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Oh poor little fanties, you didn't really expect to break 6c did you? You can't even hold 5.5c and volume is dropping now~!

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Holy fucking cringe. never come back here retard

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Its going to moon any day now.

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satoko bully gf

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keyed 07th
make more /biz/ 07th shitposts. They're pretty effective.

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Someone told me I should really buy this REBASE token so I put in millions of dollars, with all the tokens im going to be getting im gonna be so rich...

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We'll get to the $1 fragment soon, cunt.

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What are some coins that Krauss would buy? He strikes me as a REQ bro in that it had great fundamentals but due to various twists of fate it bled out into nothing and became irrelevant.

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end of march, 1$ reached and breached easy
retards dont know whats coming
find the hints or get left behind
and 1$ is just the beginning

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