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my lil bitcoin stock doing sumthing

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We get it you're racist.

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Cope and sneed.

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My lil chenlink stock doin some

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I'm tired man. I don't want to see white people genetically stomped out but it seems like it has to happen or we'll be hearing the same pasty jokes for eternity

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Ayo, dawg I heard you like dat bitcoin stock. Bruh, dis shit is fiyah as fuck. If you don't cop now, you finna regret down the line bruh.

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That is not racist, it's the average normie behavior.

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>We get it you're racist.

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Go back faggot

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Are you guys so retarded that you actually don't get the racism in posting a random black person next to this phrase and jeering about their lack of savviness and money?

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how is it racist when thats literally their words?

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god i want them to stay away for another year til i've made it

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Congratulation brainlet, where do you think you are?
Shieeeeet and sneeeeed

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>listen to what niggers have to say
>ignore niggers

Kill yourself kike

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No they just don’t care because that’s how their pappy taught them and his pappy before him.

It’s literally the same 200 year old mental deficiency but with 21st century terminology and zeal, they’re no smarter than the gaptoothed moonshiners they descend from.

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>lack of savviness and money?
You have to be 3 digit iq to post here.

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why are you implying with this thread?
sounds low-key racist af

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>my lil money tree

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>guys we anti racists are so HIGH IQ
>we like hate our skin color and culture, so we are progressive
>blm is about equality

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Because of the meta of the joke is to post any black person with this phrase. Ask people straight up if they're making fun of the subject because it's a black person fitting a racist stereotype, you and I both know the answer will be a nordic meme "Yes". People on 4chan hate black people and play that shut for laughs every chance they get but it's BORING it's been a fucking dozen years shut the fuck up forever

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Fuck off nigger

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>it’s a black person fitting a racist stereotype
Maybe if they were behaving like humans we would treat them like humans too
>shut the fuck up forever

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actual quote. OP actually improved the sentence grammatically.
go the fuck back to your safe spaces (no white males allowed) on twitter and leddit.

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Show me one case of a non-black person saying this or else your argument has zero validity.
>you cant

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Is this actually fucking bait or are pussy normies really on 4chan now?

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>sounds low-key racist af
Lurk moer nigger

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Can niggers make an account on coinbase by themselves and link a credit card?

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Immediately followed by this

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You're not allowed to make fun of black people and point out when they have made a mistake. That's racist.

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Yes they are our national animals after all.

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>Maybe if they were behaving like humans we would treat them like humans too
Statistically the vast majority of them behave perfectly fine, criminality is more rare than you think it is. You have some shitty TV/Internet brainwashing going on, surely. I'd normally tell you to get out of your house but you know

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I've been here since 2006. I'm so tired of your shit. Die

You are actually too dumb to comprehend I am sorry. I am not a good educator

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You baiting right?

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No niggers die.

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you're making the problem worse by calling the people racist who actually want to help black people by making fun of them. What you're teaching them is that its ok to make mistakes and if someone tries to correct you, you call them a racist.

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If niggers didn’t exist, crime would go down like 70%, nigger simp

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and that actually makes you the real TRUE racist. You're literally (and unironically) the worst racist piece of this in this thread.

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Bitcoin stockholders tongue my anus

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Nice mental gymnastics

I already said I am not a good educator, I cannot teach you about statistics. It's going to require citations, time, probably some visual aid and a lot of cooperation. I basically hate you guys

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You act like being racist is unconscionable. In fact, it's our moral duty.

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my bitcoin stock is down $1...
feeling ~shook~

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13% of the population commited 52% of homicides from 1980 to 2009. The source is the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Again, you are the racist.

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Yea my 350$ stock is exploding with 1% profit!

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You can use racism to make fast judgements. If you wreak of one goddamn element(racism) because of your overwhelming insecurity it's going to make anyone want to cast you away after you never grow up and deal with your glaring personal weakness

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How many people committed homicide? How many black people are there? I leave the rest to you, fuck off.

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if you really dislike racism on this shithole site you should direct it elsewhere, there are schizo stormfags coming to this board and this guy is making a joke about stupid people on twitter.

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wth is wrong with you lads?
One thing is healthy banter but this toxicity is a whole other thing
We're here to discuss business strategies and post epic memes

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>I already said I am not a good educator, I cannot teach you about statistics.
>statistically majority of black peope are perfectly fine

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i don't like being racist. but i don't like people telling others they can't do something. so fuck you.

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You're right, I'm just pissing in the wind right now

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post hand

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>mr black man, I would risk my life to save you if you were drowning in the lake by my house, but going forward, I hope you understand that this can all be avoided by staying on your side of town, k?

Literally you, don’t lie

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lmao, i didnt even put black in the statistic, again proving how fucking racist you are.

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It's not even that I disagree but you're just making them say more racist shit also just let them fall into the abyss if they actually are racist, they can go circlejerk with their "white" friends

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Nice try chud but it’s because they grow up poor that they rape and murder so much we are all equal

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Come and “cast me away” anon.
>baby first step on mental manipulation
Sorry anon that only works on retards
>business strategy
Getting rid of niggers is ULTIMATELY the best long term financial strategy for United States

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You are part of the problem by tolerating this behavior.

This is not okay.

I, like may others, will not stand by it.

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Can i buy Nigger Homicide Coin? Looks like it has stable growth.

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I’ve been on this site longer than you cow folk have had high speed Internet, go tend your fucking chickens, Lawrence.

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>stormfags coming here
StormFAGS made this board
Get out

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You're pretending to not know what your own reference meant. How coiled up is your brain? Is it because you have to hide your racism from people normally?

Yeah I give up

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Cant tell if troll or serious.

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No seriously faggot. Go back to r*ddit or wherever. The entire rest of the Internet is your safe space. Don't preach your Jew SJW bullshit here. Do you know where you are?

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There it is, the dumbest fucking thing I've read all day. Why don't you ask me about the guy who was breaking into cars in a Walmart parking lot, stole a firearm and then tried to fire it at a dozen police officers last week? He's a dead nigger now, and you never hear about it because it's business as usual for their kind. There are good black people, I know a few of them - but the black community at large in the US is unequivocally shit, and black people are the reason why.
>t. central georgia

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Go ahead and protest with blm.
Fortunately they will try to kill you and you wake up.

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ay wyboi gimme dat efferium

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Why yes I am quite based

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If you actually think this is how not racist people think, you’re beyond saving.

Enjoy living your entire life with a big wad of spite in your stomach, you fucking caveman.

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we really just have to nuke the fly-over states. it would solve so many problems.

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>circle jerk
>fall into abyss
You really think we joke here anon?
Some of us are serious

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lol @ anyone trying to act like this board isn't racist. The peak of comedy here is starting a thread with just the capital letter N

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literally don't care. and im a spic. white people help me more then the blacks. black people just bitch and moan and abuse you. whites are boring crackers, but at least they make cool shit and keep positive.

>> No.26467127

Been there, done that.

And I will continue the fight both in the streets and here. These is no place for intolerance (get educated on the paradox of tolerance).

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Can't you actually make a synthetic asset out of that? Is that how that shit works?
all the crypto shit came from /g/, you guys were just being spaz fucks like always
when did I say you were joking? that's exactly what I meant

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this is some real elaborate and collective bait you guys got here

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Seethe for me, hick boy.

>> No.26467192

Your children will be raped by paki rape gangs, stupid roastie

>> No.26467229

>Finna buy me half a bitcoin and some popeyes
You can’t make this shit up!

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The biggest problem we have in this country is education.

The second biggest problem is public mental health.

We need to provide every one with a safe environment where they can grow away from intolerance and religious nuts.

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Imagine not being a race realist in 2021. Jokes on you, white pussies. All the other races have a healthy sense of themselves and the fact that their fates are all bound up in each other’s. Meanwhile you retards still believe in this 90’s kumbaya daydream even as the media rubs how untrue it is in your faces daily. You’re bagholders for an ideology that only gets promoted as a tool to fuck you over. You deserve whatever you get desu.

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You are HATED for your skin color stupid retard, and once you are raped and before they kill you, you remember what we said about niggers.

>> No.26467320

Mmmmm, yesss, seethe moar. Your deluded tears are so delicious.

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1 in 3 black males will go to PRISON in their life. Now mind you, that's PRISON, not jail or a citation. 50+% of the black population is notably criminal.

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Keep doing it
This guy was like you too.
And he got kicked in the head for being white.
You are next

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>haha cow folk
>haha go play wit chikun haha farm
>haha hick bo y
are you old enough to be here? come up with an insult that isn’t the only one used in middle school class rooms

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Good god you’re fucking dumb

>> No.26467449

Know that we are not joking.
Be afraid, and understand the TRUE reason that we like to make money

>> No.26467458

>overwhelming insecurity
Projecting much? Dawg I live in a large city full of stark mad raving niggers who will shoot you in the back of the head for a pair of used outdated Jordan's. Racism is instinctual, a survival mechanism. Not being racist could very well get you killed. Go ahead and wander into the south side of Chicago to prove to everyone that you're not racist and how it's civilized inhabitants are upstanding first-class citizens. You won't. Because deep down you're racist just like all of us. You've been conditioned to feel bad about it so you attack other 'racists' in order to drown out your unresolved feelings towards niggers.

And frankly, if we deported the entire black population from America the only noticeable change would be the rate of violent crime.

Now go seethe and dilate before that disgusting grainy cavern between your legs closes up.

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Ah yes I love it when whites and blacks fight each other. Don't forget to pay your taxes everyone! Maybe take out a loan.

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Who gives a fuck? Racists and black people can co-exist in crypto. That's kind of the point. You can't red line on a semi-anonymous blockchain. Poor black people and ignorant rural Americans are the ones getting fucked the most by the U$Gov and probably the two groups that need this shit the most. Words on the internet don't hurt anyone.

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true ... but we could also just nuke them. nothing of value would be lost, except for the then contaminated farm land of course

>> No.26467510

>The biggest problem we have in this country is education.
>The second biggest problem is public mental health.
Nigger problems
The BIGGEST problem is nigger genetics
After all, they are descendent of rapists and psychos that our ancestors bought from normal black people

>> No.26467521

Did my jokes hit a little too close to home, friend?

I could switch to trailer park jabs if the farm jabs are upsetting you.

>> No.26467554

if they are never called out they will never improve
this is one thing that is true for every (loosely) human on this earth
by coddling them they will actually get worse
honestly, just fuck you
you are not virtuous
you are not helping anyone
you are actively destroying the lives of others so that you can feel smug
i repeat
just fuck you

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>Be afraid,

>> No.26467610

Honestly that one was pretty based. Popeyes is the best chicken

>> No.26467627

Fuck right off where you came from phone poster

>> No.26467629

No fucking idiot.
Jews are enemy number one.
However our stupid white “brothers” think we live in a democracy and “white supramxy” instead of a ziocracy with Jewish supramacy.
I mean what kind of white supremacy is this? How the fuck a “supramacy” allow people to even Talk about it in media??

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>> No.26467674

Jews are trying to take it away by calling crypto racist, have roots in white supramacy and increase inequality
I am not even kidding

>> No.26467685

Blackanon here to say that you're a fucking retard for condensing that phrase to where as black people only say it, fucking ironic

>> No.26467705

>and i will fight
Rage against the machine! Said the roastie on twitter. While you were busy fighting for bs, big tech and the World economic forun did as they pleased and bought out all the assets at a discount. You will own nothing an be happy

>> No.26467725

It’s based but “I gonna buy bitcoin and POPEYES” is what I would imagine a nigger in crypto would say and then I see this

>> No.26467740

Its curious this post. Within the space of 5 words youve managed to somehow convey that you are no longer a man, and yet will never be a woman.

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File: 1.07 MB, 1089x1440, jewcry5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bow down before Saturn, filthy goyim.

>> No.26467822

>repeats unoriginal ad hom jokes
>be original
>hit a nerve didn’t i?
a dev literally copy and pasted you into existence. all of your words and retorts are borrowed from someone else or something you saw. you’ve never had a single original or creative thought. get well soon

>> No.26467878

Read the first one


>Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.
> such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.
>the myth
This is REAL supramacy.
Even talking about it is going to be ILLIGAL.
We coulda protest against Jews, but idiots thought we live in “le white supramacy”
Too late now anyway

>> No.26467905

People who don’t have a healthy sense of racial boundaries are dysgenic. That kind of thinking will get you killed. Always has been that way. These are the same midwits who fucking love science and shit on religion. Evolution is true but it’s only skin deep, right? Can’t be that different races have different group survival strategies, different legacy social mores and norms, etc. Anti-racists are, ironically, lower IQ and over-socialized.

>> No.26467935

Many arrogant cases got REAL humble before their death.

>> No.26468038

>race does not exist
>it’s skin deep
Ofcourse that’s only for goyim
For chosen people test your dna before they grant you citizenship
I wonder why no one calling them RACIST yet...

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discrimination exists because it has been a beneficial formula for countless generations. by declaring it wrong or immoral, you are going to war with your instinct. note your reaction to the facehugger image. generalisations exist in order to aid your survival. and that's all that matters: whether an inference is generally correct.
i've been to over a hundred countries and lived for years at a time in more than a few, and it is clear as day to me that there are striking differences between races and between cultures. similarities exist too, absolutely, but ignore the differences at your peril.
newsflash anon, you are also the descendant of rapists and murderers. how else do you think your ancestors survived?
shame is important for social cohesion but it has to come from in-group to function properly. it's pointless for one group to try to police another, it just causes resentment.

>> No.26468140

lmao so this is 2021? where posting a thread that literally has zero racism is racist? boy oh boy...

>> No.26468149

I don't get why I can't call people niggers

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>> No.26468195

>I just can’t even wow just wow
Nigger sympathizers need to be fucking gassed

>> No.26468269

>rapist and killers
Stop projecting
My ancestors were farmers, and I can literally trace it back for 10generations.
It’s so sad that you just know about your grand parents

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Ayo wear yo efferiumz at

>> No.26468361

kys jew rat

>> No.26468407

hello rabbi

>> No.26468464

This guy is deffo LARPING

>> No.26468466

a mere 10 generations? i suggest you dilate time beyond that shallow horizon and consider the probable horrors of survival in all its technicolor wonder.
and fuck projection, i know my past, i own it - the red mist is in me, i've seen it come out to play before, scary shit.

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niggers tongue my anus

>> No.26468540

All I am saying that the idea that EVERYONE ancestors were savages is a justification to tolerate niggers and that it’s not their fault that they are crazy niggers.

>> No.26468573

I'm judst sick and tired of paying taxes for do nuffin lazy scumbag ungrateful people. Not even a skin color thing, but a nigger thing.

>> No.26468588

Good thing the first targets will be coastal urbanites like you

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Same anon.
Fucking same.
And what we get for it?
“Racism” “white supramacy “ “domestic terrorist” “racial equity” “affirmative action”
“White fragility” “anti racist education”
It’s just nigger fatigue
I have black friends desu

>> No.26468662

Who gives a fuck, faggot?

>> No.26468718

i absolutely agree with you that it's no excuse for current behaviour.

>> No.26468725

Fuck I just noticed it!!!
Are you an ableist?
Get out of here with your R word you fucking ableist bigot!!!!!

>> No.26468792

I mean fucking Viking ancestors are the BEST counties in the world...maybe , just maybe it’s the racial similarity that makes them work well

>> No.26468804

i learned racism from niggers and faggots like you who probably capitalize 'Black' and leave 'white' lowercase.

>> No.26468823

I'm racial

>> No.26468826

>double spend
>black people on Twitter
So is this Februarys FUD narrative?

>> No.26468862

I hate it that they used druggie nigger death to push for this in academia and news articles

>> No.26468884

shut up nigger

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How come semenskins spend all their time hating other crayola colors when their cumskin is superior. Why the colors live in ejaculateskin brains rent free? Bunch of mentally ill if you ask me.

>> No.26468998


>> No.26469007

>fucking dozen years
Ask me how I know you're a newfag
t. cancer

>> No.26469026

Go back to your cunt farm and shut the gate behind you

>> No.26469039

>I already said I am not a good educator, I cannot teach you about statistics. It's going to require citations, time, probably some visual aid and a lot of cooperation. I basically hate you guys
it's always the most satisfying when fags like you get beaten, robbed, and murdered by a nigger

>> No.26469067


>> No.26469073

I grew up in The Bronx before the 90s when "hip-hop" changed to be racially charged by the LA hip-hop scene and the fomenting Jew producers looking to capitalize on the division and shock. Saying "nigger" or "nigga" before was an urban culture thing. People in urban areas had gotten over the dision of the previous era and racial tensions were at an all-time low.

Black and white kids alike in those days used the word nigger in only 2 ways:
1) non-derogative like saying "dude" or "giuy" as in "that nigga bought me ice-cream. Nigga all kine hearted n' shit"
2) derogatory like saying "piece of shit person" someone who is just garbage in every way; a lowlife.

It wasn't a racial thing, but a nigger thing back then. When the 90s came, suddenly white ppl weren't aloud to use the slang anymore after the Jew maximized the division. It has only gotten worse.

>> No.26469074

>rent free
No anon.
It’s because they burn our cities and then get our taxes
That’s why we hate them
It’s because of the content of their characters

>> No.26469088

hmmm big think! probably onto something there.
problems still remain, obviously, but shaming is an effective social tool so norms are better upheld. though this is changing nowadays because people can find communities giving unlimited affirmation for all sorts of weird shit online...

>> No.26469100

didn’t you know desu? capitalizing white risks following the lead of white supremacists


>> No.26469112

>13% of the population commited 52% of homicides

Makes sense when you consider the fact that they were the subject of slavery and systemic discrimination for multiple generations, which directly led them to being more impoverished, less educated, and more prone to engage in countercultures that commit crime.

>> No.26469133

Lol are you still going on about the niggers? It’s called “IQ” anon

>> No.26469166

Bruh, just admit your slaver/racist ancestors fucked up and move on.

>> No.26469170

Isn’t it weird that we have thousands of charities for blacks and Jews and browns but there is NO white charities?
Hell, even white advocacy groups are banned by PayPal and amazon pay

>> No.26469182

true. whenever i see nigger written on this board, i always think of it in those terms.
same with kike: just someone who's crafty and manipulative.
i wish for simpler times.

>> No.26469224

Why does the sight of a happy brotha make you so angry?

>> No.26469249
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Kek. Wholesome

>> No.26469250

clown world, friend. sad honk.

>> No.26469291

'White' people have more of a pinkish hue, whereas niggers literally are shitskins

>> No.26469352

>be Japanese
>put into concentration camps and lost all the belonging
>have to start from 0
>steal out preform niggers
We have 400000 lives to free niggers, that would make ANY population happy, but niggers.

>> No.26469387

get the fuck out

>> No.26469405

>makes sense
They are the most babied race on the planet and 90-92% of their murder victims are killed by other blacks. Slavery made them want to kill each other?

>> No.26469525

it's not even the peak of clown world, which is pretty frightening

>> No.26469546


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******* are *********

>> No.26469580

The joys of being african american on the internet, one side puts us on a pedestal and simps nonstop for us and the other side hates us for no reason.

How about we all just treat each other as people.

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S MUG id

go back

>> No.26469707

>comparing being isolated for 3 years to being enslaved for 89+ years and being segregated and treated like dogshit for even longer

Are you retarded?

>Slavery made them want to kill each other?

That's a dangerous generalization of a complex problem. Hundreds of years of slavery and systemic racism forced them into criminal circles, and the activities that involve killing their own are due to many reasons, all because of them being forced into it in the first place. Also, it's not far off from white-on-white homicides, which is more than 80%.

>> No.26469768

of course

>> No.26469816

The kikes man.
Every fucking time
Gotta handed to them though, they made people believe blm suppressed covid and trump rally increased it.
Ye and then retards STILL think we live in a “white supramacy”

>> No.26469822

you’re a commodity to the media. they use your skin color for rage-bait clicks, views, and votes. they will wring you out until you’re not as valuable as the next minority tool and toss you aside. you aren’t a person to them. at least places like 4chan you know you’re being treated without hidden intent. you can call a mexican a spic, a white person a cracker, a jew a kike, and a black a nigger at face value and no one gets hurt. would you prefer that authenticity or the virtue signaling self hating whites do to make themselves feel better about you? once again using your skin color for their own benefit

>> No.26469845

Holy shit I’m dying laughing at this thread

>> No.26469892

feel better about themselves*

>> No.26469893

No fucking inbred.
They lost their shit just like niggers.
Niggers after slavery started with 0.
Japanese started with 0.
Maybe the reason that they are violence psychotic animals is that block people in Africa sold their rapists and death row population to whites.
Have you think about that?

>> No.26469936

ayooo sum dese niggas finna shook g

>> No.26469948

You'll be treated like people when you start acting like people.

>> No.26469952

We wanted to.
We REALLY tried anon.
Why do you think we throw 400000 white lives away and went into a civil war for?

>> No.26470018
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Imagine being this much of an insufferable faggot?

>> No.26470039

Reddit nigger

>> No.26470049

>That's a dangerous generalization of a complex problem. Hundreds of years of slavery and systemic racism forced them into criminal circles, and the activities that involve killing their own are due to many reasons, all because of them being forced into it in the first place.
>Ottoman Empire
>enslaved little kids
>brainwashed to HATE themselves and their people
>the population never become psychotic violent retards
>blacks endure MUCH less, somehow they became violent

>> No.26470103

Balkanoids are psychotic violent retards

>> No.26470146

Sell signal

>> No.26470161

Beside Gypsies?
I been to Greece anon.
I been to Hungary anon.

>> No.26470237

Wait wtf you guys are actually racist? I thought this was all a really high IQ joke where you bait normies into showing how their news feed brain is actually ultra-racist by playing up the racist focus and stereotyping corporations have created. I've yet again been bamboozled by the lower end of the IQ bellcurve.

>> No.26470242

A black person is nearly 5x more likely to be killed by another black person than a white person is to be killed by another white person. Why do they kill each other at such high rates?

>> No.26470269

This thread will reach post limit due to outrage from the first post, impressive

>> No.26470280


>> No.26470350
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nice, my dogecoin stocks aint doing too hot

>> No.26470456


Back to plebbit you go lil buddy

>> No.26470495

... doritos?

>> No.26470533

I am talking about countries that were enslaved by ottoman at one point

>> No.26470569

Write that down, federal agent.

>> No.26470587

>What is Yugoslavia

>> No.26470606

No it was for fried chicken and watermelons

>> No.26470638

wtf, seriousy? wtf is your problem?
Maybe if you weren't spitting hate all day in here you'd finally get laid
How about maybe just be a decent human being

>> No.26470675

My point still stands anon

>> No.26470744
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I just buyed 2 shares of Litecoin.
Yall sleepin. Dis new crtpto gon be the next bitcoin.
Yall needs to save up and inverst yo money like a real CEO

>> No.26470883

bobo have surprise

>> No.26470886
File: 12 KB, 242x255, F5D87889-E3E7-4FBA-98E3-5462B2284844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you so regarded you don’t think we’re all racist on purpose?
Where the fuck do you think you are you god damn nigger faggot oven dodging tranny?

>> No.26471023

Are you a fucking idiot? Everyone on 4chan is black. That’s the joke man. You think white people leave Reddit?

>> No.26471182

yep, how could you tell?

i think it's time you go back

>> No.26471205

We all finna black now!
Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

>> No.26471233


keep simping for niggers, you'll be the first against the wall

>> No.26471275

#moneymoves #bossbitch