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Is this real? The numbers are so low

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I am worth $5

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LINK better moon so i keep up

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the average is in the negatives because of college debt

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Holy shit @ zoomers lmfao

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high achiever apparently only accrues 20k in net worth a year.
it's just code for a model goyim.

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this, bunch of 4channel copium

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Does home value count? Lol

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Is "high achiever" just the top 50% of the population? These numbers seem way too low. Are we just this fucked?

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Class of what? How old is this chart? I'm 28/29 soon and was class of 2010 and 2014

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These numbers seem high for me, theres no way even 5% of population has that much money at that age

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no thats from a reddit post made by a retard. theres actual data to calculate your net worth percentile or your age range


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whats a high achiever

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apparently, for my age group (25-29), the average networth is ~ -1700. Never knew I was doing so good, LoL.

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Here's the source:

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It's actually read that wrong, it's like -4500. Wow student loans fucked my generation bad. I imagine if they manage to pay it back with roping, they'll have developed serious mental problems working their ass off. That coupled with the fact that high achievers/my generation are practically stimulant addicts, we're going to see a bunch of crazies in the next 10 or so years once they start feeling the negative effects.

t. Know med fags that tell me patients who have been using stimulants become neurologically imbalanced in their 30's

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I'm 20 and just made it into 6 figure hell today, feels pretty damn good if you ask me.

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idk this place makes me feel bad about only owning 25k LINK but then you look at data like this

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> tfw I'm 26 and calculated my net worth yesterday at $93k

Doesn't feel so bad, honestly.

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2011 ~$250k. I guess I am but I feel poor because of this site.

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I almost x10 the networth for my age bracket, now what

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curious about this because i personally know a crazy amount of people abusing adderall

they become kinda crazy... but they still kinda keep functioning. About to be 30 myself

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Good job anon. Keep saving and investing.

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Double the highest age and 28 yrs old. Feels whatever

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what 11 year old is worth 3 dollars
what 99 year old is worth 17 million
callng bs

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23, dropped out of college after one year, would've been class of 2019, my net worth is higher than the 38 year old high achiever, thank you Sergey.

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I used to work as a pharmacy technician. Our entire pharmacy ran out at one point and we had to redirect morons to other pharmacies that then redirected them back to us because they were out too, LoL.

I'm told that they develop heart problems and serious depression and anxiety. They just stop firing on all pistons at some point in their 30's.

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Right at mine. But feel poor. Would like to be at 1 million

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I'm 32 with $800k net worth. God is good!

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23 and $400. I'm fucked

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Lol, I'm 27 and got $1.55M.
Gotta be a very high achiever.

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>I’m a high achiever for my age despite making 30k a year and being a college dropout

Get fucked normies

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I’m a college dropout and making 72k but I want to finish my degree for visa status so I can move out of the United States of Piss

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wow thats insanely low, even for me living in country where we make 5x less on average than in usa

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I’m a “digital nomad” been working my 30k a year American remote job while living in a cheaper country and that’s how I was able to get ahead

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The numbers he gives are approximately in line with the 95th percentile (at least for my age group). That's good but there is a world of difference between 95th, 99th, and 99.9th. 95th is squarely middle-class, 99th is broaching the upper limits of middle class, 99.9% is wealthy.

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got 870k in crypto mostly thanks to LINK, and 15k in my roth IRA in stocks, and 300k in debt form med school. I am still obliterating those number either way.

Thank you Chainlink for letting dunk the fuck on normies

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Does anyone have a calculator for non American countries. I am in the top 2% of people my age amoungst Americans and want to know how I stack up against my countrymen in my Europoor shithole.

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abusing Adderall is a bad idea, but if you were prescribed it be a legit actual doctor (not a fucking nurse practitioner) then you're fine. Getting any prescriptions from a nurse practitioner is like playing Russian roulette with your body

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>if you were prescribed it be a legit actual doctor (not a fucking nurse practitioner) then you're fine.
"legit actual doctor" You are so dumb it hurts. What difference does it make if a doctor gives you pills that fuck you up vs a nurse?

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a huge difference you fucking retard, a physician knows which people will actually benefit, whereas a nurse practitioner only knows how to hand out drugs like candy following a crayon flowchart because they never had to learn molecular biology and have no clue how the receptors work and interact in people across age, comorbidities, and coadministered drugs. Stimulants can have life-changing benefits for some people and disastrous consequences for others, turns at all humans dont have identical genetic makeup shockingly so drugs work differently for different people

>what difference does it make if its the pilot or a flight attendant flying the plane, it's still the same plane

That's what your sound like dipshit

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Nice bait

Now you're trolling

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This is a good point. Currently I’m ranked in the top .3% of online tournament poker players on the Chico network and the difference between me and the top .1% is basically exponential. I’ve made about 4K this month, and they’ve made about 20.

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>a physician knows which people will actually benefit
No one benefits from adderall. Unless you consider academic success at the cost of frying your brain a benefit.

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no fucking way this is real, did you just divide by 3 or something?

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I'm 25 and according to this chart my net worth is that of a 24 y/o
I hope it can reach the 38 y/o net worth by the end of this bullrun

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Very nice

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Is this investable assets or actual net worth? There's no way a 30 year old with a mortgage has a networth of 230,000

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I’m a complete fucking loser at life

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plenty of people can benefit from adderall you braindead mongoloid. Most will not, but some specific people will as it literally corrects a deficit in brain signaling allowing them to function a lot smoother, not for taking some stupid tests in college like you seem to believe. But please tell me more; I'm sure you studied adderall a lot in organic chemistry or neurophysiology during medical school, or examined the large randomized controlled trials examining its effects and you're not just repeating shit you saw in a yt video or worse anecdotal hearsay

I hate sharing this board with such fucking idiots

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I'm 21 with 80k in crypto as of today... Are the rest of the "high achievers" really so broke?

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>he doesn't know how an average works
These are the people telling you to what crypto to buy.

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trustfund rich kids

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You won't believe me if I say I have a degree in pharmaceutical science.
A deficit in the brain is intentionally misleading phrasing. There is a normal range of brain chemistry because of biochemical individuality. Peoples interior makeup is very different and that doesn't make either of them abnormal. It is quite common for two similar looking brothers to have totally different digestive systems for example with one of them having a 50% bigger liver.

So yeah sure someone can have low levels of a certain chemical and adderall will let them focus temporarily by flooding their brain with that chemical but there are so many other interactions causing permanent and unknown changes to the brain that it is definitely not worth it and only an adderall salesman would disagree with this.

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We make a lot of money here but need a lot for everything. Also plenty of people waste their money on jet skis and inefficient houses so even the people that make a lot of money have nothing of actual value. It's a doggy dog world.

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>no jobs because boomers keep destroying the economy
>"here's some boomers bait image"

Protip: you subtract debt from net worth, if you 'own' 40% of a house, you subtract the other 60%. You aren't worth 500k because you owe 300k to the bank.

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What about everyone taking anti-depressants anti-anxiety meds
? Seems like every other woman I know is taking those these days.

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Net worth is the value of all the shit you own vs. your debts. 200k in college denbts, 10k in car loan denbts and 200k in house loan denbts is -410k. A 500k house, a 20k car and 20k in savings is 540k. This would be a net worth of 130k.

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Doggy dog pilled and witnessed

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you most definitely do not have a degree in pharmaceutical science you dumb nigger or you wouldn't be talking out of your ass on something as basic as adderall.

The "chemical" adderall "floods" the brain with is just norepinephrine and dopamine, and it doesn't flood anything if you knew shit about "science" it just blocks their reuptake which lets them linger for a bit longer in the junctions slightly prolonging their natural effect. And the precise fucking reason I said it's fine if a DOCTOR prescribed is is precisely because every single person is different and you need a DOCTOR to tease out those biological differences to see if adderall is appropriate or not, vs a nurse practitioner who will just write a script for it because they dont understand organic chemistry or neurophysiology, much like yourself

And the long term effects and changes to the brain are known, we have and continue to study it routinely. Adderall is a bad idea for most people to take, but some people will actually benefit a lot form it, and you need a doctor to know who those people will be, aka my initial fucking point you fucking retard

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getting real close with the real price oracle dia. a new bubble incoming?

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10x a high achiever, kek feelsgoodman

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Wife is 38. I’m 36. $1.1 million net worth.

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Debt is already included in net worth

500k assets - 200k debt = 300k net worth

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Uh, checked!!!

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I'm 38 graduated HS in 2000.

Net worth over 600k incidentally.

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Buttblasted adderall addict detected. How is blocking reuptake not flooding the brain with them?
>lets them linger for a bit longer in the junctions slightly prolonging their natural effect.
So the same amount is released but stays around longer? Doesn't that mean that the total volume of the chemicals in the brain has increased? I say chemicals instead of naming them to try and make sure anyone reading this can understand. Stop hiding behind technical terms. Not that your adderall fried brain is capable of thinking vs memoring worthless information to sound intelligent "My brain no broke just no have enough norepinephrine :DD.

>you need a DOCTOR to tease out those biological differences to see if adderall is appropriate or not
How does a doctor do this? What scientific approach does he take? What scientific approach is even possible?

>And the long term effects and changes to the brain are known, we have and continue to study it routinely. Adderall is a bad idea for most people to take, but some people will actually benefit a lot form it
Most retarded thing you have said so far. Long term changes to the brain are "known" lmao we barely understand how the brain works at all. Looking at before and after pictures of scans of the brain and seeing which parts have changed in size and density tells us virtually nothing. It is like an illiterate person trying to decipher ink blots.

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truly, a diamond dozen

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Doggy dog world confirmed

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my net worth is a $1500 pc and a large bookshelf

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A few months from 31 and $250k net worth. Right about on track. I'm hoping/expecting to be worth about double that by 35 though.

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I took a pharmacology course awhile ago so bare with me. Also a little hammered. Any med fags that want to chime in and correct me where I'm wrong, please chime in.

I think the whole situation pertains to this. But again I could be thinking of a different theory so please chime in if I'm wrong:


If it's not that, then I'm not sure. But I remember a theory where if you're put into a situation that causes you to produce a neurochemical, it follows a state where you don't have as much/can't produce more. Like for example, taking a final exam you've been studying for. You produce a lot of cortisol during the exam which causes anxiety, but feel relieved sometimes even knowing that you bombed it because you can't produce it anymore.

So with SSRI's they prevent the re-uptake of serotonin, which causes it to float around between synapases and transmit between axions/dendrites more readily. (SSRI don't make you happy, they just keep you from doing impulsive things. It's really a way for psychiatrists to cover their ass because it looks bad if you're patients randomly jump off from the roof of a 10 story building.) But if you take that ability away abruptly, then you have crazy behavior because you're used to the crutch/not used to producing the normal amounts on your own. That's why psychiatrists tend ween people of these things. It's also probably why younger kids who are troubled do tragic things, they just forget to take the pills, can't afford it, whatever and all of a sudden they become impulsive and do stupid, impulsive things.

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>(SSRI don't make you happy, they just keep you from doing impulsive things. It's really a way for psychiatrists to cover their ass because it looks bad if you're patients randomly jump off from the roof of a 10 story building.)
dont they increase suicide rate though? the drug allows previously catatonic people to get out of bed and the first thing they have the drive to do is just end it.

the drugs don't change your situation, just mask a bit your outlook

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I agree with all of this but you need to dumb it down.

SSRI's are mood stabilisers not mood enhancers. Basically they numb you to things so on top of the side effects of not getting hard and not being able cum you also will feel less pleasure during the high moments of your life. This is why people call SSRI users zombies.

>dont they increase suicide rate though?
Think about how easy that statistic is to mess with. You are only analysing people already getting professional help who were suicidal in the first place. I can't answer this question because I suspect any study on this confirmed whatever the person who made the study wanted it to. Which sums up modern psychiatry by the way.

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i was put on SSRIs for a while and they just annihilated my drive to do anything, was like a zombie pill

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>tfw 11 years ahead in net worth because I bought 19 BTC at 10$ each in 2012

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lol this shit should be negative as fuck. even parents are paying loans for their kids on top of their own loans. there's no fucking way that chart is real

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I'm not sure, I don't know if anyone does for sure. But it's you'll become extremely imbalanced if you abruptly stop taking them, if you've been taking them for awhile.

I personally think:

> Take drug x for awhile
> Drug X helps facilitate the transfer of neurochemical to that of a normal brain
> Get used to that state
> Stop taking it for whatever reason abruptly
> Brain isn't used to imbalanced state
> Crazy behavior

In the case for SSRI's it's most likely something impulsive which can be suicide.

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This chart is balls.

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There is no normal brain. Plenty of people have the same serotonin levels as clinically depressed people and are not depressed and do not suffer any ill effects because it is the normal amount for them.

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holy shit you are a special fucking boy,
it says percentile(twice) you dumb fuck.

pic related is basically you

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bork bork!

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how americans manage to do that? I live in a 3rd world shithole with a 6:1 dollar ratio and I still have 40k usd cash