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Anybody else selling at $30 before the inevitable correction to buy in lower? $30 is a psychological barrier, there will be a lot of people taking profits thinking it's the top

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oh dear,, the only barrier you should worry is the ganges

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I might begin selling at $50 but i think will reach it soon and with so many great things still to look forward to it can probably reach a lot more so i'm not really sure.
- 63k linklet

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Anybody else never selling?!

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I only have 100 so honestly I think my chances are better just forgetting they exist

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im waiting for another 10x, and getting out at $250 within 3 years

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I’m actually never selling

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I’ve got a small bag but for now I’m running nicehash on my pc and putting every thousand satoshis I get into link

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Never selling, only way to make it.

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Why would I sell the only collateral for securing data to smart contracts that will ever exist? What good could inflating shitty USD possibly do me compared to a finite resource that establishes truth for the largest transactions on the planet?

Sellers are retarded.

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I am a poorfag with not many link so yes.
If I was already sitting on a fat stack I would just hold all the way but I need to get more.
If link does take off big time you will regret not trying to get more and the profit you get from you 20 link will not make up for any of that disappointment.

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I am never, ever selling!

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>22$ up just for 2 weeks

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this. don't you people have jobs. just hold until $1000+ and staking comes out.

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I sell 250 link every time we hit a milestone past $10. Sold at $15 last august, bought back in lower, then sold again at roughly $18. Sold at $20 when we first hit it and just sold at $25. Now ill start selling in increments of $25, until we hit $100. I think ill sell 1000 at $100, then just go back to sales of 250 at $200, $300 etc. Then sell 1000 at $500, continue to 250 dumps and another 1000 if we ever do hit $1000. After all this would still have have slightly more then half my stack remaining.

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Yeah I'm considering it, I could have doubled my stack several times over if I'd swung before

With the money from swinging I could fund so many bame charities

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why $30?

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It matches his IQ

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The only barrier you should worry about is the one that will keep you out of the citadel.

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This is what a midwit considers a high iq plan

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Yeah just like how $6 was an obvious psychological barrier

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literally the best advice / strategy for Link i've ever seen on this board

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If these "barriers" are real it was $20 when 50k oldfags hit 7 figs

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never selling

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Fucking hell. Why is it so hard to just hodl.
These are the same niggers that come crying when they lost a significant amount of money swinging or shorting.
Just keep hodling it until you reach your make it figure

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Just wait for staking instead. Also why sell when you could use Aave to take a loan instead with your stack as collateral. There is literally no reason to EVER sell your link.

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Ding Ding Ding

t. 52k Link

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can't you only get stablecoin loans? so when you cash in your stablecoin for fiat you have to still pay taxes on that "trade"?

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This not selling. Certainly not to swing at $30.

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On the one hand, I want to take some profits in the 30-50$ range. On the other, staking is on the verge of being announced and that's going to be an almost guaranteed pump.

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you still get taxed

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Remind me, what happened at $20?
That's right, it dumped before it continued upward. It's never a straight line up, there are always corrections.

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Op here, elaborate please

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That’s gem you could participate in?
Illiterate mid-wit confirmed.
go home and “kill your girl”
Don’t ask me to kick you off from this /biz/ thread
wanna make profit - use your fucking brain and go for base
That’s all I can tell u

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Not selling before 200$

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Unironically $1k EOY

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Im out $15k because I tried swinging Link when I sold BTC.
Fortunately, I was able to make up for it buy buying into BTC a $30k after I sold at 39k.
So even if you time the sell perfectly, it’s twice as hard to buy back at the perfect time.

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Why do people larp about how much link they have

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I sold 1/4th of my stack as of today. 10k Link at $25. Originally bought them at 20 cents

Still 30k Link left, but couldn't live this poorfag existence anymore. I've had less than $1000 to my bank account for the past 3 years on average, living absolute poorfag cope existence. I will try to live reasonable life for few years, I feel like deserving it

Im never fucking selling rest of my linkies, ever

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If it wasn't for the fees. Might as well hold

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Can someone explain why ALGO rises and falls with LINK? Is there something I don't understand?

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I wanna cash out at 33, since it’s basically Illuminati coin.

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You mean like how 30k was such a barrier for BTC?

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It's a pajeet, first day on the job it appears.

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you have to go back
t. 25k link

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i know right. all these larps. people really are sick. don't they have anything better to do than to pretend to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in some meme coin

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you had three years, kek

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>Let me just create a large amount of taxable events that eat my gains for fucking $10 price increments
Why not just wait you fucking dunce

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Only selling part of the steak rewards.

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new to stinkers. Meaning to get a bag for awhile. I'm finally comfy with my btc stack. If I put in a limit buy at like 21, will it fill?

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no, kek

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oh dear, buddy

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Anyone thinking of selling should read the last paragraph first

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