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will barons make it

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If so, I'll be naming my first born son Danny Fantom

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I'm only Bishop. Will I make it?

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>tfw barely a knight
I hope we all make it

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Clergy and above will make it unless its your only bag. Buy more or stay poor

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agreed. hope they have some good other bags, ftm is my 2nd largest bag after link and it just flipped rsr onto 3rd place

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realistic price targets? also why are we mooning?

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knight reporting in

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It'll get into the top 50 coins

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Almost in top 100

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>Bought 300,000 of this years ago
>Forgot about it
>See shitposting about it on /biz/
>Now have 20,000 bucks sitting around
Oh that's nice. Now to forget about it for another year.

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stake it before you forget about it. You'll be earning 100 ftm per day

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You will be a kang by this bull run end

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Nice. I basically did the same thing, but only bought 120k. Feels comfy af

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man id suck a dick for 50,000 ftm rn

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I have 800k and i'd suck dick for an extra 50k. And I don't particularly enjoy sucking dick.

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