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There is still time to get in
Not for long

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i only have 7.8 link because i sold thousands in 2019 like a retard (fuck me i'm suicidal over that), but at least i have my 7.8 remaining linkies just in case it goes to a thousand one day.
got all my stuff in btc and eth so its not too bad, but im sad about the link gains i missed.

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Are 500 enough to make it?

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ur gonna need like 2k at mininum i think

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500 isn’t a suicide stack but probably not a make it stack either

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What are you going to do with your 5000 (after taxes), anon?
Maybe buy a nice gaming pc?

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Man, fuck you

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i have one i dont really need money i'm only investing because it's kind of a waste not to? i guess i will save up for a house or an apartment after im done DCAing into the next bear market when this bullrun is over. there is nothing i need i have pretty much everything i want i just dont like money sitting in my bank doing nothing so i invest 90% of it and give stuff away from time to time to share.

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I hope it doesn’t moon before the stimulus check

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No, there is no time to get in, even if you invest 100k right now you still won't be able to make it. poorfags priced out.

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oh it will definitely make sure to price out everyone before that.

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Depends. In 5-10 years yes, especially if you’re willing to move to a low cost of living country.

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Disagree and I’m an OG with a 100k stack. I’ll likely never sell all my link but fully expect that stack to be worth north of $100MM before I even sell a single one.

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Wait, you're seriously gonna wait till 1000 before you sell ANYTHING?

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Hello newfag,
I'm also a link holder from way back when link was a two man team shitcoin
yes. we're not selling

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It’s bullshit. .

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linkies to 20 bong EOD

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About to ATH again as we sit here.

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i dont know if i should step in now...

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I think it maybe underestimated how much of a control of LINK supply this board has.
These Iron hand geniuses will drive the price simply by hodling as a group.

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I'm selling 1k linkies at $1000 rest stays, I see no reason to cash out to fiat this decade

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What defi systems can you offer?

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in this moment I am euphoric, not because of the blessing of any phony God's blessing, but because I am enlightened by my meager 3 figure stinkie stack

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Just start DCAing now or you might have even more regrets later on. You don't know how the market cycles will go or what the price will be when a bear market comes.

Also regret is stupid. Everyone fucks up and no point to think about it. There is only ever the now.

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What? This comment doesn’t make sense

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>being this weak-willed

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i am DCAing every month for many years. i dont think the bullrun is over yet so I'm still DCAing and even when the bear cycle begins i will continue to DCA. I will cash out more profits around july-december this year though so i can consoom stuff.

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ok you suckers i wanted to swing at 23.5 and you fucked me.... props to you autist

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>tfw priced-out poorfag
My only hope of making it is getting in on a sub-$1 coin that moons. Here’s to hoping for GRT or XLM.

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Did you forget about staking?

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Is blockfolio glitchy? When did link hit $27? I thought it hasn't hit $25 yet

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>I’ll make it with shitcoins!
No one has ever made it buying shitcoins. The only way anyone makes it is by accumulating btc, ETH and now LINK during bear periods.

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ta daaaa

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Absolute bullshit AND retarded. you have 100k Link, sind it goes to 800. Youre gonna sit living life as a poor/middle income normie, while you've got $80,000,000 (EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS) sitting on a trezor in your desk draw?? that's the funniest thing I've ever heard of

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>tfw only 104 linkies
I'm not going to make it...

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The projected income from staking would mean no need to sell

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Is biz just completely full of newfags who don’t know about staking????

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bought some link on my bday and this thing just doesnt dip lmao

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Rockefeller didn't sell his oil fields when they were used to fuel oil lamps. He waited till oil ran the world and by then he didn't need to sell.

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Imagine how rich the early btc buyers would be if they never sold

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>bought at 13$
>swapped to eth because I thought it's more safe short term
I just keep making bad decisions over and over

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Make one good decision (accumulate link) and then stop making decisions. Don't do anything with it. Don't touch it.

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>you’ll make it if you have a million dollars to buy in on the two most expensive coins
So crypto really is a scam that only the wealthy can make it on. I thought we were all gonna make it

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At that point you’d be making at least several million dollars a year from staking

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>80 Million
Not enough considering it can go to 800 Million.

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it's just recently mooned, getting it now would be stupid

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You should know by now swingies always get the rope at some point
>t. 35k Link 2017 oldfag

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Hold both. Best of both worlds. Don't swing, just accept the gains you get.

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Yeah it was mooning at 8 and 10 and 16 too.

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Checked and Kekked!

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30k linklet (absolute poorfag tier) here. I almost have a million USD and I live like a poor college student. You better believe nobody is selling here, newfag.

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You realise that everything will crash 75% during the bear market right? Everyone who has made it from crypto accumulates during the bear and if they’re really ballsy sells the top of the bullrun too. You literally had 3 years to accumulate link... Anons are STILL spoonfeeding all this info... LINK will hit $1000 just like Ethereum. How much ETH would you buyed at $20??

Dumb AF

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I have 10 LINK and I'm not selling until this badboy hits 100k in 2025.

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>bought at $2
>recently sold my whole 5K stack at $20.70
>bought back in at $17.38

Wew. Never doing that again. Swining s stressful. When it hit like $23 I was so close to just buying back in because I thought it was gonna go to $40 or some shit.

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Don't swing linkies. Not worth it. Yeah, maybe you get lucky and gain some 3%, but it's not worth the stress.

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Coinbase ath is 25

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truly a wise word, thought I would hit the top at 23.5 and now sitting here watching you guys taking off

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Swinging is fine honestly, LINK movement has been rather predictable these past few years. Never swing with your entire stack though, that's just asking for getting raped by a green dildo.

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>*in internet monopoly money
You really think you can just turn your stack of imaginary internet tokens into EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS of real fiat? You honestly think you can just pull that much money out of thin air? Cashing out doesn’t exist.

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>drops under $20 several times
>takes over 3 years to be a bleep on the radar
so much for the iron hands, huh?

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And you didn't even make enough to pay taxes on the trade lmao

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that's a fallacy

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Yep. That's the whole point. Be prepared to buy that day too, when every linky sells at 1k and it crashes.

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>You honestly think you can just pull that much money out of thin air
why couldnt you? You can literally make trades worth millions from your toilet taking a dump.

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Master troll. You know make it stack is generally x10 suicide stack
And its been long established link is
>1k ss
>10k make it
Thank fuck biz memed me in 2018 to reluctantly to buy a make it stack. Now its my biggest hold. Thanks biz

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Yes. I don’t think $1,000 is even close to the top. I want to build generational wealth fuck you in the ass money and I believe holding LINK will get me there. I’ll only ever sell just because being all in one asset long term is retard tier but when LINK hits $1,000, and it will, I’ll sell enough that I never have to even think about LINK failing and diversify into other shit. Meanwhile will keep a bag of probably 10k which will still put me in the top 1% of holders. I’m not LARPing and anyone who tries to convince you of that is just some jelly poorfag or nolinker. I know several other OGs who have a similar mindset with price targets anywhere from $300-10,000 and I firmly believe none of it is delusional. Blockchain will enable the Internet to continue, Chainlink enables blockchain. It’s as simple as that.

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What do you mean? He realized his gains by selling 5k link. Depending on where he is from he needs to pay 20-35% on that and I'm assuming that almost all of it is profit since it has risen so much.

He bought back at a 16% dip. Now link will have to rise until that 16% he made covers the tax he needs to pay for it to be worth it. It also needs to stay up until he sells to pay his taxes.

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should i just DCA into link or should i try to gain more dollars in the bull stonk market and then dump it all at once into link when theres a dip?

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What is staking dumbass. Imagine not understanding chainlink in 2021

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tokens will become worthless once governments start playing

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30k linklet here (bought in 2018), I'm probably never selling, kek
thanks, Sergey, kek

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There is one coin that went from 15 cents to 20 dollars in a bear market. Can you get what it is? I'll give you a hint it rhymes with stink.

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People are overly scared of swinging for some reason. I think swinging 20-30% of your stack, as long as you're not too greedy to try to time the EXACT ATH, you can accumulate coins.
Like coins almost never just go fully up in a straight upward line, there's always corrections.

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>cashing out to consoom

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Yeah, even with a small stack it's nice. Especially if you're bored with crypto because you just sit all-in LINK, swinging keeps the mind busy a bit and you make some stinkers on the side. It's really easy to swing so far in this bull market and I only use a stack of 500-1k, so I make 20-50 LINK here and there. Nothing to complain about. I'm guessing the 'swingies get the rope' meme scared some people away.

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I’m a newfag to /biz/ and I almost bought 300 linkies when it was at $12 on New Year’s day but I bought 10k GRT instead and now I want to die

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Couldnt you make "several millions per year" with that 80 million us dollars as well?

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Mother fuckers. I just recently started accumulating. Was literally going to drop my entire stimulus on LINK. I only have a meager 50 fucking stickies.

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you should be suicidal because youre still too retarded to get back in

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Been in since first hitting $7.50. I am a poorwagie and could only accumulate 103 linkies. Thanks bros for everything!

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Did you seriously just use the phrase "real fiat?" Kek

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Is 321 Linkies enough to make it?

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Celebrate LINK's success by raping Nico!

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14.3k stack in here. Enough to make it ?

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>can’t spell
>getting tricked into buying new ath
Hand in hand
Why don’t you find some other shitcoin to fomo in your measly money into instead of buying 5 shit tokens for 3 part time weekly wages

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I need a reason to commit suicide, should I sell my link?

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link will correct under $5 when this bullrun collapses.
anyone buying now at ATH is just asking to get raped.

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how does $143 sound?

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What did he do to her, bros?

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will it recover again?

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>there will be a singularity
>it won't be at EOY
sergey betray

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Get delta you fucking nigger

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>tfw only had enough money back in '18 to buy 144 linkies (yes I was that poor)
>forget about /biz/ after my dad died and I got institutionalized
>hear news about link afterwards
>turned nothing into $3000
>could've had enough to support my mom after I got back
I fucking hate the world. I'd kill myself if I wasn't the only person left to help my mom.

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Dump it

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He raped her! That's what!

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link will never go under 10 dumb pajeet

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it's okay, she loved every second of it

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is now a bad time to bought? I have 10k ready to go

>> No.26416341

you didn't have the funds. neither did i, nothing to beat yourself up over. imagine having 10k usd available and not buying. the irony is that if i was comfortably financially i probably would never have found LINK to begin with. my need for financial freedom was strong and the universe pulled me too it.

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>t. bought at $15
hope you didn't gamble more than you can afford to lose.

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Never despair anon. You are going to make it.

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>>2641297tlak to Sergay

>> No.26416523

Antshares. Just to name 1 shitcoin

>> No.26416569

I only have 1 LINK.

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Never sell. Fiat is going to be worthless, economy is going down the drain, people are going to vote on more and more radical leftists that are going to tax the shit out of real estate. It’s better to earn passive income on your links so you can move to Japan or Singapore when the West collapses.

>> No.26416765

I sold all 36.5 of my link because I don'thave an income and I feel like trying to buy back in at a lower price will be the only way I have a chance at accumulating linkies

>> No.26416800

I fucking hope it does so I can really start stacking more. Want at least 1k, but its hard at these prices.

>> No.26416839

that's enough

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Im kind of know that feel. Was broke and in college at the time. Saw LINK. Thought it was cool, however I was so broke at the time I literally didnt think it would be wise to spend anything on it. Now that I have money I am desperately trying to buy in only have 50 LINK right now. Same amount i have spent now would have net me over 4k LINK back then. It hurts.

Sorry you had to go throyfh that shit anon.

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ltc to link is good idea?

>> No.26417393

This is a huge factor. Once the FOMO starts to rise and especially after staking. Violent gains expected from simple supply and demand.

>> No.26417423

The time to get in was in 2017-2018

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plenty of time to get in. you have no interest in long term adaptation. you only want to make quick gains. fuck off. link and grt will be running web3 in two years. you are two years early.

>> No.26417639

What do you realistically think the ceiling is though? Alot of people here seem to cling to 1k, and while still an amazing return on your investment at todays prices, its not exactly enough to not ever have to work again, which is why alot of people on this board get into crypto.

>> No.26417721

buy lead token and fantom to be a little-LINK-helper

>> No.26417769

> https://github.com/r3fifinance
1 commit kek

how is this not a scam

>> No.26417809

i'm afraid that i will miss out on staking
an alarming amount of anons ignore this and focus too much on the price, ignoring that huge price = huge adoption = huge staking potential

fuck linkpool, it's only gonna cover 10% of the network and 25% of your rewards is ridiculous, plus you will have to buy overpriced LP to even be able to stake at the beggining
will making NEETnodes be easy?

>> No.26417860

holy shit... LINK is top 5 in volume right now. does high volume make it pump bigger?

>> No.26417920

I'll buy on a dip. FOMOing into a breakout is fucking retarded

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>link and grt will be running web3 in two years
shill me link. I still fail to see how it would run web 3.0

>inb4 klaus schwab memes

>> No.26418023

Should i convert my 1 BTC and 10 ETH and just dump it all into LINK? Im in this for the long haul, hoping to cash out in 4-5 years. Right now I only have 400 linkies.

>> No.26418107


buy LEAD TOKEN and FANTOM for 10000000000x gains friend

>> No.26418212

Remember when 2000 was considered a suicidal stack

I sold at 20 boys . I’m out I only hold BTC and ETH now

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Yes unironically

>> No.26418346

I thought you meant 7.8k and was moaning


mooned but broken ATH, understand how parabolic advance works anon

>> No.26418485

Wait for it to dump 30% again. It will proceed to pump 100% a few days after.

>> No.26418499

There are plenty more!

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>> No.26418690

What is the high projection on LINK?

>> No.26418829


1,000 end of decade"




>> No.26418872

Comfy buying more on the dip and my 25% gains today. Based LINK.

>> No.26418880

All you pinkies still haven't bought into the latest Chainlink partnership? Have fun missing out on SKL

>> No.26418978

Not gonna make it

>> No.26419022

i'll go in when everyone is fearful again

>> No.26419024

It's too late to get in, I'm not touching chain link, fuck your bullshit pie in the sky dreams

>> No.26419170

Yes. The real rich always run things. Doesn't mean we can't make 1-10x our initial investment off crypto though. Invest even as low as $1k to make $9k in 2 years or even 5 years is amazing ROI better than any savings account or other bullshit. That's what I'm trying to do, realistically double my money in a year then use the extra money to improve my life or reinvest. Only works if you have extra money to play with of course but that's what stimulus checks have been for!

>> No.26419235

No. BTC, ETH, and LINK are long term holds. If you want to swing, buy some LTC.

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I have 400 LINK

Is this enough? What can I expect in the next year? 5 years?

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>Blockchain will enable the Internet to continue, Chainlink enables blockchain. It’s as simple as that.
It will crash not too long after 10k. No sense in holding it through a bear market for 3 years when you can just rebuy after the 95% drop.

>> No.26419316

What was your buy price? I can see it going to a stable $40 this year so if you bought the dip, you just doubled your money. In 5 years I can see it going 10x if nothing comes along to dethrone it.

>> No.26419519

Hes lying. There are tons of coins you make it hugely off in a bullrun.
Just sell everything at the end of the bull market and rebuy whatevers left 2 years later.