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Buy RUBIC and get rich like me

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This is getting sad. I've never been so happy I sold a coin in my life

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bought at .17 sold at .08

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yeah selling your winning lottery ticket early and not being a millionaire must be really sad

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must be a newfag, it's okay bro. We've all made mistakes.

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You're such a good hearted person telling everyone how to become a multimillionaire like you. I know you are totally altruistic and would never attempt any kind of a pump and dump scam. Pakis are such kind people.

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I’m back, fellow investors
Hope you’ve enjoyed the /biz forum today

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And what is 3MM Pakis bucks worth, like 2000 usd?

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Come back OP. Share more wisdom

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>market cap of $10 million
if you are genuine multimillionaire you would control at least 20% of market and could never sell without crashing it.

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buy RUBIC or stay poor

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Retard who said he had a multimillion rubic portfolio? It will surely be worth that much in due time. I know some OG link marines are hodling this shit.

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WAGMI boyos

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Indeed. This is pathetic it's a dead coin

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I've already made it. Rubic is worse than trash

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>muh low mcap = dead coin

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holyshit this thread is filled with pnd scammers from the same group
just let the scam die

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okz idiot, keep holding your trash shit tokens
I don’t go for these shittokens, I have XSN on my portfolio
If this tards believe in that trash this is their problem.
Layer2 DEX is gem.

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>I've already made it.
>being this invested in a thread that doesn't concern you

It's not too late to put aside your ego and jump on the Rubic train

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never change /biz/

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Don't want anyone to interfere when you steal from people? Why aren't you welcoming me with open arms. Fuck off Pajeet.

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Show bobs OP

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cope seethe dilate

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Poo in the loo

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You clearly weren't here during 2017. Same exact vibe with Link, you still got time to DYOR anon, no worries.

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Pump... Er, I mean bump

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