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anyone else traumatized by the prior alt season? being a noob, I didn't know when to take profits and bail and now that scar is making me scared to even try again, even with new knowledge

how can i shed this fear?

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face your fears

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This is the natural progression of a trader perma bull - perma bear - neither

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You loose money as the perma bull, you make none as the bear, and you finally make and consolidate as the third

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You take profits when you feel euphoric, it shouldn't kill your mood seeing it go down 50%

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Facts man but damn, I know that I can probably make at least 150% but fear is a real fucking bitch

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You guys don't use stop losses? I don't understand?

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Spend time studying, find 4-6 coins with a reasonably consistent pnd patern, learn thier characteristics. Buy the dip, sell the pump, switch between them depending on where they are in the cycle. If market stalls, exit to usdc or similar and wait..... its not that difficult.

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we got lobster'd anon... i fucked up so hard in the previous bulls that i was too fucking scared to do the right things in this one

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Just invest in quality shit and peel a little off when things get too euphoric and buy dips with that dry powder. If it doesn’t dip or you miss the dip then you dca back in slowly.

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How does taking profits work? Do you actually take profits from your HODL portfolio?

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Just go into defis this time. Check BOR out. 600$ realistic prices seriously

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Cuck Ngmi

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