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Reddit is gonna ban the shit out of wallstreetbets. You newfags need to know the rules.

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why are they banning it?
and if true why wouldn't these guys just make their own website

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this has been on my mind this whole last week, just waiting for them to be banned and thinking, oh fuck they are going to flood /biz/... guess it is a better excuse now to focus on class, I thought the recent pajeet shills were bad with the recent pumping but now with all the retarded (((plebbiter))) flooding the board its going to be a lot of dumb money asking how to buy crypto and shit again

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they host porn yet some lads having fun and making money is problematic and needs addressing

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Daily reminder for reddit fags. This is a F.R.E.N board

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you think these retards are smart enough to make their own website, its a bunch of fucxkin zoomers that downloaded robinhood

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>Reddit is gonna ban the shit out of wallstreetbets
literally explain how?

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leddit bans anything that gains media attention

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have a folder of redpills ready to forcibly assimilate the redditor faggots

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good, at least someone that makes actual gains will join this designated shitcoin shilling pit

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Let’s decide right now what dead shitcoin we can shill to them to release our dead bags

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you will never have a wholesome snow fight with your kameradens. also buy loopring.

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>SEC market manipulation, we dont like them taking money from (((them)))
>reddit, we be good goiym and turn it off

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Prepare the racism and misogyny boys.

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fucking CHECKED
but how is that market manipulation

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oldfags have bags

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this thread smells like curry, someone opens a window pls

>still they try to shill you trash ref link to scam shit

ROFL someone even try to shill staking systems.

You should know one thing, I have already used Poolz and their NFT for cashflow, I wouldn’t believe in your shit

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well warn them about all the crypto scams like HOTDOG and LINK

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holy shit man, i cannot even begin to describe how ironic this is
if its bait its the best bait I've EVER seen in my life

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the SEC's going to come down on them for this one. there's no way this doesn't result in an audit and charges for insider trading and conspiracy.

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desu I wouldn't mind more stock threads. hopefully they leave their cringe where it came from

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>but how is that market manipulation

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if r/the_donald users were smart enough, wallstreetbets is most DEFINITELY smart enough

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Market manipulation's hard to prove. Typically, you can only get caught if you're stupid enough to leave a paper trail, such as a public forum where you discuss your conspiracy to force a short squeeze by trading against common sense.

WSB flew into the sun.

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it's not trading against common sense. if you've looked around there's no switches available, no ps5s, few xboxs, and GPUs cost $1000 for a mid range model. video games are back in strength during pandemic and the institutional investors made a mistake shorting it

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Reddit waiting for Rubic to hit 1$ to start buying

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Video games are, GameStop is not. This argument won't hold up, least of all because idiots on Reddit forgot to stick to a narrative. Institutional traders have been dropping GME throughout the year because of their failure to turn a profit in the best of times. Their primary revenue stream is from used goods and toys. Their profit margin on new systems is slim, and not helped by the low supply.

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I'm genuinely curious
people just ceased an opportunity, there was nothing illegal about this

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>hosting illegal activity

i mean i guess they could keep it up and just let the .gov and SEC seize the entire website instead

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how is it illegal

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HOW IS IT A PND MAN, its just people saying x will go up

is me shilling a low cap coin fucking market manipulation now?

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I don't think you really understand how retarded they really are. Pop open /new/ right now and grab some popcorn.

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more often than not yeah

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Serious question, how could it be insider trading? It's just a bunch of retards betting and hoping against hope that a stock will go up. There wasn't a coordinated effort to buy with the intent of making the stock go higher, they just got excited because there was one especially retarded retard who called this a long time ago.

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Well fuck me, the Fed do market manipulation every fucking day

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they have money, they will pay for it to be made

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>>is me shilling a low cap coin fucking market manipulation now?
>more often than not yeah
what.. I dont get it why?
lets take prq as an example, i used to shill it when it was 0.009
explained why it would do up how its a good project etc
then it went up to 1.50, thats like 16000%

explain how thats illegal?

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2.1m potential new crypto investors. God my investments are going to moon!!!! <3

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>43% unrealized gains tax

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Explain how this is insider trading when these people are making investments off of memes and hyping each other up to do the same, you fucking retard.

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I live in the UK so hahahahaha!

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>column 1 in those tables refers to 'SNP's (single nucleotide polymorphisms)
>column 2 refers to 'gene's (which are not SNPs)
Whoever made that document is not a geneticist. They are an idiot.

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crypto is tax free if i hold for a year for me

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you could say those are nu-wallstreetbets users. originally they made extremely risky plays but they knew what they were doing(different types of calls, spreads, technical analysis)

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digits have spoken

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people are unironically gonna gamble away their, parents, son's and wife's hard earned money because they never traded before and joined wallstreetbets this month, complain to mods/admins and ultimately invest into $ROPE. This will force reddit to change wsb

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More please

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Why would they do that? It is bringing a shit ton of traffic to their site. Plus, it wouldn't be bad if they came here, they are more successful traders on average than we are. Isn't that what we want? To make money?

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see above

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>they are more successful traders on average than we are

It's common knowledge that their gains are cherrypicked, and any losses are deleted. There is no way to prove this.

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Fuck hedge funds!

edit: wow guys my most upvoted post ever!

edit2: thanks for the gold!

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this, reddit allows for manipulation via deleting, removing, updooting, ect. SEC is going to tell plebbit to be a good goiym and shut down WSB, and they will complyu because they always do. If you cant understand why then you are just a fuckin brainlet

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>they are more successful traders on average than we are.
i hate how you put "on average" in there

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wsb are based, I welcome /wsb/ generals

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Yea reddit is seriously cringe....it’s now completely about propaganda and keeping people docile and weak. Anything involving someone making money gets banned. You can’t even discuss vendors of any product and do private sales.

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fuck wsb... love you biz bros

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>it wouldn't be bad if they came here
can i interest you in a set of ropes sir ?

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they are not based, too much risk, sure reward is high
but crypto chads have figured out a way to have even higher reward with exponentially less risk

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Reddit trannies GTFO

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unironically good.

biz post 2017 is a fucking shit pit

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THIS, i came back in 2020 after a break, it was so sad
no humor threads and just a bunch of rug pulls and shitcoins, and the good coin threads die with 6 replies

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>make thread asking if anyone is from reddit
>redditors will inevitably try get validation and tell their story
>quietly ban every single one of them

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>but crypto chads have figured out a way to have even higher reward with exponentially less risk

wat? wtf you on about

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We get a few things right, every now and again

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see >>26521282
risk was as close to 0 as it could get and the reward has been almost 200x

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>back every horse in the grand national and brag that you won

shit hole this place is. was so much more fun in 2015

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Shilling a good coin early isnt manipulation

>> No.26523327

you think it will get better in the next years?

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that’s the best you could show up?
Illiterate mid-wit confirmed.
Run along and “kill your gf”
Don’t ask me to kick you off from this /biz/ thread
Wanna get money - use your fucking brain and go for Base
That’s all I can advise you

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listen to this anon
pleaase !

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Pls delet

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tell them to go to ruqqus or poal or saidit instead, we are already full

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no, too many fuck heads

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i have to honor trips

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>make own website

Then the server providers will ban them

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You could argue that Reddit was facilitating people who organized a pump scheme with the Gamestop stock.

reddits like jailbait, incel, and the altright ones were probably legal to host but disappeared.

Trying to pump gamestop stock to 1000 is pretty funny. Boomers and degens lose lots of money.

They don't want to cooperate with the police or lawyers, so its easier to just delete the reddit.

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hello, ive been away since 2015. hellloo
rocket emoji skat incomming...

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crypto is probably riskier than stocks.

>> No.26523990

as a whole, yes
when considering good projects and getting in early, no not at all, probably one of the most risk-free things to invest in
or would you say buying link early was risky

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yes yes yes, this is the one. everyone larp like its 2017

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kek so hard

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what site is this?

>> No.26524331

scroll down

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I personally welcome the midwit plebbitors, let them buy my bags

>> No.26524439

yeah they also host r/cannibalism and Ghislaine maxwell was a supermod and shit like that because the owners are morally corrupt after whacking the founder.
Why do you think reddit is such a big succes?
Honk Honk.

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It's not inside trading but organizing a pump and dump is still a serious crime.

>> No.26524974

Just like piling on a short interest on a company and driving down the price?

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I can't say much about the topic, but it seems to me like you are playig semantics. As I understand it (or not), a SNP is some variation of a gene. You are correct in what you are saying, but that doesn't discredit the study. There may be other things that invalidate it, but your point seems to be an Authority Fallacy.
>they used the wromg term once, so they are not a geneticist.
There's a lot of reasons that migt explain why the term is wrong, and you don't know for sure if it's plain retardation.

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hope some Chads post cp and gore to scare off the redditors

>> No.26525265

If it's coordinated, yes.

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>no humor threads
This is a good thing though

>> No.26525387

After looking at the posts and comments there, it is pretty fucking obvious the same people browse and post here.

>> No.26525427

This will suck ass short term. Long term we make them hate shitskins and break them of that faggy reddit persona

>> No.26525628

Hello ribbit frens.

You just swapped being watched by the SEC to being watched by glowies, mossad, kgb etc etc

One tip of many you'll get gradually:
Swingies get the rope
no-linkers seethe and cope

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how come?

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>no-linkers seethe and cope

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just curious what would be some of the good coins and how have you spotted some of them as well as trends?

personally I have been a little slow to the party

>> No.26525890

>more successful traders on average
there are probably a couple of people there that everyone else just follows
i scrolled through the new threads on that shit and it was a bunch of retards asking the dumbest questions

>> No.26525918

It’s amazing to me that people don’t realize this. It’s literally happened like 3 times in 2 years, any time any sub gets name dropped on MSM, there’s a purge the next day. It should be common knowledge by this point but most are newfags even on plebbit

>> No.26525923

We need to up the racism around here so reddit fags fuck off

>> No.26526022

In the grand scheme of things it won’t be all bad if they figure out the truth about niggers and kikes

>> No.26526051

they are already here, and it's ogre

>> No.26526086

we're still accumulating, r-right?

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either you lurk biz and look for projects that sound interesting, then you do research (https://streamable.com/xomcmu))
or you listen to smart people, one I recommend is the ceo of an exchange called coin metro (the guy from the video above) if you listned to him you would have gotten into link at 0.2 qnt at 0.5 and prq at 0.0085
>few understand

>> No.26526218

have to agree with this. The memes and "culture" is also worth something.


Wage cuckin it

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WSB is the only subreddit that is at peace with /biz/. A bunch of newfags here seem to ignore that. The original WSB users are obvious cross-board users and old fags in here. So as long as nobody mentions 4chan on /r/WSB we shouldn't have much of an issue.
Apart from that, having a bit of new blood here from THERE specifically does not seem as bad as India getting internet.

>> No.26526382

Just wait until they discover chainlink...

>> No.26526402

It's far riskier and it's more natural too. Which is why we saw gme for what it was and didn't buy the top of a pump while dumbass newbies got tricked. They'll never learn, they aren't nearly as smart as experienced crypto traders.

>> No.26526488

og /biz/realis have weathered the influx of npc /pol/tards.
it will be fun to watch all of you reee at each other desu
>you're retarded, i'm right!!
>no you're retarded i'm right!!

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How is this different than what Jim Cramer does?

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Gamestop is a dead business and might totally liquidate remaining store fronts and assets within a couple years.
Blackberry could actually have a resurgence by licensing QNX to a big vendor and new handset sales bringing in moderate revenue.
AMD flat out has an expected 30% gain for FY21 by major analysts.
WSB is retarded and got lucky once.

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this, the feeling of cuming together and getting in early into a good project is one of the best feeling in the world

however this rarely happens because some people here buy shizo coins or rugpulls because they let their greed take over

>> No.26526716

Thanks anon makes sense. As of right now I am looking for some people to distil the noise on biz(found Bob Luckas before tough a little late). The signal to noise ratio seems really high but still seems better than so many other places. it's more gold and mud kinda setup

>> No.26526804

More people = more money = bigger pumps = more money

It's a neverending cycle anon. Now any based biztard with at least half a brain is pretty much guaranteed to make in the bullrun. We just need to shill the fuck out of every coin we have, that's all we have to do.

>> No.26526837

How can WSB be accused if market manipulation when it's just a group of individual retail investors? Groups of individuals acting in their own self interest is the exact opposite situation. Markets are SUPPOSED to reflect such things

>> No.26526999

I think there will obviously be a difference in culture and such, but the one thing both biz and wsb can agree on is that black people deserve equal standing in society and provide great value to our country.

>> No.26527057

The difference between an SNP and a gene is that genes alone are consistent between members of the same species and SNPs are not.

By definition an SNP refers to a single change in a nucleotide position in the genome and more specifically it usually refers to more common changes that can be associated with disease and phenotypes

Calling it a “mutation” would be the short version of what I am saying but it’s not exactly correct either

The correct way to have phrased it in that info graph would be “x% of people of y race have this variation”

I am not the person you responded to btw

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is this real?

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>> No.26527894

The PayPal of crypto

>> No.26528545

Because dwelling on the same 5 year old screencaps is how a board stagnates.

>> No.26528597

we on /fit/ have been doing that every day and its great

>> No.26529521

it's illegal because kikes lose money

>> No.26529616

wsb is based reddit tho

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Fuck Leddit lol

>> No.26529696

>acting like shiddit needs a reason

Have you seen the fucking Orwellian shithole that site has become in the past 5 years? There is a reason you deserve to be hated for being on that site. That place had a apprentice of Epstein as a mod for fuck sakes.

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File: 131 KB, 817x354, 489837E5-1F7B-4755-A28F-C94D23AFB733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a newer screencap. It's not as good, but it's something.

>> No.26529848

that's actually great when we can convince them to buy our crypto bags instead

>> No.26529866

reddit sirs now its your time to invest in rubic


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unofficial humor thread!

>> No.26529907

You wouldn't pump a dump.
It's a crime.

>> No.26529911


So who is gutsy anc shorting this shit now? Is it going to happen again tomorrow?

>> No.26529940
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Organized PnD

>> No.26529949


>> No.26529996

niggers are worthless scum

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>time to invest in rubic

>> No.26530514

This is so retarded. They aren't going to ban WSB, and even if they did, they would find some other place to congregate. WSB is so god damn far removed from traditional Reddit culture it may as well already be its own separate entity. It may as well be 4chan, except with effective moderation.

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>WSB is the only subreddit that is at peace with /biz/. A bunch of newfags here seem to ignore that. The original WSB users are obvious cross-board users and old fags in here. So as long as nobody mentions 4chan on /r/WSB we shouldn't have much of an issue.
>Apart from that, having a bit of new blood here from THERE specifically does not seem as bad as India getting internet.

>> No.26530811

my gore folder is ready

>> No.26530885
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remember this shitcoin?

>> No.26530889

>they arent going to ban WSB

>> No.26530996

If the feds want you they'll get you, doesn't matter how much you think it's bullshit.

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>> No.26531002

I'm honestly impressed that they are co-ordinated enough to do this, closest /biz ever came to this level of co-operation was LINK

>> No.26531016

Tbh I think WSB would appreciate the ban and having a new home. Guaranteed 90% of WSB fucking hates reddit.

>> No.26531066

hm, i get that, but stick to my example anon

>> No.26531081

Jewish institutions do the same thing with impunity

>> No.26531233

It's called a loose definition. You'll likely not have an issue but if you're high profile enough it's loose enough of a legality to end you.

>> No.26531320

dude if you think two hedgefunds are going to hand over billions of dollars to middle class investors and go bankrupt you're wrong. laws mean nothing to these people, they'll find a crime and find a way to prevent these things in the future.

>> No.26531543

wtf I hate kikes now

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>> No.26531794


>> No.26531890

I disagree. There are major market players (who are conveniently quiet) making these big moves on the meme stocks. As >>26519892 so eloquently put it
>its a bunch of fucxkin zoomers that downloaded robinhood

likely these zoomers are rich-er than average (many of them have 5 or 6+ figures to gamble) but combined, these retards dont have enough to combine and act like real market movers.

Someone pointed out the other day that it is likely one or more of them caught onto some (insider) info that the shorts were about to get fucked and shilled it hard for months until it just so happened to pay off. Its all confirmation bias, and if the idiots who are up over $10K dont cash out now, they are even more retarded and are making the bubble more of a bubble.