap

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One of the best /biz/ calls

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ALBT gaining traction here finally? I thought there were no braincells left on biz

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lotta circle jerking going on here, its literally a coin with partners...there is 0 application other than the meme of big money using their shit, when theres tons of other onboarding taking place...give it a rest, shitcoin, stay poor pajeets.

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cope, and you probably said the same thing about link when I called it here. If ALBT had no demand, AAVE would have no value, because the only way ALBT doesn't appreciate is if DeFi is useless. It is the only project in its niche, and it is a necessary niche

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Message from ALBT Founder on TG.

We are very fortunate to have been incubated in 3 top tier incubators in the past years, like:
- Level39 in London (Revolut was incubated here as well, now valued at 5bn+)
- Station F in Paris
- Kickstart Innovation in Zurich

This allowed us to greatly expand our network in traditional finance. Through this network combined with past experience of founders with their careers, we have managed to have great access to traditional finance institutions that will help complete our bridge. One such specific TradFi institution is a very very important milestone, and is not only meant to have them included as just a partner in our ecosystem, but help bring more traditional finance partners to our ecosystem AND for all current partners already in our ecosystem connect with them as well. So as I said, that is a major milestone, and will start unlocking the full power and potential of the protocol and our ecosystem around it.

We are quite close to releasing details about this partnership, expect it quite soon.


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>We are quite close to releasing details about this partnership, expect it quite soon.

traditional finance partnership, or partnerships, will come tomorrow or before Friday. More partnerships obviously after this week but the big one is coming within hours. Its been confirmed in the last AMA so its just a matter of waiting.

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$1000 EOY I heard?

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I don't read biz often, because most of times I find here just shills and dumpers, or people who didn't buy at the right time, or post like your.

But, I still thank that guy, who wrote about albt a couple of months ago. It was Really a lucky strike, it you think that for 1 post about this gem you have to read hundreds about those shitcoins biz usually shill

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Token not needed anon

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Shut the fuck up and dyor you absolute retard

>"Benefiting ALBT holders
ALBT is integral to AllianceBlock protocol. The Open Finance solution described above is only possible with the use of the ALBT token.

The AllianceBlock ecosystem benefits both data publishers and data consumers. Users are incentivized to share it as they can monetize their data, while also remaining in control of access at all times. There are a number of actions that necessitate the payment or receiving of ALBT in this case study, including:

Data query: Each request for data is paid in ALBT tokens
Dataset generation: A dataset generation is a more complex data query and commands a (normally higher) fee payable in ALBT token
Data collection: Collection of data from integrated streams is incentivized with ALBT
Storage: Storing files on IPFS is paid in ALBT
Processing: Processing data across ecosystem and to integrated systems requires ALBT
Data distribution: Network fee is required to redistribute the data to ecosystem actors
Data analysis: Obtained data analyzed using various mathematical methods requires ALBT
Data replication: Network fee is required in order to replicate the data
Data extraction: Network fee is required to extract the data to different data formats (e.g. .csv)
Data validation: Compare two data sets to check data accuracy requires a network fee"


You're the reason biz is in decline, like please go fuck yourself

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how confident are you on this?

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Amateur level FUD

"ALBT token will be the main medium of exchange for services and assets on the platform."

"Our corporate entity will buy back and burn tokens quarterly based on revenue."

From the OnePager.

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also just a general question, how many crypto teams have come out with a tradfi partnership? like, im not an oldfag, but i understand that the promise of it was enough to keep xrp afloat for ages

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The hillrise capitol ama gave me 100% confidence that tradfi partnership will be this week. One of the advisors on Sunday hinted in the tg that it would be coming in "days". Ive been in ALBT since 0.08 and will not be selling till at least $5, id have made a lot of money by then. For other anons lurking, look into LTO, etherisc and Unido. Its really not hard to make money. Just buy early, dyor, and dont listen to fud and retards who buy shitcoins

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LINK and QNT i believe.

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based theyre my other holds

>> No.26588724

how to find unido on coingecko?

>> No.26588764

based trips and thanks anon
good to be in a good thread

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This isn't even on a CEX yet. Look at the volume. Probably one of the best projects to come out in 2020 alongside Parsiq.

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Another flex, but in the INJ medium they point out that their partnership with ALBT is the reason oil and gas are even tradable assets at all on INJ.

>“We are thrilled to be working alongside the team at AllianceBlock. This enables us to further our mission in bridging together traditional finance with DeFi. Oil and gas futures are some of the most commonly traded commodities in traditional markets but have thus far been inaccessible within DeFi. On Injective, traders will now be able to trade these markets and much more on the first truly decentralized derivatives exchange,” said Eric Chen, Injective CEO.

INJ need ALBT for that to be possible, which means only one thing, ALBT has these connections to traditional assets already in the pipeline but have yet to announce how deep these connections go to retail, yet. This is unprecedented and furthur proves ALBT's legitimacy. Theres also other details in the Chainlink x ALBT article in regard to similar themes, which I think will become more apparent before the ALBT MVP in march.

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I hope the next liquidity mining pools are not on Ethereum, I don't like paying €70 to approve and supply LP and €30 each time I claim my rewards. Really too bad the BSC pool only lasts 1 month.

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Come on, guys, let's be real
$10 EOY sounds nice and all, but there is no way you believe this project is the return of Jesus Christ.

Any sensible, reasonable FUD so far? Because I kinda doubt that Alliance Block will reach all their ambitious goals in a year, and also not all of them.
They obviously sneaked some extra goals for marketing.
Give me the red pill

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Kevin from Coinmetro spoke about adding ALBT in January but the ALBT team delayed on purpose to line up with something specific that could be dropping soon.

Singe asset staking is coming in a couple weeks. Hints are for febuary but if you ask they just say "Q1" but my autistic research says February.

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There's a seed unlock in mid-Feb right? Do you think this will heavily impact price?

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$10 will take some time. $5 around main-net with more news around then isn't unreasonable. Market cap around that would be circa 500M

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I was around for the first unlock and nothing happened, it went higher. Leads me to believe the seed investors are quite professional and in for the long haul. The next unlock is for 25m about 2.5% of total supply. Its important to note that burns, future buy backs,nodes etc the circ will never be fully released and around 500m tokens will be the max amount. This wont happen for a couple years and the max amount after these years could be much lower.

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Token not released yet. Its a polka launch

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this guy was a private investor, I bet he was the one that dumped it to 0.03 on the second token release, kek. I guess I should thank him for an amazing entry point though.

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Theres a leaked list of emails of who the private investors are. Ill try find it and post here

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