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If you had to start over from scratch with 10k to invest (assuming you have a bigger portfolio now), how would you do it? Would you split between ETH and BTC? All in on shitcoin? All in on established coins?

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Buy rubic of course.

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BTC ETH LINK of course
Maybe gamble with shitcoins on the side

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fuck of faill troll
your what if when threads are pure /b/

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>mfw new to the game with less than that
Trying to hover around 70% stable/long term holds and 30% shitcoin gambling.

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Fail troll how? Fuck off ESL

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30% staking usdt on WAVES

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>hey /b/ I have a dead mouse what should I do with it?
kys cancer

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This is what I would do, maybe with GRT too

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