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Yep. I just stand in a cooler dragging stacks of cheese. I like to just stand still doing nothing 80% of the time while listening to music. I'm so glad I didn't go to school and work in some farty office.

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Im wagecucking now my wagie friend.

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I dont wage cuck anymore, I used to work part time at a (((jew)))lery store but that is shut down and now i just sell stolen videos and photos from porn sites to cucks on dating websites.

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is wagecucking that much worse than uni ?
Isnt a lot of wagecucking just eating shit from higher ups,looking at emails for an hour,shitting out your work in 3 hrs and trying to look productive for another 3hrs ?

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That sounds degenerate. Would rather wageslave.

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welcome to biz faggot

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>I'm so glad I didn't go to school and work in some farty office
If you think being educated or being uneducated results in either a shitty office job or life in a fridge, you would never have been able to obtain a degree anyway.

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I have Monday tuesdays off. It’s nice in a way because I can go do shit without it being crowded. Since everyone is waging mon-fri

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Interesting story. How?

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found a nice profile of a couple doing high quality porn from russia, exclusively posted on russian speaking interwebs, lots of masturbation and blowjobs.
The rest is rather simple, make a profile on an escort website, say you arent doing real dates until lockdown is lifted and sell videos of yourself for 10-25 bucks each.
Made about $5000 in the last two months, even have one cuck that buys underwear from me every other week for 50+ shipping.

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Please tell me you wear the underwear and he buys it.

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Depends. I work for a small business and there is literally no stopping. I could work 24/7 and it would never end.

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I got drunk yesterday alone watching anime and I was happy for the first time in weeks. Yurucamp heals my soul

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I dont wear it, i usually just wash it so its not new anymore spray a touch of my gfs parfume on it and seal it in a vaccuum bag
customer was always happy

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Does your gf know you do this?

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I agree. Whats a man without his pride and dignity

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Damn. I wanted him to think he was getting female used panties and its really just some guys gross ass crack in it.

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>Isnt a lot of wagecucking just eating shit from higher ups,looking at emails for an hour,shitting out your work in 3 hrs and trying to look productive for another 3hrs ?

Nailed it but the ratios can change depending on what you do. Also depends where you go for University.. if it's anywhere like the US then avoid, can't believe the debt they're put in to for degree level education.

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No, she shall remain pure and content in her own little female world.

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>hate my career
>learning to code
>learning to code is easy
>but i lack the discipline to do it consistently
why am i the way that i am?

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What does she think you do for money?

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I'm supposed to be working 6 hours from now yet I'm getting drunk. Somehow I've frauded my way into a high paying job but the responsibility is eating at me. I'm going to quit and get an easier job once my portfolio is healthy enough.

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>tfw I actually like my job
American goy here, make fun of me

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>just got done wagecucking
heh, keep up kid...

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selling gold and silver to boomers, which i technically still do just for the lockdown its now online only and the sales are like 10% max from when the store is open

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Interesting, how do you receive the money? Just a PayPal account?

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Just ride it out Anon. Get your portfolio to a healthy level, then just start phoning it in and putting your entire check towards deep in the money LEAPS. You can probably stretch it out for another year. When you feel the ax coming down on you, ask your boss for guidance and a mentoring track. That will buy you another three months.

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Just went on coonbase and bought a bunch of different shitcoins all under $1. Spent about 3k how fucked am I? I don’t even know the names of them all.

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Paypal and Amazon Gift Cards

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to buy GME so i can stop wagecucking*

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what do you do?
i'd say liking your tasks is fine, liking your job/employer is rare and should be analyzed so you're not getting fucked over

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getting paid to shitpost on /biz/ from home, feels comfy

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checked, you'll be fine. just wait.

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found the pajeet enjoy your $20 a month salary pajeet

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environmental regulations, specifically related to wetlands. I work for my state's government. Would love to live on the ocean and find the same job but for now, flyover country and stacking crypto.

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Thanks bud

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ty mahesh, cu at raping tonight

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I'm learning to cope with it but definitely not something I want to do for 5+ years. The position was recruited internally and they kind of threw me into it, I saw the salary and said yes.

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ready? yeah
happy about it? no

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>literally cannot escape wildland firefighting
i can't even get an entry level call center position bros. i want to rope myself daily.

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Yup, I'm ready to spend half my day "working" from home and watching anime and playing video games.

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>Accept new job
>They're super excited
>mfw I'll just quit before the trial period is over anyway
>900k net worth

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Yup, being sysadmin in a high-school during pandemic is fun because I'm sitting in my wagie office doing nothing all day long, it was fun in the normal times too. The only problem is that I can't shitpost from there.

Where do they send you the money? I don't think it's paypal, or is it? I have tons of vids from one of my friends and I might be able to use them.

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>software dev
>only ever worked for one company, 8 years
>small-ish business with tiny dev team, I was the only dev for a few years, workflow is relentless and constantly changing
>recently moved to a large company with a massive dev department
>50% of days are talking about the code we're going to write, 30% watching someone else code, 20% writing code yourself
>im earning 25% higher wage here

ive learnt a very valuable lesson here fellas, if youre actually working hard, it's probably time to move on

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>1st day of in-person classes again for Uni since last spring semester
>Have literally smoked myself retarded and just googled my way through two semesters

>Have a quiz scheduled for 8am for one class, and haven't even done the first three weeks of assignments


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I got laid off, so I'm a NEET now I guess.
It's pretty comfy albeit boring but I guess that's a fair trade off for not having to deal with shitty employees, customers, and really any of the other responsibilities that came with my job.
Now that the $300 kicker is in play it's practically as much as my base pay which is all I was getting before anyway.

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i have been without UI for going on 3 months now. The office is trying to screw me so badly that i am considering hiring legal counsel, who i won't have to pay unless I win. Thoughts?

I haven't been "denied" i've been basically soft locked out of the process despite being eligible because I worked in two states last year. So each state wants the other to foot the bill, and have been actively trying to get the other state to pay. Meanwhile I have been eating away at my once sizeable savings. thoughts on legal counsel? wtf should i do anons? we're talking about damn near 10k in unpaid backpay at this point.

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Nice, I work at a small startup right now since I'm fresh out of college, basically all the responsibility is mine and the pay is intern tier. Will make the move to a bigger company hopefully in mid 2021

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Just avoid old school corporate places. If you have to wear a shirt and tie, that's a massive red flag frend.

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I work nights as a machinist, the boss asked me to to A then B every night over an 8 hour shift and i usually clean it up in half the time. Low expectations and hitting it hard means vidya and showers on company time.

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Dude, yes. You need to get on that shit. I can't imagine going 12 weeks without a paycheck let alone when you factor the opportunity cost of all that money you already had + could have been investing since 3 months ago and the returns you'd have seen.
In 3 months you could have at least doubled your money in almost any crypto that isn't a shitcoin

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I was one of the >anotherdayworkingathomedoingabsolutelynothing folks but now my manager wants to have a 1 on 1 with me with no topic. I'm thinking it's over lmao.

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i only work on wednesdays

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yep I'm ready
good thing I'm a high payed finance chad, work 50 hours a week but earn more than both my parents combined so it's worth it

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how did you get into finance and why? seems really fucking boring who has a passion for that shit

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at least muh market is open when I'm wagecucking still probably will kms

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I've always been interested in money and business
I studied economics with a major in finance/accounting
don't get me wrong the job does get boring some times but there are also quite a lot of exciting and interesting moments
I also have to wear a suit (company policy) but I don't mind since I like to wear them

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You’re pathetic. Have fun going into debt because you’re completely financially illiterate

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I have a great career, I don't necessarily love my job all the time, but there are other times where I'll work 17hr days just because I'm having fun.

It would be nice to be filthy rich, but I've got a house and a waifu who is over the moon to have my kids. I could lose every cent I have in crypto and worst case is I tuck tail, up my 401k contributions, make safe bets on the stock market and settle for retiring as a comfortably middle-class 40-50y/o.

Don't lose yourselves to this place anons, there's a lot more to life than lambos and whores

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ah yes, can't wait for another day of working from home for 2h and billing the client for 8h

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I have no desire to go back to work when the time comes and I’ve got no desire to find another job and haven’t learned any new skills while being unemployed to further my chances at getting a better job.
I have two major investments right now and if they don’t pan out I’ll probably just crash my car into a wall

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I have a ten pack of sugar free monsters in the car ready for the work week. Got a box of nescafe instant coffees too since I don’t trust the keurig at work.
I started only drinking tea on my days off, and only drinking monster and coffee when i’m in my cage.
Was scared about a heart attack guys.
Sending love to my fellow wagies, especially shifties.

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I had a Monday off job before and I kind of miss it. Like what you mentioned, no crowds, pick a store and barely anyone in it. Go to the nature trails and only a few people there. Even the people that were out on Mondays was a different crowd.

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Yeah, I am. I woke up at 6:15 ready to work today. Made breakfast. Lockdown means we turn away the retard customers wanting a tiny 20 year old plastic part, BTFO

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>In 3 months you could have at least doubled your money in almost any crypto that isn't a shitcoin
dude i fucking know. i fucking know. trust me. it keeps me up at night literally. there hasn't been a night in months where i haven't woken up in panic at all the opportunity cost lost.

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Nah its EU and im not enjoying online uni life, Id rather be wagecucking but doubt ill find any worthwhile job without uni (inb4 go to trade school).

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Try that but for 8 years. One financial hit after another. I have never had 5 figures in my account. My hopes and dreams have hit so low that I now aspire for 30 - 50k so I can buy a small plot of land somewhere build a cabin with trees and rocks, using the internet as a resource.
>t waging 17 years now

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>software dev in another country
>I am an direct external employee so I earn less than others
>Architect is pushing me to do the design, code l, tests and all the work
>Other brainlets cannot do any shit except small things
>Didn't get any internal contract offer or even THANK YOU

I am putting one third of my salary into crypto from now, fuck it if I lose everything, I am in the hell anyways.

t. Working on weekenend to hope internal employee contract offee

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I work in Gov and my workload has been two hours a day max since the pandemic. Feels guilty

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my god anon

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what area of government you work in bro

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>tfw resigned to gain my freedom
all it cost me was my soul

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work for the government and i have maybe put in 8 hours of doing actual work total since October. the wage cage is mind melting

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I work doing order fulfillment so I'm busy all day. Which I don't mind desu. Being bored at work can be worse than being busy

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I've been NEET for almost a year, I'm either making it or being homeless, but not a wage cuck for dajooz.
I'm actually too redpilled to physically go back...

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Yuppy, manual labour is actual work, sitting at an office/uni is what faggots do. kys pls nigger

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Neet lifting in my mom's basement master race

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Comfy. That's what I'll be doing after Eth settles down today.

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I only work part time now. I told my boss either to give me part time hours or I quit so now I work part time.

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You won your freedom?

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Lol your a firefighter who fights wildfires lol wtf bro. At least that's kind of based.

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Working from home is the best thing that happened to me
>dont do shit all day
>get paid
>literally nobody notices

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I work 100% from home. Have been since March 2020. Get paid an engineer's salary and only work about 5-10 hours a week now kek

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NO. $1000 EOD

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i play games at home for my job im happy to go back

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Part of my job is performing structural inspections, it's pretty fun and pays fairly well

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learning to code is easy and personal projects are fun.

it's hard to find motivation to fuck around with frameworks, argue for tech debt, deal with retarded legacy code, write project briefs.

t. dev

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this, and when you feel it coming down again make out that you're depressed then let them fire you and get that severance and go on disability/EI

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based and same here

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>is wagecucking that much worse than uni ?
much worse in a way that no uni student is actually open to understanding. odds are you’ll be working in a shit place that operates off a thousand wink wink nudge nudges where everybody’s desperately trying not to do work while also appearing like they’re doing the most work. the people who win this fight are wannabe type-a boomers who will whine and cry and run to their boss if they ever have to lift a finger.

you will have “flexible” deadlines that change every time you ask about them. if something goes wrong, everybody will start pointing fingers until the buck stops with the one person with a modicum of integrity.

your bosses will tell you that you’re doing great, keep up the great work - until performance reviews come around, in which you will be eviscerated for every mistake they can think of as an excuse not to give you a raise.

you will use your time off and then get yelled at for not answering your emails.

let’s say you manage to get some work done. great. now that work is in an approval process and whoops, the guy whose job is ensuring process is adhered to didn’t tell you part of the process! that’s on you anon, you’re not being a team player and not effectively communicating.

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No, I'm writing my bachelor's so it's maybe around 2h of work a day.

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My father runs a 5 million a year business in a niche industry.

He hired me to maintain some spreadsheets and answer phone calls / set up meetings. I make 120k a year working maybe 10 hours a week. Pretty comfy. Work with your family lads.

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Ahhh feels good to be on unemployment my nigger

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>if youre actually working hard, it's probably time to move on
This statement really resonated with me.

>be senior dev (in reality I only have like 4 years experience)
>be lead dev on my team
>have an SDET getting slammed with testing from contractors
>have new mid-level dev who seems to have difficulty understanding the simplest ideas
>have several large stressful projects looming while having to train new guy and attend on average 4-5 hours of meetings a day
>unironically losing my mind from this (((nonsense)))
>hear vaguely about other software developers where they do jack and collect a paycheck

How can I get a government software dev job?

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What's your job and how did you get there? I've been thinking of getting into financial planning but not comfort with my earnings being mainly commission. I'm a government leech right now and the job is comfy easy but pay is obviously not great.

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Because of a security incident at work a project that was supposed to be done at the end of Q1 has to be completed by Feb 8. 50-60 hours of wageslaving incoming

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code bros, how long does one have to self-study programming to get a decent job?

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Makes 5 million a year in revenue and pays you $120k? Bullshit.

>> No.26467933

I am. I'm waking up early to go into work it's better than being home with my family at this point in time.

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Currently on the clock at the dildo shop I work at.

I’ve had 1 customer so far today in the 3 hours I’ve been on the clock. I’ve mostly been on /biz/. Sundays are sooooooo slow.

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you say that like its a bad thing

>> No.26468079

Man I work for the feds but have to do production quota work. Shit sucks. The ONE saving grace is that I get to keep my DC salary and work in the south.

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Why is it so soul crushing bros?

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I don't mind wage cucking that much. I just wish I had a fucking good paying job though. I would gladly work at McDonald's if I was making $30 and hour or some shit.

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If anyone in this thread reproduces, you deserve every ounce of misery in your life for forcing someone new to repeat it.

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Working is pretty comfy in Finland, one of the only good things here. It's a high trust society so no one really hounds you, I probably do like 3-4 hours of work per day at home and then browse the web rest of the time. putting almost all money to stocks and some to crypto

>> No.26469031

Based. Working class should just stop reproducing.

>> No.26469101

Work in the army, cant wait to get out when my contract ends in 2028

>> No.26469138

Nope. I'm calling in sick tomorrow, when I'm probably not that sick. First time in my life I've done it, but I'm tired of my fucking coworkers getting 2 cozy weeks off paid for the sniffles hoping my covid test comes back positive so I can play video games for 2 weeks.

>> No.26469240

I'm planning to buy tons of stocks and give my kids a decent life through dividends when I die. They hopefully won't be spoiled, but fuck working 5 days a week for 60 years. If they prove themselves to be financially responsible and not blow their money, they can live off divvies and capital gains.

>> No.26469683

When I started working after graduating I was excited. I though through hard work I would climb up the ladder and innovate in my field in various ways
Turns out I was wrong about everything.

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I work tonight and have 4 days off tomorrow.

But what's the fucking point. Just play stupid video games and watch faggot ass anime while getting drunk. What a fucking waste of a life. I wish Nazi Germany won WW2 and started implementing eugenics programme so subhumans like me would've been wiped off the earth and would've never had to experience consciousness.

>> No.26469886


>wake up 7:00 AM instead of 5:00 pre pandemic
>eat comfortable breakfast
>go upstairs, comb hair, boot up laptop
>join zoom morning check in
>work till 3 pm in my pajamas, taking frequent snack and nap breaks
>still get paid $80k a year

feels so good. I will never be able to adapt to post-pandemic work, tasting freedom and comfyness like this is just too good. Cucks who don't get to work from home dont know what they are missing

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4 years. Just 4 more years of this. My linkies will save me.

>> No.26469995

this just making 100k per year lmao
I'm maybe working 4 hours max. rest is browsing /biz and hanging on my phone. I'm still annoyed to keep ''working'' since i am lately making a shitton of money with stonks.

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it pays absolute ass, is dangerous, will destroy your body doing it more than 10 years and gets you qualified for precisely zero other jobs outside of it unless you luck out and know somebody in aviation. it's its own subculture / way of life that is almost impossible to get out of even with a degree and networking. blood in blood out. the hero worship shit gets old quick.

>> No.26470129

>deal with retarded legacy code
Anyone who says coding is easy is generating retarded code. Yes, coding is easy, writing good code is not.

>> No.26470179

neet retard here, what types of "jobs" are these?

>> No.26470420

programming jobs in some companies are like this here in Finland, I have one now

>> No.26470488

Same. Graduated from college last year (biochem, my mistake) and am currently back finishing a second major in CS but am barely getting calls back. Pls refer me to these jobs, I am working my ass off just doing programming tests for $50k code monkey positions.

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>mfw monday is my friday

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>cold mornings
>have to scrape ice off car
>late to work by a few mins every time it's icy
>get told off each time
>still can't be arsed to wake up any earlier
who gives a fuck if I'm late by a few mins anyways, I still get more work done than the boomers do
I make sure to spend at the very least 40 mins a day taking a shit just out of spite

>> No.26470982

quit my job last summer at a pharma company. Just been collecting unemployment and using that money to invest into stocks and pay bills. Just waiting until this school shit is over so I can apply for a plumbing apprenticeship.

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I chose to jerk off to anime, play vidya and buy bitcoins instead of doing all of this work

>> No.26471147

That's pretty dead on, you also forgot the boss or some kiss-ass will take your work, put your name on it, and get the credit. I'll never forget. I saved my old company apparently 2 million dollars cause of bad processing, and all I got was a "oh thanks" and got chewed during my performance review for not kissing ass.

>> No.26471188

why are you doing this OP

>> No.26471604

>work in a trade
>get to be outside ontop of skyscrapers, hotels, apartments, etc
>it's kind of cold right now, but the views from 100m up in the winter are beautiful
>mark my own hours, if I work at a rate that I deem faster than normal (we're told to go slow lel), and finish 8 hours worth of work in 5, I still mark 10 hours
>most of our jobs are through fuckhuge contracting companies or branches of government, so we're just billed out at a multiple of our hourly wage, usually like 3-5x, so it actually benefits my company to lie about hours lol
>no one says shit, or questions the hours, my direct supervisor doesnt even really know how to do my job, or how long stuff actually takes
>rarely talk to my other bosses/managers except in the morning over the phone to confirm that a crane will be available to lift the materials to the roof, or if they take me out for dinner (this one hasn't happened in a while obviously)
>make 6 figures most years with bonuses+overtime
>make way more than 6 figures if you count the part of my wage that goes to a pension plan (that's matched by my company dollar for dollar)

idk, I'd probably kill myself if I was in the same office all day everyday, everytime I go through an office setting on the way to finding the room with the roof hatch, the people there all look so sad and dejected. You can almost feel it in the air. I think vitamin D deficiency might be one of the problems, because they're all chalk white like op's pic with sunken eyes, but I'm generally pretty upbeat and optimistic. The only real difference is that I am outside all day long. But Im in a setting where there's a very real chance of me dying if I fuck up, which you think should depress me more, but it doesnt

>> No.26471656

Anybody else works in retail over here? I want to kill my customers, boomers are the worst. I fucking hate every second of it.

>> No.26471772

>make way more than 6 figures
I meant make over $100k, not a mil lol. My wage fluctuates quite a bit depending on the kind of jobs Im sent out to, some years its like $70k, some $120k (ie, Im out of town all year long building all the facilities for a mine/oil rig/hydrodam/nuclear reactor/any big subsidized industrial project)

>> No.26471813


Your body will be destroyed by the time you're 40. Enjoy it while it lasts. Tradesfolk are highly overrepresented among many patient groups.

>> No.26471917

Duded i work in an office and i just pretend to be busy all day and shoot the shit/drink coffee/shitpost. I work on Wednesday and Thursday and finish all of my work leisurely then.

because you guys helped me with crypto im telling you: figure out how to get a 'data analyst' job, its just doublechecking entries other people put in a datase.

>> No.26471925

What do you do? Sounds kinda enjoyable.

>> No.26471969

Lol x2k20

>> No.26472032

doubtful, I dont really do terribly labour intensive stuff, all my work is finishing work, mostly with .24g steel pieces that only weight 10-15lb at most. We don't do much heavy lifting, and basically have the greenlight to rent boom lifts, telehandlers, bobcats, get scaffolds/swingstages put up (we dont build that shit, there's another company that does it), order cranes, etc whenever we want to make our jobs easier. I have tickets to operate all those machines and equipment as well.

But ya, if I was in some other trades like roofing or drywalling or something, my body would 100% be falling apart in my 40s

>> No.26472140

Do you sell any porn? Pick me your best title.

>> No.26472142

industrial/commercial sheet metal work. Like cladding, capflashing, downpipes, etc on every building that isn't a house (we dont do residential). We dont form the metal pieces either, just measure out whats needed, draw it, and then a fabricating shop makes it. We put it on and make it look nice basically

>> No.26472208

HAHA, jokes on you, I am at work now, NIGGER!

>> No.26472400


I hope you're right, anon. For your sake. I see many electricians etc. with functional voice disorders as a result of their line of work and they don't tend to consider their work very labor intensive either. A lot of it has to do with which positions you tend to work in, not the actual work load itself. Electricians tend to end up with a lot of tension in their neck and shoulder regions which comes with a lot of secondary consequences. You tend to breathe in a lot of stuff that's bad for your health as well at most construction sites.

>> No.26472605

I hate you guys what kind of jobs do you have

>work in germany
>have to go to office 2 week per month even though we are developers
>cannot slack off there are tons of things to do
>paid 65k euro per year

>> No.26472614

Can't /biz/ organize an official suicide meet up? It will never get better so we should just end it. I'm sure at least one of you has access to firearms.

>> No.26472750

I get to stand all day instead of sitting at a desk like a depressed LOSER!

>> No.26472986
File: 937 KB, 999x519, serge-modular-diy-e1446249136949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

on paid vacation
it'll be hard to go back desu
can't fucking go anywhere so i'm going to learn how to build circuits

>> No.26473117

To all the people hoping they can get a job doing nothing and getting paid for it:
You're either
>a lazy idiot with no dreams and will enjoy it
>A person that strives to learn and do better next time and that "comfy" position will.be a living hell

My time is more precious than what any employer might pay. Have fun being literal slaves.

>> No.26473195
File: 10 KB, 205x246, 1527773699115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.26473244

Based. Might do this at some point

>> No.26473300
File: 67 KB, 354x512, unnamed (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i transitioned off coffee to tea
now i drink green tea in the morning, sometimes puerh on the weekends when i have time for a relaxing gongfu session
look after yourself anon

>> No.26473334

Same, when your job requires you to actually physically produce things you are expected to work without stopping outside of breaks.

>> No.26473359

looking forward to earn my 0.0056 btc (before taxes) tomorrow

>> No.26473603

same here
I have developed a physical and mental aversion to wageslaving

>> No.26473675
File: 75 KB, 1280x720, 1607967867679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>your bosses will tell you that you’re doing great, keep up the great work - until performance reviews come around, in which you will be eviscerated for every mistake they can think of as an excuse not to give you a raise.

Damn this hits close to home. My boss tried to not give me a raise because "upper management" don't want to do it, but I called his bluff and told him I'd talk to every single one in the upper management to show my accomplishements so eventually he gave in and gave me the raise. I think he will try to fuck with me in the future again so I may need to work on plan B, C

>> No.26473678

>A person that strives to learn and do better next time and that "comfy" position will.be a living hell
I had a job like that 10 years ago where I got paid basiclly to sit on my ass. my coworkers loved it an would watch movies all day. I hated that "dream job" and quit after 2 weeks.

>> No.26473803

>live in uk
>get paid to sit on my ass while I make even more money with crypto
On the downside:
>live in the uk

>> No.26473989

one shitty thing I learned about raises is they usually mean the boss will act like he owns you on a new level
>"oh, well now that I'm paying you 2% more you have to do 2x as much work. Aren't you grateful for your generous raise?"

>> No.26474148
File: 1.36 MB, 854x812, 57546CA3-C95D-4B74-B062-CA0AA8B82E99.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dev/software bros... can I make it through self taught paths? I just started the Odin project. I got an engineering degree and the jobs are miserable and don’t even come close to FAGMAN junior dev salaries.
At this point I’m considering quitting my job and studying/learning full time so I can move on faster. Studying part time is so slow and the life clock is ticking.

>> No.26474188
File: 8 KB, 249x249, 1526408993597s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gentlemen, please, feel free to visit this thread for some rather rude awakenings.

>> No.26474256

the worst part of my job is dealing with retards. i would almost call it comfy if it weren't for that.

>> No.26474294

Asking for a raise (In modern times at least) is like asking to fuck your bosses daughter in front of him, the levels of visible disgust on their faces is unreal. I've asked at 3 jobs now and met with this reaction each time even though I outperform everyone in the team and if I disappeared they would all be fucked trying to pick up the pieces.

This as well, if you are given it, oh boy, you better be fucking grateful and never complain again. Also, you must take on more work even though the pay rise was to be paid fairly for the work you are ALREADY doing.

>> No.26474428

tendies day

>> No.26474507

bro i'm living that life just like you right now, but i am dreading exactly this kind of meeting coming out of nowhere in the future...
...h-haha maybe its just a raise?

i feel like an employed NEET. yes its contradictory, but i can't think of another word describing my situation. literal nobody nonamer, living with parents, khv, check every box in the "pastless, presentless, futureless misguided youth" checklist, but i somehow managed to fall into a job.

i feel like i accidently glitched the universe by autistically mashing the controls, and teleported myself into the "normie got a job" timeline. but you know, without any substance backing it. so now im scared of losing it. people say "fake it till you make it", well, my faking machine is running overtime.

>> No.26474573

You niggers need to get a rotational job

14 days on 14 days off is comfy

>> No.26474591

Mondays suck because it's all meetings and I don't get to be productive. Otherwise working is comfy because I'm really good at my job so I get to do whatever the fuck I want. Also it's cool to still go to the office, fuck being at home all the time

>> No.26474855

Yea, luckily I don't do much now. I can work from home but I just go into the office to grab the free food. I have to start lifting again after weekend restdays cause I want to be /fit/ That's going to be the main pain in the ass walking to the gym and back in this frigid ass weather and doing cardio after a weekend of drinking and smoking cigarettes

>> No.26474966
File: 81 KB, 842x792, 1603836809212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw made more from trading crypto these past few days than i do from wagecucking an entire month

goddamn it's tempting to just quit my job and try my hand at this full-time but I know that would backfire quickly (or would it?)

>> No.26475102

this is the site is use for such advice.
there are some rebbits you can ask too

>> No.26475414

like many anons have said before, everyone's a genius during a bull market
I've also made more trading memecoins than from previous wagecuck jobs, but just wait for bear season
still not going back to wage though, I"m going full minimalist and eating ramen if it means not waging again

>> No.26475900

LMAO, i read that as "office meet up". that would be such a good idea though:
/lit/ has had a book meetup,
/pol/ has had a a politics meetup,
/biz/ can have a wagie meetup in some rented office, with a water cooler, and everyone turns up in typical desk job formal attire to discuss our wagie lives and difficulties.

>> No.26476020

Based as fuck, sounds like a great career

>> No.26476044

>got call centre job for COVID
>quit after 3 days
Can’t do it. Just gonna collect unemployment

>> No.26476173

I fucking hate my job
On top of everything now everyday I work with two boomers who are constantly sperging conspiracy theories about corona/new world order/bill gates/5g
fuck my life

>> No.26476259

UPS driver
It's alright. Some days are very stressful. Eventually I'll make good money, benefits are legit. But really I'd rather be free at home with my wifey working on something meaningful.

>> No.26476382

sounds fun as fuck honestly. Try being in an open office environment with constantly gossiping vultures instead.

>But... But you can just stay out of office politics.

This is the second biggest lie told by dumb boomers, first one being "you must always work hard to become succesful"

If you isolate yourself from the gossip sphere, guess who's gonna start thinking that you think you're better than everyone else and point their arrows at you?

>> No.26476395

Yes I love my job as a sea captain. I get free blowjobs at the bar when I go there in my uniform. I literally do nothing but browse biz and fuck whores for a week straight. Then I get a week off. I love my job.

>> No.26476399


>> No.26476415

any reccomendation about where to find a job like this to do it remotely?

>> No.26476485

the level of jaded here is off my device's scale

>> No.26476525

>if youre actually working hard, it's probably time to move on
learned this lesson as well, also in software

>> No.26476576

Please lord make it stop it’s unbearable

>> No.26476605


>> No.26476608

that's pretty funny, I'm learning the electrical trade.

>> No.26476630

no :)

>> No.26476647

120k is absurd are you a nutcase

>> No.26476653

What dildo would you recommend, sir?

>> No.26476689

I get free student gibs from the Government for doing literally nothing

>> No.26476731
File: 10 KB, 250x250, 1561078700305s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ready for another comfy WfH day shitposting on /biz and watching cats on youtube yes.

>> No.26476749

Based, If thots can profile from horny betas why wouldn't a bro do the same, they get exactly the same at the end, an elaborated fantasy with no future, be careful with the details bro so you don't accidentally get caught

>> No.26476808

>writing end year reviews
hate these fucking things

worst thing is I know I'm a dick, but people still give me good reviews, so I try to see the best in them too

it is all so tiresome

>> No.26476863

>tfw Wagecucking just to buy more XMR

>> No.26476916


>> No.26476932

Try using audiobooks. You can consume them even when you're stoned as fuck.

>> No.26476958

i have to go wagecuck today. its sunday

>> No.26477206

Try to learn by working on something that you want to use

>> No.26477240

genuine question, why haven't you retired yet?

>> No.26477309

how bad is bear season? do only 1% of stocks make money?

>> No.26477394
File: 23 KB, 224x231, monekylaff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26477431
File: 19 KB, 400x388, 9c0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont wanna go back to my wage cage tomorrow

>> No.26477485

I can't get past the interviews

>> No.26477508

I earned it

>> No.26477514

i know people that quit working during the 2017 bull run. they all went broke after it ended

>> No.26477567

then I guess I better make the most out of this one, eh?

>> No.26477596

I'm just browsing biz waiting to fall asleep, don't want to wage tomorrow, the drag is unbearable
How do I fix this?

>> No.26477677

Tell your manager to fuck off and grow some dope

>> No.26477993

Depends on your wage master anon - I ironically somehow seem to just keep getting worse and worse jobs - I miss my old role where I did fuck all for 5 hours and only worked 3

>> No.26478066

I've lost all motivation to progess any further in my career. I'm only a low level software dev but ever since the 2017 bullrun, i've been redpilled on wagecucking. Why the fuck would I become a slave trying to get a promotion just to earn a few extra thousand a year? I've been making that on trades over the past few years. I don't have enough to retire though - the six figure hell meme is real.

>> No.26478129

I treat my career like I treat anything else I've invested in. It's important to have, as it helps with diversifying your portfolio of income sources.

>> No.26478187

Sleeping till 10 AM, spending my day busting fat nuts and working at home from my computer for managing my projects.

I'am making around 40k € a year. All i had to do was to invest my money from LINK into startups, to hype folks around me about my concepts while showing them that i'am smart with money.

I have in total around 500k in assets from my crypto gains. I diversified that into low risks investments for feeling safe and comfy.

I wish that more anon could follow that mindset. While i didn't made it (yet), i was able to gain some liberty.

Investing instead of spending.

>> No.26478251
File: 1.25 MB, 1920x1440, 123522244563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Started as a janitor recently thanks to covid.
I maintain my sanity by pretending its just like ss13.

>> No.26478308
File: 1.23 MB, 998x838, highlander-usa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's my final week of wagecuckery, lads.
From now on the only ventures I enjoin will be of my own making.
Keep flipping stacks, wagmi.

>> No.26478310

good way to look at it

>> No.26478356

I watch George Lopez all day while no one is at my office because China flu. I do meaningless data entry and trial prep for $20 an hour and no debt except like $200 for my credit card. My work isn’t extremely satisfactory but I’m damn grateful for the position I’m in considering everything from last year.

>> No.26478424

Does anyone do day trading to escape wage cuck?

>> No.26478471

based ss13 emulator

>> No.26478539
File: 29 KB, 616x498, apu tired coffee 1607145633964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope. I worked yesterday until 7PM because I took MLK Day off, and woke up today at 12:30PM absolutely exhausted.

>> No.26478578

Furloughed until March - Full pay, NEET life

I will never have such luck ever again

>> No.26478624

Livestream it if you do

>> No.26478635

shit employer, work in germany as well, home office since march, pay increase and less hours because I can just fake work time lmao, web dev btw

>> No.26478685

I just played the long hold game with minimal cashing out and delaying tactics along the way e.g. doing an MA in a niche topic that was fully funded. But this approach was easier at the time given there were fewer cryptos than there are now.

>> No.26478721
File: 178 KB, 1242x1133, 3A752799-2A62-4E2F-A125-0C48053AD356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m trying to cut the caffeine myself. Last week I was ingesting a decent amount, certainly nothing like you but still enough for me to get headache once I go without coffee. I’m probably going to drink very little caffeine next week, but man a cup of Joe sounds spectacular right about now.

>> No.26478772

what job?

>> No.26478811

Same here anon. I need to be more productive. Government employees got it good right now.

>> No.26478911

Research scientist. My experiments are usually on a four-day schedule but writing up my report/analysis/etc takes a lot of time as well and I wasn't able to finish it Friday. Overall I love the job and the pay is aight (though cost of living is high) but this weekend has been the most brutal since wuflu started.

>> No.26478957

My pharmacy will start giving covid vaccines this week. Pray for me, bros.

>> No.26479034

Your spirit would have still manifested into a living human If what you wanted happened. You’d probably be born some fucking African in some hut in Uganda.

>> No.26479082

I am wage cucking right now.
Just received an email and all it says is
And an attached email from Dec 22 that I already received and no relevance to me.
I have no idea what they mean or want but I am not replying.

>> No.26479093


>> No.26479198

I work an office job and you can hear me chuckling and laughing from watching shit on the internet all day. If you’re a wageslave and look like OPs pic, you’re doing it wrong.

>> No.26479201
File: 31 KB, 400x400, 1606510993583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based porno scalper

>> No.26479241

Old people are the worst in any type of job anon. There’s no escaping it.

>> No.26479274

how do I get into a PhD program if I have a sub 3.0 GPA?

>> No.26479494
File: 303 KB, 1241x1855, A53610B1-5D88-457F-B8CB-B9D8B3F12181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If this happens please choose a specific shoe to wear before your group from /biz/ kills themselves, particularly Nike. Let us know which shoe you will all die in and we’ll buy up those shoes. Once the news headline from the suicide pact states you were all wearing a specific Nike shoe, Nike will discontinue it due to the morbid back story and the shoe will moon in price. It’s exactly what happened to the heavens gate cult.

>> No.26479576

Different ID Because I’m home now, we have ICE T and Snoop Dogg films, I have those set aside I’ve been procrastinating on buying them for shits and giggles for months now.

>> No.26479636

Jock brand. Fantastic if you need to gape yourself.

Obviously bad dragon tentacles, but that’s more because of the memes.

>> No.26479639

Stay strong anon. I too am trying to get fit but have to walk to the gym in 30 degree weather.

>> No.26479676

Yes, you have significantly higher levels of freedom as a university student.

>> No.26479709

When someone is in my office all they talk about is how they hate trump and love democratic cock. Honestly you should redpill your coworkers on the JQ. That’ll be fun

>> No.26479731

what boats do you run?

>> No.26479777

I got laid off, thanks to covid bullshit. Feels good, actually. I can focus full time on entrepreneurial projects and crypto investments.

>> No.26479895


>> No.26479908

>Gonna go back to working my part time retail gig
>Work the evening shift where no one comes in and I eat snacks off the shelf until I clock out
Can’t believe I get paid for this shit

>> No.26480023


>> No.26480047


>> No.26480357

How can I profit from being comfortable doing public speaking?
From what I gather most people hate doing it and drop spaghetti if they try.

It's my only talent.

>> No.26480401

unless those balloon into $1000 a coin, you're not going to make it at $1 a coin

even if you dumped 200 into each, it'll still be literally years before you see a profit if any. better to pick 3 tops

>> No.26480466

Mondays/tuesdays are too busy for us because we're understaffed, but other days I'm masturbating in between phone calls and shopping and researching new hobbies and so on

>> No.26480520

Safest bet but you're going to be so bored.

You'll see so many Anons gaining 10x or 100x on coins you won't even know how to buy.

While you might feel bad, at least you won't commit suicide when you fuck up.

t. bought 1000 RBC at $0.20

>> No.26480658

buy GRT and delegate. super easy way to make it

>> No.26480724

I wish they had this for art/music

>> No.26480839

>figure out how to get a 'data analyst' job

that was my first job out of college

you literally work for like 16 bucks an hour and the guy who was there 4 years longer than i was was making like 22 an hour lol

you're literally the 'bug-testing department for videogames' if you work as a data analyst. not to mention, automation is actively taking those jobs out of human commission

>> No.26480856

>Futurist bullshitter
You can go to tech-cons and bullshit for hours on end about what we'll have in the future and shit on millenials because they're lazy.
>Industry 5.0 Bullshitter
You can go to tech-cons and bullshit for hours on end about agile, business analysis and AI and shit on junior level devs because they're not motivated enough.
>Scrum Master
You can get an SM cert which is the easiest shit to get, become a consultant, go to various tech companies and shit on entire scrum teams about how their stand-up took longer than expected.

>> No.26480908
File: 8 KB, 401x94, 98.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26480978

Never quit. Drag it out until you're fired. You owe these people nothing

>> No.26480990

God damn this thread is depressing as fuck.
Is 24 too old to join the military? Having all my life expenses paid for me for 4 years and leaving with $50k and free college sounds a hell of a lot better than a wagecuck life of no security and constant anxiety.

>> No.26481068

I’m an SAP consultant that now works 100% from home. And i love what i do.

>> No.26481198

Figure a way to work for yourself.
Look through previous entrepreneur generals. Can't speak on military but I wouldn't personally. Brings a whole new world of problems.

>> No.26482236
File: 62 KB, 1013x575, 1611454055017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a high school senior bio teacher.
80k base, plus I get 10k in management credits so on 90k atm.
12 weeks paid holidays a year with 6 weeks over summer is comfy asf.

>> No.26482369

Alright, I can’t believe I’m considering doing this, but I am. I talked to my wife about it and she’s down. Not selling her underwear, just buying some and selling it. However, she just asked me if she could sell foot pics... idk how I feel about this, but I’m morally corrupt and willing to do just about anything to make a better life for my wife and children. My fear is this spiraling down to me and her selling porn of ourselves. What do?

>> No.26482395

>your work in 3 hrs and trying to look productive for another 3hrs ?
Luckily, remote changed things so that all of the pretend work time is yours at home

>> No.26482433

You don't desu, not without retaking a bunch of classes at least.

>> No.26482452

>putting your entire check towards deep in the money LEAPS.
Why leaps and why deep in the money?

>> No.26482504
File: 33 KB, 511x671, 1588815835672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw walking in at lunch-time while the wagies shoot me dirty and confused glances
>'isn't he coming in late??'
>'why does he get to come in at this time??'
>'doesn't he have bills to pay? i need to work overtime to pay mine!'

>> No.26482517

why the oscillation

>> No.26482527

>>mfw I'll just quit before the trial period is over anyway
What kind of job is it?

Are you just hopping from job to job in between collecting unemployment now?

>> No.26482786


>50% talking, 30% watching, 20% coding

Anon, you're not working less harder... you're simply...

Collaborating, reviewing, optimizing.

>> No.26482872


You needed to make sure you're doing enough to be ranked no worse than anyone else in making their life easier some way some how be it work or personality ass kissing.

Now you're a silent paperweight neet.

>> No.26482922

I am teaching myself to become a software dev and do pull/chin ups in between studying. Where do I rank on this list?

>> No.26482963


>> No.26482968


I've seen a few in your situation across many other fields.

You've found yourself in the useful idiot spot. You're useful and you're an idiot for somehow being the keystone to anything getting done.

You need to walk and take more or dip. You're only giving them more leverage and productivity at current rate.

>> No.26483023


Any fuck up or funny stories to share?

What is the business hierarchy for something like this.

Are there 'nudge nudge wink wink' type of bullshit going on?

>> No.26483183

No, can't find a job during the pandemic

>> No.26483218

Please tell me this is a joke and you aren't a government slave for the next 7 years

>> No.26483291

Problem is this life fucking blows too. Maybe worse than doing work. I've had all the bullshit jobs. I would honestly rather be busy all day than be stuck in that trap of not needing to work but needing to be at work. Don't tell me you never get in your head wondering why you're wasting your life there when you're literally only there to run out the clock

>> No.26483292

how many pullups you do per set and per day?

>> No.26483299
File: 39 KB, 1024x576, 1546672334053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work night shift so I go in today.

>> No.26483398



If you do great you may get a 7-10% raise typically at best along with a bonus almost never more than a month's wage if you're lucky.

YOU NEED to have a rapport with a manager or director and whoever can submit a pay review to HR / accounting for authorization.

You, in the gentlest and kindest way, need to suggest just how much of a PL and synergy loss would be because of your value.

If they're a shit head at that point you need to walk.

If they're reasonable, they know you're going to walk because you should be able to get more if you're not shitting anyone.

Otherwise, just hope you can get on track for a promotion in a realistic time and try to milk that but good luck. If you project in anyway that you have a weakness for them to take leverage on (personal finances / debts) or are just a push over in general and can't dodge bullshit politely then you're fucked regardless and you have to hop. No other way around it.

>> No.26483416

Also personal opinion but night shifts are the bomb.com. Idk why I liked it so much. Maybe it's the illusion of being separate from the 9-5 wagiegang lifestyle, maybe it's the solitude, idk.

>> No.26483451

It's 1000 times worse than uni. I've worked both blue and white collar jobs and both fucjing suck in their own way. Gaddafi was right, the modern work place is just glorified slavery. Cypto can't moon soon enough.

>> No.26483498

>and if I disappeared they would all be fucked trying to pick up the pieces.

why don't you try to leave? have them call your bluff

>> No.26483510


I love all UPS drivers you are all based and I've never had a bad experience with any driver I've tried to be friendly with. They do little things for me that matter when it counts and I love it.

>> No.26483526

Based as fuck


>> No.26483593


Lol you fucking guy. I'd kill for ur spot. Be thankful you aren't trapped in basedville.

>> No.26483599

Just received a call
>Why didn't you respond to my emails anon?

>> No.26483620

Same. Year and a half into driving. I made 63k my first full year and that will about double at top rate, but it's just not worth it to me. I'd kill to go back to working PT in the hub.

>> No.26483634

>worked til 10pm Friday evening (5 hours of overtime that day)
>slept til noon on Saturday
>Now its Monday morning at 1:00am
The weekend wasnt even here....

>> No.26483695

not ready. 31 with no debt, renting a cheap apt, car paid, 4000 link, 1 btc, and $400k cash in the bank. should i jsut retire bros im so tired. is it possible

>> No.26483738

At least you can look forward to spending some quality time in Syria and Iran over the next 7 years

>> No.26483745

can someone not meme me and give me the correct answer

>> No.26483861

>mfw I'll just quit
That's the only good part of wagecucking

>> No.26483926

I want to be an analyst for a hedge fund, but I'm probably going to have to go back, redo my A levels in relevant subjects, do a degree in economics, get straight As and then do an internship in my mid to late 20s. I'm currently a politics student at a pretty meh university because I didn't get to do the A levels I wanted and only got BCC in them. I'm pretty sure me having to redo my A levels will turn a lot of investment banks off to me. Honestly, being depressed, unmotivated, and lacking direction for the 3 years between being 16 years old and 19 fucked my life up pretty bad.

>> No.26483931

Find a comfy part time gig and get some hobbies for weekdays

>> No.26484128

Fucking agile consultants...

>> No.26484130

depends on what kind of lifestyle you want to live and how much longer you think you're going to be alive
I'm 30, similar boat with car and cheap apt., 'cept I have 85k in boomer stonks and 35k in crypto
I know I'm not near "making it" but I'm ready to get out too
I'd say you're doing pretty good anon

>> No.26484194

anybody use fiverr? thinking of doing some freelance shit instead of finding another wagecuck "regular" job.

>> No.26484256

What can go wrong? Clearly you need the money

>> No.26484298

also, if you have a wife and kids your idea of making it will shift significantly
I get some people have to do the needful and procreate, but if you want to guarantee financial security for the rest of your life staying single is the best bet

>> No.26484340

I'm doing some work from home shit and my boss is trying to micromange me via email, I've basically stopped responding to him unless it's something actually important. I made more money investing the past year sitting on my ass clicking some buttons than from working, I have absolutely no motivation

>> No.26484349

>No debt
>400k in bank
Fucking cringe, you should have went all in a week after chink aids shit the markets and applied for every business loan possible with your good goy bank account as collateral

>> No.26484470 [DELETED] 

i just won the lottery for 350k. I guess it isn't literally in the bank yet

>> No.26484493
File: 322 KB, 870x970, 1577829744129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26484650

significantly worse, and i work for an amazing company (but i went to an amazing school too)

>> No.26485236

This post is a perfect representation of /biz/ as a whole. Well done.

>> No.26485298
File: 133 KB, 640x630, 6907A4D4-D4D4-4B6C-A683-F1B64083AEC4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please advise

>> No.26485832

Do you have some funds to keep you afloat while you study?

>> No.26485863

>not chilling on NEETbux while making crypto gains

You guys have to be kidding.

>> No.26486208
File: 1.39 MB, 414x390, Ee_m6JMXsAE4Ugv.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss being a degenerate, fapping and watching anime all day. I buy a weekly local raffle that pays out 100k ish just because it gives me a bit of fool's hope.

>> No.26486538

by injecting hallucinogens and squirting lube all over the floor?

>> No.26486702

That’s the thing, I make pretty good money.

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