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This man will go down as the one of the greatest men in the history of humanity

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Built for BBC

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the next steve jobs

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Based Bazinga Coins???

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What did he do now?

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Nice try. This fat Russian scammer was just arrested today.

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I was thinking about getting a custom action figure made of him. Either in standard form or massive naked fat form. What do you guys think? There is a sight called 3d Selfie that will make custom figurines. I think we have enough photos of him that we could reliable build a 5 to 12 inch version of him.


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Is that the hacker known as 4chan?

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How long until Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, etc. start running profiles on him, realize he's already a billionaire entrepreneur CEO under 40, a driven visionary leader unlike anyone else in this space? The complete lack of interest from financial press is just so bizarre. Even after the support of SWIFT and WEF, being the best performing token in the bear market, the hundreds of daily integrations... Are we really still that early?

Novogratz started buying at ATH. Winklevii have been vocal supporters as well. How long until Saylor, Grayscale, etc also wake up? We've always known it was going to be a true crypto blue chip, and the fintech/DEFI sector is barely getting started.

I knew the first time I saw him on videos he was the real deal.

He's crypto's first Gates/Jobs/Ellison/Zuck/Bezos/Musk-tier leader. By 2030 this much will be obvious to all.

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I wonder if Mcdonalds will give him his own burger.

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That's not Charles Hoskinson

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they won't because they only feature their friends and family.

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Linkies have not yet learned how to embrace their Schwabish roots. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Link is not going to be the monolithic sergeyposters that they once were in the last decade. The Schwablord is going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Chainlink to make. They are now going into a Schwab mode, and schizos will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Chainlink will not survive.

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Imagine thinking cardano matters when ren, binance, and even DOTs are coming out with working universal chains first.

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lmao he'll go down as one of the biggest soiboys of crypto history.

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Its because of chan autism. He will always be marked by our stank

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He'll be a household name like Bezos and Gates.

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> implying he'd ever go down on anyone
he's obviously a dominant lover

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I want to see your faces in 2022, this exact calendar day when Cardano is a standard and has 100x already.

Screencap this

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>How long until Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, etc. start running profiles on him
Jews only support other jews and shabos goys

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To early for that, since platform is not that used, and eth is shitting bed with slow transactions and high gas prices.
Little short feature is some report, yeah fine, that good, but full profile, it's just to early, he millionaire because crypto exchanges, not because of the product. Wait for the product to speak for itself, then we will see if Sergey likes attention and interviews.

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No ones saying it cant 100x. But its wont become the standard. Lol please.

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Sirgay will be more like a Zuse. Everybody will ask who, and if you tell em they say, ah yes this guy

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pic related is retarded

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ehhh bros I just took profits at $25 but converted profits to ETH, would that be a taxable event? sorry im euroretarded

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he already is in my mind

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I know

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The greatest scammer. Biden is going to bankrupt him

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depends on how much you made and how well qualified and under worked your tax authorities are, most likely in theory it is but who really cares

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Standard would be easy. Fat Sergey might require a phonecall so they know what you want, since there's only 1 good edit.

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Isn't Ari Juels a Jew? It would suck if Sergey really was being discriminated because he's a white male visionary.

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sergey a cute

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yeah just like bezos and musk were held down amirite

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It was a different time.

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what changed?

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(((based and Spectrepilled)))

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Only until Sergey becomes impossible to ignore. The sheer size of the man will block out the sun.

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I don't think it's fair to compare him to the tech leaders you mentioned. He's behind the one thing that makes bringing trad-fi onto the blockchain possible and with business acumen similar to jp morgan. They will eventually realize he's a leader in the finance world and will be compared to morgan, dexter, and carnegie. Comparing him to Steve jobs would be like comparing howard hughes to the wright brothers.

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Yeah this guy. See you losers at 0.

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Best scammer ever

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I had a blood nose and squirted blood everywhere reading this post

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bullish for link

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nice take

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White boys are cancelled.

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You cant cancel the LINK out of his wallet unless they Ross Ulbricht him. One way or the other someone from crypto will soon be the wealthiest ((((known)))) individual

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normies still think crypto is a scam. one just told me the only reason BTC is going up is because of crime. crime. i didn't bother responding.

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no one here buys ((((B))))oomer((((T))))ech((((C))))oin

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my point is they haven't even looked into other cryptocurrency. they are still in BTC is a scam stage retard.

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How long until Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, etc. start running profiles on him, realize he's already a billionaire entrepreneur CEO under 40, a driven visionary leader unlike anyone else in this space

its mostly his own fault desu.
bezos gave interviews in 99 just turned couple of months ago then.
also sergay revealed to little personal stuff in his interviews till now. which i get it could make sense in the current stage
but could you envision him in a big fireside with a CNBC or bloomberg reporter? i personally think we wont cross the chasm to mainstream adoption till 2022. after that sergay has something to talk about that could be relatable to a wider audience of normies.
its all the same with the big tech behemots, the successfully captured a market, lay back, doing bare minimum to keep staying the monopol, fund all kinds of meme research departments, pay engineers 200k to work 2 hours and play table foot ball the rest of the day. this are the stage when the company pushes its CEO in the face of normies 24/7

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hope he bloody pumps me efferiums n all