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How do you mother fuckers do it? I made $40k in crypto and had to get the fuck out.

you god damn retards are holding hundreds of thousands of dollars in shitcoins, Link, that don't even do anything and serve no purpose whatsever, and you'll watch your earnings go from $400k to $100k overnight and you don't even think twice about that.

what the fuck is wrong with you all?

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Everyone is a fucking gambler. They'll lose it all

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are you content with 40k? ive made 20k but I feel like at this point im just going to fuck it up and lose it what do?

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I naturally run low on dopamine

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they'll lose it all and rope themselves. it took everything I had to get out when I could, I couldn't take the swings, even at $40k.

constantly checking Blockfolio, constantly having to browse /biz/ to get some kind of sentiment about where we are in the market and what possible new projects to invest in.

fuck all that. I made some good money, I have my life back. feels right.

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I am 30yrs and I am starting to having grey hairs because of crypto

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>Link, that don't even do anything and serve no purpose whatsever,

Well to start with I know what link does , so I can estimate it’s true valuation.

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Why didn't you just not check?

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I do feel content with $40k. I could've cashed out two other times the past couple years for about the same amount and had to watch it all crash and burn. I did recover by making some good moves. but I had to learn to let go of the greed, let go of the jealousy of seeing people on here be up hundreds of thousands of dollars.

they're fucking retarded. they'll never be able to sell and let go because "durrr line go up forever". they are psychopath degenerate gamblers and for most of them it will not end well. nothing is promised in this fucking clown market. wonder how many of these retards have killed themselves by either not selling or by selling and then missing out on retarded ass moonshots. it's not a fun game to be in and it's terrible for mental health.

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start shilling thats how

join the Big Pump Signal Group


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You are too emotional for this game. You are meant to be a wagie with your reliable biweekly allowance.

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8 figs in shitcoins here. Started with 4

Cope more faggot

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just wait a couple years pajeet. Im sure you just got in the game and bought your stupid fucking 20 Link because you're a poorfag and that's all you can afford....but when you get up to the big boy levels we'll see how big your nuts are then.

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riiiiiiiiight. 8 figures huh? riiiiiiiiiight

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lol pussy

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I already was broke. I really don't care if I lose it all because even the six figures I do have would have me waging eventually. Crypto overall has increased my discipline to God tier compared to normies. I do have grey hairs but it's from my bitch

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bros i forgot how to relax

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40k is nothing you poorfag. most of us in crypto trying to get rich as fuck. either lose everything or make millions.

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Then you did the right thing, you don't have the mentality to go any further with it.

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You handle it like a baller, that's how you fucking simp. You think the weak and timid end up getting fuck you money? Dont like it? Get a job at fucking McDonalds, coffees for closers kid

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I've been here since 2018. He's right.

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I guarantee all of you fags trying to act like you're hard in here have like $1k in crypto and think you're hot shit.

wait until you get up to real amounts of money and see how your bitch ass acts then faggot

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>watch your earnings go from $400k to $100k overnight and you don't even think twice about that.

that means theres something wrong with me?

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A nuke could go off at any moment and kill all of us.
I'm holding.

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also I guarantee everyone on here acting like they're hard were NOT here for 2017, when everyone lost everything.

you dumb shits just think "durr line go up forever" because you virgin fucks haven't lived through a big crash yet.

got some bad news for you....it's coming soon. bend over, faggots.

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if you have 40k why not keep at least 5k in something you believe in though

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You gotta turn your psyche into this all being a video game. I’m sitting on 400k+ and it’s a pretty high score, but i’m not done playing.

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>you'll watch your earnings go from $400k to $100k overnight and you don't even think twice about that.


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chill out

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you are a fucking paper hand little bitch, good riddance

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>got some bad news for you....it's coming soon. bend over, faggots.
i'm fucking ready

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You're putting too much value in it. Its just a number on the screen my dude.

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Im a Chad with $40 thousand fucking dollars in my bank account, you little faggot.

get the fuck out of my face with your wack ass 13 Link, bitch

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Dude relax only people who lost in 2018 were people who held shitcoins or those who sold the bottom.

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Not everybody is an emotional faggot like you.

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>he thinks 40k is "real money"
Anon I......

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I’m just built different, like so many of my autistic friends

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i feel nothing

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>40k “chad”
my portfolio swung by more than that over the past week

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I've lost all my emotional attachment to money 3 years ago with the crash. I knew that I had to buy the dip and it had to recover or I'd rope. It did recover and now I'm richer than ever before but I don't even feel anything anymore. Money is just a game to me now. To me it has the same emotional value as video game money. My only goal is to get more of it. I know how to become rich in video games, why can't I do that with real money. Just abuse every loophole you can find and put your money there. It's that easy

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I made 40k just today alone, enjoy your worthless fiat nigger

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Sounds like somebody is salty he didn't buy the dip. Quit spreading your lies just in hope it will dip again.

What did you make your money on? When? What coins and prices? You don't know because you're full of shit.

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hang in there, guy. don't worry.....you'll lose it all eventually

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I have 400k in link, I'm comfy holding it cuz I've cashed out so much that I'd be fine with losing it. Yes I check the chinz and charts everyday but I did that anyway

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youre gambling by selling

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Reward comes with risk. Yea you can have 400k go to 100k overnight, but alternatively that 400k can turn to 1.6m overnight. Personally if I had 400k I’d probably have it in index funds or other promising stocks so I don’t lose sleep at night but some people live for that thrill of making it big

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Good job, fren. Don't listen to these knuckle-dragging niggers who think you either buy shitcoins or wage forever. Live your life.

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>big boys
Cash out your lunch money and fuck off back to r*ddit

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I hope he’s trolling

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>Link, that don't even do anything and serve no purpose whatsever
You'll probably rope for not doing the research when you had access to the internet and LINK was under $100. Seeya

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thanks man. theres' definitely more to life than chasing shitcoins and gambling like a dumbass. good luck to you.

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Newfags make me sick. I held my link from $1 down to $0.20. If it crashes to $1 tomorrow I’ll still hold. Because it’s going to $1000.

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Glad you got out happy opie. This isn’t the game for you my man, enjoy your honda civic or submariner or whatever.

>t block 478, cashed out 100k+ last year

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don’t worry my guy, I’ve already “lost” 600k in the 2018 bear. Had about 10k left after that and I’m still above your “peak”. I don’t care if I lose because I can always make it back, unlike your pussy mentality

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don't need coins just buy vbk, simple as, if you want more money buy more vbk

>> No.26420119

> index funds
he doesn't know.

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I have 400k in link lmao. Some of us have been holding link for years you newfag paper handed cunt.

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>170k GRT

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weak hands

>> No.26420198

Everyone with 10k+ link was here in 2018. You clearly weren’t here then otherwise you’d know this. Where do you get the audacity, as a newfag, to come and talk this shit? You think you know anything about link holders but you don’t know shit.

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hello Satan. Is PRQ a coin that will go to zero like all the other forgotten shitcoins from 2017?

>> No.26420276

Fear of missing out is stronger than actually losing unrealized gains. If it goes down, whatever, life goes back to normal. It was fun while it lasted.

>> No.26420327

>constantly checking Blockfolio
That was your problem.
Zoom out. Check it like once a week

>> No.26420337

Except Link continued to perform during a bear run. I think Linkies are a little more immune to this feeling.

>> No.26420408

You will lose 50% in a week, most won't be able to handle this. This is why you don't zoom in further than the daily on alt coins unless you know what you're doing and margin trading, trying to get to a certain amount. You should have a trading account and actively trade so when your shitcoin dips you can buy more.

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I've got millions in link and just gained a million more. I feel nothing.

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>Link, that don't even do anything and serve no purpose whatsever
Price go wooosh

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If you started with 2k made 500k then lost it to 100k you're still way better off then you were.

Honestly I have no fucking idea, I'm just starting out with a few hundos, but this game seems just to fucking crazy to miss.

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This is the key factor here. If your initial real USD was just lunch money. Any unrealized gains is monopoly money. There is no real feeling of loss.

>> No.26420723

>The glass is already broken.

>> No.26421011

You did the right thing. Crypto is too fucking stressful

>> No.26421149

You’re a coward who is posting this because you are insecure and terrified. You’re just another story of “I once owned xxx BTC but I sold it”

>> No.26421288

this is obvious bait but it's all about ignoring the short term volatility and sticking to the long term plan. who gives a fuck about what crypto does in the next months when we all know that it's gonna 100x minimum over the next 10 years. my portfolio dropped 90k yesterday and its up 130k since then. felt nothing the entire time

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congrats on your 40k, we will make millions with stronger hands and knowing chainlink is inevitable

>> No.26421421

depends on what you're invested in. not everything will succeed. see: 2017 and the projects there that were the next big thing, and now the majority of them either don't exist anymore after the crash or will never recover to the levels they once were.

crypto is nowhere CLOSE to guaranteed money. 99% of them are all scams created to take advantage of people like the greedy fuckers on this board

>> No.26421429

I have 56k link and it's unironically 99% of my net worth. You can't think of it like 40k usd. For me, I need 5m to retire so any number in between that and 5m is just as useful as my original 25k. If it can't set you up for life there's no point in having it.

Wanna know what's worse than working a job you don't like? Having 1.4m in crypto working a job you don't like

>> No.26421467

>constantly checking Blockfolio, constantly having to browse /biz/ to get some kind of sentiment about where we are in the market and what possible new projects to invest in.

That’s the best part of being in crypto. It’s like a real life game with real life consequences. I went into cash when BTC was 40k and not having any skin in the game was torture. It took all I had to wait for the correction.

>> No.26421471

this basically, bought 5k worth of link in the presale with my btc that I hadn't paid more than 1 or 2k for over the years
it's just funny money, it feels totally different than having 100k in an etf

>> No.26421481

Why not set a stop loss instead and keep climbing while it's going up you retard?

>> No.26421497

you did the right thing for you obviously if it weighed that heavily on your mind
some of us have learned to turn that off

>> No.26421509

JFC what a fucking faggot. Think about the price in terms of decades not weeks you thick twat.
>t. $250k crypto

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I made 100k in cryptos

>> No.26421529

>Wanna know what's worse than working a job you don't like? Having 1.4m in crypto working a job you don't like
then you can just quit while you find a good job and negotiate a good salary cuz you have a good batna, or try to start a business you enjoy

>> No.26421547

Yeah idk OP I'm up 20x on my initial for last year and I haven't sold any significant portion.
You sound like a bitch. We've got a good 6 months minimum of bull left in the market. Don't be a neurotic little cunt and just let that shit ride, pussy.

>> No.26421579

It's speculation. Expect to loose a certain percentage of your investments even after you have done your own research. Every once in a while something comes along that makes up for your losses and them some.

>> No.26421653

>not everything will succeed. s
true, but it's pretty fucking obvious what will succeed. the rest comes down to getting greedy chasing profits and ignoring the red flags because of fomo

>> No.26421664

>they're fucking retarded
You're hating on us because the doubt is creeping in. It doesn't feel like the relief you thought it would, does it? Instead you've swapped the anxiety of losing it all for the anxiety of being left behind financially and regretting it for the rest of your life. It feels worse now, doesn't it. I know that feeling.
So now you're writing on /biz/ about people being stupider than you for holding. I see through you, anon. You're scared.

>> No.26421684

You cannot and will not ever understand with a response like that. There is no good job.

>> No.26421700

>Link, that don't even do anything
this is why youll never make it. you probably watch the news too and think crypto is still just used for hacks, cp, and drugs. lmfao at you

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>> No.26421756

get some perspective man

>> No.26421802

I just HODL mostly BTC which I accumulated during the 2017 downturn.

I tried playing with shit coins and while I made some sats, it was a stressful waste of time.

If I would have put 100% of my fiat in BTC during that time, I'd have way more BTC now.

I am getting fomo right now for these alt coin runs, but id only spend fiat on shit coins and won't trade against BTC. If they go up in BTC I'll sell for BTC and just HODL.

>> No.26421810

This. There is no job where I can just decide to work, when to not work. Only thing I can think of is Uber driver but I don't want to get covid

>> No.26421820

ITT magnificient eye-opening larp

>> No.26421823

you wouldnt get it

>> No.26421864

not if you have no skills, no

>> No.26421867

You could open a business once corona is over, and control the wagies

>> No.26421950

This is such a fucking retarded mentality. You could sell all of that right now and still achieve your goals through something far less volatile on just a little bit more extended time frame. Not even talking about an extra 10 for 15 years maybe 4-5 extra.

>> No.26422019

You have woman hands you little fucking baby. Why are you even on this fucking website? Reddit is made for emotional babbys like you, you fucking queer.

>> No.26422041

Im in this to make millions, not chump change

>> No.26422105

You do realize 80% of the workforce is redundant right? WHY SHOHLD I HAVE SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES JUST TO DECIDE WHEN I WANT TO WORK OR NOT? Why do I need to work using whatever skills I have to Mr shekelberg who makes 10x my salary 5 days a week?

5 years is simply too much. Not to be rude but you sound like someone who sounds perfectly content to work for 5 years only becuase you have worked your entire life and don't know any alternative

>> No.26422312

You sound like someone who is living outside of reality. Do you have anyone to provide for? a wife? a girl friend even? Any goals? A home, starting a family? Or are you just wanting to make millions to live alone and play video games all day? Working is dog shit, I hate it too but for fucks sakes do something like what i do. I WFH and literally do carpentry, lift weights, cook my own meals, clean guns, do whatever fucking 30 hours a week and work for maybe 10 while drawing a pay check. It isn't a big fucking deal. No shit I would rather not work at all but if I at least take SOME PROFIT instead of trying to time the top and watching it all burn down and waiting every 3 years I'm no better than a wagie waiting and waiting for "my real life to start". Set reasonable expectations. This cult like mentality won't last forever. I love crypto and believe in it but take fucking profits and enjoy your life. If you believe you need $5mil to retire and you don't sell at $4mil and LINK gets obliterated, aren't you going to feel like a fucking retard?

>> No.26422414

>wack ass
i think your melanin is showing

>> No.26422493

why are you such a pussy? nobody makes big time money being such a emotional faggot bitch. grow up. find your balls

>> No.26422509

kek you are wrong nigger. I work nightshifts in a hotel, i literally browse the chan and play wow on my work. I have to clean the lobby for 30mins each shift (7hrs) and i decide when i do that. The rest of my time i can do whatever i want, living the dream right here

>> No.26422640

>oy vey fellow white people
>making money on crypto is scary and low IQ
>let's all go back to the wagie cagie now

>> No.26422662

this guy gets it.

Im convinced 99% of the retards responding in this thread didn't live through the 2017 crash. they would've seen everything rocket and then burn, just like I did. I still kick myself for not taking profits then, Im not making that mistake again. shit crashed down and is just NOW recovering 3 years later. have fun with that shit crashing again.

take some fucking profits and live your life, faggots.

>> No.26422735

>what the fuck is wrong with you all?
we're simply not stupid. there is nothing you can do with that 40k that will meaningfully change your life

>> No.26422747

You know why boomers preach stock market? Because they dca over time and don't sell. Crypto is no different, just a lot more volatile. Year after year with the right picks you can make a fuckload of money. Same with stocks. Crypto just happens to have a lot more rapid upside because it's new. Stop being a fucking pussy

>> No.26422873

>Crash means you lose money
Is this a boomer posting? You realize what shorting is?

>> No.26422954


for a lot of people it's hard.

when the money you've invested matters to you - today - and could really impact your life, the pressure to sell is strong.

if you're young. already in a good place financially (rich/parents/content with what you have) it's easier to just ride things out.

>> No.26422985

Because I saw btc go from cents to thousands over a decade and I knew link would be the star of the following decade because it had the most antisemitic and racist memes

>> No.26423068

It's about choice. It's a about choice you idiot. So what if I decide to huddle up in my loft and play fucking video games everyday? I can do something different tomorrow. I can cook, workout and do whatever shit I want WITHOUT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING TREATED LIKE GARBAGE 5 DAYS A Week. It is a fucking big deal you tool because even if u pretend to work 30 hours a day, guess what retard you're still pretending to do something you're not enjoying, and there WILL be times where you work that full 30 hours dumbass.

I do have reasonable expectations. How is it unexpected that link goes to 100$? It went from rank 130 something to number 5. It's obvious it'll increase you think link is some pahjeet scam it's so fucking obvious how they plaster and replace link memes. It'll get to 4m and I'll have my dopamine receptors fried once more and wait till 5m and there's nothing you can do about it

>> No.26423198

the mentality of these neets with no other skills is no different than the autist who thinks he can win enough at online poker to supplement his funko pop habit

>> No.26423231

they unironically think it's just going to go up forever and ever based on a model that an anonymous person posted on twitter that says he manages "hundreds of billions of dollars".
Go for it then. Keep fucking waiting and wasting your time being absolutely unfulfilled. I don't have a job shoveling horse shit 30 days a week or being treated like garbage so it isn't a big deal. Sorry to break it to you but the 'system collapse' isn't happening anytime soon and the longer you wait believing that it is all going to burn down is precious time that you will never, ever get back. I'm going to sell my stack at a reasonable profit, fuck my wife, have kids and enjoy a financially stable life while you keep moving the bar, waiting and waiting until you're 40 years old playing the newest WoW expansion wondering where it all went wrong. Cunt

>> No.26423246

there is nothing that i need that is worth exactly $400k, or $100k, $10k
i am perpetually worried. about everything. the only thing i crave is peace of mind
this is why i don't fear losing everythin gi have in crypto. until it hits the magical point where i would get that peace of mind ($4mm) the money is worth 0 to me
obviously, this will get harder the closer i get. getting to $3mm then watching it drop to 0 would be devastating. but there is no other option

>> No.26423274

This. No risk, no reward.

>> No.26423319

Imagine getting nervous about $40k

>> No.26423321

Once again this is ridiculous. This mindset is absolutely insane. You're literally saying there is no difference between having $3million dollars and zero. Of course there fucking is. Jesus christ

>> No.26423411

>constant state of panic about a 5 figure folio
>checking /biz/ to figure out what’s going on
>getting investment advice from /biz/
If you’re seriously this neurotic about some small time games you’re probably going to kill yourself when you see how high prices actually go

>> No.26423422

You're NGMI. I went from 5k to 20k, to 50k, to 6 figures. I took 30k out to help out with 'real life' stuff, and I'm cashing out about 2k a month while still making gains.

>> No.26423510


because they're gambling

I used to do the same thing, then I developed a process, accepted I wasn't going to become rich over night, and instead gained financial independence

that thought that you could wake up one morning and go from broke to rich is what keeps them in; but it is ultimately gambling, not investing or trading

>> No.26423517

Nolinkers have been seething since $4.50, nothings changed.

>> No.26423574

Rofl weakminded newfag. I've made and lost half a mil twice and it doesn't phase me. Almost there for a third time in 3 years

>> No.26423595

You must be one of those employees kept on to meet a disability quota...

>> No.26423596

working. nightshifts. dream bigger wageslave

>> No.26423618

also what is this 2018 crash where everyone lost everything? LINK only went up iirc. drives the point further that you need to dyor

>> No.26423749

diff id btw

except i realize that 1.4m is money, no shit if show me a picture that has 1.4m and a picture that doesn't, do you not think i'd realize that one has money???

i have no idea what the fuck you're projecting. in what way did i want a system collapse? i can't spend any of my money that way? just the way you talk about "reasonable" profit again makes you seem like the person embedded with a work mentality that makes you think digging a hole in 20 hours makes you special becuaase it would normally take a regular person 25. financially stable could mean so many thiings, and with your description your vision of financially stable means you're one back injury away from not being able to take care of all those things you love

>> No.26423751

gaaaaaad damn haha. kilt him with that one. yeah Im gonna go fuck my wife too, knowing im comfy with a good paying job and a fat stack in the bank....while these virgin losers are gambling on shitcoins. it's only a matter of time before they post their red wojaks and "why didn't I cash out??" memes.

plus there's so much more to life than just money. Im going to cherish and enjoy my days no matter how much money I have the bank, because I have values.

>> No.26423788

>big cope: the post
>yeah well let’s see how you do in the big leagues
Holy fuck
Drink more coffee
You’re just assmad you got dunked on instead of selling
Crypto is a lot different. There’s predictable market cycles that dictate everything.

>> No.26423816

bravo dude. congrats on using logic and stacking money

>> No.26423838

>If it can't set you up for life there's no point in having it
If you can’t figure out how to set yourself up with 1mil you deserve to lose it all. I hope you’ve taken some profits at some point. Keep most of your Linkies but jfc having 1mil is an insane position. You can’t NEET forever but it would not be hard to turn that into passive income while keeping a decent LINK stack

>> No.26423841


>> No.26423851

>it’s only a matter of time before it happens to you too
No, keep coping though you insufferable faggot

>> No.26423886

Blockchain is rising now because of the defi sphere, that's why I usually check new systems. Not long ago, I found BAEX(#baex), did you hear about it? That's a defi binary assets system with Yahoo Finance quotes source

>> No.26423923

look, literal retards positively reinforcing the fact that this anon lost half a million dollars twice. how fucking stupid is that. you literally could have sold, bought at a lower price and had even more money. or sold and investing in anything else and had more money. crypto is not the sole path to financial fucking freedom. christ

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kek you jelly? i am posting this from my work. >>26423596
I dont have any ambition in work related, i finished university but still working here. I make more than enoug every month to keep investing

>> No.26424273

Depending on your position size half a million dollars could be a 1% move. You’re also make a very fucking big assumption that he was going to time each market top
Crypto is especially volatile and you can easily get left behind if you try to swing.
If you can’t stomach a 20-40% pullback then go buy some blue chip boomer stocks and fuck off

>> No.26424288

Just to re-emphasize this point fucking G A M E S T O P shilled by mentally retarded reddit basedboys has had the exact same return as Ethereum this past year. Just stop wearing horse blinders. I unironically just want people on this board to succeed. Just stop living in this gambling cult like fog and know that there are better paths to just going all in on red or black at a roulette table every other week. I still hold 100 Ethereum and I can buy back in with what I sold even if it breaks ATH and catapults upward and still have enough to live more than comfortably for the rest of my life. Just stop with the mental gymnastics and gain some perspective and insight beyond this fucking board. Like >>26423751 said I remember going balls deep in ARK at $0.40 and being told it was a new paradigm. and walton chain. and neo. and OMG. and TRON. and EOS christ

>> No.26424393

there is so much cope in this post its unbelievable. you have no fucking idea whats its like to grow up poor. the fact that you can say shit like how you can be happy no matter how much money you have and how you'll always be morally right speaks to how much priviledge you grew up with. you can honestly say i'll be happy with no money without cringing is honestly pathetic. also, its not gambling anymore when you have 1.4m. i dont play crytpo casino all day, i buy and hold. whatn you refer to gambling is losers chasing moonshots with 100$. the only reason you find it hard to believe that there are people with 6 figure cryptos is because you can't cope with the fact you'll never earn that as effortlessly as a 20 year old can in 3 years doing NOTHING.

there is not a single profit mechanism for normies that will ever generate as much as chainlink has. name one institution that can offer comparable returns? you're saying to me, i should be grateful for the privledge of losing millions of dollars for a false sense of secruity

>just time the market everytime bro, why aren't you warren buffet yet?

>> No.26424439

Imagine being this poor, sad!

>> No.26424456

more and more 'what if' this, what if that'. this is exactly what i'm talking about. sorry i'm not a fucking gambler. You'll see a 30% pullback one minute that will turn into a 65% pullback within a couple of days where it will crab for years or die. meanwhile you could allocate your cash elsewhere and continue to make returns.

you're memeing at me about timing the market but it's literally exactly what you've said you're capable of doing this entire thread.

>> No.26424588
File: 176 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20201218-013853_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26424598
File: 56 KB, 478x475, 1611154981416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT? i didn't time the market? i just bought and hold. sorry if you're this triggered link did so well. you should be congratulating every one of those bros that sold link at 4$. see how happy they are now :^)

>> No.26424703

also what you're saying in this makes no sense. the very definition of gambling is hoping on and off investments because you don't think they'll do well. you should be a financial advisor anon, im sure all your clients will be very happy with the time tested advice of "just sell at the top and look for investments elsewhere"

>> No.26424725

You’re once again making an assumption that it’s gambling.
If you don’t know the difference between between investing and gambling that’s on you.
If you don’t know that some assets are more volatile than others that is also on you.
If you don’t have an exit plan that is on you.
Find an investment vehicle and strategy that fits your personality.
More volatility just means more exposure to both the upside and the downside. Navigating it is up to you

>> No.26424743

I invested $15k in LINK which is worth about 330k now.

I have a good salary and that original $15k doesn't matter much.

I can cash in the rest and after taxes maybe get a nice deposit for a house with a low mortgage OR I could wait 5 years and that $330k could turn into 1m with no effort on my end.

>> No.26424757

I have perspective. I've worked my ass off for other people's dreams since I was a kid. I watch my portfolio swing thousands of dollars and I don't flinch. I don't give a shit about 40 fucking k. Some of us are here for something more than a new fucking car.

>> No.26424855


Because you’re a faggot bitch meant to be a wagie slave.

For all the rest of it it’s make it or bust. $40 Grand won’t set me free. 400 Grand would make me debt free and make me only need to work minimally to sustain myself, but I’d eat a bullet when I could have had 4 million or 40 million.

It’s generational wealth or nothing. It’s just numbers on a screen or you’re a bitch.

>> No.26424867

>orange hell flame ID
I can't relax

>> No.26425020

This, spot on OP. I feel the same way as you did, except I'm in for longer term to learn the financial market as whole. I'm still swinging, but only small stack I made from 2017 profits.

>> No.26425045

>they'll never be able to sell and let go because "durrr line go up forever".
They will never be able to sell because there is no liquidity to sell. At some point the market is going to run out of retards (buyers)

>> No.26425091

I made about £7-£8k and I'm thinking about pulling out all my profits. I can't do this anymore and I don't want to make the mistakes I made in 2017 and lose my profits

>> No.26425149

because time and time again hodling always proves to be the best strategy

>> No.26425288

You either make it or live as a slave all your life. It's all or nothing.

>> No.26425289

Mental and emotional training is part of the game, brother.

I used to be like you. I'd get super happy with a $150 gain and then feel like a total loser when I lost $50.

I made some good moves and some bad moves, freaked out, and dropped out of the market for a couple years.

I used that time to think about what really matters in life. I traveled, meditated, learned to surf, raised a baby chicken, gardened, studied a little Buddhism, learned that everything is impermanence and illusion. Life is transient, our moments with those we love few and fleeting. We can choose to spend our limited energies appreciating beauty and tranquility, or we can waste them suffering with fear and greed. We can practice kindness and love, or we can sink into hate and spread misery.

Numbers on a screen mean nothing in this context.

So, 3 years ago I took out a 2nd mortgage on my home and bought LINK.

I go up and down $40k in my sleep. It's all a shared delusion. Crypto is a complete invention.

>> No.26425339

>Giga chad whose net worth is in the multi millions (not crypto, but tech startup)
>on biz in 2017

Calm down OP. It’s all about managing expectations. If you are happy with $40k go for it. Profit is profit, and only lowiq fags will fud this fact.

My expectations and risk tolerance is on a different scale. I have won epic battles but also have the scars to show for my defeats. Such is life, you decide what to make of it.

>> No.26425404

This. The money and gains are mentally entirely separated from my life. Link is a journey and I‘m enjoying the ride.

>> No.26425640

You guys are fucking obsessed about LINK. Fucking peak euphoria

>> No.26425685

Our euphoria has been non stop since 2017 when LINK was $0.13. Where were you?

>> No.26425795
File: 16 KB, 554x554, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well this thread was alright for the first 10 posts

>> No.26425905

I'm not saying to sell the top I'm just saying to take profit and set realistic expectations

>> No.26425947

Yeah but not everything folded and for the people that did stick around they made way more money than you did

>> No.26426183
File: 15 KB, 644x800, SOURCE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. pic related
This level of COPE is just off the charts !

>> No.26426564

see you in 4 years absolute madman

>> No.26426692

same. was balls deep in NEO, bought Raiblocks (Nano, now for all you kiddies) at 40 cents, watched it go up to over $30 dollars and crash back down to nothing. I remember when WaltonChain was going to change the face of crypto forever. I bought Link when it was first shilled on this board and sold on the way up.

the majority of this shit is not going to survive.

>> No.26426800

the reason you normies are so stressed about big swings is because you care too much about money, you take it too seriously, its litterally nothing, money is a meme it doesn't really exist
we live in such a clown world how can you even take it seriously, dont you see this?

>> No.26426815

see I see you as being a bitch who can't handle life, who doesn't know how to work hard and be a man. always looking for the easiest path because you're a gigantic fucking pussy. "oh booohooo.....life is so hard. make the pain go away, mommy"

>> No.26426912

yes I agree....but holding shit that's 100% guaranteed to go up, which none of these shit coins are.

the amount of crypto Ive bought over the last 6 years that were the "next big thing" and now don't exist anymore is ridiculously high.

buying holding a pile of dog shit just leaves you with a pile of dog shit in the end

>> No.26427027

Stop thinking like a fucking poorfag
We are not in this to get fucking 40k, we in here to get rich nigga

>> No.26427062

The goal is to be able to retire before 40, if you can see yourself still working for another human being after 40 then that's your thing

>> No.26427172

Holy shit OP is a fucking faggot lmao. If i thought like him I'd be poor like him as well. Virgin fag

>> No.26427185

Why would you sell?
40k isnt life changing money especially once you pay the tax on it.
I don't feel anything now. These are just numbers on a screen. They dont feel like real money so I dont really care about the risk I just want more.

>> No.26427377

link go uppie.
Simple as.

>> No.26427396

you tried but an npc will never understand this

>> No.26427455

im glad you sold. you have no conept of my perspective

>> No.26427525

Honestly, it seems like a meme token. I wouldn't be all in on it.

>> No.26427607


>> No.26427850
File: 226 KB, 520x1134, cf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you don't have balls of steel, then crypto is not for you. I usually get better sleep during the dips than I do on the pumps.

>> No.26427888
File: 8 KB, 476x101, regrets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


imao I only put $1300 into Link a few years ago as a joke now my stack is worth $100k. I don't give a single flying fuck what happens, I've already had to live down missing out on bitcoin in 2011, these swings are nothing compared to the fact I was on the cusp of being a millionaire in high school if it wasn't for some teenage retardation. I'm numb to the pain of losing out. My stack could go back to being worth $1300 and I wouldn't lose any sleep.

>> No.26427956

Money isn't real. Eat some fucking mushrooms and stop being a pussy. Once you realize it's all a big game you can stomach losing 50k in a day. Only then will you have a chance at making it.

>> No.26427988

What can you do with 40k after tax? Almost nothing that matters if you’re not in developing countries..

>> No.26428088

Because it's about the long game. Most people, like you don't have the foresight and vision to see what's coming. It takes a lot of research and honestly you may have to be a bit crazy or on edge to get behind it. But plenty here know if they buy the good shit and wait they will have a fucking fortune when the legs of the new system are built and ready to walk. You think too small. The world is changing in a huge way.

>> No.26428121


CLEVELAND-CLIFFS ($CLF) is $16 a share with a mkt cap under 8 billion
NUCOR ($NUE) is $55 a share with a 17 billion marketcap and they are one of CLF closest competitor

$NUE is a steel producer. CLF is an Iron Ore miner that is trying to diversity into steel production as well. AK Steel M&A was a direct blow to $X (US Steel) and DoJ approval of antitrust for ArcelorMittal USA M&A was the final coup de grâce to $X. CLF has had two M&A done last year and manage to restructure debt, the 3 company revenues merge into one company $CLF now sitting around 17b revenue.. Both M&A from last year have transformed CLF into an entirely new company with Raw Iron being processed into steel entirely downstream

I can't name another case of a company buying out it's clients.. this is like Goodyear Tires buying out Ford or some shit..

Numerous upgrades were done while the stock consolidated with big instution selling off for their clients, but the reversal to 30 starts now. Even basic fundamentals would state this is a double at the EoY

All into $CLF

>> No.26428157

More money than ever in crypto and it just gets easier and easier. But at first I was like OP, and I lost out big because of that fear. Never again.

>> No.26428180

85% of my net worth (other than the equity of my house) is in BTC and TSLA. Those investments were once 5% of my net worth or so. If they both were wiped out tomorrow I still have a good job and a house, so it wouldn't be the end of the world for me or anything. I'm just desensitized to the swings at this point and anything beyond what I need to live comfortably is really just monopoly money anyway.

>> No.26428212

You’re as neurotic as a woman. You just sold Microsoft in ‘88 you fucking lunatic

>> No.26428263

we're already dead inside

>> No.26428348
File: 123 KB, 990x742, D63DCCA9-D905-41E2-9D3E-928B5E9A1625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Obviously. I just hold BTC, ETH, and LINK. Some AAVE too because I work in fintech and I love talking about it. But yeah its a gamble.

Everyone heres retarded, but you kinda are too. the smart people here just use shitcoins to get more sats or eth. A lot of people have learned.

t. 2016fag

>> No.26428358

>make $50k over last year from $10k
>no job so no income to buy more
It's ride or die motherfucker. I don't have any other choice but to make it by holding.

>> No.26428366

Every time btc changes price 1k I lose or gain 11k.

>> No.26428478

It's funny.
The same way as we love to go full optimization in a game it's incredible to find out the same works in real life too.

>> No.26428484

Also, the stock market is so clownworld right now I don’t feel comfortable putting more in atm, just letting it ride. A giant crash is not coming because of BRRR but a huge correction is next year. It would beneficial to these kikes if it did

>> No.26428633


>> No.26428754

the world is falling apart and 40k isn't going to save you

>> No.26429009

>Real amounts of money

>> No.26429285

I work overnight, 2 nights a week 12 hr shifts
Likely going to 4 nights /WK later in the year. Its comfy. Still in college and I do homework at work and chat with friends and generally dick around. will probably keep working here for at least 2 years, investing every spare dollar

>> No.26429349

It's funny money but that funny money can get you a nice piece of land and property

>> No.26429410

It's this

>> No.26429527
File: 1.00 MB, 1416x672, 1605678326592.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same dude. I have a $250K stocks portfolio, and decided to put $5k into crypto. Ended being a complete waste of time and too much of a mental drain. Constantly checking /biz/ was the worst of it indeed. With the stock market you et your day of trading and then a night to analyse, read the news, understand where we are. You get weekends and holidays. You get none of that with cryypto. It's perfect for wagies who want to gamble or neets who stare at charts all day, but it's certainly not for me.

>> No.26429618

Shoveling shit is literally more fulfilling than 80% of jobs. You work hard, physically, and see a difference at the end (no more poopoo)
T.grandpa owns a salebarn
Cope. Investing in crypto has been a net positive for me. I quit doing drugs and drinking, put that money into crypto instead. If it goes to 0 I've lost nothing except unhealthy lifestyle choices

>> No.26429699

Speak for yourself faggot

>> No.26429714

Dyor and that doesn't happen as much

>> No.26429748

yeah thanks for that man. that's a good perspective. this 24/7 fucking clown market that can be manipulated by any wealthy country or whale at any given moment is just too much for me. Im okay with that. these dipshits on here saying "it's million dollars or bust" clearly haven't lived and have no responsibilities. it's a very unhealthy way to live

>> No.26429767
File: 422 KB, 1280x1024, 1392827594556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've made almost 2 million investing into crypto and stocks last year

I am addicted to making money, and I cannot lose, look around you - millionaires are made every minute on /biz/

>> No.26429847

What are you going to do with that money

>> No.26429892

and people are losing money every minute on /biz/ by buying the shitcoin of the week and other shit that will eventually crash and burn.

there's not ONE fucking crypto that serves a purpose at this point. even fucking Bitcoin isn't used anywhere, you can't buy shit with it.....it does nothing. and it's a shit technology anyways. ridiculous fees and takes fucking 45 minutes to send it somewhere. and that's BITCOIN. it does nothing. now imagine what the fuck Link is......again, it's nothing but a store of value. it does jack shit and there's a good chance it never will.

>> No.26429906

I have fully bought off my house, I am trying for a 3rd child with my beautiful wife and want to make sure they are provided with the best things money can buy. I am 32 years old so pretty old relative to the board, but I started out with nothing 15 years ago

>> No.26429927

Weren't you just saying how stressful it is? How can it be the easiest path and too stressful for you?

>> No.26429966

I'm 28 and I'm bald fuck you

>> No.26429997

God bless you anon. I'm 7 years younger and have the same goals, house, children, wife. Crypto will get me my first real house

>> No.26430005

I feel as though I have nothing to lose
No house, no mortgage, no car, no relationship, no children.
80% of my net worth is in crypto, that could disappear tomorrow and my life wouldn't change
You get few chances to make it in life and this is one that almost seems to good to be true, like how are normies unaware of this golden ticket

>> No.26430116


>> No.26430150

>>Can't buy shit with bitcoin

On the dark web you can

>> No.26430164

It's not advertised on TV.
Normies have the attention span of fish.

>> No.26430199

>golden ticket
>golden id

>> No.26430371

Everything has a purpose in a commodity-based society. Things have worth because we decided it does, not because of anything it actually does.

>> No.26430431

Fuck I'm screenshotting this and will look at it in moments of FUD

>> No.26430520

Have faith

>> No.26430563

Absolute pussies kek

>> No.26430721

>there's not ONE fucking crypto that serves a purpose at this point.

but that's wrong

>> No.26430855

There it is. There’s the emotion. There’s the anger. You panicked. You sold. You hate yourself for it. You sit at the dinner table and run imaginary numbers through your head, calculating what you gave up.
You’re the settler that’s went back to England. You’re the pioneer that headed back East.
You’re anger emanates from shame. In 10 years you’ll be telling high-school-football-esq stories about how you “used to sling crypto. Made a ton of money so I got out.”

>> No.26430911

Not anymore we use monero now

>> No.26430985

post portfolio

>> No.26431252

>I made $40k in crypto and had to get the fuck out.

Are you helping mom pay your rent?

>> No.26431253

Bought 3 Bitcoin in late 2013 for the heck of it, crashed almost immediately after, "oh well", forget about it for almost four years
Summer 2017, hear on the news that Bitcoin is now over 4000$, I now have over 10k, kinda cool
Late 2017 crypto explodes, I suddenly have over 50k for a moment, pretty cool, crashes immediately after, "oh well"
Early 2018, hear about this Chainlink Token, the memes are funny and /biz/ is always right (unfortunately I didn't visit the board when ETH came out), so I trade almost a whole BTC for 10,000 Linkies. Crashes immediately after, "oh well", forget about it
July 2020, Link hits $8. Start thinking about selling, but I take too long and in the meantime it already corrected then mooned some more.
August 16, 2020. Link hits $19 and it feels like an obvious top. Spend half a day finding my old cell phone to access 2FA on Binance because I haven't touched my account since early 2018. Sell 80% off my Link stack for Bitcoin. That same day Link crashes and a couple months later Bitcoin does a 3x.

I now have about half a million and I didn't spend much time of my life worrying about it. Didn't install Blockfolio until today. I also believe in S2F and am absolutely certain that I'll be a millionaire in a year. And if I'm wrong and it'll take a couple years more then that's fine too.

Maybe just relax and don't worry so much mate.

>> No.26431285

22y/o Started 3 years ago with 15k at 100k now, will cash out around 300-400k and start investing in real estate for cash flow

>> No.26431347

what shitcoin do you shill? stink and ETH?

>> No.26431427
File: 31 KB, 350x376, 1437176411781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you are a soft-cock emotional crybaby. you will not make it. you do not have the heart for big gambles and big gains. furthermore, you do not have the brains to snipe x10s.
and you're asking what is wrong with us? what is wrong with you?
fuck off back to plebbit and enjoy the upboats from your baby dick 20% on those ebin stonk picks. those beta cuck simps are more your crowd and you know it.
>you'll watch your earnings go from $400k to $100k overnight and you don't even think twice about that.
fuck yeah you're right i don't think twice about that.

>> No.26431697

you sound like some fucking degen drug addict loser. I don't give a fuck what you have to say. just go ahead and off yourself faggot

>> No.26431707

I was here in 2017. I sold at 16k on the way down and bought back under 8k before doubling down on the dip in march. Wasn't really that hard to not take a 80% loss.

>> No.26431729

Probably every millionaire and definitely every billionaire had a similar mindset. But not everyone with the mindset becomes a millionaire

>> No.26431757


After your portfolio swings by a few million a few times, you stop noticing it as much. I live off maybe 500 eur a month so I can wait. Life is pretty cheap when you have no debt.

>> No.26431871

I don’t value my life. The first time I bought into crypto I did it and with all of my money, because I wanted to make a risky investment, so I have one more reason to kill myself once it crashes.
I wanted to have nothing left. I wanted to feel something. And I did. And then it just kept going up and up and up. I literally got excited about red numbers while holding at some points.. I play this shitty game until I die.
Either I ‚make it’ and look down on this retarded empty world and its shallow worthless inhabitants or Ill crash and die and finally rest forever transitioning into nothingness like everyone else will anyways.
20 years of living or 80. Who the fuck cares. It means absolutely nothing in the greater scheme. You will all die

>> No.26431922

Good. I'm currently priced out of a suicide stack of LINK, and I really want one.

>> No.26431942
File: 31 KB, 472x461, 1445806593869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this isn't bible camp, faggot.

>> No.26432001

all you had to do was buying link in 2017 and forget about it for 3 years. that's it, no stress, no blockfolio, just comfiness, yet you chose the path of a swingie, you are legit retarded

>> No.26432024

If it matters so little, why not enjoy the ride?

>> No.26432090

This. Embrace absurdism

>> No.26432111

Oh no, it's started, the "you just got lucky" posts are already here

>> No.26432195

I‘ve been through this meme. Its just boring

>> No.26432223

>scared about a small amount like $40k
Anon, we live in an era where $1,000,000 is small money. Fix your mindset or you're never going to make it.

>> No.26432303

The temporary loss is not a loss because I wont be selling at a loss. I'LL BE HOLDING AND BUYING MORE. Watching this cycle of recovery is proof of whats to come in the future. You will be lucky if you're given one last chance to jump on the ship before its no longer an easy get rich quick scheme. You faggots have no vision, no fortitude, and no discipline. It makes me sick young faggots possibly walking away from millions to take their 10K just because they cant wait 5 or 6 years.

>> No.26432366

cant wait for Rubic crosschain to pop the fuck off so i can degen gamble some more. God i hope the fees are gonna be as low as they promise. Im gonna get so fucking rich.

>> No.26432860

again, it depends on what dip you're buying. if you're buying dips on BTC or ETH, those will most likely pan out.

but talk to people who were buying dips on NEO and REQ and WaltonChain how they're doing these days. I'll go ahead and tell you.....they lost everything and they'll never get it back.

>> No.26432949

You don't need to check the charts all day.

Just DCA each month, and don't look at the price for a few years. What is so hard about that?

>> No.26433434

exactly there the ones that want to treat this as Wall Street we will shit on Wall Street down the road were the turtle there the hare

>> No.26433872
File: 142 KB, 1440x810, 1611379924160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>constantly checking Blockfolio, constantly having to browse /biz/
You didnt understand what you invested in then. Enjoy working for Mr. Shekel for the rest of your life.

>> No.26434703

>I don't understand crypto and sold the first sell off

>> No.26435348
File: 3.67 MB, 332x250, FCB8A41F-77F3-499D-9659-2C22F7CF1CAF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s funny you say that.
I’m going to do everything you said, while also holding 6 figures of link.
The difference between you and me?
>You think the money made here changes my life.
For me? Money is a vehicle for opportunity.
For you? Money is a stress that you’ve conditioned yourself to be sick at.
Everyone who has held crypto for any appreciable position knows that feeling.
When you have more money than you know what to do with.
>and it makes them sick.
The difference between me and you?
I can separate myself from my money.
If I lose it all, I’ll make it all again.
You’re a miser with barely above the poverty line money thinking you’re king.
I’d rather live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a sheep.

>> No.26435352

You were born to be poor, it’s not your fault, it’s just genetics.

>> No.26435563

For me it's all or nothing. I either make enough to retire or I don't. 20k, 40k whatever it's not enough. It makes zero difference to my life. I will choose solid projects, try to get in early and wait. I don't give two shits whether it goes to zero but I have more chance of of becoming a millionaire here than I do on the lottery.

>> No.26435920

>constantly checking Blockfolio

Somebody mentioning the LINK price to me the other day is the first time I've checked it in months. You're too weak for this.

>> No.26436034

only gamble half save half ..

>> No.26436126

>There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping you and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there.

>> No.26436152

I feel free watching my net worth crash 50%

>> No.26436191

lol at this midwit weak hands faggot taking out his frustrations at selling early by assuming those smart enough to hold on for more are just degenerate gamblers

glad to know I live in your head rent free with my $200k crypto portfolio you sad faggot

>> No.26436318

get a load of this guy.

Seriously you seem like a depressed guy. Take a break, stop playing the game for a while and do something else for a while. YOu can always come back, you know it. Just take a break. It will help you see things with other persepective.

If when you come back you think the same way, then it's the way it is. But try it.

>> No.26436401

>Several bear winters, rivers of pink wojaks
This made our skin like iron, our hearts like ice, i can be -50% down and feel nothing.

>> No.26436743

man I checked out rbc, it has so fucking much potential. I dont know why there is so much fud on biz, but I do against what biz says and I just bought a bag

>> No.26436801

this fucking level of cope

>> No.26436854
File: 138 KB, 1905x1044, 346898345256746876079.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26437098
File: 53 KB, 705x535, life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

volatility makes me feel alive

>> No.26437308

this was funny to read. bitch you're going to lose it all and I can't wait until you do. you'll be posting your faggot ass REEEEE posts and talking about roping. I look forward to it

>> No.26437581

why are you so bitter? all you have to do is take your loss and join us, you can still make it, its not too late, you waste your energy seething when all you have to do is just buy link, I dont understand, even if you lose all your money its not gonna kill you

>> No.26437616

You are a gambler buying lotto tickets, you feel the way you do because you don’t make long term investments in assets you understand and believe in.

>> No.26437955
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>he bought

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