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i cant wait for the doompa and then they all suicide

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biz in the corner seething

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I hate this fucking board. I can't believe I'm missing out

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If you went on SMG they literally said about this. But you only care about shitcoins.

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but sir you have rubilk, we do many moon soon more than dis

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look at rubic now fucko

x1.6 - lel, try x20

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>buying fucking pubic while GME had been obvious since 20 fucking 19

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stuf nigger

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ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha JOOOOOT

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but ye rite niguh

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Gamestop is up from ~4usd

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Ive been shilling GME for fucking WEEKS. you're loss, faggot

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but my futurinos noooooooo

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/smg/ found it first, literally why are redditors on this board trying to push the meme that reddit is ever early on anything.

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Why the hell is gamestop recovering? Aren't they obsolete with new gen consoles pushing digital only sales?

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It's at an all time high lol

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But why? There were almost bankrupt during coronavirus.

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Someone might go in depth but it's a short squeeze pump n dump using a new investor who made some amazing dog food website as cover

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So it's a massive scale pump and dump organized by reddit? That's actually pretty impressive. But they'll get fucked. Citron can just borrow enough money to hold the short open for longer than they can stay cohesive. And once the price starts dropping they'll just all back out because they'll be afraid to lose money.

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To fuck over the hedge funds who betted against gamers

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I prefer gambling.

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Gamestop dying would be beneficial to gamers though. They're cancer.

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>>>LOCK (Meridian)

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Damn I sold on Friday. /biz/ said nothing about a double squeeze

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Jim Cramer seems super stressed out over it.

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Yeah but they are OUR cancer. You wouldn't understand since you aren't a gamer, but only we can shit on things are are in our realm, once someone else does its fucking war.

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>tfw the coomercat will never be noticed by mainstream media
>only plebbits shit-tier memes

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there is no dump. GME isn't rising on a pump and dump, it's rising on a short squeeze and a gamma squeeze. hedge funds who shorted GME are the unironic version of "price hits x and the shotgun goes off" meme on a massive scale right now.

first there is the market makers, who sell call options. every single call option on GME expired in the money last week, which meant market makers had to buy a huge amount of shares to cover the calls they sold. they issued new options today and when gamestop crossed 115 every new option was already in the money because 115 was the highest strike based on 2x last closing. but that's just a small part of the squeeze.

the big squeeze is the hedge funds that are short game stop. right now they're literally being held hostage by gamestop shareholders. some of them have probably already been effectively blown up. melvin capital has a big short position and only has $7 billion assets under management.

there's not going to be anything like a "GME bagholder" right now current holders have the hedge funds, their parent companies, and then eventually the investment banks which act as prime brokers for those companies under hostage. they decide the price they have to pay to get out from the squeeze.

theoretically gamestop could reach a $1 trillion market cap end of week if shareholders refuse to sell. small funds which had a short position like melvin are probably already effectively blown up if they didn't close out their short position, their liability will pass on to their parent company. if the parent company blows up now their bank has a problem. if GME holders refuse to sell, the bank could theoretically get liquidated as well. i don't even know what happens after that. it's an unprecedented event.

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gaymers rise up

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Can't they just shut it down because it's so absurd?

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? isn't this a good thing?
why would you want 4chan to be noticed by anyone in mainstream media?

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Bow to your new king.

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I'm willing to put $600 in since I'm getting that back from the gov. Do you thnk this is bad choice?
where can I put limit order? should I put sell order too?
please help a retard out thank you

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Why all this stock stuff have different terminology then crypto? I read explanation of what is going on and it's moon language

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put it into a paragraph or less or a wojak meme or fuck off. not your personal blog fag.

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>Be hedgefund manager
>Call buddy from the synagogue
>Ask him to write you sixty gorillion short contracts for GME
>"lol that's more shorts than they have shares"
>"lol do it anyways"
>Stock is now 2x shorted and you can use this to pad your balance sheet with financial wizardry as long as it doesn't go up
>It goes up
This is technically extremely illegal but the SEC would never investigate a fellow kike

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the reason this is not a pump and dump is because of the short interest. the short sellers HAVE to buy. they already made that obligation. they agreed to take on the risk of becoming a bagholder if the price rose. it did, it rose insanely high, and now they're fucked and gme shareholders know it and are refusing to sell to them.

it could eventually reach that point but the only real "shut it down" follows the chain of hedge fund gets liquidated -> parent company also gets liquidated -> investment bank acting as a prime broker with a 1 trillion market cap also gets liquidated -> government bails out the bank because of the too big to fail meme

meme traders found a way to use the jew's ultimate weapon, the contract, against them. what other mechanism of "shut it down" is there? congress would have to pass legislation saying short sellers don't have to honor their contracts which would crash the entire global economy. over a fucking video game store lmao. this is the unironic end result of gamergate.

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Copy that

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Holy shit

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rofl, so many fake “experts” who go for these shit pools

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What sort of national financial implications are involved if this thing keeps mooning? Could this cause some sort of consequences a la 2008 banking collapse?

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>I will do what I call a "Pro Gamer Move"

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I will kill all your family and gf if you still try to tell about this fucking shit coin

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>i don't even know what happens after that. it's an unprecedented event.



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>Economic ruin
>Because of gamestop

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Bank of America is allegedly short

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just buy shares, it's riskless

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gamers rose up

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But how do you fags know when the shorts have been squeezed out?

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Go back

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>congress would have to pass legislation
Heh, about congress....

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>Congress burned down by GME coomers

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>Could this cause some sort of consequences a la 2008 banking collapse?
theoretically yes. it reaches that point when the banks acting as the prime brokers for the hedge funds with short positions literally cannot cover the position.

because of the 2008 crash counterparty risk is usually spread out across multiple banks all acting as prime brokers for the same fund. but even then they can still fail. its theoretically possible for the GME squeeze to liquidate every single bank who took on risk for these hedge funds.

it is unlikely to reach that point because eventually the temptation to take profits and sell will be very strong, but it is theoretically possible.

it's like the most extreme, retarded, and awesome example of the prisoner's dilemma. imagine someone, we'll call them Mr. X, and 3 other people kidnap a billionaire. each take turns guarding him. Mr. X is the first to guard him, and the billionaire offers him $10k to let him go. he says no. then the next guard, the billionaire offers him $100k to go. that guy says no. and it keeps going on like that, each time the offer gets higher.

now, under a game theory optimal strategy, the ideal strategy for the hostage takers is to cooperate and refuse to let the billionaire go until he eventually offers everything he can. but the temptation for each guard who receives a new offer rises higher and higher, so the probability they let him go also rises.

however, introduce new wrinkles. say the billionaire also has a trillionaire father. the hostage takers know that after so many offers from the billionaire, the father will start offering $10 billion, $50 billion, $100 billion to each guard to let his son go.

then suppose the trillionaire is extremely important to his country's government. at this point, who the fuck knows where it could even go.

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inb4 other bank buys a ton of shares and sells them to the hedge funds for cheap

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thats the squeeze though, if nobody sells, they can't buy them from anyone.

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Are you guys buying options or what? I'm currently opening an account on Interactive Brokers so I could buy some option calls. Will throw in $1000 of play money. Wish I could just use Robinhood, but I'm in Europe.

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zey vill sell

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Thank you for the detailed response, anon. You are a real one, and we appreciate you.

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Are you telling me institutional money is straight going to hold all the way to $0? I know they're not perfect but there's no way they're this fucking reckless right?

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probably. there's one retard on reddit who bought $50k of gamestop at the absolute low on a mix of stocks and options and at one point his position was worth over $20 million today. it is likely for people like that that they will sell. but theoretically they might not. it's extremely rare to turn $50k into $20 million on one gamble. it's also extremely rare to have enormous investment banks, market makers, hedge funds, and potentially the US government in a position where you're now calling the shot and can decide how much they bleed.

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Reddit is actually fucking based for once while we have to deal with streetshitters shilling RBC all fucking day. FUCK jannies and FUCK mods.

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>I sold at $20

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they already were that reckless, anon. they can only buy if people sell. the short interest is something like 140% of the total available shares of gamestop because the short sellers did insanely reckless shit like naked short selling. if people holding gamestop don't sell their only option is to be liquidated.

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That guy wasn’t a retard, he did some massive DD then put it all on the line. Some luck, adamantium hands, but he didn’t just ape 50k on deep OTM GME calls for the lulz.

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Fuck off fag. Even if true the users of 4chan(nel) can't produce even a fraction of the cash plebbiters do. Not that anyone on here could intelligently explain why GME was such a solid option. We all got rich because of wallstreetbets, not /biz/.
I'll sell once it hits 100 and I assume most others will too. I don't care I got in at 12. Let the bagholders fight the moral battle I just wanted to get rich quick and a nearly 900% return will help me sleep better at night than participating in some larp battle against hedge funds who won't even remember GME exists in 2 years.

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RBC is a slavnigger coin and the shillers are slavniggers

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wsb isn't the usual reddit crowd other than the fact that they're still circle jerking faggots

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What's the fucking difference? Flags get rid of both

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I assume most people are going to take the same position as you, but they might not. that's why this is all theoretical. its worth noting that Michael Burry owns like 5% of the current stock in gamestop, and Burry was also the first to take the right side of the bet during the housing crash bubble. so this would be the second time in his life that he has the banks bent over the table. since he already profited an insane amount the last time, he could just decide he's going to drive the cock all the way up their ass this time. if enough people join him, who knows how this could end up. it's far from outside the realm of possibility that gamestop ends up being the most valuable company on the planet by end of week by market cap.

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>participating in some larp battle against hedge funds who won't even remember GME exists in 2 years
worth noting some of these funds wont even exist in 2 weeks when they get margin called and can't post collateral and they get liquidated

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So buy market open, put in immediate limit sell at 2x, profit?

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>The Great Depression 2 is caused by a fucking retail video game store being bought up by autists and retards
absolute clown world

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Impossible to have another Great Depression with the money printer going brrrrrr.

>> No.26508209

but money printer will go broke!

>> No.26508322

Gamergate gets revenge and BTFOs financial market causing 2008 2.0
Plebbit may be temporary redeemed

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Nigga GME has been an /smg/ meme since fucking September when it was $6.50. I've never made so much fucking money. And all off MOTHERFUCKING GAMESTOP.

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Won't work. Redditors will dump post onions feeding.

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>which meant market makers had to buy a huge amount of shares to cover the calls they sold
wait... they can sell options without actually owning the stock? i thought you had to own a share to sell an option on it

>> No.26508501

you can sell naked calls
it is not as retarded as naked short selling but if the stock goes up a lot it still ends up being pretty fucking retarded

>> No.26508514

so whats gamestop gonna do with all the money?
floors of gold? caviar during purchases?
whats the fucking point? they're a retail company.

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What if this unironically leads to mass adoption on bitcoin?

>> No.26508578

depression can be inflationary

>> No.26508603

now THIS is pod racing

>> No.26508612

the trading is going to be stopped
GME is going to get delisted
and this is going to be settled in court over 20 years
this is not crypto, this is not a smart contract, (((these people))) will not let a bunch of reddit autists get away with what they are doing, they have ways to do so OUT of the system they created

>> No.26508630

in 2021 you now live in the united republic of gamestop after your government had to bail out the investment banks and deposit the treasury into the bank accounts of gamestop shareholders

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You niggas are missing an opportunity , big shareholders have a say in the companies thet share own, you should all make it so gamestop takes crypto as payment options to push for crypto adoption a d 10x your gains trough shit coin pump

>> No.26508674

M2V is dropping
nobody is borrowing

>> No.26508683

also michael burry is the de facto ruler of earth and gives every gamestop powerup rewards member a state issued gf

>> No.26508693

so they are effectively printing money out of thin air, how did the system get this fucking stupid...

>> No.26508786

People knew this was going to happen almost a year ago when the big short guy talked about it of course I didn't do anything about it because it didn't make any sense

>> No.26508793

they aren't printing money, they're signing contracts with theoretically infinite downside.

>> No.26508795

they're absolutely the usual reddit crowd. you can taste it in the way they speak, their desire to be seen as edgy yet always carefully avoiding saying anything actually controversial by center-left-mainstream standards

>> No.26508861

when burry shorted the housing market nobody else did it at the time because it didn't make sense either.

that's what being a hyper-autistic hyper-genius is like. nobody ever understands what you're doing because it's so brilliant it appears to be completely retarded.

>> No.26508900

buy again

>> No.26508998

the height of retarded comments. I think I will print this one out and frame it.

>> No.26509083

> uniswap shitcoin moon sers tier returns except there's a flock of jews losing their asses


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I'm honored, although I don't think anybody in this thread understands what the Great Depression actually was and why it was so historically significant and why such a scenario couldn't possibly happen today. The closest you can get on pure fiat money printing is the 2008 GFC and stagnancy in the broader economy, the best/worst you can get is zimbabwe style hyper-inflation.

>> No.26509211

Lol inflation when the average Joe is so fucking broke? Why do you think they’re even doing stimulus checks? It’s to avoid DEFLATION because everyone is hurting. Inflation is nothing compared to the loss of value of the $ if people stopped spending in a consumer service economy.

>> No.26509306

Yeah, I'm thinking Reddit is based.

>> No.26509327

You can have an inflationary depression is all I was saying. Dont know where this autistic rant came from.

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>the users of 4chan(nel) can't produce even a fraction of the cash plebbiters do
you have to ask permission to make it rich in the stock market
they'll halt trading again for GME today

>> No.26509417

Inflation is already showing up on products with unexpectedly limited supply. GPUs, game consoles, and ammo are all basically unavailable at MSRP and the best you can do is pay a scalper way more than normal to get one/some. Basically nobody is using their free govbux to buy food or clothing for they chillins.

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>their desire to be seen as edgy yet always carefully avoiding saying anything actually controversial by center-left-mainstream standards
reddit went down the tubes aftet MIT pedophiles murdered Aaron

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>You can have an inflationary depression
Isn't the closest we've ever seen to that the stagflation of the 70s? My understanding of inflation is that it's like a pressure vessel exploding. You just keep adding more and more fiat to the system until it crashes out of those bank accounts and into the market and suddenly all real property is seeing price increases of 100% or more every day, immediately spiraling out of control.

>> No.26509533

Trading gets halted automatically, retard.

>> No.26509795

Didn't used to be like that (for the most part), but it's impossible to avoid this phenomenon when they now have 2 million members.

Still better than /biz/ imo...

>> No.26509872

the jews are going to sue and are going to claim in court GME shareholders colluded or whatever
Do you think these people got that rich playing by the rules? This is not a smart contract, this is real life and people with power dont play by the rules. If you are still holding id take profits right now

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fuck you RBC is based you'll see!

>> No.26510399

it builds character having to endure it

>> No.26510595

Options are settled with cash. Its all arbitrary. Owning the underlying stock merely reduces your exposure, its not necessary.

>> No.26510710

I was gonna say this seems illegal, and I’m a dumbass when it comes to this stuff and I can see that

>> No.26510725

>this is the unironic end result of gamergate.

>> No.26510729

Melvin Capital (Gabriel Plotkin) has connections with the SEC, he's friends with numerous high ranking people within the SEC, and although this isn't immediately verifiable (I couldn't find proof of this, only know about it because of word of mouth from a friend working at a different firm, so essentially a rumour), there is this [1], where the guy wasn't indicted/charged or anything, despite profiting, whilst someone else got fucked.

So, there is a 100% chance this issue has escalated to the SEC, since Melvin Cap has shown losses (that are now probably way in excess) of 15%. What the SEC does, however, is not known, and they probably will just reiterate some rules unless the problem escalates and then they'll respond with a proportional measure, such as framing WSB for something, like collusion and trying to get it shut down.

[1] - https://www.investmentnews.com/senior-manager-at-sac-capital-indicted-for-fraud-50572

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How the fuck did you guys know? Whats the story here?
Short squeeze? How do you know how high a short squeeze will go?

>> No.26510892

Wow a stock that is up 30x from its low in april 2020 on a board we have multiple 100x ! This sure looks like a good deal OP

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And all the plebs will agree, simply out of envy

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unironically this.

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>(((these people))) will not let a bunch of reddit autists get away with what they are doing, they have ways to do so OUT of the system they created
they're already crying about robinhood and crypto
they absolutely hate it when normies have the means to enrich themselves

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File: 1.93 MB, 420x264, F0B0D6E9-0F37-4193-9F21-A6B17080C0ED.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they're signing contracts with theoretically infinite downside.

>> No.26511573

$102 and rising!!! fuck yeh

>> No.26511672

The main player in trying to keep this craze going is Citadel, because they profit a fuck ton from this volatility, probably the only reason why a lot of regulatory things haven't been expedited.

>> No.26511831

I just bought 5k worth of shares, I hope yall don't scam me, I just wanna make it

>> No.26511834

at the time, books were written only by people who could write, who were the intellectual elite

now, everyone can post shit on the internet, so doing your own research will NOT expose you to the intellectual elite only

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it sounds so pathetic
you practically have to ask them permission to get rich in traditional markets

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a lot of people today are surprisingly illiterate

>> No.26511977

Literally the only mention of gamma in this entire thread

Take that as a sign that this board is literally the dumbest investment forum you can find on the Internet.

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good luck bros
squeeze their shorts and make huge gains
this whole gamestop fiasco is a lot of fun to watch from the sidelines
going to stick to my crypto trading though
I can't stomach counter party risk in traditional markets after being in crypto

>> No.26512030

i am aping into GME solely to fuck the institutions
fuck the boomers

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>reddit squeezing GME causes a bank collapse

I would love it.

>> No.26512083

You can gamma my alpha balls

>> No.26512088

i sold 40k $link to put into this, you better not be fucking with me

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>twitter being btfo by nigs and jeets


>> No.26512219

This post is a good lowiq and newfag filter.

Biz is to crypto as wsb is to stonks. We don’t hate wsb or seethe at their success. We shape and craft our own destiny in our chosen market. Plenty of wealth has been accumulated here, the oldfags and the highIQs know. IYKYK

>> No.26512228

what a beta comment, you tell him anon

>> No.26512292

Do I sell? I have no idea lmao

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Who cares about a 5x on some shitty blockbuster meme stock, we’re investing in the future not the past

>> No.26512388


>> No.26512458

You are retarded if you've never heard the words OOOHHHHHH MYYYY FUUUCKING GAAWWWDD GME IM GONNA FUCKING

>> No.26512523


>> No.26512537

>before hours volume
And stock niggers try to tell me crypto is a scam. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSHAHAHA

>> No.26512670

Gamers rise up

>> No.26512717

I cant believe I sold all my GME before the pump. All it did was crab before!!!!!

WHY IS IT PUMPING NOW????AHHHHHHHHHHHH what is going on gamestop?

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>market gets fucked because of reddit
>reddit ruins everything
>democrats tell redditors this time they'll stop the banks
>redditors vote for democrats
>instead the democrats bail out the banks and ban retail from squeezing stocks

It would be peak clown.

>> No.26512882

Teel Deer,
GME is causing black Thursday 2 EB

>> No.26512887

gamers rise up!!!!!

>> No.26513048

Reddit wins again

>> No.26513175

>congress would have to pass legislation saying short sellers don't have to honor their contracts which would crash the entire global economy. over a fucking video game store lmao. this is the unironic end result of gamergate.
clownworld indeed

>> No.26513734

The story is wallstreetbets on reddit.

>> No.26513750

So what stops all the big digs who shorted the stock from just buying up the stock, holding till it settles down and then not lose their ass? They have the money to sit on the stocks, normies like us don't.
So what if the stock goes up a shit load, you just but double the amount of stocks you shorted, and you are playing both sides.
If it goes up, you win, if it goes down you win. If it goes down then you off load all your shares it goes even further down.
How the fuck can they lose?
Gamma squeeze my fucking ass. The stock shot up to 101 then it went back down to 80. That's not moon, that's getting control of the situation.

>> No.26513879

If they buy the stock the price goes even higher.

>> No.26513947

>Gamma squeeze my fucking ass. The stock shot up to 101 then it went back down to 80. That's not moon, that's getting control of the situation.
102% of outstanding stock being shorted is "in control" okay man.

>> No.26515006

nothing is happening, this will fall to $60 eod. cap this

>> No.26515090

Based and checked

>> No.26515596
File: 255 KB, 734x460, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.26516315
File: 34 KB, 682x586, GME $110.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26516396

this aged wonderfully

>> No.26516481

Based. fuck market manipulators borrowing more shares than exist. Never selling my GME.

>> No.26516516

what happened though? I thought gamestop was dying?

>> No.26516569

yet again, reddit btfo'd 4chins

>> No.26516573

This is why is didn't invest. I'm pissed off as fuck right now

>> No.26516677

SKT and AMC are next squeezes , NOK is a retard play but it could also pump

>> No.26516690

do you think the jews will let you win, cap this nigger. $60 eod, you will rope

>> No.26516708

To think I had deep OTM calls on this months ago, fuck.

>> No.26516747

Google short squeeze , look to VW for previous example

>> No.26516823

Biz was calling it since like 7$ gme so it wasn’t just Reddit. There’s currently more shorts than tradeable shares and no one is selling yet. This is one for the history books

>> No.26516843
File: 23 KB, 731x409, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no... oh nononnono NO NO NO AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.26516872
File: 434 KB, 387x368, 1608652120110.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Retail investors lad.
Not enough to move a market, but enough to make bullshit like this happen.
We saw this with hertz late last year, at a time they were already bankrupt. Same with the niggerbank.
>tfw sold 1.5k shares of gme at 4.89.

>> No.26516948

Yea , sec or someone will step in, this is going to be glitch levels of fuckery

>> No.26516973
File: 51 KB, 680x713, 1611246754539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26517008

So this is one of those brainlets you guys talk about

>> No.26517095

You guys did buy at the >90 dip this morning, right?

>> No.26517154

wrong. this is the line market maker jews will feed to retards at reddit and normies. this was some big hedge funds gutting another couple hedge funds, nothing else. retail just hopped on the biblical gravy train this time (mainly because it was fucking obvious this was going to happen)

>> No.26517240

Nah dude, we were reading and sharing Prather's DD before Q2 earnings in August motherfucker

>> No.26517291

What happens after that?

You don't fuck with the banks.

They will launch an investigation
They will find WSB committed fraud and track down every single person on their responsible for pumping the stock.
They will get 20 years + in prison
Then they will reset GME back to $4 and issue money back to the banks even if they have to print more

If no laws exist they will be passed in a week, they will make up laws, they will do anything to protect the banks

>> No.26517775

just collapsed now, wait for all the paperhands to sell. this will crash to $60 eod

>> No.26517904
File: 1011 KB, 916x898, turtle man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If no laws exist they will be passed in a week, they will make up laws, they will do anything to protect the banks
they always change the rules to suit themselves at the expense of the rest of the population
2008 was the biggest scam in human history

>> No.26518064

>dumped $200 into GameStop when it was $3~$4 each, figured it would rise during the pandemic last year
>it didn't
>take money out
>Reddit decides to meme it to $100+

I could have never worked again. Fuck Reddit. Fuck me. I will be lurking that shit site to make sure I never have to work again in my life.

>> No.26518102
File: 14 KB, 684x415, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no... oh no no no no no

>> No.26518150

small head small brain

>> No.26518155

Yes because everyone on Plebbit is within SEC jurisdiction.

Top kek. Also, all the information is publically available, so what's illegal about it?

>> No.26518202

people the size of him are the real environmental disaster

>> No.26518255


Was a 10 bagger if you bought in August when I shilled it

>> No.26518357

halted again at $117. more paperhanded bitches will sell. $60 eod, cap this

>> No.26518447

are you mostly in crypto or something? there are far more things going on besides simple price action. if it were to crash to as low as $60 EOD the only smart thing to do would be to all in. unironically. you clearly do not know anything about this play

>> No.26518452

>GME will go to $60, says increasingly nervous man for the fourth time today

>> No.26518547
File: 425 KB, 1125x1393, 1610983094850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2008 was the biggest scam in human history

>> No.26518584

How on earth could $7600 allow you to never work again?
If I make $7600 in a day with crypto, I don’t even notice.

>> No.26518621
File: 263 KB, 1024x888, 1610905386896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>small head small brain
>people the size of him are the real environmental disaster
will they ever "let" millenials and zoomers make money and advance their future prospects?
or are boomers still sitting on our necks preventing us from accumulating wealth

>> No.26518847
File: 62 KB, 570x537, 1611538668795.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another halt, more dumps incoming. you niggers are fucked.

>> No.26518888

must be north korea

>> No.26518981
File: 135 KB, 591x472, 1601086477206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why didnt you just cover at $20?

>> No.26519002

Those trends started when we let niggers in.

>> No.26519213

lmao, i was right. dumped to 88 and another halt

>> No.26519457
File: 349 KB, 281x281, 1607643150520.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>another halt
>another halt
>you have to ask permission to make it rich in the stock market
>they'll halt trading again for GME today
>Trading gets halted automatically, retard.
>halted again at $117

wow, with these number of halts, how can the platform be considered an "exchange" anymore?
it just looks like a boiler room money laundering operation between the exchange and hedge fund managers
this is what I mean when I say counter-party risk
>I can't stomach counter party risk in traditional markets after being in crypto
what's the point when these boomers can just kill your run by constantly shutting down trading

>> No.26519585

dude I bought at $8.37 and sold at $100
why are you mad?

>> No.26519714
File: 31 KB, 586x571, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26519743
File: 382 KB, 1079x1070, 1610043071530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trading resumed, it's going back up

>> No.26520061

Hahahahha based on what? Did the physical media of video games suddenly increase in value and demand 1000%? What is this absolute bullshit based on?

>> No.26520291

This dudes head is so small

>> No.26520319


>> No.26520542

>as the prime brokers for the hedge funds with short positions literally cannot cover the position
Is there really that much leveraged money in those shorts?

>> No.26520739

That’s why we buy AMC and SKT and let Reddit pump them

>> No.26520797

Yeah but 5x

>> No.26520854

wow, who told you about these alts? This is trash dude, don’t believe these assholes
if you wanna get pump use your IQ and follow yield farming
I took part in metalex and they made a new system, a guarantee of x3 apy

>> No.26520873
File: 109 KB, 1856x734, GME squeeze.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this has been explained to death in the last 48 hours

>> No.26520912

but you're right, FUCK RUBIC SPAMMERS

>> No.26520933

will go back down

>> No.26520983

good thing i only put in a tenner and this is my first day doing this - but i cant even seem to to withdraw a healthy 2 dollar profit... hmmm.

>> No.26521041


>> No.26521338

This is about stocks you fucking pajeet bot.

>> No.26521546

You can't buy a single max strike FD for less than 1800

>> No.26521580
File: 28 KB, 480x360, 1611212124342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26521802

Hold unironically

>> No.26522609

hold until cows come home

>> No.26523052

lol i was right

>> No.26523072


>> No.26523119

Sell you retarded. If you didn't have a stop limit sell at around 120 after the surge this morning you are beyond retarded.

>> No.26523167



>> No.26523572
File: 34 KB, 797x865, 1606875469932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

unironically, well done, i did not expect it to dump that hard. luckily, the game is not over, but for today i am impressed

>> No.26523916

Haha you sure showed him..

>> No.26524273

I'm holding this shit till kingdom come. We down to Friday levels now, but it'll come around.

>> No.26525069
File: 26 KB, 1265x172, 1589135007231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I winning Dad?

>> No.26525185

But what caused the price to rise initially? I mean if what those posts said is correct, this could theoretically happen to any company and has nothing to do with Gamestop but is instead just a market phenomena when certain specific factors occur?

>> No.26525356

That's what a short squeeze is. It's less about the economy and more about market mechanisms. I guess you could call it the metaeconomy of the stock market that's making this possible, since the shorting fucks with the supply and demand of shares. But I'm just along for the ride, I don't really know anything.

>> No.26525445
File: 7 KB, 250x239, 1610138269959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26525586

Already past 71 again lol

>> No.26525654

t. retard not lurking /smg/

>> No.26525701

Meanwhile you dumbfucks got rekt. Shut the fuck up and leave my board. It's over.

>> No.26525720

Why are people buying gamestop stonks? there service is horrible lol.

>> No.26525776

your best bet if you absolutely don't mind losing the $600? Buy the $150 call for jan 29

>> No.26525842

stocks were never a fair game. exclusively fake and gay, except cases like GME where shit is flying off the fan blades at 10am.

>> No.26525846

Because plebbitors are out en masse telling people to and retards are listening

>> No.26525852
File: 45 KB, 960x264, FYHfeta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> but muh gamma
> greeks

>> No.26525881
File: 47 KB, 425x456, 1598167942414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26525933

it will finish in the 60s or 70s today. all those who bought in early jan will want to cash out. these reddit niggers seriously thought it was going to hit high 3 figs. people are just way too greedy.

>> No.26525976
File: 22 KB, 480x360, kennethgriffincitadel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would also like to know. I don't think there are that many hedge funds short on fucking GME lol

>> No.26526099

They REALLY thought they were all in it together against the institutions and that everyone would buy and hold for a month for an ebin gamma ultra short squeeze. Fucking cringe. Its every man for himself and people are selling. Look at that textbook bubble pattern too. They make fun of us for trading cryptos but experienced crypto traders know how this shit goes down.

>> No.26526299

kek im fucking dying at these retards. they actually bought at 130s

>> No.26526604

yep. if a major institutional investor gets liquidated the stock will get instantly delisted. these institutional guys do NOT fuck around, I don't think people understand how much money is at stake for some the big boys

>> No.26526620
File: 187 KB, 750x853, DD63ADEA-1670-4294-B997-21DE218293BF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he actually bought GameStop stock

>> No.26526685

>theoretically gamestop could reach a $1 trillion market
What the fuck are you saying, 1 trillion yeah yeah

>> No.26526885
File: 135 KB, 794x794, 1562956408370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>theoretically gamestop could reach a $1 trillion market cap end of week

>> No.26527089
File: 99 KB, 992x993, 61p+MUiuhJL._AC_SL1000_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Brainlet here. What can I do to make this worse?

>> No.26527109

> it's extremely rare to turn $50k into $20 million on one gamble
publishing houses should be securing this motherfucker's book rights RIGHT NOW

>> No.26527161

Okay I’ve opened up robinhood and loaded up $6k, what’s the next play?

>> No.26527232
File: 787 KB, 1637x682, 2b0127e0bdffb41c9788c39da657bc3de823f4d4fa3feee986b14d306028ded2[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26527254
File: 77 KB, 680x486, 682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

financial ruin

>> No.26527269

you're now locked in this board for life

>> No.26527602
File: 3.58 MB, 3609x1738, 1595542471357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26527623

where can i see what the current % short is?

>> No.26527880

I mean investing in stocks for the first time.
I’ve been a cryptofag since ASSBLASTERs larp days.
What’s the next stock option play?

>> No.26527914

Should I have sold BB at $26 (CAD)?

>> No.26528138

it's gonna get back up there, whole market tanked today

>> No.26528148

BB is a longer game. It will be up more by Friday.
GME different story. Not selling at 145 will haunt these people.

>> No.26528221

>asking to be spoonfed

>> No.26528477

Started buying puts on this at 80$. This shit will crash. matter of time.

>> No.26528483

options are too expensive at this point you fucking morons

>> No.26528553

I hope you had the money to buy puts closer to the money, or else you should be reading up on options delta

>> No.26528582

Thanks for explaining to a noob. I'm still learning the finer points of this Jewish sorcery.