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Chainlink at $1000 EOY is not a meme. It never was, it was all true

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Have you made the chart? Saved anyway. I remember crying of laughing to hard when I first saw the webm when it was posted for the first time.

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Hey there was a podcast of Sergey this week that was really good, in which he talks in layman's terms about smart contracts. I wanted to send it to a friend. Anyone got a link or remember what site it was? Thanks, boys

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Funny how none of those cards have Polkadot

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Here you go fren


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Ah, found it in my history, NM

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Any chance you / someone can post it

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Thanks anon might send this to my mother who has 600 link

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>Only have 100 more LINK than anons mom..

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I'm updating the chart with todays valuation.

Could you gentlemen help me identify Bryce's portfolio? I'm hungover and my brain hurts. Also the middle one in van patten?

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Nice, my mum has a bunch, too. DOubt she'd be interested in hearing it though. She'd rather watch some crappy soap opera. I do love her, though..

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Suicide Stack = $23,000

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Seriously guys, i'm a poor fag student who can buy 200€ of links / month for now.
Next year I can get me 2000€ worth of linkies/month on average.
How long should I hold ? Am I gonna make it anons ?
I was too young a few years ago so I couldn't get into the link train ( even tho I really wanted to) but it feels like that era is just over and i'm just gonna lose all of my money into this project (Girlfriend thinks i'm a lunatic). All I ever think about is Links.

Hold me linkbros and tell me it's gonna be okay

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Hold forever, I will see you in Valhalla.

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If you DCA in for 2 years you'll make it. You have t keep buying, even after the dips. It will be fine, you just need the self control to hold it 5y and keep buying.

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Bump because I still need help

Paul Allen's portfolio is worth 3.2m now btw

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Couldn't find it even though I thought I had saved everything since 2018 January.

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Stop chasing shit that has already pumped.
Will LINK be hundreds of dollars this year? Yes. But how much will you make with that if you only have 200€?
Pretty much nothing. You need to be gambling on microcap alts with potential until you have some capital to spend, and even then I would only be putting money on promising projects with sub 100m marketcap.
You missed LINK, just accept it and don't miss out on the next big thing.

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>don’t make thousands this year anon, just invest in shitcoin forever

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>thousands this year

Imagine only making like $5000 in an entire bullrun because you were too stubborn about investing in something you missed out on.

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Keep in mind, LINK was once a microcap shitcoin.
Which is when he should have invested in it. I'm telling him to find the next LINK

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LINK is the next LINK. 1000/23 = 43x. You're telling him to waste the a safe 43x for what is essentially gambling with his already limited funds.

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Is it that easy? I want to find the next link too anon but I don’t see the point in not buying and making money now still. You can always cash out later

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Imagine thinking LINK being at a trillion dollar market cap this year is a "safe bet"
The ENTIRE crypto market cap is currently $940 million. You're fucking delusional.
It will reach $1000 eventually. Most likely in the next market cycle, but you're asking this guy to wait 5 years for a 43x? on 200 fucking euros? Bro....

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>but I don’t see the point in not buying and making money now still.

It just depends, do you want to make it? Like actually be financially free? Or just have a nice chunk of savings that you can buy a new car with or something?
If you had like, $5k minimum, I'd say fine, throw it all on LINK. But you still won't make it.
If you want to take this opportunity to make lifechanging wealth where you can tell your wage master to go fuck himself and live on your own terms, but you only have a couple hundred to invest? You're just going to have to gamble and take safe bets when you've accumulated enough capital.
That's the harsh reality here, we're not all going to make it.

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What is the logo in between REQ and FUN?
What is the logo to the left of DRGN and TRX?

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Link is the next link

Literally no one ever made it buying shitcoins because they inevitably crash 99% when the bullrun is over. The only way to make it is to accumulate btc/ETH/link.

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Making profit is always better than no profit.
Any profit is good profit.

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You need a significant amount of capital (atleast tens of thousands) to make it with high caps.

>Literally no one ever made it buying shitcoins
Lmao there's plenty of anons on this board with $250k+ portfolios from shitcoins.
Reminder that LINK was once a low cap shitcoin that we all invested in cause the memes were funny.
Link still has probably 30x potential left in this bullrun, but good luck making it with BTC or ETH unless you've got atleast $100k in them

>Making profit is always better than no profit.

Agreed, but we're talking about making it here, not having a rainy day fund

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€200 PER MONTH you retard.
99% of altcoins go to 0 over a long enough timeframe. There is no next LINK, not at the moment at least. Otherwise /biz/ would have already found it. ETH and LINK, literally only two opportunities like that in the last 12 years.
He shouldn't buy anything else than BTC, ETH and LINK right now. If he just does that he'll soon reach 5 figures and can start growing quickly from there. He also says he can put €2000/month in in a year so he has plenty of time to accumulate during the next bear market.

Or he could waste it all away on gambles and scams like some degenerate reddit faggot.

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Hey anon. I have no clue on what the logos are that you are still missing. Just want to recognise your effort. Can anons help this guy out since he teying to update the op pic to present day. Would be interesting.

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I’m super late getting into LINK but I will continue to accumulate more every week. I’ve also got a reoccurring investment for GRT

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Checked and correct

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What do you think of GRT? I spent a hundred on it but should I just go to link instead? I know it’s not much but next paycheck I’ll probably drop a grand

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ETH is old news now

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Okay, 200 a month. There are 8 to 12 months of this bullmarket left. That's less than 3000 before the bullmarket is over.

>There is no next LINK

There are so many things in the crypto space that are emerging, we haven't seen widespread adoption yet, Defi is in it's infancy. You can't say there is no next LINK lmao, it's most likely sitting right under your nose.

>He also says he can put €2000/month in in a year so he has plenty of time to accumulate during the next bear market.

Okay, so he can make it in the next cycle if he has the patience to wait 4 years

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what is it that make anons say LINK can 10x, 30x, or 43x ?
what numbers are you using to get this?

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Thanks anon. Dumping some stuff I found. Data incomplete for now without knowing the attached (I recognise both, I hate myself for not being able to find them on cmc).

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Speaking of webm’s, does anyone have the neon genesis/chainlink webm? Not the intro, but where gendo is having a discussion with Seele and everyone is a chainlink team member (it was in Japanese). I haven’t seen it since 2019.

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HQ of original

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Will add better labels and present it nicer when the data is complete

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Fuck zoomers (and I am one). Your impatience will be our downfall.
Only an idiot would have a hard time choosing between
> Make it definitely in 4-5years
> Maybe make it but most likely gamble all away this year

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here you go

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lmao thats just before i bought a suicide stack (10k) because of the memes. good times

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from 300$ to 1 000 000$, Feels good. It is starting to become real. We are the chosen ones.

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epic, thank you

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you are my last green pill anon.

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Where do you guys keep your stuff? I only know of Binance and Coinbase, and US Binance has way less options than the non-US one. I’m at a slight loss as to where to invest in shitcoins through.

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Currently there is NO moonshot as obvious as LINK. And 2k a month into LINK won't get you anywhere this cycle. There won't be another project that gets even close to the risk/reward ratio that LINK offered to us. If you know about one, I'm listening.

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? You misunderstood.
I'm still in favor of going all in link.
I am sadly a late fag and only bought summer 2019 but even absolute newfags will still make it if they are patient.

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FUN and REQ are why my chainlink DCA is $6.66 even though i switched at 50 cents

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We all make mistakes anon. Dont beat yourself up about it, what matters is you acted and have a stack of link right now in 2021.

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buy link and ignore the nolinkers
they were salty at $5, $10, $15, $20...
and will still be salty at $100, $500, $1000

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Logo between Req and FUN is KCS

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And the other is raiblocks! Thank you so much.

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Just buy LINK/BTC/ETH and be patient, don't buy anything else before your portfolio reaches $10,000.
Once you have 10k, you may use 10% to take out some gambles on lower mcap coins, after you've researched them thoroughly. Never FOMO in within minutes. Try not to buy something that's been going up vertically already. Don't touch the other 90% though, even if you manage to lose all your gambling stack.
If you do try to gamble on something despite our advice, at least take your initial out if it does actually moon (i.e. take out half of your stack if it did a 2x). If you lose money, for the love of god don't try to make up for it by making even riskier trades. Just accept your losses and move on.
Live frugally so you can accumulate more, don't fall for consoomerism, just be patient. Four or five years go by very fast.
Also don't keep everything on one exchange. Exchanges get hacked all the time. Yes, even the one you're using. Ideally, have control over the private keys of the majority of your stack.
That is all. Good luck anon.

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Fucking Paul

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Tip top kek

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How can I be salty if when I joined the crypto space it was already at $20

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Where do you store your stuff if not an exchange? I’m pretty new, though I’m sure you can tell. I’m >>26409304 and I don’t know of any non-exchange wallets that are good..

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Was paul allen a link marine?

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Based anon. Fair play to you putting that together. Fucking Paul Allen knows.

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80/20 LINK/GRT if you’re a faggot buying now.

>t. pre mainnet oldfag

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My LINKY senses tell me 10k GRT is the new suicide stack, but always stack LINK first.

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really pathetic bro

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Update: $24,000

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I'm going to get it looking a bit more professional and then make a compilation like the one in OP. Too fucking tired and hungover to do it rn.

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Sound exactly the same as the retards who told me not to buy LINK at .70.

I mean that unironically that’s exactly how you sound. Take that for what it’s worth.

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Now I see why Bateman murdered Paul

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Priced out. Normies couldnt make it before, and now they wont even live without guilt.

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>Next year I can get me 2000€ worth of linkies/month on average.
Lnik will be 1k this year so sell it all this year. Your 200 Euros wont buy much soon.

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kek dragonchain
grt will go the way of the dragon(chain)

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Funny how there’s no pictures of Jesus with hitler

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>Defi is in it's infancy
Yeah well how does link perform when defi is all grown up?
Link is the next Link, get over it
people have been discussing having missed it at 1dollar, 4 dollars, 7, 10, now 24 but Link has no rooftop you fucking zoomer

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Even better for him to buy in now then when he has time; if Link is going to moon to $1k eoy theres really no reason not to buy in. If its NOT going to go there yet and he has longer to accumulate before it happens even BETTER for him to get in now and keep buying Either way the answer is simple - fucking buy more LINK newbie.

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I sold LINK last night with the plan of getting back in when it pulls back, what do we you guys expect it to pull back to?

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there is no next link you stupid nu or nolinker

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Around 40-50 after it hits >100

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