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Once the crypto market has matured and become less volatile we’ll need to shift our investments into other assets for further gains once we’ve made it.
For me it’s the Philippines :

>6% capital gains tax
>fantastic working population demographics
>cheap labour
>cheap cost of living
>perfect location to become the central trade hub of Asia/ Oceania
>huge growth potential
>everyone speaks English

Because half of you are retarded, I’ll spell it out for you, if you want to make easy money with crypto gains through real estate, I’d suggest buying property and or land near angeles city, Porsche, alviera ( foreigners can only own the development on TOP of land that is owned by a native, my partner is half pinoy and has a dual citizenship so the land can be in her name )

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Disgusting people who look retarded

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She's going to leave you and keep everything.

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No offence but living in a smelly chink third world country with islamic extremism all over the place... yeah i'll pass. Rather pay a bit more tax and live in Europe.

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*i mean porac

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>what is a prenup
Also I trust her

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We need a made it countries, but for whites. I'm thinking Portugal. Might make a thread later.

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Why would you buy near Angeles city? Duterte canceled the air force bases. I don't see how it could be better than somewhere in Manila.

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For me it's Serbia

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You'll die in Tsunami.

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Philippines has the highest number of Ms. Universe wins in Asia and also more victories relative to population than U.S.

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Portugal is based with 0% crypto tax. But I wonder how long they'll keep it at zero?

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Kek enjoy eating pagpag

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Manila is a shit hole. I recommend Cebu.

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Malta if I make it.
Switzerland if I make it big.

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Also humid weather, dangerous wildlife, huge and poisonous insects, dirty people, prone to pandemics / bad healthcare, muslims..

I mean seriously, +27 celcius average throught he year? 20+ Typhoons annually?
Might as well move to Africa if you want to live in a jungle.

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Manilla will always be a crowded shit hole, angeles city/porac is currently being developed by rich Chinese and koreans because it’s close to manilla bay, and has heaps of land for development, it’s also close to mount pinotubo and other mountains, they are country building a city there from scratch, alviera

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Angeles is at the base of the mountains retard

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almost any country is good if you have money.
i would however look for countries with established rule of law and strong emphasis on human rights and private property. because at that point what you can lose is more important than what you can gain.

so pretty much nothing asian. japan is too expensive.

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Japan is cheap compared to the US.

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Yeah I still don't understand what you are saying. Maybe you should actually travel there in person. Philippines is definitely a great country but I doubt Angeles will be big in the future.

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>i would however look for countries with established rule of law and strong emphasis on human rights and private property.
No such country exist.

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i can't really live a comfortable life with china nextdoor

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i would stay in my country and make it better if i make it

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what is switzerland

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But it's filled with third world, feces covered monkey bug women.
That's how low you would go to have sex anon?

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if you're white and your make it country is non-white, you are dysgenic

they don't only look it anon. almost as dumb as niggers but with t levels of a prepubescent boy.

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this and luxembourg

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Fuck off we are full

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im planning to move there/retire early also.

probably around CDO

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Bong here. If I get a dual citizenship (British + Filipino) and cashed out my gains in Philippines under a Filipino bank account (only paying 6% CGT), would I be able to transfer those funds to my UK bank account without then paying any further taxes?

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I believe so yes, as long as you were residing in the Philippines at the time

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>human rights
>rule of law

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Well looks like I have a working plan in place then. With the threat of increasing CGT to 40% and lowering the 12.3k tax free limit FUD makes me really pissed off with this country. Looks like I have a reason to go back to the Philippines after all.

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hopefully long enough for me to cash out

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Duerte puts you in prison for life for smoking a joint.

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Philippines is quite Christian. Only 6% Muslims.

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This. And most of it is concentrated on the bottom island (Mindanao) which you don't want to go to anyway since its got the least modern infrastructure.

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Portugal or Spain...

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Then don’t smoke a joint?

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>imagine smoking weed over the age of 16

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>pay CGT in UK
>fund abdul's 10 kids
>fund single moms

>pay CGT in Ph
>fund Duterte's death squads

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kek you retards don't get it, the country does indeed have a major drug problem but instead of treating it as a health crisis this asshole sends people to kill those guys on the spot. you're responsible for those deaths too if you support him.

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>>6% capital gains tax
>>fantastic working population demographics
lmao fucking monkey
>>cheap labour
yeah cause it's a fucking shithole
>>cheap cost of living
see above
>>perfect location to become the central trade hub of Asia/ Oceania
just fucking lol
>>huge growth potential
>>everyone speaks English
pinoys are asian niggers
op is a faggot and low iq nigger. ngmi

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He is treating it as a crisis, druggo

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I'm a Flipfag.
I'm also an accountant and lawyer that specializes in taxes. I have a few expat clients.
I've been thinking of giving /biz/ expats advice in exchange for cheap ETH.. I wonder if it'll be profitable

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Portugal or Southern Italy for me.

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>my home
>my family lives here
>low crime
>good healthcare
>cheap houses in lovely towns
>close to Germany which I love

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They have beautiful women, the most beautiful ones are the mixed ones with spanish conquisdator blood
the rest look like goblinas

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>the rest look like goblinas
which is 98% of the population

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whats wrong with foreigners always wanting to leave their countries?
Don't you have family and friends in your country?
Pretty pathetic desu

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>El Nino
>Bad geographic island
>Shit economy
no thanks, borneo and singapore are the best place for invest r8 now

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>almost as dumb as niggers but with t levels of a prepubescent boy.
Having lived among many Philippine (expats) for years I would disagree with this. Perfectly civilized.

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yeah, maybe it's a sign that something has changed and it's not smooth sailing anymore

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Retarded normie logic

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based on 2020 world GDP
The big 5 of SEAS
>15# Indonesia - 1,088,768$
>25# Thailand - 509,200$
>35# Philippines - 367,362$
>39# Singapore - 337,451$
>40# Malaysia - 336,330$
Nigger please, your shitty geographic is the main problem

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you're going to get rugpulled by your "partner"(its called a girlfriend you fucking basedfag), once her family finds out how much land she has come into posession of and demands she give you the boot

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oh fuck forgot
>39# Vietnam - 340,602
sorry malaysia, you out of the team

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tell us about taxation for crypto

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Not a straight answer

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OP is retarded

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British Virgin Islands

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whats even more retarded is that its such a common story that any circle of expats you land in will warn you about engaging in this exact venture because everybody eventually gets burned

they have a falling out or an argument with the lady, and suddenly your entire business venture is now up for grabs because she sold the land to the bank and the decided to increase your rent x10

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>the glorious javaisland
>1$ = 14000 IDR
crypto tax fee 0.3% here, life's good

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If you're not Swiss you are a second class citizen in Switzerland. And to become Swiss you need serious money, more than Chainlink can ever make you. Also the Swiss will never accept you as one of their own. They are a nice bunch but better left to their own.

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>trusting sly chinky chinks

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>forced vaxes
>vax passport
>muh pandemic
>muh lockdown

Standard /pol/ cuck.

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yes, I'm the normie because I want to live in the country my ancestors built. You are the male equivalent of a roastie going abroad to ride the cock carousel, Live laugh love right faggot?

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50-55% krypto skatt

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Have you considered looking at the homicide rate?

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Move to New Zealand then or the Caymen Isles or the Azores

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Portugal will be the first brazilian colony at this rate

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Filled with brain dead Muslims too
My tastes are somewhat more....exotic

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>"M-muh taste, muh exotic"
what the fuck are you talking about ?

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only made it countrys that count (in order)
1. Monaco
2. Switzerland
3. Luxemburg
4. Austria
5. Germany

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Portugal 0% crypto tax, nuff said

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been there, done that. fucking bugs and roaches and killersquids in the ocean. yuck !

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kek if youre thinking bout tax you have not made it

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Portugal is a based rectangle.

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aussie have a shit internet, how's there NZ ?

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Its capital gains. There is no crypto tax.
Anyways, do you think charging people for advice in exchange foe small amts of eth is profitable

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I've talked about this on /biz/ before. When I make it to six figure hell, I'm moving to Cambodia.
The country is warm, has delicious healthy food, but more importantly the happiest friendliest people on the planet. Also there is very little red tape, so opening a small business is very easy.

My plan is to open a small cafe, and earn enough to cover my monthly living expenses which for me in Cambodia is only about $800. Then I will relax in my cafe all day, while I sell covered calls and use Theta to grow my stack. I think within three years I can double my portfolio.

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There's a big difference between
>highest number of Ms. Universe wins
>highest number of Ms. Universe wins in Asia

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Flips are in the top 5 ugliest racial groups I think. The ogres of Asia. I'd probably be racist if I had to interact with them

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I guess I'll send him some money then crackhead.

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She's gonna leave you and take everything

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Yeah they have lots of spiders, but the geckos eat all of the spiders that venture near the apartment buildings.

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>Also I trust her

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What the fuck is that monstrosity.

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holy fcuk... i am happy to live in monaco :D

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Why the fuck would I live in come chink third world shithole. I have never in my life seen an attractive woman from philippines.
If you want low cost of living there are countries in eastern europe which are highly developed plus cheap. Shit I'd rather go to south/central america than philippines.

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Thanks for the tip. I have friends with Filipino citizenship so this might come in handy one day

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That's a common house spider, it's literally everywhere

Yes, it bite

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Slave mentality

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>Population has 98% home ownership rate
>super anti commie
>hot females
>dracula castles
>In Europe
>mountains that don't get cucked by tsunamis and hurricanes

>> No.26414831

>house spider

>> No.26414877

how much is dracula castle right now ? its for sale. is it ?

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looks nice

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that picture makes them look huge but their body is the size of a dime. and no, they don't bite, they only eat flies. also the geckos that are everywhere fuck them up.

cambodia is a good idea, when i was living in Phnom Penh back in about 2012 I met some British guys running a BTC gambling site. I am sure they are mega-millionaires now because iirc they were making dozens of BTC every day.

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you can get a castle for around $700k USD and pimp it up with another 200k

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I was thinking Peru or Croatia. I like Peru and I've heard Croatia is nice, and they are both crypto friendly. Peru taxes capital gains as normal income


>> No.26415219

Also one of the fastest average internet connection speeds

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I'll stay where I am, countryside SP state in brazil
white enough for me, endless amount of bike and mountain trails and gorgeous atlantic nature spots
there a lot of europeans living in rich gated communities here

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Portugal is on the verge of collapse
>Highest divorce rate in Europe
>no jobs so it's filled with parasites
>aging population
>history of commies and socialism
>socialist sentiment growing exponentially, especially once they're all priced out of buying homes because of cheap EU retirees
>one of the most difficult languages

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>Also I trust her

Good luck with that.

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Protecting their land and culture and shunning outsiders. Sounds pretty based to me. The truly great countries are all like that which means you can never truly belong. That's okay though because I wouldn't to change that.

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> use Theta to grow my stack. I think within three years I can double my portfolio
bro you wont have to wait 3 months

>> No.26416076

Because we want to escape (((globohomo))) and not pay 50% of our gains away so the government can support single mothers and Abdullahs ten children.

>> No.26416085

Lol, your pinoy partner will fuck you over and you'll be just another retard returning home broke and sick, finally glad for the high social standards of your birth nation where you'll live from social welfare and need good medical care system.

>> No.26416155

It's rather you who's the normie

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Property investment in Ukraine. Foreigners can buy any non-agricultural land in cities and you 100% own it. Many new development projects are popping up with very low buy-in rates especially if you buy before the building is finished (look into the companies before you do that though, to ensure the property is finished in a timely manner\they don't get into legal trouble for any fuckery they might be up to). Country is developing relatively impressively in cities and has become surprisingly stable post-2014. Renters are everywhere. Tech industry has opened up a new demographic of younger educated people who have the money for better apartments and pay low taxes. You'll have a higher demand if you offer to rent to foreigners who work in said tech industry as Ukrainians tend to reject foreigners almost immediately. These new properties are western-standard nice apartments, not soviet-era pieces of shit. I rented one of these apartments for awhile in Kyiv and it was better than any property I saw in Germany. Cons: You'll need to hire someone to check in on tenants and pre-screen them really thoroughly. If you add any extremely nice elements to your property there's a 30% chance your tenant will steal it when leaving (special lighting, nice showerheads, etc.). Language barrier.

>> No.26416335

I see, so your solution to the importation of 3rd worlders is to go live directly in their 3rd world homeland. No wonder your countries are all going to shit, the minute things gets a little tense you all run away instead of trying to fix it. Cowards

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I don't want to leave my country because all my family live here and I actually enjoy being at home, rather than some cheap irrelevant shithole.

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>>6% capital gains tax
Here's a tip. You don't get taxed if you cash-out using central bank approved channels like coins.ph, pdax, and other PH crypto sites.

They country is pretty crypto friendly since 2017. Government actually encourages the use of it.

>> No.26416446

The danger of getting gulag'd just for trying to get a gram really keeps me from even considering Pinoyland

>> No.26416573

Yes - because those countries are actually proud of their cultuire and heritage, unlike the west which thinks that 'diversity is strength' and that being a 'melting pot' is good, and being white is somehow shameful.

You actually think anyone has a chance against this system? Democracy is a joke, and an illusion. Just look at what America is doing to MAGAtards. Calling them 'domestic terrorists' - you think you have a chance against this system? Kek.

No - I will escape my shithole, sit on a beach, and watch it burn to the ground.

>> No.26416607

Good stay out

>> No.26416864

Cuck. Bet you texted her just that as she was swallowing Jamal's cum faggot.

>> No.26416930

>fix a liberal hellhole and work my ass off to pay for their gibs
>overweight tattooed women
Why bother

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>white enough for me

>> No.26417046

>a bit more

>> No.26417074

I don’t want to eat shitty Asian people food.
Does the Philippines have some access to western foods?

>> No.26417108

my brain got confused by this map. i was like, what country is this??

>> No.26417150

You have serious problems, mate

>> No.26417275

Puerto Rico is obvious. I have family there, and the kids are all learning English. Also I want to master Spanish. I actually have an uncle who lives in Dorado, there's a few gated "wealthy" areas there. Also I won't need any funky citizen/green card bullshit.

And I've heard good things about Panama. There's something going on there. Patrick Bet David mentioned it a few times.

>> No.26417276

Come to Israel goyim

>> No.26417302

flipfag here. As soon i gmi, I will leave this shithole asap.

>> No.26417323

Gotta love /biz/. the title is make it countries but instead you all just shit over the Philippines. Yknow what I have a lot of good ideas but fuck all of you I aint sharing.

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>property investment in Ukraine

Is this a troll?

>> No.26417413

you can charge a lot if you have the knowledge dummy. USD > $100/hr for your business is minimum in the US. If you know wtf you're doing. If not charge $50/hr. As you get good at it $200/hr, $1000/hr. It's your business. You figure out the price model. My cousin makes 200k/yr salary as a wagecuck attorney. Doing what you're talking about for Chinese people coming to the US.

>> No.26417449

know many people who have been ripped off and lost property and businesses there because it wasn't in their name. buyer beware.

>> No.26417454

bet you're the type of faggot neckbeard to move to thailand

>> No.26417470

Post cute flips

>> No.26417493

How do I attain citizenship?

>> No.26417506

Bros I came to Cancun and might not leave. It’s cheap, there are hot women from europe that live here and it’s a paradise

>> No.26417521

this. and wouldnt the world be a better place if everyone just did this.

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Convert to judaism. no tax for 10 years on new olim and you get $15k

>> No.26417574

Portugal's crypto laws are ideal but the country is a shithole and also borderline socialist

>> No.26418082

Knock up dozens of women in the states amd Canada flee to Isreal living the dream

>> No.26418218

EE(non EU)>SEA>Latin America>North Africa

>> No.26418330

>westerners moving to Ukraine to work in IT
Things that happen, but in reverse

>> No.26418336

Far Eastern Russia. Kamchatka to be exact.

>> No.26418732

post body

>> No.26418805

Some countries have western food as they think we eat it but not the same thing imagine they're the same

>> No.26419067

Ha, I wish I could take some of the credit for all there iced meth heads

>> No.26419427

- 10% capital gains tax
- 10% income tax
- 10% VAT tax
- Cheap
- smOl
- Pretty girls
- Beach and mountain
- Villas and luxury stuff for Russian oligarchs
- Vaccinated against communism

Haven't been there but I will go soon to check it boots on the ground