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For me, it's Dr. Pepper. The King of all drinks, Dr. Pepper, has been around since 1885 (In contrast to Coca-Cola first appearing in 1886). Better than Pepsi, Coke, and RC Cola combined, Dr. Pepper owns my taste buds for life. In a recent study, scientists tell us that Dr. Pepper is scientifically proven to be 1,000,000,000 times better than any other soft drink. The secret 23 flavors in Dr. Pepper are what keep people coming back for more. It goes great with any meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack. I like it, personally, because it is much more syrup-y than those other drinks. Pepsi is too bland, and Mountain Dew is too citric acid-y. If it was healthy to bathe in Dr. Pepper, I totally would. I would like to thank pharmacist Charles Alderton for inventing it, and my Mom for letting me drink it.

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the choice drink of intellectuals

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Your mom may as well put a gun to your head. Enjoy your fructose related cancers.

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Based, drank 2 Dr. Peppers today. I also claim Burger King as the patrician’s choice for fast food despite the popular ridicule of >The King by the McD propaganda networks

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There is no "." in Dr Pepper you fucking false flag NIGGER. Real Dr Pepper aficionados don't need to flaunt their superiority.

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King of all drinks you say?

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Dr Pepper is the Chainlink of sodas.

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For me, its 1990

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fuck off satan

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pic related

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Drinking Dr. P right now, I feel like it helps me concentrate while working from home every day, forever.

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dr pepper tastes like the soda gun broke & is shooting all flavors at once
real kings prefer moxie

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