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Buy RUBIC and get rich like me

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Bill Gates here
Buy RUBIC to join the NWO elites

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Bullish investor type nose

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Ron Jeremy here. Suck my cock.

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no fuckin way dude whats up?

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>harvard mba
>paying 10s of thousands for mba that they accept basically everyone into
>thinking that impresses anyone and doesnt actualyl indicate youre dumber than the avg midwit
but yes buy rubic im very bullish

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anon did you really not know that financial incentives from chain DEX was the next big thing?

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Mbas are fucking jokes. They're 90% networking

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Fuck is wrong with his teeth.

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What's your race and religion? You were probably affirmative action'd in.

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Goldman Sachs investor here. Buy AVAX and DOT, KSM, or LINK for actual gains that don't have a shockingly high chance of getting rugpulled. BTC for cost-averaging. ETH however is entering a phase of vaporware wherein promised features are MIA and problems are scaring "developers" to alternatives like the aforementioned choices. Recent upstarts like AAVE, UNI, CRV, and BAT have already left the station or started correcting and gains are dwindling. SNX is a somewhat predictable PnD token so it may be worth it after it "corrects" again.

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kek i love seeing these non-target retards cope like this

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I am a straight white Christian male

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Actual multi-millionaire here. Rubic is a PND. An anon screencapped the dump plan. Newfags you have been warned. Don't pink wojack us.

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actual larp faggot detected.

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wow, who told you about these alts? This is trash dude, don’t believe these bastards
if you wanna get pump use your IQ and follow yield farming
I participated in metalex and they made a new model, a guarantee of triple APY

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>textbook pump and dump
This will go back to 1 cent and you faggots still deny it lmao

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>vaporwave wherein

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