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Dont ya know what is goin to da moon in few days?

I will tell ya


2,5m+ mcap, 100k/100k circ supply

Stay poor peps or get on the fkin train cause its leavin

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honestly biz has had enough warnings at this point, if they're not in this yet they'll just be fomoing in a week, thanks guys

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What does it even do?
Where i buy?

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Ohh my God. This is pretty thread.

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You can buy it on uniswap

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Loaded at, buying every dip before 100, x5 EOW

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Bags are packed, buy them while you have a chance to hop on the train ... Pump is close

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Buy dips, just a tip

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What's my father doing there lol

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I am happy I bought this lovely build

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>What's my father doing there lol

You mean spidy? Spidy is your father? Damn

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Mee too (*-_-*)

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Told my parents I will build them a palace one day.. To be honest, they won't understand it's money from internet coins. When I say it's from BUILD that sounds fair enough

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Build is on the way to 200$

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low cap BIG PUMP

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Im on The board. Lets Moon together!

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Buy the dip

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100$ 200$?? Strong hands winner this moonshot

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There are some whales on board, coincidence ? I don't think so

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200$ is FUD

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Look at this

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When 50? I bought at 40$

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50usd today

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packed I'm sleeping, up to $ 100 ...

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I bet we will see 50 within 48h and maybe even 80-100$ till the end of the week.

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Build will pump soon to the moon! Can u already feel it?

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I'm not going to be poor after this bullish market, so bought a big bag of Build

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holding strong let's go!

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WHO dump?

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Can you fags please fuck off back to discord? It’s painfully obvious that these posts aren’t organic and you’re not from here.

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Whale he sold all
Now pump it

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I bought the dip
$BUILD it to the moon!!!!!

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my sell target is $150-200 on this baby, what about you fellow chad builders ?

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Great move fren

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Okay frens, the whale who dumped 160 eth today is out now. We’re ready

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Smart money knows why we dumped today. Smart money knows $25 is a fucking based entry

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bought on the dip after the whale has exited ... stay poor holding your shit coins. im comfy

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Loaded up on this. Now we can shill.

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buy the fucking dip!

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Nice dip, was waiting for this, now it's time for moon mission.

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Thanks Jesus for this dip! I'm in!

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Never seen such a bullish dump

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Quick 50%, waiting for more, thanks biz!

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That recovery was amazing ! Now the moon !

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It’s going to be easy money

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Buy dips, just a tip

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Current price will seem like a huge dip in a few weeks, just ape in anons

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All hands on deck tomorrow 50$

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What about go fuck yourselves with that shit?

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