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Highest IQ play in 2021

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Agreed brother, I feel for any /biz/let that misses this.

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sad that high IQ autists dont tend to make money in the markets though

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same, this is the most obvious moonshot of 2021.
what's the make-it stack OP?

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Try a little harder to shill yeah

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Ok, shills, what is the purpose of DIGG over WBTC?

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suicide stack is 100

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and here comes the massive shilling as soon as it moons. where were the badger threads before? oh yeah there weren't any or barely any because you only see these threads once the token has reached its peak
i would be better off hanging around reddit crypto for moon potentials before the 'mooning'

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There actually were a lot of Badger threads before, just me and a couple other based anons FUDded them and /biz/ started ignoring them.

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There isn't even any shilling going on here. Only "moonshot", "highest IQ play", "make-it"...

Put some effort into it, shills. And dont give me that 'DYOR' bs.

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This. I’m very high IQ and rich (7 figs) but I could be MUCH richer (8 figs or more) if I was a midwife and had little/ no risk management.

Also, I keep telling myself that the markets are too smart to fall for obvious memes.. But again and again complete shitcoins and meme stocks get pumped to absurd levels.

The best traders are the ones that think like the average retard but are smart enough to act on it, i.e. midwits.

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> if I was a midwife
Meant to write midwit kek

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a lot of autists got really rich between 2013-2017 this year has been great for 99 iqer and 150 iq apes/degens/speculators, 130 iq midwits had a chance to 100x their eth stack this year but didnt guaranteed
t.99 iqer who 100x'd his eth stack

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just embrace it anon

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Same here anon, except I'm still stuck in six fig hell. I could have had more than 50 million today if I just went all in on my bets and held like a retard with no risk management. Not sure how to feel

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are you in badger?

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Digg is an elastic supply stablecoin, there is more of a game to holding it over wBTC.

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If DIGG keeps these rebases up, that may be the moonshot of the year. Happy to see badger getting attention now too.
Defi is going to lead this altseason, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see $100 badger at all.

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One and only defi that will survive 2021 is DHT.

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>buy XPB
>ride it to 10x
>split evenly between Monero, Link and ETH

That’s it, that’s the play.

It’s really that simple.

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why does intelligence and solid smart risk management get punished so hard in 2020/21? It seems like losing is impossible and the more you go full retard the more you gain.

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High risk, high reward.

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Badger along with YAX and 88MPH are going to moon crazy this year. I have my bags packed with all three.

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yes, but it makes no sense if all of the "risk" is removed from the equation
where exactly is the risk? Not even a global pandemic that fucked up the entire world brought any risk with it. Nobody lost anything at all, instead everyone is up at least 2x since before Covid even begun.

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Oh THAT, that’s because of money printers.

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Shill me on YAX anon

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LINK, Gamestop (If you bought before), biotech companies like Myovant, Urovant, Five Prime Therapeutics, Gritstone Oncology and Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, and others (Biotech is great)

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I’m going to be completely honest with you anon. I don’t know what the fuck YAX does, but a whale I know who bought ETH under $10 has been buying hundreds of thousands worth of YAX. I know because I have his wallet address. I just buy whatever he buys. He’s bought BADGER, YAX, and MPH.

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>A fucking badger

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Thanks fren, I don't suppose you'd consider sharing the address of this whale if I give you a throwaway email?

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Suicide stack Monero.

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It’s my personal secret, but if you ever find a thread with the name “whale watcher” it’s me

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I understand, thanks for the tip anyway. Will look into YAX and BADGER

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look buddy, you gotta learn the /biz/ game around here, you gotta know when shills are scamming you and when an anon is literally handing you free gold because both things happen around here regularly, learn to tell them apart.

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I tried researching this last week and found nothing that says what its actual purpose is - just a bunch of nu-tech buzzwords that don't mean anything. No whitepaper, not even a wikipedia page, nothing. Stop shilling.

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/biz/ isn't INTJ autists anymore. The shilling strategy reflects this.

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be careful whale watching just because they have money does not mean theyre smart look at that genesis wallet that bought tellor or the other one who lost a milion dollars on dether lmfao

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also i work with a guy from a clearing house the "thesis based researchers/traders are literally using 4 chan and twitter for their alpha im not joking

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Easy play, this thing will be taking off this week

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These guys bought tellor below $5 or something like that. Everything they touch turns to gold.

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this really is the key to the game. figure out how to accurately decode irony/FUD/shill posts and you can basically print money

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sounds like a good one
im also a genius who bought tellor at ~$5/70per eth and already dumped because devs dont seem to understand how AMM's work i hope people who bought make money from it though they probably will cuz everything will go up

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still waiting for the fucking airdrop, 2 months now...

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Good shit. I tried to buy it around that time but it was only available on some chink exchanges and I couldn’t bypass the kyc for the life of me.

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is it too late to buy now?

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yeah for a while idex was the only one with decent amounts of it you would get like 3-5 more than uniswap with slippage which turned out be a huge difference like literally an extra 200-400 of them if you were buying a lot

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I'm personally not in badger but if you know what's what, you would know that big money is in this so yes they will pump this shit hard.

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There were a couple when it dumped after the Digg snapshot.

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I never seen one

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