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Why don't young people lower their standards? Warren Buffett was content with buying a mere $31,500 house.

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t-thanks boomers

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Damn boomers.
Look, THIS is woke to a next level
A house made out of europallets

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$31,500 today can get you a gipsy shed in the middle of the woods. Would you be happy living in a gipsy shed? Having to take a shit outside on those ice cold winter days/nights? Fuck you baby boomer mother fucker. I'm buying LINK, gonna sell it at $1000, gonna buy a mother fucking McMansion and gonna flex it all over your old boomer bones. Bitch.

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You didn't finish reading. That 35k is 250k in todays monies.
>I would still put most of that into LINK. Lmao.

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you didn't finish reading either.
that house is 'worth' $650,000+ now.
idk whether that includes Warren tho.

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Sure let me just find a house that is worth 0.001% of my net worth. Will a pile of leaves do?

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>That 35k is 250k in todays monies.
That's a lie. 31k in 1958 is about 700k now.

Then there is another lie about the house being worth 650k. A McMansion in a white gated community is no less than $800k in Nebraska.

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wow that images sure bring me back to my childhood in south america

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That senile old man brings the value down, for sure

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Inflation is the biggest inter generational crime ever committed, thank god we can circumnavigate it now with crypto’s

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imagine the smell

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dude's probably buying every dip be causes, just waiting for the moment he says "I was wrong about crypto", watched the p[rice go up, and dumps.

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I know hes mega minted, but I love his house hahah it's all you need man

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gypsy shed in woods is unironically a based living situation, assuming you own the land

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i't so disingenious to say that 31.5k is equal to 250k. back then middle class made that in a year instead of having to pay for it for decades at insane rates.

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Why don't you produce more value if you want to get paid more?

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Value is a meme

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We are, we’re ditching dollars for a more valuable currency based on deflation rather than inflation. The value created in the change over will even the playing field so to speak

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do you mean me in specific or literally the entirety of "first world" populations? because even high paying jobs haven't moved with the real inflation.

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A cabin with lakefront property was 2000$ in the 1930s. Now they are going from 500k to 2 mil depending on the area.

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>even high paying jobs haven't moved with the real inflation
To be fair there's something seriously defective with modern young adults and it's not hard to believe they simply aren't worth as much as their working fathers and grandfathers were.
I think it's some sort of environmental poisoning deal. Very weak and sickly looking, mumbling, flat affect, etc.

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I wish I had a house. But house prices here start at half a million in bumfuck nowhere.

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in burgerland all the onions farming stripped the soil of nutrients and all the selective breeding for color and size (not to mention the included pesticides) so it looks good on grocery store shelves ruined produce. this generation was raised by people suffering from chronic lead poisoning with a diet of television programming.

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>I think it's some sort of environmental poisoning deal. Very weak and sickly looking, mumbling, flat affect, etc.
nah, it's feminism and jews. "empowerment" of women came at the expense of men. did you never notice how every single thing feminists are advocating for is always directed against men?

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Did you fail to read the text in your own pic, or are you really that retarded?

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>$31,500 today can get you a gipsy shed in the middle of the woods.
And you still would have to reconstruct the land, the shed itself + taxes + tips.

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divide and conquer anon, and where is a better division than 51/49 ?

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>90yo billionaire
>"why can't you young people live like I did after the Korean War"

Haha okay grandpa.

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maybe the barren wuffet billionaire just likes that house and is autisticly afraid of change

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Productivity has doubled in the last few decades while wages have shrank. We do produce more vlaue the kikes just extract it for themselves.

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>80% white state
>still needs white gated communities to properly avoid the groid

Boy I sure do love diversity.

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>Why don't young people lower their standards?
Isn't that literally what the microhouse/cuckshed trend is?

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>Productivity has doubled in the last few decades while wages have shrank.
Right, because today's workers aren't exerting more effort or having more valuable ideas. The extra productivity is from these workers using employer provided technology.

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Worth 250k in today's money...
Worth 650k today....

Kek, he trusts the inflation figures!

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No, he was content buying a 650k house in 1958 dollars.

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How is 31k worth 250k if the house costs 650k.

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Warren Buffet is also a scumbag, pushes the gov. to stop the transpacific pipeline so his inefficient rail companies can profit and run up oil and gasoline costs for the average american. Then remember when the clown said he doesn't take right offs when Trump said all the rich big swinging dicks do, that's right Buffet dickhead, your c corp takes them. It's all an act, he also drives a beatup car that still runs and a whole mess of other bullshit, basically self promotion, wants to display an image of being frugal and living simple to the average sucker who eats it all up to avoid scrutiny when it comes to his lying and market manipulation.

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Joke is on them, that pallet wood was probably sprayed constantly in 3rd world shitholes with fuck knows what pesticides and herbicides and fungicides lol.

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that's what im doing. dont really care about women or having a family

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this is Mr Buffets limousine.
he purchased it as slightly used demo in 1972 for $239 (today: $1,488) and turned it over once a day ever since, apart from during the 1973 Oil Crisis, when he had his wife push instead.
Mr Buffet is 129 and worth fucking shitloads more than you crypto faggots
it was $31,500 and that is (inflation adjusted) $282,095.03 in todaybux. The cost of housing has increased more (+1964%) than inflation (+795%) over the same period.

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The cost of houses rose faster than inflation.

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Do not fall for the "starter home" meme that realtors spiel. They just want you to come back 3-5 years down the road and "check-in" to see if you are ready to upsize. Anons, this is what you do. You save money for a home, you buy the home, you pay off the home, you stay in the home.
>But what if the local economy dumps!
If you paid it off then it does not matter that much and you can seek other ventures which can be remote work.
Boomers didn't take America off the Gold standard nor did they create sprawling suburbia. Their parents did but the Boomers are only at fault for not returning us to the Gold standard and making sprawl even bigger.

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Well now that you pointed that out.
>I no longer blame OP or whoever it was. I blame whoever wrote the article.
Naaa still my dumbaas reading comprehension.

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here in NZ can't even get land to build a shack on. median price of a bare residential plot to build on is like 7 times the median household income. Not quite as bad as land with a house already on it which sits at roughly 8-9 times median household income. (Up to 12 times in our largest city)

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This. Maybe boomers exaggerate their hard work bootstrapping, but I see stupid millenials in my generation just sitting around chatting, whining, or constantly on their phones. Then they call out for the stupidest fucking reasons and employers can barely discipline people nowadays without people running to HR. Productivity is 100% up to technology, workflows that have been hammered out for decades, or algorithms working out shit. Employees should get paid according to skill, not the employers productivity, and millenials have no fucking useful skills because schools don't teach anything useful nowadays, and gen xers never taught us antyhing.

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Their parents were ethically incompetent.

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>Warren Buffett was content with buying a mere $31,500 house.

Warren Buffet owns a fleet of private jets and other real estate as well, including holiday homes for vacation. Fuck off with this 'bro just stay humble' nonsense.

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$250,000 in today money

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i'll have land and a 2 bedroom house at the very least

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You do realize that inflation is a huge advantage to young people purchasing real estate, right? Deflation would be far worse for a scenario like buying a home. Your mortgage would just keep getting more expensive, instead of getting cheaper. I swear most of the people here are economically illiterate.

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Sounds like a Ponzi scheme

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Personally, if I were to make it, I would keep my house I bought for $50k 10 years ago. Would fix it up as nice as I can and live a modest, worry free life not having to worry about wage slaving. No need for a multi million $ home and $200k cars. People around me would probably not notice much of a difference.

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>Would you be happy living in a gipsy shed?
If there are no niggers around then yes, I would be happy living in a gypsy shed.

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>employers can barely discipline people nowadays without people running to HR.
Business brought in HR to get rid of and keep an eye on the rabble rousers, now what the hell do they even do?
Hopefully working from homes means business downsizes but I doubt that they still need divorced David to make people quit.
https://4chanarchives.com/board/biz/thread/1332463 (skip down to HR anon for some great stories)

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Not an insightful statement. Technically, everything is a form of ponzi scheme insomuch as anything only has value as long as other people are willing to invest in it. Shelter is one of the most enduring ponzi schemes.

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Deflation would make the value of your money/purchasing power go up while making the asset cheaper thus making (((mortgages))) extremely unattractive because you could just save up and buy it cash. Mortgage owners would get fucked though.

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I could comfortably live in a small ass house. I just need a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom and I’m set

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Keynesian is so unbelievably flawed and the past 10 years has shown it’s weakness. How much longer can dent expansion cover over the cracks? Not many in my opinion but maybe they can squeeze another 10 years out of it

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Yes, which would be an advantage to those that already have money - the old. Deflation is much worse for young people than inflation. There are ways to catch up to inflation and harness it.

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Nah, to be a ponzi it needs to lack inherent value. Without shelter you die. Without food you die. If you don't think living is valuable to humans I guess your argument holds up. There is no inherent need for multi level marketing companies.

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completely depends on the surroundings of this expansion, u fatalist zoomer

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it's amusing how all of the nigger cattle conveniently forget that warren buffet was the son of millionaire stock broker / US congressmen.
>such meager beginnings

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I’m not a zoomer, I just hate overspending governments and Keynesians scum of the earth. Although human innovation and technology has solved the problem and created something that expose’s the bullshit

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I have to disagree. The 250k is just imaginary number pulled out from your ass 650k is not. In reality u should be comparing your money to assets like housing and stocks and inflation is suddenly 2-3x higher than reported earlier (250k to 650k)

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why going a scam ?
are you sure this jews try to bring something good?
I don’t follow them and why should I do it?
I have Base on my wallet and uniswap portfolio
I have brains to use cascade and get passive profit

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>look at my grandpa image, plebs. I’m just like you. If I can do it, you can do it. Just buy boomer stocks and take in the money.

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>two gay dads
>4 boys dressed as girls
>men bent over in doggy-style position
>unsafe soiboi-built "house" made of chemical soaked wood
>middle of nowhere, screams during sexual abuse go unheard
wew lad

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>pushes the gov. to stop the transpacific pipeline
Do you mean the keystone pipeline? I think you're confusing some other pipeline with the trans pacific *partnership*.

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That was my point. As long as people value shelter, it has value. Its a tautology. Technically, anything can be considered a ponzi scheme because its worth depends on the continuation of peoples enthusiasm for it. If earth becomes uninhabitable in 200 years, the scheme would collapse.

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you WILL buy the top

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all i need is roof over my head shower and toilet a bed to sleep in and a desk and a chair for my laptop and maybe a tv.

i don't need a fancy home that costs maintenance.

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Deflation causes a lot of problems. Overall it encourages people to hoard money instead of doing something with it, makes debts even more difficult to pay off, and leaves suppliers with lots of products that are nearly worthless because their prices continue to fall and buyers would rather hold onto their appreciating in value money than trade it in for goods amd services.

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Now factor in interest rates and inflation.

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>You must realize that most beggars do not actually want to steal all your money

That might be comforting if most beggars weren't niggers and therefore fucking retarded and show fucking shit platforms

> Still you can check how they try to tell about fake scam 500%1500% profit

That’s why I don’t follow them and use my own pool on Poolz lmao

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not substantial minded, go watch a century of the self, we where headin' towards a 3 day work week and the CEOs panicked at the thought of profits not rising every year, hence marketing was born and we are stuck in "buying shit we don't need forever" economy mode.

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there is a limit on both sides. Hyper-inflation is just as bad as hyper-deflation. The real debate is "manipulated currency vs non-manipulated currency". Right now, the value of all currency is so arbitrary and controlled that it is basically impossible to trust

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oh yes, thank god im paying less each month for this overpriced house that i'll probably finish paying by the end of my great great grandson's graduation.

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maybe some pizza boxes

>> No.26463080

those are way beyond my networth! Pizza boxes are a great source of cheese!

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I hope you're factoring in all the repairs to the house as well. Hastily built north american cucksheds only last for so long against the ravages of time and weather. Might have to replace that shitty tar paper roofing a few times. God forbid the contractors cut some corners with the foundation/plumbing/hvac/electrical work.

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>a mere $31,500
>$200k in todays dollars

>> No.26463330

>Why don't young people lower their standards?
You say this in jest but my first house was a piece of crap in a lackluster neighborhood. If you're willing to do some basic repairs yourself you can definitely make it liveable and start building up equity very quickly.

There really are retards who refuse to move out of San Francisco, downtown LA, or Manhattan. And all of them are related to the retards who write these articles.

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>The 250k is just imaginary number pulled out from your ass
its hardly 'imaginary' - the inflation rate is a calculated figure based on measurable cost increases over the years on goods, services, transportation costs etc. That inflation statistics (generally) ignore real estate prices is arguably a large flaw among many, some countries include rent, some don't. Arguably, the real estate 'value' - the $650k here - is the more imaginary number, as bears least relation to wages and the cost of near everything else. tldr, housing costs were either too cheap originally, or have now untethered themselves from reality.

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the biggest issue with deflation is it disincentivizes investment in productivity and maintenance.
so productivity and gdp falls off the cliff over time.

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Anywhere on thst chart higher on the Y axis than 2021 would take longer to pay than a house bought in 2021 would.
Don't underestimate the impact of interest rates. If your interest rate was fixed at 10% on a $200K house for a standard 30 year term you'd end up paying ~$630K compared to a 2% interest rate fixed on the same house for the same 30 year term which would result in you paying ~$266K.

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Every time I see this type of comment I ask what houses are made of in your country and never get a response. Do you have an all stone house? Concrete?

>> No.26463434

Crappy apartments and cuckpods are for losers. I'd rather be an unironic rentcuck than do that shit, at least you're not delusionally pretending to own anything.

>> No.26463447


I do. Own a 300k condo, drive a beater worth maybe 1,500, have over 400k in memecoins/stonks

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>Warren Buffet is also a scumbag
He was good friends with noted rapist Lawrence E. King

>> No.26463468

>as bears least relation to wages and the cost of near everything else. tldr, housing costs were either too cheap originally, or have now untethered themselves from reality.
The price of a commodity is determined by supply and demand, nothing else.

>> No.26463513

>children of isreal
You mean the ones who killed innocent people and exterminated them cause god told them to do so?

>> No.26463557

>bought for 250k in 1958
>62 years ago
that's a real annual return of ~1.55% to get to 652k
why are people taking real estate serious again?

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They use brick and stone masonry.
The tradeoff is fewer than five percent of them have modern HVAC.

>> No.26463584

american cucksheds are made of asbestos, thin paper and sometimes wood.
here in 3rd world hell we get the constant flow of concrete dust entering our bodies emanating from our slightly slanted 5 story unfinished (maybe add a room of the nephews upstairs?) but constantly growing grey communal boxes.

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are you trolling or illiterate you cunt

>> No.26463624

Aside from being an appreciating asset you can also live in a house.

>> No.26463648

It's free leverage, almost always goes up, holds pace with inflation, and the alternative to living in your own house is burning money on rent. It's a good starter investment for people who think being rich means having a large salary.

>> No.26463689

are you?
real return = post-inflation, nominal return = with inflation
adjusted for inflation he had a return of annually 1.55% on those 32k.
i have no numbers on hand but i'd be surprised if this is significantly more than the risk-free rate from T-bills, if even

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woman will be dissatisfied.
only thing drive a man to buy fancy expensive stuff is woman, unless he himself has more estrogen.

>> No.26463799

>prices massively increase
>pay does not
durrr houses are cheaper nowwww inflation is GOOOOD

>> No.26463829

It can be argued the starter home meme is a good idea because you're building equity which softens the blow of a larger home.

I see where you're coming from and in good circumstances I'd say yes it makes sense to save up as much as you can and just go all in on the home you want outright. BUT people's careers (and salaries), families, goals all change especially in their mid 20s.

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>when you live in one of the grayed out areas below USA where property prices are through the fucking roof


>> No.26463913

Real estates and stocks going up for centuries but hot dog is still 1$.
>not inflation!

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File: 864 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20210108_232121_com.vanced.android.youtube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tehy look happier than me if you ask me

>> No.26463982

>hot dog is still 1$.
not made of dog anymore -> cheaper meat now

>> No.26464062

yeah nah, ignore me, see what you are saying now.. you are however still ignoring the fact that housing, primary, is not an investment but a basic need. Or, its +rental income. Add in his housing costs for the last 60+ years, can't live up a fucking tree. Not even a cheap one. As also noted prev., extremely skeptical that piles only the claimed $650k worth now, but whatever.

>> No.26464065

Pretty based ngl
Cute house too

>> No.26464104

Even if those boards are coated in toxic chemicals and laden with mold, those kids will still grow up healthier and happier than 90% of "first world" children who will be addicted to preservatives, sugar, screen time and be obese before they're 15.

>> No.26464133

There's no reason to buy if the opportunity cost exceeds the cost of renting
I.e. if I could put that same initial investment into the S&P500, owning the house is only worth it if its net return from appreciation in in value less interest and maintenance and so on exceeds the S&P return
With 1.55% annually I can hardly see that being the case, but then again you can also DCA those rent payments, especially at the moment with cheap money

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If there's anyone from /o/ right now
Which car gives the most -cost/+benefit?
I have $2000 to buy a cheap car that JUST WORKS and may last another 10 years

>> No.26464362

they are (irl) eco faggots who live in the Canaries, luring s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶s̶ keen young tourist workers to come and build them a stone house and work their farm, while the happy young workers live in the noted pallet sheds. Nice gig if you can get away with it. Apart from anything else, Canaries is maybe Europes most temperate climate and about the only place on Earth you'd get away with describing shit like this as 'housing'. Their kids will flee them at the first fucking opportunity and spend the rest of their lives happily munching McDs, trust me.

>> No.26464409

Maybe the government should force employers to pay more if wage growth doesn't keep up with inlation? Or you would prefer if house prices continued to increase without being accompanied by inflation throughout the economy?

>> No.26464513

Five years ago I bought a used 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback and it's been fucking awesome. Highly recommended if you can find a lightly used one with a good maintenance history. Only downside for me is that I started lifting (SS+GOMAD) and the stock seats got a little small feeling as I got bigger.

>> No.26464514

No return on investment is guaranteed to happen. A house is literally guaranteed (by insurance) to be a place you live in.
Also your payments going to rent don't buy you anything except time living in someone else's building.
So it's not the case that you're using what would have been mortgage money for a stock market investment. Mortgage payments are at or below rent payments, meaning you're paying for time in someone else's building with nothing in return vs. paying the same amount for the same time and getting ownership on top of that.

>> No.26465250

woops, yea keystone

>> No.26465505

I always lol when people compare real estate to other investments as if they could raise a family in a mutual fund.

>> No.26465613


>> No.26465643

what about taxes and maintenance costs. Its not free living in a house you own either

>> No.26465801

If you want shelter, you will pay those costs either way. As part of your rent, or as a contribution to your own asset.

>> No.26465838

at some point multiplying your wealth becomes something like exping in an RPG game than attempting to increase your standard of living.

>> No.26465876

Why don’t you move to a second or third world country and stop complaining about unfair housing prices.

>> No.26466025

>what about taxes and maintenance costs.
Price in with rent. You're paying those for your landlord.

>> No.26466138

Excellent documentary, and surprisingly informative for the BBC.
Is there any way we can escape this (((Bernays))) created hell?

>> No.26466249

kek. Buffett must be a true autist to not even give a damn

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>Boomers didn't take America off the Gold standard nor did they create sprawling suburbia. Their parents did

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Would you really want to only work three days a week? Hard work is good for you. It's when you stop working hard that you start dying.

>> No.26466565

minimum of 5:1 leverage for even the most niggerish of credit scores.

>> No.26466715

Boomers fell for supporting global homo shit like shitskin and women equality. The modern world is the end product of what they started back in the 60s. This modern Weimar is what they left future generations. They literally left us in the worse position racially speaking then we’ve ever been since recorded history. I do not think we’ll recover

>> No.26467371

because they want to have things like avocado toast, tattoos and butt plugs

>> No.26467995

Nobody is innocent and you're a faggot for using that kind of thinking. Snap out of it.

>> No.26468502

It's pretty clear he literally has aspergers, just nobody would dare say that since he has enough money to legally torture them forever if he got offended by it.

>> No.26468701

>How is 31k worth 250k if the house costs 650k.
The 650k is based on house prices, the 250k is based on general inflation (i.e. the value of various things). Some things have increased in price a lot over the last 60 years, some not so much.

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250k in today's money LMAO
thats a shit ton of money, sure the number is different but the value is still similar or adjusted.
god i fucking hate this clown world.

>> No.26468933

a 250k house is not much of a house when it comes to the wealthy.

you are an idiot and have little concept of actual value

>> No.26468945

you could afford a 250k house on a 50k/yr salary with interest rates being so low

i make 52k and paid 160k for my house at 26

>> No.26469002

>a 250k house is not much of a house when it comes to the wealthy.
He also lives in Omaha Nebraska, not exactly the highest COL city in America.

>> No.26469020

>bro just hold an asset for 62 years

>> No.26469055

i suspect anyone who would want to make it in omaha could, but most of the faggots on /biz/ would just ree about how it's the midwest

>> No.26469062


>chemical soaked wood

you mean paint lmao

>> No.26469095

>50k slarary
>make 52k
>buy 160k
peak retard with this post it's only 90,000 broooo
no house cost 160k anymore faggot, unless you wanna commute 2 hrs to your job.

>> No.26469217
File: 176 KB, 645x780, warren_bump_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don diss the Warren, or you be dissolved in a bath of Coca-Cola™. slowly.
as noted tho, thats not (inflation adjusted) a $250k house. Its $650k one. There's a difference. I'd buy a $650k house tomorrow for $250k. No fucking problem.

>> No.26469229

I live in my states capital and commute 15-20 minutes.

now do you want to move the goalpost to how I'm a massive loser for making 52k and living in the midwest?

>> No.26469340

What are some case studies in deflationary spirals to read about?

>> No.26469343

52k in the midwest is actually a good amount of money i make about the same all the way in the east coast.
you got lucky fag.

>> No.26469552

The only thing I'm lucky for is the opportunities I had, beyond that it was up to me to actually take advantage of them for the past decade.

You sound like a reasonable person, if you can't afford where you live on your salary why not move? I'll be the first to admit if I was born in NYC or San Francisco I wouldn't make it.

>> No.26469608

I don’t think my standards or general outlook on life can get any lower without me just killing myself instead

>> No.26469655

every day above ground is a good 'un anon.

>> No.26470527

>if you can't afford where you live on your salary why not move?
waiting for a real estate crash if i were to be completely honest with you, and yes i am currently in the process of saving money and trying to move out of my parents house, but i don't wanna buy at absolute highs in the real estate market.

>> No.26470658

You're going to be waiting a while, it isn't happening in the next 2-3 years if that's what you're expecting. Maybe towards the end of the decade

>> No.26470894

enough time for me to save up and get some good plays while i'm still young.

>> No.26471639

Houses are for banks, boomers, lottery winners, and AA hires only at this point.

>> No.26472248

Boomers need to pay their debt....their bodies are the collateral...

>> No.26472369


>> No.26472804
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>I understand world is not fair
>I believe that all people are created equal

>> No.26473001

I'm driving my parents' hand-me-down Toyota Camry until I die. Just needs oil and gas, sometimes a wear and tear part, but maintenance stays well below 2-3k a year.

>> No.26473037

>morons thinking old fart buffet actually resides there

>> No.26473119

Forgot to say, it's already 28 years old and runs just like new, because it's always been taken care of.

>> No.26473148

I love how the newfags always say the blood in the streets quote whenever their favorite crypto goes down.

>> No.26473422
File: 19 KB, 1108x149, really.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine thinking he only has one house

>> No.26473662

Let's be honest, after a certain point you don't earn money to buy stuff, you earn money to flex on other niggers.

>> No.26473853

>the $11m beach house that he bought for $150k in 1971
why, ole Warren here just be pissin all over you nigga

>> No.26473900


That employee / employer relationship has really deteriorated throughout the years. It's game theory with how more often than not, corporate fucks its labor.

And in turn, labor typically goes for the strategy of coasting as much as possible.

>> No.26473972


All it really takes for most people is to get burnt once badly by their employer to really not want to give 110% and it results in both parties growingly perpetuating this.

>> No.26474501

An older toyota. Hondas are trash. Nissans are okay. Mazdas are trash. Tires are expensive. Fluids aren't that bad and you can swap everything yourself if you're not a fool. Get it checked by s mechanic if you don't know which place the blinker fluid goes in