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still not selling
go ahead keep dumping your bags
I'll buy them and sell them back to you at $5

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I am waiting the price to drop to 5c again, so that I can accumulate more.
It's kind of silly, but psychologically it's hard to buy at 8c when you bought your initial stack at 1.5c

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I shaved my rubics off
feel good anon you should too

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based. rubichads get in here

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based and rubicpilled
I will keep on buying every dip until I have my 100k make it stack

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Cut your losses anon

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This is you anon https://streamable.com/4cn9lv

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Oh prahmesh

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>Cut your losses anon
and miss out on cross chain swaps?
you have paper hands anon

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weak hands always sell the bottom

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How much do people get paid to shill this shit? Tons of threads daily, jannys need to do their fucking job

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I keep telling people but they just don't learn
newfags each day newfags who buy

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More like how much do people get paid to FUD it.

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