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I have 70,000 LINK and I’ll be turning /biz/ into the 4th Reich in 2022. We will be the financial elite soon. Who’s with me?

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And a green ID to boot. Get ready anons.

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there's only a handful of whites left on the entire planet and half of them worship niggers

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Based and checked

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basedboy cuck

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Which is why we need to centralize our efforts here. /pol/ is too poor to do anything but larp about this stuff. We can actually pull it off.

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My ID is greener than yours. You doing alright, söyîm?

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lead me into your Reich senpai


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You should have sold on that pump, it’s about to crash along with BTC/ETH.

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>centralized efforts
>on a honeypot dragnet no less

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>The ubermensch

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You’re too poor to apply, unfortunately

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Seethe Chang

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Whiter than you

Why the fuck not, retard? Do you think a decentralized military is a good thing, you cock sucking faggot?

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Keep it on topic thanks

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so i can't be helped ? there is no entry into your reich ? have 5 link . how much do i need

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>/biz/ poster
>is pants-on-head retarded


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Of you want you can do some campaigning. Well pay you 0.1 LINK a day, and that’s generous.

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Start the revolution from yourself. Get healthy, physically and mentally. Learn useful skills. Study. Read.

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Good argument. Why are you poor again?

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I'm black tho. Would that constitue a problem?

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yuo re nigre

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>0.1 LINK a day
the new financial elite everybody

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And get together with other filthy rich basedboiz and kill the kikes

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seems more like a ubercuck

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Seethe Pajeet

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>0.1 LINK
Thats at least $10 a day and probably more like $81, with incoming taxes that’s be more than your wagecuck job

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where and how do i apply?

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No. Hitler had lots of black soldiers. We’re after the Jews here, remember that.

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Stick around and keep stacking LINK. WYKYK

We got a brainlet over here

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In fact some blacks were shot callers. Blacks weren't the ones fucking the Reich. The bankers were.

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Only poor stupid rednecks in flyover states don't understand that everyone is human and are just as smart, if not smarter than the average person. Once you realize your fight is with the elite "bankers", you start to be easier to hangout with

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>tfw only 11k Linklet

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The LINKstate will have songbun system. The earlier you can prove link ownership, the higher your family's status.

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based and reichpilled

>> No.26410634

/pol/ reporting
when and where, we can provide the militarised autism and foot soldiers

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250k LINK OG here, Jewish. Multiple members of my temple have 500k+ stacks and no, you linklets won’t be doing anything of the sort. Have a nice weekend.

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I think I used to work at the same car rental place as you OP. Guy literally didn't speak to anyone and dressed like the doomer meme.

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What's wrong with black people again? They didn't chose to be born black, poor or whatever, did they?

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0.1 Link might buy you Siberia one day.

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They are still niggers though and act like it

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God damn Reddit needs to fucking leave

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We're more creative and work far beneath our means. We can win the war with a well place 1k LINK stack.

Being Jewish clouds your ability to think on a higher level

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that the dog didn't choose to be born a pitbull doesn't change the fact that you probably shouldn't have it anywhere near you newborn child.
Same logic goes for niggers.
And Gypsies
And Jews
And Mexicans

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The number of blacks on earth is the exact same as the number of whites. It’s the CHINKS you need to worry about. They make up 30% of the world population and it’s only gonna get bigger. Also keep in mind that the whites are the ones who keep pushing for immigration, welfare, and sending aid to 3rd world countries. Its the whites who came up with the concept of “white privilege” and “only whites can be racist”. It’s the whites who have stopped giving birth meanwhile chinks and beaners literally form 15 member families.

It’s whites fault that they’re dying out and being replaced by Muslims and chinks. Remember that.

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>of course I’m finnish, how did you know
Laughs in white

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yikes.. this low IQ /pol/ business is going to turn into a problem if were going to have a shot at this. didn't factor that in.

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only the western reterded whites brainwashed by jews.
Simply don't let kikes and leftards be in charge of the education and propaganda, if you hold onto those two most important branches, degeneracy wont take hold

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I only have 150 link. Life is suffering.

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>everyone is smarter than the average person

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This guy gets it

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Post nose

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popcorn walls ngmi

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“Western retarded whites brainwashed by Jews” stop making excuses friend. Whites are their own enemies. Doesn’t matter if your a right winger or a left winger, whites are gonna end up killing themselves fighting over retarded shit like “OMG Is trump nazi!?!?!?” The white race is falling apart. How do go from being the most powerful race on earth, to fighting amongst yourselves and also worshiping blacks. There’s no way Jews could’ve managed to devolve an entire race of people, especially when they were just holocausted like 60 years ago.

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Really... this is apparently genetic superiority? Fucking Kek

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Fake and gAy

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am I wrong?

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this thread is incredibly larpy OP. I support you cause but if you want something done then suggest something tangible and dont just flex your stack kek. Tell us about your plan and please make it serious.

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Hello CIA

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You are a clown

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not with that fag face
stick both hands up your ass and clap like a retard nazi

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I guess you're the one responsible for the average being lower than everyone

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I... I.... Sold half my link stack for grt... Bros.... I only have 1k link.... Go on without me....

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this thread is literally worthless then and will just attract pol types. kys.

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It is not their fault. Its (((their))) fault, (((they))) are the true enemy.

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Can I come OP? https://streamable.com/19anja

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I’m not a clown. I’m literally just being realistic. What the fuck is wrong with white people? If you guys are so easily exploited by a tiny race of slimy people, that speaks more about the faults of the white man. Not the Jew. If the whites were truly strong, and truly superior, their countries wouldn’t all be falling. How do you go from lynching blacks and banning Mexicans/Asians. To being exploited by them. And don’t say Jews.

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you’ll be fine, be patient

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When will you understand... You create your own enemies.

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now, when you say (((they))), do you mean all of them, or the rich (((elites))) with power?

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The hell is LINK? Is it cryptocurrency? I thought that crypto was going to crash and burn soon cuz the world gubmints and globalist elites caught on how free it is and doesn’t want the goyim cattle to be free from the elites currency.

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The "whites", damn jews really are shape shifters.

>> No.26411693

I guess you could start a self sustaining community with a militia. You'd need fertile soil, accomodation, and people. All it takes to defeat the jew is to not partake in their system. You could buy land and build from scratch or just pump funds into already existing white only enclaves based on these principles.

>> No.26411733

They can all still breed right?

>> No.26411792

If ur not buying vast tracts of arable land in Africa you're doing it wrong, ask how I can help

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Spoken like a true (((enemy))). (((They))) love conflicts, it's in their nature to create conflicts so they can profit from all that chaos. (((They))) don't just pick one side to stand by, they jump between them as they see fit. Fucking rats.
They are one and the same. People who sold their souls to serve (((them))) are enemies as well.

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The jews constantly claim they're "only 2% of the population". That's complete bullshit. There's a fuck ton more of them than that. But they play the "muh holocaust" " muh persecuted minority" cards.

>> No.26411832

They document all potential mischling sleeper agents

>> No.26411833

I am a but a poor /pol/ack but I am here to fight!
I am a skilled orator and have movie announcer voice & also music skillz

>> No.26411873

don't talk to me like I am an amerimutt subhuman. Last time we kicked out jews was in 1968. We are aware of thier trickery and not allow them any easy way in.

>> No.26411923

My voice is deeper though and if that is you op i look like you, kinda getting weird.

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These digits speak truths

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I'm a quarter Jewish but 1/8 German and in a wheelchair, am I allowed in the fourth reich bros?

>> No.26411968

It was good enough for Goebbels

>> No.26411990

Cope. We are but a humble small minority group yet we have been controlling you for decades. We are artists, scientists, strategists, business owners. You are Amazon warehouse employees. Your level of creativity can’t even compare. This is why you didn’t even have the foresight to buy a respectable LINK stack. Don’t worry, 70k should be enough to allow you to buy your warehouse job back at the citadel.

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Because people are honest and Jews aren't. It is possible to overcome them like Germany did.

>> No.26412038

As long as our ideologies line up

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Sergeant reporting for duty, colonel.

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File: 807 KB, 1828x1435, schwabpilled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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You fucking retard, this is going to lead to the kinds of headlines that freeze link holder accounts because 'chainlink token makes anonymous nazis millionaires'? (Cnn)

>> No.26412072

>love conflicts
Ironically, that's Nazism.

>> No.26412079

What is wrong with white people? Simply their compassion and humanity. It blinds them to their enemies. Whites build high trust societies. They think those who look like them (i.e. Jews) are part of it. They are slow to understand that they are being systematically exterminated, and refuse to blame all Jews for it because they are compassionate people who don't believe it possible that they could be detested as a class by others for no reason. They also feel guilt built by holocaust lies, and are prevented by the institutions of the state, the courts, and the very law from either advocating a change to their own genocidal conditions being implemented, or from doing anything to stop it.

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lets go

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Here is the manifesto , fuhrer.
"Das Manifest zur Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft des Geldes"

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Based bump for gassing the kikes with stinkies best timeline

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File: 3.62 MB, 4000x2400, 1607548543104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Amerimutt, European... it’s all the same. Germany went from almost exterminating Jews to being raped by Muslims lmao!!! France isn’t even French anymore there’s so many Africans and Muslims. Don’t get me started on the Swedish and even the Greeks. Europe is falling and falling fast.
It’s probably never gonna happen cuz whites are tainted. Shame
Whites don’t have compassion. They’re just cowards. Too afraid to do anything.

Whites had a 3-1 lead and they blew it. Just admit that whites are falling due to their own actions. They could’ve completed the Holocaust but they didn’t. They could’ve eradicated the Muslims but they didn’t. They could’ve(and still can) keep the blacks down, but they won’t. What’s stopping whites from eliminating the Jewish scheme? White people. The white are their own worst enemy.

>> No.26412298

Imagine wasting your time with this schizo shit that no one will read

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Feels good man

>> No.26412332

>all whites are tainted
Post nose please

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Meant to post this but sall good man

>> No.26412406

All whites are pusssie my MAGA BS

I've lived in a white suburbs all my life when they see you driving better cars or just doing better they hate on you.

Fuck white people

>> No.26412466

stopit mayn mm thx

>> No.26412527

Meanwhile you benefit from living in a white country, insecure retard

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A nazi reich style system is not sustainable. Try again you simpleton

>> No.26412729

I'm a new/poorfag, so I don't have that much capital yet but I'm in.

>> No.26412801

says who?

of course its sustainable

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/pol/ reporting in

>> No.26412865

Redditors, please leave. There are no upvotes here and the moderators and jannies don’t really exist.

>> No.26412934

>All whites are pusssie

Hail Hitler.

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who the fuck asked?

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Sieg Heil.
/pol/cel reporting in.
How may I or my battalion be of assistance, based /biz/anon?

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File: 38 KB, 531x563, 4584F2F0-4BDD-46AF-B594-A0EFFC8D5CB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why not? Not enough brown leeches to build a strong economy ?

>> No.26413382


>> No.26413434

Not you apparently my dilating reddit friend

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A lot of the Israeli blind worship Conservatism will die with the boomers

Then we can really get this party started.

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File: 2.21 MB, 499x499, 1585360409195.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch. Me.

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Then why do jews always infiltrate other countries if they’re so “creative?”

>> No.26413765

Imagine fomoing this hard.

>> No.26413802

fuck off

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File: 1.13 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201125-182828_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 4000 DOGE COIN. plus I'm a nigger. I can be a double agent. Count me in bros.

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File: 479 KB, 960x727, freemoneyjew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 447 KB, 1964x1964, EsXzvUWW4AAiJsO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jew bros stay winning

>> No.26414060

Taking a screenshot of a picture already on your phone is one of the most nigged things so i dont doubt your subhuman status

>> No.26414123

You aren't allowed here, bootlickers out. We'll just bully you like everyone else, back to your containment board

>> No.26414138

To beat the jews you have to be rich like the jews. That's why /pol/ will never achieve anything other than making people aware of the problem. /biz/ is the true powerhouse.

>> No.26414227

If this is true I will form a faction to curb stomp link tards for being stinks

>> No.26414278

The ultimate step is to become a jew to unlock kabbalahic powers

>> No.26414360

Can 1K stacklets still serve champagne on the yacht?

>> No.26414449

No amount of linkies will fix that hideous face op fuck off back to pol.. just two more weeks!!

>> No.26414487

Keep seething, Shlomo

>> No.26414493

God be with you /biz

>> No.26414657

are you retarded?

>> No.26414935


>> No.26415009

Post stack fuck boi

>> No.26415042

A broader definition would peg them probably above 3%.

Most surveys only count self-identified Jews, and they also usually exclude Jews who practice some other religion or don't claim to practice Judaism. There are many Jews in the US who don't fall under those categories -- probably at least one million.

You also probably have some who live in surveys because of perceived persecution or whatever.

>> No.26415084

haha what a faggot

>> No.26415098

>no one replied to your post
Well /biz/ chads is he full of shit? Not one of you touched his post not even link telemarketers

>> No.26415472

Chinks are very based, simply embrace eating the tasty bugs and higher average IQ than whites. I have no issue with this.

>> No.26415923
File: 956 KB, 615x900, 1610501620080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>imagine thinking you're white when you clearly have nigger lips and slav features
>that small wrists
topkek thanks for the laugh subhuman

>> No.26415948


>> No.26415972

I only have 13 link

Can I be store manager tier?

>> No.26416038

The part that always gets me is the most virulent anti black vocal posters defenders of le white race are always hispanic
>like bro what did blacks even do to your personally to make you so angry
>bro fuck off im not even white I’m hispanic
Every time

>> No.26416050

my id will be green

>> No.26416072

Yeah but Hitler still wanted a separate place for every race after the war

>> No.26416093

You don't even look white

Imagine making enough money to live with no worry and still choosing to be an unenlightened sad loser.

>> No.26416113
File: 500 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210123_172322_exodusmovement.exodus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here is my adress and my screenshot


How about you share the wealth?
Can you please give me 30 linkies?

>> No.26416127

You do understand every race hates every race right retard?

>> No.26416189

Yes but whites on 4chan do it because they are losers and Hispanics on here do it because they want to be accepted as pets on here for the loser whites on 4chan let that sink imagine wanting to be acknowledged by the low rung of the whites le epic 4chan white fucking kek

>> No.26416202
File: 69 KB, 850x666, plzdonategoyim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that pic related

>> No.26416277
File: 63 KB, 886x898, 1592498893340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck off nigger

>> No.26416488

I'm whiter than OP, and probably you too.

You retards should have stayed on /pol/. Wealth is wasted on you, and you've provided nothing of value to this board or the link community other than your braindead mind virus.


Lol. have fun, retards.

>> No.26416651

die racist faggot, i got 150k link and will be making sure people like you sleep in the dirt

>> No.26416680

>muh mind virus
Fuck off nigger

>> No.26416901
File: 52 KB, 612x163, Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 7.57.31 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have fun in your low i.q. mutt nazi larp club. Good luck getting laid.

I'm sure you'll have a big family, be valuable to your local community and save the world with your great genes. Just keep fighting bro. You've come in tune with a true stroke a brilliance, you're a true Aryan.

>> No.26417011

Fucking this. Prepare for some serious clown shit once I make it. (((They))) won't know what hit them.

>> No.26417064

Fuck you racist. Fuck you.

>> No.26417122

Great job Xi-Ping, now fuck off back to plebbit where people actually listen to your conditioning bullshit.

>> No.26417220

Gotta call shenanigans.
If you have 70k link send 42 to


If 42 stinkies show up I'll join your little right wing death squad and siege heil and all that fun shit. Otherwise, all fields

>> No.26417250
File: 36 KB, 482x427, 1445972464054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i will do anything for 5 link at this point

>> No.26417266

Ok, I shall

>> No.26417371

hey OP. /pol/ poster here, great idea, we can get /k/ in too.

>> No.26417377

>anyone who disagrees with my peabrain is a communist
Yes, you are in fact not as intelligent as you believe.

>> No.26417381

So besides owning cryptocurrency what is your actual plan, I would advise first producing your own independent media, free from (((influence))) otherwise your assets will be seized immediately.

>> No.26417400

Why should I give a fuck about niggers? Fuck niggers. Simple as

>> No.26417447

You seem very insecure about your intelligence

>> No.26417681
File: 140 KB, 960x720, stop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26417746
File: 1.47 MB, 236x250, 1588213685632.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine replying to an anon dunking on your retarded political compass out of pure insecurity, then taking it a step further and projecting.

I can sense your pure Aryan blood and intelligence through the screen anon. I am met with visions of your future greatness, your many children, you will truly be the bringer of a new day, a cultural revolution for the white man. It is so powerful in fact, I'm actually shaking.

Most people who have big families have them young. And they're Christians, not fake poltard larpers like you. Besides, the world ain't exactly aching for more dysfunctional mixed-blood aryan larpers. You're going to grow older, more alienated, and alongside that - more repellent to women than you are now. You have pretty much zero chance of finding a wife and having kids with your 95i.q. and petulant attitude.

>> No.26417848
File: 222 KB, 600x598, fcd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you are no fun, you need to go back to your safe space kike

>> No.26417965

anon i got you a good one
for white and verified non Jews
check it out!

>> No.26418007

shit i clicked it and now my links are gone AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.26418091

>only rednecks
>ignores all the nigger we wazzing, and black hebrewes and the jews "we are chosen people"
fuck off kike

>> No.26418096 [DELETED] 

Keep seething at my large family
>Imagine replying to an anon dunking on your retarded political compass out of pure insecurity,
Projecting. We are talking about a moral venture and you starting memeing about IQ because of your insecurities.

>> No.26418122

Hail victory!

>> No.26418146

Keep seething at my large family
>Imagine replying to an anon dunking on your retarded political compass out of pure insecurity,
Projecting. We are talking about a moral venture and you started memeing about IQ because of your insecurities.

>> No.26418156

dont fucking scare people retard.
we already have enough schizoids.
its one of the only non pozzed organizations out there.
they actually want uk for natives ONLY.
don't EVER give money to proud boys or info wars, they are pro isreal.

>> No.26418161

You're mistaking this board for /pol/. Go back to 8ch. Go back to watching some porn. You're trapped in a cycle of degeneracy combined with an attempt to cope by attaching your outcome to the legitimacy of a dead ideology. Make something new you faggot mutts.

It is just as easy to manipulate you fucking retards as it is to manipulate lefty normies. You're not different, special, or privy to unique information. You're just pathetic and stupid, and if you stood for even half the values you pretend to, you wouldn't be here in the first place.

>> No.26418198

>oh no I have to be among my own people

How is this bad for anyone?

>> No.26418214

Moral venture? You larpers have neither morals, nor wives or families. It is pure fucking cope for being a massive sour grapes loser.

>> No.26418294

nein brother nig.
so long as you have proven you have shaken off the spell that we are your enemy you are our friend.
welcome home.

>> No.26418308


I only have 2700 link... :( But have 200 Ethereum and half a billion kin. Oh and a million of VET... I shall be Aryan vanguard! Marche, my linkies. Marche!

>> No.26418321

seething nigger.
he has enough money to feed HOARDES of whites, what do you got? sneed?

>> No.26418327

You literally have transient morals ie none

>> No.26418394

literally every race would prefer that. balkanization is a good thing. this is what the kikes don't want you to realize.
that's not to say that if a state does in fact actively want to be multi-cultural that it shouldn't be free to do so.
mobility is the issue. democracy is the lie. balkanization is the solution.

>> No.26418438

>Wealth is wasted on you, and you've provided nothing of value to this board or the link community other than your braindead mind virus.
yes anon we should give it to THOUSANDS of black and latino and gay charitites, while we cant even find ONE white advocacy charity in ANY nation.
what do you think people do with wealth?
advocate for their peopple.
>jews do it
>blacks do it
stop there white supramacist.
is that your entire argument?

>> No.26418470
File: 1.14 MB, 940x760, somewhere to start.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

somewhere to start

>> No.26418521

Yes, because he's a brainwashed cuck who seethes at his own race

>> No.26418561

100,000 white men could conquer the planet postironically. Whites have been bred for war for thousands of years. This is why jews use us as soldiers in their little project over there

>> No.26418641

Isn't that double for uneducated black people? Simply speaking eloquently can trigger them and I'm not really sure why

>> No.26418665

literally had no argument.
just seethe at other people wealth and how they gonna advocate for their own people.
he is ok with THOUSANDS OF black charities all over Europe, but he seethe at a PROSPECT of a guy trying to work for his own people.
>calling him non white
that dude ABSOLUTLY will be called a privilleged white male ANYWHERE in Europe or America.
whites have to be united because others WILL demonize and eventually prosecute them.

>> No.26418707

reported to Biden's FBI and domestic terrorism taskforce

>> No.26418710

What's interesting to think about is how threads like these will soon be reported to agencies after new laws pass secretly. anons just posting in these threads will be added to a redflag list, domestic terr watchlist, and maybe worse.
We need a blockchain based solution to preserve free speech on the internet.

anyone remember that anon that was killed by the cops through his window last year? He was working on solution for preserving free speech on the internet. What was his project based on, blockchain?
They're already making talking about wanting free speech a taboo for normies bros. I hope their draconian plans get thwarted somehow.

>> No.26418773

Rep*blican shill. The jews are the bankers, the ultimate enemy. The chinese are insects and in fact their government is one of the only in the world that doesn't bow down to international jewry. No surprise (((rep*blican Inc.))) wants them gone

>> No.26418812

I could buy that place with a fraction of my linkies

>> No.26418921

fuck off loser
also kys

>> No.26418924

You actually believe the mutt OP? How dumb can you be? Even if he isn't larping, he is going to get raped by FEDS, not to mention the divorce rape any woman will put him through once she realizes what an insufferable idiot he is.
>muh naZi mORaLs
Congrats your leaders were degens and fags who lost a war that was easily winnable, had they not been led by a gay, delusional drug addict who drove his lover to suicide. B-B-B-BASED!
Guess what faggot, knowing that nazi's are retarded is not a mutually exclusive belief to being both white and proud of your heritage.

>> No.26418988

You guys are all fucking pussies. They keeping taking your rights away and you simply comply. You could have all the money in the world but it still wouldn’t even matter since you’re a spineless cuck who’s been getting stepped on for the past 100 years

>> No.26419004

Deflecting kike. You have no morals and your worldview will change within a few years as usual but you will always be anti-white.

>> No.26419058

Literally nothing changed in the life of based texan/floridian/midwestern or any country dwelling anon.. Maybe if you bulwarked your brain a little more against basic propaganda, you wouldn't be easily drawn to retarded ideologies represented mostly by actual retards.

>> No.26419102

You hear that? It's the sound of your future.

You're single, depressed, addicted to porn and posting on an anime forum about how you're going to save the world with your superior genes.

>> No.26419110

>it doesn’t take creativity to take over an entire country with a small group of non militant people
Kek. Look at this retard.

>> No.26419157

>Literally nothing changed in the life of based texan/floridian/midwestern or any country dwelling anon.
You can't be this ignorant
I don't care about the world and I never said I did, retard. Keep shitting on whites like the brainwashed faggot you are.

>> No.26419181

first of all, you didn't attack the legitimate of his work maggot, you attacked him that first, he doesn't look white, then when you failed, you said he has a mind virus and is bad for "le community"
on the prospect of believing or NOT believing, i dont give a shit.
the fact of the matter is that WE need to have groups that are BASED on white advocacy.
which we have maybe 2, and they are BLOCKED BY PAYPAL because they label ANY white advocacy groups, as "white supremacy"
i dont care if he is larping or not, i appreciete ANY idea about uniting whites agasint this blatant anti white propoganda and i welcome any idea.
this is ONLY POSSIBLE through wealth, and in fact my goal too.
i am already donating to patriotic alternative.
but as soon as i am set, instead of thinking about "le community nigger and fun" as you suggested, i make my own organization.

>> No.26419192

oy vey

>> No.26419232

>You're single, depressed, addicted to porn and posting on an anime forum about how you're going to save the world with your superior genes.
the FINEST projections.

>> No.26419308

>a flyer with "its ok to be white" is violence and hate speech.
>nothing changed

>> No.26419322

These are legitimate newfags.
This anon is just trolling.
lmaoo what is he even saying anons? are all normies this easily shaken and effected IRL? There's so much butt hurt in this one that I think it's almost parody at this point

>> No.26419365

Are 1k linklets welcome?

>> No.26419368

>unique information
no we do rabbi.
we read talmud and torah and zohar and we KNOW about amalak, edom, esav and jacob.

>> No.26419382

>that dude ABSOLUTLY will be called a privilleged white male ANYWHERE in Europe or America.
Nice bait

>> No.26419422

How is that bait? Have you been living under a rock?

>> No.26419442

Good luck funding the rest of what needs to be done to build a decent residence in the middle of nowhere. No roads, only waterplane and boat access and good luck hauling in anything significant that way.

>> No.26419462

Fud is getting to pathetic levels now

>> No.26419500

>he doesn't know only half the country obeyed mask mandate
>he doesn't know restaurants in tx and fl have been open for months
lol, that big brain will lead your race to a better future.
You're not white and English doesn't even appear to be your first language. It is like poetry, this thread.
Oh right, you're on 4chan because it is the premiere base for ascending the ladder of your Aryan destiny, not because it is degen central for alienated teens? Sure thing captain!
Lol, wow such a based Aryan he knows the Jewish secrets of REAL magic. Wow. I'm shaking how did the white mane figure it out? Oh noooooooo
Single men destined to commit suicide don't need infrastructure, anon

>> No.26419563

dude you are BLIND as FUCK.
they are ALREADY calling ANYONE who is not in line with their ideology (ie, black who is not a we wazing nignog, or a Latino who is pro second amendment) a white person.
look at the capitol protest.

>> No.26419618


>> No.26419681

>he doesn't know only half the country obeyed mask mandate
>he doesn't know restaurants in tx and fl have been open for months
Changing the subject like the retarded cuck you are. You have no arguments and you know how much the west has declined but your kike masters have brainwashed you to shit on whites on fucking 4chan.

>> No.26419702

>he does this for free

>> No.26419707

This is actually a decent idea, just pick a county with a tiny population in a right wing state and gain influence. Buy up all the land.

>> No.26419731

>Aryan he knows the Jewish secrets of REAL magic. Wow. I'm shaking how did the white mane figure it out? Oh noooooooo
>doesnt understand the power of religion on human mind
>doesn't understand Shabbos goys and their belief the not helping isreal will cause god to curse them
>doesnt understand ANY OF IT
>only call it magic
thats cool anon.
the fact of the matter is that i keep making money, and you cant stop me from doing what i want with it.
you go donate to nigger charities and go serve niggers in middle of Nigeria, and i help whites.

>> No.26419791

I will finance my wealth and soul into this movement.
For freedom.
Fuck Jannies

>> No.26419856

Doubt the blacks want to be with us stinky wypipo either.

>> No.26419941

>they were just holocausted like 60 years ago

>> No.26419944

I'm just laughing at the mutts who insist on being white, and brainlets like you of course
>babbies first ancient knowledge
You're gonna make it bro, just dig deeper! Trust the plan! Your genes are VERY SPECIAL!! Keep an eye out for those magick numbers!

>> No.26420024
File: 367 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210122-160917_Fidelity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Almost buy 20k link when it was at .25, didn't for some reason because it was the first shitcoin I looked at and I wasn't sure and went on to fuck around with faster moving shitcoins.

Another way to get rich that i never bought into.

>missed bitcoin at 200
>missed eth at 17 and 58
>missed chainlink at .25 and at 4
>had gme but sold it at 13 after it crabbed

>will never make 1 mil with a quick internet money flip and the quit my job and make my parents proud
>just slow long holds and 100% gains a year that will probably crash soon enough

>> No.26420049
File: 1.63 MB, 1280x720, 1550600141384.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hahahahaha buddy.... First: pull out dildo from your butt, Second: lurk more to know how to shitpost in this board, Third: Stop virtue signalling and projecting because you dont like something that someone said(people like you are censoring everything what doesnt belong to their ideology), Forth: fuck niggers, fuck kikes, fuck chinks and most important fuck jannies.

>> No.26420069

You're totally not insecure about intelligence, lmao. BTW your moral system is transient and dictated by the (((rich))).

>> No.26420097

welcome brother

>> No.26420122

>>26409544 (checked)
based and redpilled LINK marine.

>don't forget to also buy AVAX and CKB

>> No.26420141

>trust the plan
>gas lighting
yes assume i am belieivng internet q nonsense.
i just believe in what jews say about my people
and the fact that they got praised for writing these.
i am just acting like jews.
as talmud say "get up and strike first"
i gonna dig where ever i want, and fact of the matter is that you cant do anything.
i gonna only live once, and if it means i am going to make sand niggers like you shit their pants in fear, so be it.

>> No.26420177
File: 58 KB, 240x240, christogenea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


(Documentary) 100 Proofs the Israelites were WHITE
(Sermon) Christian Identity: Aryans are Israel
(Sermon) Jesus was Aryan, "Jews" are not Israelites
Collection of quality Christian Identity materials, doctrine, podcasts

More materials:

The Biggest Identity Theft in History
Dual seedline: The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
What Race Was Adam?
The Tribe of Dan - Robert Sepher (Video)
Rosette DeLa Croix's Chritian Identity FAQ
http://rosettedelacroix.com/?p=23394 (https://archive.vn/kt9V0)
The Ghost of Ian Smith - Bible Basics (Lot's of Videos and Links)
National Socialism is closer to true Christianity than any other system.
Refutation of We Wuz Kangz


Eurofolk Radio
William Fincks Christogenea
Brother Herbert Age of Laodicea
Brother Herbert Presents

The time-lines of the KJV are completely incorrect and willfully corrupted.
Archived threads:

>> No.26420265
File: 2.51 MB, 2880x1288, whichway.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thread theme





>> No.26420278


>> No.26420280

Non-Israelites (= Non-Aryans) will be burnt up in the lake of fire.

>> No.26420404

Lol. I can tell you're very mature, and intelligent with this brilliant grammar.
Is there anything more insecure than being jealous of Ashkenazi IQ dominance? Pro-tip, if whites in general were even RELATIVELY as intelligent as Jews, then they wouldn't have been sacrificing their kids to suck jew cock for the past century.
English is not your first language.

Forming these nazi mutt clubs is not going to help any of you kids get married or raise good kids. Learn a respectable profession/trade and go to church. All you hyperborean larper's will die from depression related chronic consumption/acute injury by your 40's if you don't get a clue.

The biggest jew in your lives is the one living rent free in your brain, the one you put there - the one you let some loser put there.

>> No.26420435
File: 204 KB, 536x536, biz reich.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same fucking picture, I swear to Christ.

>> No.26420487

Independent media is important. But now it might not be the highest priority now, in light of recent developments. I say that because people will just tune into their own confirmation bias nowadays and we need to reach a tipping point of enlightening people.
The highest priority needs to be educating people on just how corrupt this world is and more importantly
>showing them who is leading/complicit in the corrupting of our society
>show them clear and legal options to participating in fighting against it (options that are passive or active)
Not everyone who wants to fight against corruption will do so in the same way, so offering a passive path to participate is valuable.
We don't all play the same role, but if we all work independently towards the same goal, our work will compound in it's effectiveness. To all anons, just make sure that you try staying effective in working towards these goals of fighting against the corruption of the world.
Pray to God for strength and guidance. Remember that this life isn't the end all be all, so never get too overcome. Find comfort in that. We get a chance to fight against what's wrong here before meet in Heaven.

>> No.26420489

>Is there anything more insecure than being jealous of Ashkenazi IQ dominance? Pro-tip, if whites in general were even RELATIVELY as intelligent as Jews, then they wouldn't have been sacrificing their kids to suck jew cock for the past century.
And the insecure Jew reveals itself. Well done, retard.
You will never be white.

>> No.26420564

I'm 99.9% Anglo Saxon, but have fun fapping to the dead dreams of your faggot nazi idols.

>> No.26420574

>he doesn't know the one drop rule

>> No.26420598

Bullshit, nigger

>> No.26420624
File: 20 KB, 448x448, 159384663492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>How is this bad for anyone?
because they said so
pic rel

>> No.26420640

>a bastard shall not enter into the assembly of Yahweh; even a tenth generation of him shall not enter into the assembly of Yahweh.

>> No.26420712

>English is not your first language.
>Forming these nazi mutt clubs is not going to help any of you kids get married or raise good kids. Learn a respectable profession/trade and go to church. All you hyperborean larper's will die from depression related chronic consumption/acute injury by your 40's if you don't get a clue.
>The biggest jew in your lives is the one living rent free in your brain, the one you put there - the one you let some loser put there.
>absolutely IGNORING everything i said.
>got no answer for any of it.
sorry rabbi, the goal is already settled, i wont change it for your Jewish state.
>the jews only exist in your head
yes anon, the jews are so beloved that they trying to censor any criticism of their supremacism religion and state as "anti semeticm"
further more, they are very good people.
they want open refugee, no question asked for all the world, EXCEPT of course, for their little tiny state.
i gonna you gonna deflect again, but its good reason to provide links for others.

>> No.26420725

>t. Deuteronomy 23:2

>> No.26420791

>99.9 percent anglo saxon
>100 percent shabbos goy
how much more for isreal??

>> No.26420901

It's just how 23&me works. Pretty much everyone is assumed to be .1% nigger. I'm sure you have the highest IQ cope for why this is just a JeWish TrIcK tho
I'm whiter than you will ever be
Good luck becoming a fully formed adult and finding a wife, I'm serious. You're going to need an extreme, unnatural amount of luck to accomplish that.
Is this how mutts cope with being literal mugbloods?

>> No.26420945

>guys whites are low iq
>ok, so we get affirmative action?
>no everyone get it beside whites
>still call their nation white supramacist

>> No.26420971

You aren't white at all

>> No.26421040

Dude looks slavic as fuck but not white

>> No.26421042

>compulsively mocks white people who want to protect their own interests
>still promulgating the tired 80s trope that suggests white identity is only attractive to low iq skinhead larpers
It's afraid.

>> No.26421045

>Good luck becoming a fully formed adult and finding a wife, I'm serious. You're going to need an extreme, unnatural amount of luck to accomplish that.
why are you worried about me anon?
dont worry fellow ((white))
i have a functioning uncircumcised cock, unlike you.
how did it feel when rabbi sucked your cock?

>> No.26421062

i thought we liked decentralized things

>> No.26421069

Screen cap your epic replies for your internet dating profile, anon. It's like honey to fertile women, promise. Your big Aryan family is a matter of destiny, not chance. I believe in you, keep searching - trust the plan, you'll find the secret nazi book of magick soon, you know... The one those evil jews stole from your ancestors.

>> No.26421088

Is 450 link enough anons

>> No.26421105

You look like Anton Kreil's son, lol.

>> No.26421122

any leftie would call him a PRIVILEGED white male.

>> No.26421129

Ok, you're still not white

>> No.26421162
File: 326 KB, 1554x1552, m9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blockchain is rising now because of the defi segment, that's why I usually check new systems. Not long ago, I found Baex(#baex), did you hear about it? That's a defi binary assets exchange with Yahoo Finance quotes source

>> No.26421166

lmao, imagine being so insecure you ask a kike how white you are. And imagine being so retarded that you believe the kike.
You're a retard.
>Therefore thou hast forsaken thy people the house of Jacob, because they be replenished from the east, and are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they please themselves in the children of strangers.

>> No.26421229

slavs are white you retard (if they aren't (((fellow slavs))))

>> No.26421251

>keep talking about trust the plan.
dont worry anon.
we are in biz because we don't BELEIVE in destiny, we believe in self fulfilling prophecies.
no matter what you do, or how much you seethe rabbi, my money goes for white advocacies.
you want a link rabbi ((anglo saxon))
maybe try to call ADL to shut it down?
(good luck though)

>> No.26421272
File: 92 KB, 206x300, 1606226717089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay greentext time
>at dinner with parents and 10/10 trad aryan wife
>parents say "holocaust is fake"
>I start giggling and start an inner monologue about "if they only knew"
>my trad aryan wife knows the signs, my power level will be revealed soon, her vagina is soaking for me and my power level
>my mom asks "what's so funny"
>I look at her, and SPERG THE FUCK OUT
>my mom is in tears, cowering at my powerful
>my dad in full cuck mode peeing his pants
>my trad aryan wife is filled with passion for me
>I sweep the table clean with one, pick up my trad aryan wife, put her on the table, lift up her 18th century trad dress and begin to pound her pussy while giving the nazi salut and staring my parents in the eye

AMA bros

>> No.26421469
File: 56 KB, 444x414, Your Fello White Man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The number of blacks on earth is the exact same as the number of whites. It’s the CHINKS you need to worry about. They make up 30% of the world population and it’s only gonna get bigger. Also keep in mind that the whites are the ones who keep pushing for immigration, welfare, and sending aid to 3rd world countries. Its the whites who came up with the concept of “white privilege” and “only whites can be racist”. It’s the whites who have stopped giving birth meanwhile chinks and beaners literally form 15 member families.
>It’s whites fault that they’re dying out and being replaced by Muslims and chinks. Remember that.

>> No.26421499

White is American lingo for "Broadly European"
Slavs are white, jackass.

>> No.26421560

most slavs are Aryan, given that they aren't mixed with kike devil seed.

>> No.26421563
File: 24 KB, 280x280, ggggg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26421571

Wow anon. You are doing gods work. The cause of the white race has been moved forward thanks to this thread.
I'm not worried about you, you have got it all figured out bro. You're gonna make it!
Whoa, I'll have to reconsider my thoughts on... Everything now.... Shit
>Jew science!
Lol. I can almost smell how lonely you are.
>Just TRY and take down my nazi mutt club!
These things take care of themselves. You think I'm worried about some faggot website where mutts can congregate to cope about their shitty lives?
>DM total QT sperm oven on Tinder
>Ask her if she browses 4chan
>"Lol, yeah anon, doesn't everybody?"
>First date is church, even though I haven't been to church in 10 years
>She leans in "Anon, you're the first guy to treat me right"
>We have dinner at her parents that evening
>She asks me later in her bedroom if I brought my laptop
>of course I did
>we reply to long threads, identifying rabbi's and good goys
>I impregnate her that very night, our undulating bodies illuminated by the dim glow from my computer, displaying my epic /pol/ thread

Just trust the plan bro's. Trust in your pure blood.

>> No.26421578
File: 227 KB, 1129x690, Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 1.36.18 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thiis man is a machine!

just so you know....
in Gematria
Adolf Hitler=110 he was born on the 110th day of the year
Adolf Hitler=56 he died at 56

>> No.26421622
File: 819 KB, 1280x800, Gematrinator Base Ciphers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for more info

>> No.26421625

>Anon, you're the first guy to treat me right
>the first guy
um, she's a whore

>> No.26421736

>These things take care of themselves. You think I'm worried about some faggot website where mutts can congregate to cope about their shitty lives?
yes exactly.
why are you worried rabbi? me and people like me keep donating to them.
later on we make our own nazi clubs.
ultimately all people here to play.
some people play involve watching football, some people chase q, some advocate niggers, and some become femenist.
i just gonna play, a simple GAS play.

>> No.26421766

>Trust in your pure blood.
Good advice, newfriend

>> No.26421769

National Socialist Germany had Aryan families forcibly adopt Jewish children because they believed in the primacy of the human mind's flexiblity and fluidity over genetics. Dumb wignat. You embarass Uncle 'dolf.

>> No.26421829

Adolf didn't know everything you retard, I worship Yahweh, and not Hitler. Hitler should have killed all the kikes, but he was too soft for that.

>> No.26421871
File: 45 KB, 453x557, whocoulditbe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who could it be now

>> No.26421873

>I'm not worried about you, you have got it all figured out bro. You're gonna make it!
thanks fren. we all gonna make it, monetarily and racially.

>> No.26421889


>> No.26421920


>> No.26421936

Theres a billion crackers

>> No.26421959

My words are a tiny token of my allegiance, but you're right in that they are helpful to the cause. It's good for other white people to know that not everyone subscribes to the puerile and malicious doctrines of anti-whiteness, and that there are like minded friends who will challenge collective suicidal ideation among their people.

>> No.26421970

>Only a kike would identity kikes as the devil's literal offspring
>Only a kike would call for the total extermination of kikes
yeah sure, rabbi.

>I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. — Revelation 2:9
>Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. — Revelation 3:9
>But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God's OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; — 1 Peter 2:9

>> No.26421988
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All you need is a libertarian ethnostate and you will become the richest country in the world via all the rich productive white entrepreneurs flocking there.
It will take time, you need to research why previous efforts were stopped - even artificial island schemes.
That's all. That's it.

>> No.26422064

>And don’t say Jews.
The Vatican invented Racism. Humanity invented Tribes.
Racism does not = Tribalism which is essentially a family outside your immediate family

>> No.26422071

libertarianism is kiked, though, because it prohibits the enforcing of morality. You still need a moral law which is enforceable by violence. Not saying you need a complex body of laws as today, but you need laws that make it a duty to kill all faggots and kikes and niggers, etc.

>> No.26422074

They’re niggers

>> No.26422144

OP is a glowNIGGER Larp feeding the association of right wing extremism with cryptocurrency, trying to make it grow so it eventually gets a bad enough reputation to have it banned by the ZOG hounds at the top

>> No.26422161
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>> No.26422227


>> No.26422262

You can treat well-funded institutional moral subversion as an external existential threat requiring a collective defense, which it is.
But still, even without that, an ethnostate with free banking solves 99% of the (((problems))).

>> No.26422264
File: 88 KB, 550x563, nigger-skull.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Error: You must wait 2 minutes 38 seconds before posting a duplicate reply.

>> No.26422345

Shit tier commie bait

>> No.26422395

>it banned by the ZOG hounds at the top
as if they already NOT PLANNING to ban it.

>> No.26422415

You need to seriously examine your life if this isn't a troll. I have an IQ of 89 but even I'm smart enough to realize you shouldn't be wasting this much time trying to make other people feel bad about themselves desu. You're not even trying to be constructive, at this point you're trying to splash venom on the internet as anons laugh at you and call you a cuck.
It shows that this is either a troll or you truly are emotionally compromised when it comes to white people and are to blind to read the room.
This is truly a sad state of being, I can only imagine this is how many normies are tho
based, did she get pregnant?

>> No.26422423

Generally, the enforcement of morality will be done naturally in a mostly libertarian state, as degenerate behaviors are punished through natural order. When there is no welfare state to subsidize degeneracy and moral decay, it tends not to get very far before being snuffed out. The enforcement of morality can also be the ancillary result of a policy of incentivized eugenics, as a side effect of assuring that phenotypes exhibiting superior human qualities outbreed those of lesser predisposition.

>> No.26422431

Stop playing into their narrative.
Nobody besides (((white supremacist strawmen))) are saying whites are "superior". Hell, we don't even have the highest IQs, best physiques, best anything really except _maybe_ empathy or creativity. Neither are whites the only race being exploited.

>> No.26422476

Network ops here

No it's not, and also there will be 1 billion Africans by 2050 if based gates doesn't get his way first

>> No.26422491
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What other verifiable information will you be ignoring today?
How about everything in this book?

>> No.26422519

already am an elite at the Big Pump Signal Group


>> No.26422549

where in india are u located sir
by the power of cosmic consciousness, we all gonna racial it bro's
There is a place just like what you describe, it's called the suburbs of Kansas. Perhaps you are suffering from a bad case of the Observer Effect?
WEF is literally just a random NGO that got downgraded by the U.N. recently. Their articles and slides are the equivalent of corporate fluff on a powerpoint at a typical conference.

>> No.26422595


>> No.26422601

what kind of horrible person would troll on 4chan tho?

>> No.26422643

yeah, triplets.
yeah well, if you can't protect against "avant garde" subversion, then sooner or later, everything will go to shit, because it will be hard to justify to NPCs if there aren't laws in place which you can refer to.

>> No.26422661

I agree. But I think there would need to be special state provisions that prevent it from falling back into the corruption the rest of the world has bought into. altho that would kinda go against the libertarian notion.

You'd have to make sure you're countrymen are aware of obvious predatory traps. It's easy to manipulate just enough people within a government to begin the process of corruption again.

>> No.26422758
File: 219 KB, 503x706, Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 2.04.31 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


they are Vatican knights who worship Satan or pretend to

>> No.26422883

You're extremely gullible.

"ZURICH (Reuters) - The 2021 Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) summit of business leaders and politicians has been called off for January due to the coronavirus pandemic, with organisers planning to reschedule the event to sometime early next summer."

Gematria news serving you an article about something that literally never happened.

>> No.26422939

>"avant garde" subversion
This is truly the biggest threat to any credible emerging opposition to the systems we have now.
What's the best way to defend against this?
>it will be hard to justify to NPCs if there aren't laws in place which you can refer to
This is also true. It's just basic psychology. I think there must be a general frame work to go off of that protects us from predatory manipulation. Like the founders of the US intended with the constitution to fight help protect against itself becoming a large tyrannical govt but perhaps add stipulations that work against massive private interference with the state.

>> No.26422946

npc gonna npc.
you need a high moral arbiter than can push them toward goals of the nation.
before it was religion and customs.
it can be the same again.

>> No.26422956
File: 31 KB, 712x619, pop_con.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lurk more.

>> No.26423064

It doesn't mention the 2021 WEF summit

>> No.26423065

>"ZURICH (Reuters) - The 2021 Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) summit of business leaders and politicians has been called off for January due to the coronavirus pandemic, with organisers planning to reschedule the event to sometime early next summer."
this is about 2020 WEF
looks like YOU are the one with the mental issue

>> No.26423094


>yes goy WEF is nothing and never will be anything,
after all they were ANTI SEMITE that one time and even though clause apologized and begged for mercy, rabbi was too angry to forgive him

>> No.26423120

I mostly agree with this. I usually tend to argue in favor of mostly libertarian rule systems in white countries because white people can thrive in that type of environment, and because the over-restrictive nanny state style of governance many formerly white countries suffer today are largely the emergent result of having to endure so much diversity. However i acknowledge that libertarian societies are usually only ideal in a reasonably homogeneous and high quality populace to start with.

>> No.26423144
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You need a libertarian dictatorship or monarchy.
Nobody said libertarian states need to be democratic. Democracy is totally antithetical to libertarianism. Democracy always devolves to communism.

>> No.26423149

The only way I can think of is to have a Christian theocracy, where the laws are eternal, and all kinds of degeneracy are punishable by death. The highest authority is the Lord, and you cannot argue against His judgements and laws. Only if morality is timeless and objective, can a society last forever.

>> No.26423177

get that mind control looked at boy

>> No.26423256
File: 255 KB, 1024x768, 27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26423275

once you recognise that the Aryan peoples are in fact the Israelites of the bible, and that the kikes are the devil's seed (Cain, Edom), you see exactly why Aryans are so peaceful and virtuous. We have for millennia executed all kinds of degenerates, we threw faggots into the swamps, etc. No other people ever had as strict of a moral law as we have had, and for the same duration. We have selectively bred virtuous people for hundreds of generations.

>> No.26423285

White people, hell - all people - just want to be left the fuck alone. Aristotle's definition of justice "minding your own business".
Then Jews come in with their religions, lawyers, regulators, licenses, monopolies, etc etc etc. Basically anyone going around with a clipboard or collecting fees instead of doing actual work.

>> No.26423297

Checked and based. I agree. Monarchy is the best path forward.

>> No.26423401

>clipboard or collecting fees instead of doing actual work.
lmao truth in that.
But I believe there's too much evidence that there's a God.

>> No.26423481

Pls watch the vid fren, it can change your opinion and your life.

>> No.26423495

if there is ANY god its not the crazy god that jews want us to follow.
when i here that A GOD chosen people i just tune out.

>> No.26423554

yeah alright, I just wanted to clarify because some people think that nature's law is accidental, when in fact it was purposely designed by Yahweh. A randomly occurring universe is meaningless and therefore has no authority.

>> No.26423585

The God they believe in has said that he rejects them as his people and turned to the unchosen people to be His people. Hope that encourages you.

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