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I called Metamask and they sent me my airdrop even though I missed it yesterday. Took about 20min altogether. good luck anons

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buy bitbot protocol
legit project
staked tokens are taken out of circ forevwr

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Is metamask a female?

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hopefully i didnt fuck a man!

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What airdrop kek

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yeh i received mine today also

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the metamask airdrop
made almost $4k, pretty sweet

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thought it was a meme but finally got mine too, not too shabby with the $800

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Damn thats a hot slut. Look at her baring her ass to you. She knows shes nothing more than a fuckhole.

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I swapped 1dai for 1 usdt and paid 300$ in fees.
Today I woke up with 32k in air drop token. Thank you pajeet

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wait this isn't some meme? what's the contract?

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Uh?? What’s the koalafications?

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based xvideos comment section poster

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for real though do you guys think there will be a metamask token soon? should i waste a fuckton of eth doing swaps on several wallets?

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maybe, but likely not

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Got my airdrop yesterday
Holding until it's worth 10k

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Mine was only $1k per wallet

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Thank god I'm a retard who ended up making like 10 different metamask accounts. I actually got airdropped 10x. Shit like this never happens to me

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got my free 1k from just having 0.01 ETH in my wallet.

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Pretty comfy desu, easiest 4k I ever made.

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post contract for token

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Thanks anon, I just claimed mine

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1k of what?

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the airdrop dummy

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how do you claim?

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what can I do with this piece of shit, when should I sell?

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>it's real
holY FUCk

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wow... im gonna get a quadbike

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well i tried that and the amount of wallets made my pc shut down and now it donesnt work
best airdrop.

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I got 5x airdropped addresses bros I never get lucky but this is truly a blessing!

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This is a new biz meme

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that orange dog stole my AIRDROP!!!

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its a fox not a dod

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So whats this fox token called?!!11

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whats the difference?

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foxes make a horrible blood curdling screeching noise in the night time that sounds like a woman being murdered

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just cleared 4k thanks biz

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>new biz meme
I won't post the info here because we have too many plebbitors lurking

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so how am i supposed to tell if its a fox or a dog? do you hear sounds from metamask?

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I missed the airdrop but my dad is a janitor at Metamask HQ and he helped me claim the airdrop

thanks dad

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You hear the sound when you get the airdrop

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can you hook me up as well?

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i missed the airdrop but im a womxn so they gave me it anyway

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ok but promise me you'll come to my birthday party

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what does the fox say?

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okay :) how old? :)

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that's a dog

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By looking at it. are you retarded?

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too old to make it

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You have been banned from twitter

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i have never seen in real life a fox so not so easy
still not too old to die

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Thats sad. You gotta get out in nature more Anon.

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i swapped on 4 different wallets. after the uniswap airdrop it seemed like a good idea
wish i would have done more, fuck gas fees

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how much in total :D

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I've found a MetaMask Coin, but that can't be it right?

And what do you need to do to get it?

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i love god but this image makes me touch my peepee

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reverse word and you have dog

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Please, ban all these retards from topic
they still try to bring with trash tokens and post everywhere their referral links
I am not a tard to follow this shit
Why should I do it if I have base on my wallet and last weeks there were only pos rebases

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OMG just got the airdrop and I heard the fox sound, I jumpscared like crazy

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the reverse of a whore is a house wife, your point?

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Honestly how would they even know which wallet used metamask. Metamask is just the middleware there's no proof on chain which wallet used which app.

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metamask swaps

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Foxes don't exist in my country

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what country?

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He's an Azerbai(((jannie)))

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oh no

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I uniswapped my 'masks for more Link. Wish me luck, boys..

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metamask airdrop is a scam orchestrated by bunch if pajeets, they looked for shills few weeks ago

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Who is pleas

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