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>tfw crypto millionaire
>Would have traded it all just to be good looking

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If real, dude you're doing better than nearly every person you've ever met.

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>tfw when good looking poorfag

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tfw good face and muscles but manlet

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Why? Now you can afford a life without ever having to interact with normans again

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Good looking people fall apart as they age. Not physically but mentally, because of the strain of keeping up with their appearance, because that's all they ever had in life.

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>tfw crypto millionaire
>would have traded it all just to be crypto billionaire

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well now you can afford to make yourself look more attractive if youre not larping

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crypto ponzi scheme falls appart too

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Fix your teeth if they're fucked up
Find a hairstylist and tell her you're ready for a change
Dress well, but not flashy.
Eliminate nervous tics
Learn about what proper posture is and correct yours if need be
If you're overweight or anorexic skinny, address it.
Even if not above, go to the gym. Mental benefits are worth it alone.
Find a passion that engages you and learn all you can about it. Bonus points if it's not cringe worthy like the history of anime.

There you go. Be happy. Dumb, good looking people can't "work on" being stupid, but intelligent less attractive people can easily work on being more attractive. Also realize guys are shallow and place far more importance on looks than women do, its a biological wiring thing. Work on yourself with above until you're confident and comfortable with yourself and the good things associated will come.

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One of the truest posts I've read here.

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>tfw crypto millionaire
>tfw nothing I want to purchase with my gains and the only thing I would trade it for is a sense of purpose

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Would trade my net work to fix my autism unironically

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>tfw when tall and good looking but depressed and poor

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That's the way I cope. I'm certainly the most good looking person biz ever witnessed, or close to. Not being a prick or condescendant towards my biz bros, but it's probably true.
And I made 100k in crypto at 21 that I lost and only have 20k now at 24, filled with regrets and missed opportunities.
Had I put my 100k in LINK instead of JNT I'be a multi millionaire with everything a man can dream of.

No, I fucked up and I feel pain as a result. But Would a LINK millionaire trade his stack for look like me? Again, as sad as it may sound, some probably would just because being a french 6'3 6packed with good health, hairline, blue eyes and the likes probably have no price, though it's easy to forget when you live inside this body.

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thanks for this post
couldn't care less about looking good, but your speech is solid motivation beyond that

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Lol. All these incel posts are just psyops. There’s no one really here like that.

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Reading my post I really sound like a pompous man.
But I think it's true in part, and being objective I'l probably make it sooner or later.

Take care of your health and go to the gym anons. If we were to put a price tag to have yourself vs yourself with 3+ years of hitting the gym, learning to stand, talk, smile, act, with the side benefits of living a healthy life with good sleep and diet, it would probably be a lot of LINK.

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>tfw good looking but not a millionaire
we all have problems

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Congrats OP, you discovered that caste transcends material wealth; enjoy your Vaisya life.

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>tfw neither

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And no I don't feel bad for you; just like I don't feel bad for manlets. You arent entitled to beauty; this isn't to say you aren't a wholesome chunguse and deserve a fulfilling life, but stop obsessing over things that you are not entitled to. I wish you the best.

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Just start socializing more. After enough time you get good, like anything.

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I have the opposite problem, sorry no trades

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Just. Lift. Bro.

Unless you’re like 5’2”, then you’ll need to rely on having a huge cock. If you don’t have a huge cock, then you might as well KYS

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>he doesn't know about surgeries kek
no but really you got money , looks isnt everything just go out there and enjoy life you retard

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Everyone has their demons. (You). Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. Barack Obama.

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I'm good looking but autistic and it doesn't help too much

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>tfw when bald and 36

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There is literally nothing better than being good looking though, it opens doors in every possible direction

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There is a reason so many wealthy celebs end up on the news with recurrent drug/alcohol/legal problems - and these people supposedly have it all. But they operate almost entirely on ego. The flashy things.
Money is merely the lubricant that allows for a dynamic life. Realize that most people are stuck and live an eternal hell, working a job they hate because it provides economical stability. Can't move, because of the money. Year after year. For life. You're free from such things! Move, if you want to. Change jobs, if you want to. Be a ski bum in a resort town, if you want to. Just the dividends from 1 mil is enough to free yourself from the cage. Compared to the average person, you can move mountains. But it's not because "the money", it's because money no longer has to be your master. Treasure the fact that you have doors that are open to you that most can't even consider. But "the money" won't walk your happy ass through them for you. Its an opportunity, not a solution. You still have to live life.
Making it isn't never having to work again. It's having the freedom to choose what you want to do, regardless of the money it makes. If that's taking kids fly fishing for 5$ a head and losing money, so be it. The human psyche doesnt do well with inactivity, idle hands and all that. Go forth and live life, get into a job or career you have an interest in. Get yourself out there.

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Post face and body ;-)

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post face

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>mfw all this plus autistic

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want to hire me as your personal life coach ? what state you in ?

lets make it happen man I'm highly motivated.

see, when people make these kinds of posts, I offer real solutions, and I rarely ever get replies.

indicates to me that most people just don't know what they want, that simple.

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Good looking people don't post on shit forums, don't waste their time with political discussions, don't get in the ring trying to prove something (only ugly people fight lol) and get all the love and sex they want just by stepping outside.
All good things just come their way like an Amazon delivery.
It's cope when uggos say beauty doesn't matter, rich fags only get women just for what they have.
There is no immediate physical attraction, that raw animalistic lust is totally absent and they can't get any panties wet. It's pathetic really but more sad that it all depends on some genetic lottery and you're just stuck a whole life dealing with tge results

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>>tfw crypto millionaire

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>tfw millionaire and good looking

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or that they're most likely larping lol

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I've been both and GL/young is worth unlimited money

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>tfw poor, good looking and autistic

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This is a bullshit lie im a 10/10 beautiful handsome biological male and I need to make it or rope

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Consider therapy too! It has helped out a ton of people, and can help you solve the problems you can't talk about here(either cause you don't want to or we wouldn't understand)

Good shit on getting rich off crypto, even if you think it wasn't that much effort or praise-worthy.

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>tfw good looking crypto millionaire
>would have traded it all to have my foreskin

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Is photography a cringe hobby?
t. photography fag

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As a man you only need to tick some boxes and money & time will allow you to do so

> fix teeth
> proper haircut & hair transplant if bald or professional fitted wigs
> decent beard style and if not beard try minox+dermarolling for 1 year
> workout, some muscle nothing crazy
> posture correction - do everyday
> if too short use height increasing shoes (5cms no more)
> may also consider surgery if you have a shit jaw / nose

with all this you will easily be a 7/10 coupled with money & attitude you can unironically fuck any girl you want, anytime

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Tfw average height, 6.5/10 face slight dad bod and in mid thirties, married but misses casual sex and will never go back to being 21, in shape and bagging pussy whenever

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Sad dude...I have an autistic nephew and he can’t even talk, and freaks out if there is a slight deviation in any schedule made for him, he’ll never be able to live on his own...you may be autistic, but at least you can function. Run with that, it could be much worse

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>guys place far more importance on looks than women do
>guys are shallow
women are definitely more shallow in general

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Yep. Rich people spend a lot of money on shit that enhances look. There's a lot you can do to look better when you have money. Though you're probably not gonna be happy after if you've been a depressed sack for years. In the end money doesn't cure depressions unless your only problem was poverty.

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Women are wired to be shallow because I hunter gatherer societies, they’d never survive by themselves while being pregnant. A man has to fill her needs of protection and resource gathering or she’s fucking dead meat. So yeah they’re shallow because of a man doesn’t fill that role she instinctively has to move on

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>tfw would look good but cant be bothered to put the effort in
>tfw sexually deranged with multiple conflicting fetishes and desires
>tfw my criteria is already too high from sexuality
>tfw will never have someone
>tfw everytime I touch a crypto it dumps
>tfw everytime I pass over a crypto it pumps
>tfw will never make it so I cant even try to brute-force my sexual deviancy with money
>tfw it's probably for the better

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>tfw 27, net worth is only 150,000$
>handsome, tall, white, blue eyes
>135 IQ
>hot short stack librarian gf with big bobas
Should I just end it guys? My life is pretty much over.

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By the time I got rich I lost a lot of my hair

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It's over

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>cant buy being a cute boy with any amount of money
i just want to be held, bros

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Good buy a gun and kys

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coomers lose again

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same here, I would live a much better life

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This is also the issue I have run into.

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so what? They enjoyed their youth (10-35).
I didn't.

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poste ta face fdp

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>what is plastic surgery
get yourself onlyfans or get a sugar mommy

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>What's plastic surgery

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a meme

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good looking is a meme.
if you guys equate good looking with androgynous model face you are in a surprise how this is at best favorable for obnoxious teen girls. otherwise in your daily life, men and women will be distant and cautious to you

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>if you guys equate good looking with androgynous model
no one ITT said that

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Implying getting attention from the best pucci is a bad thing

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enlighten me
whats good looking then? height, frame, hair style, jewelry, clothing ?
if its height or frame its more about hitting the genetic lottery instead of looking good

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at least 5'11, normal body for a guy, symmetrical face, good looking eyes, good skin and teeth.
I have none of that and yes retard being good-looking is mostly depending on genetics, no one is arguing about that

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Plus, plastic surgery if you're a millionaire and it's really bothering you. Hair transplant etc.

But gym is critical.

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>tfw crypto millionaire AND goodlooking
I know about the goodlooking because I don't tell girls about the money and still get plenty

if only I could be free of the crippling depression

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Swag and Style mon frere, if Ron Jeremy can get pussy then so can you!

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Same anon, at least we can change our situation. Can’t fix jawline, 6’+, and blue eyes

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I'm 8/10 and women find me funny but I CANNOT SPEAK TO THEM FOR SHIT because I'm too autistic. Would trade my 600k in crypto, mid tier looks and 3 inches of height for the ability to converse with strangers.

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mfw tall but 4/10 with small noodle

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Try generating your own endorphins.

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racket for the jews

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> swag and style
(Changed networks so different ID)
The hottest party thots in highschool complemented my outfits. I tried extra hard, while the other guys did not need to dress well in order to get puss
6ft, wide frame, manly skull, buzz cut, green eyes, rich for my age, big hands and 7inch cock too
Nowadays I dress like a slob in order to not stir up attention (my looks align with my tism) Some drunken Thot once freaked out seeing my looks and then reacting to my autismo persona, she got mad and couldn’t understand the world anymore, almost ended up getting beat up by some guys she called or what ever

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>good sense of humor
>decent LINK stack
>happy with life
Just need to get in a little better shape and I will be god-tier. I enjoy food a little too much.

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okay lemme try
>coffee stained teeth with chipped front tooth, but is charming
>haven't cut my hair in 2 years
>shave every 2 days
>the body of griffith before he got imprisoned
>working on unjusting my posture
>tfw 5'12
>good jaw


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If you have money you can become good looking without surgery, but it will require a lot of research and effort. Look into craniofacial development. I'd start with Mike Mew. Basically, ugliness is a result of poor facial development (receded chin, tired eyes, crooked teeth/narrow smile). This can be caused by a number of factors, mostly bad habits that are adopted as a child. Not too long ago these changes would've been permanent. But with somewhat recent advancements in orthodontics, it is now possible to artificially develop bone structure in adults. I would look into it. It's really a rabbit hole of information, but if you are able to piece it all together, you'll find that looks aren't 'as genetic' as most people think. Once you start to pick things up, I'd look into jackhacks.com. It's a guy's blog, and he is very knowledgeable, having a few of these procedures done to himself.

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>tfw bald but would be good looking with hair

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>8 figures
>decent face
>she gets heavier every year
>no sex anymore
what does it feel like? I don't even remember

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like salty coins

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The worst part of making it is finding out that you liked your work and can't decide if it's a Stockholm syndrome or real.

>> No.26530388

Why did you get married with 8 figures?
How do you plan on having children without sex?

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im pretty functional even tho im most likely autistic but to be honest anon, i find that talking to people aint really that hard

also 7/10

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idfk, we used to have sex, and then the ring went on and it all just...stopped

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> good looking
> 400k
> loving gf
> high prestige job, mommy is proud

I only wish I was a billionaire

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