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hope so Bobo.

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You're a year early. Go back to sleep bobo. Your time comes later.

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that's what Suter been telling me for a while, and now it has started to show some kind of life. alts, in a bull season..

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These bear threads are so stupid. Some twat sitting saying the price of xyz will go down, as though we don't know that things go up or down. They never get their predictions right, just endlessly trot out the same old boring shit. I wonder how a professional psychoanalysis of these dullards would read?
I have a feeling Link will break the ATH again today, btw. Nearly did it late last night UK time

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I've been blueballed for so long. JUST GO BACK TO 20K ALREADY.

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retard. when the bears come out to play, you will wish you listened to bobo

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>condemn bobo prediction posting
>"i have a feeling that link will.."


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A classic eternal mumu.

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what do you expect from room temperature iq brits

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I hope you don't mind a slow bleed

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This run was/is just starting. You know that right? I am sure you do.

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You sure about that bobo?

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bobo please deal with GAMESTOP GME
you feel asleep at the fucking wheel again asshole

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Hope you bought at ATH.

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