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with your new wealth?
any fellow sex or drug addicts on biz? how are you guys coping with being rich
I'm worried im just going to keep fuelling some terrible habits but LINK keeps going up

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Gonna fulfill my horse fantasies

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I'm going to O.D. on the finest drugs I can find

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Picking up qts at they work and fucckkkin em as if they my girlfriend

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real shit? im addicted to cocaine, i have over 200k in btc, no matter hgow i keep trying to fuck up my life, i just keep coming up. and no, i'm not a trust fund baby

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Have sex with the woman i love

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I have spent the last 7 years doing the most degenerate shit anyway.
Money would only allow me to do it in more opulent surroundings

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I know you aren't joking and this is exactly the shit I'm asking about
how do men of means go about setting up the easiest sex? I don't want to marry some bitch or be a trafficker, and a fulltime escort situation sounds too expensive?

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I might have consensual sex bros I don't think I can hold myself back

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I know about fucking horses, not human trafficking
I used to do it before I got married; I think about it every day and LINK will take me back home

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I hear you
I've been stuck in a rut telling myself I'll change but what the fuck, I'm not only being thrown more chances to keep being a fuckup but I might literally be set for life
I suppose that means I can afford to live a lot cleaner? like go to some fancy rehab for a while, really invest into myself, but the fun will have to come first right?
I don't know if I'll make it out of that phase

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I don't want to waste my time with coomer shit. I want to lead a pure life without any porn or sexual degeneracy in it.

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no I mean asking about as in asking people to share what they want/will do with their money
sorry for the confusion friend
I don't know I'm in a weird headspace rn, not sure if any other bizlets can relate. I know there's a lot of nerdy squares on here and people who are like straight edge, but for the degens out there, what the fuck am i supposed to do? just get higher and keep getting richer?

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this is a thread for people suffering from the opposite disposition

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Going to dip my bwc in tight Filipinas and impregnate as many as I can before vanishing like Zoro in the night

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i need resources on the global economics of sugar babies or something

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Go clubbing and have the fuck you money aura, dance while coked up, pick up several girls and have an eyes wide shut orgy for several days. Also, get myself a mommy gf who does not know i'm rich and just live a comfy NEET lifestyle with her.

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Probably just drink pappy instead of Elijah Craig and still fap to photos of my ex wife

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I’m a 35 year old virgin, I’ll do the same thing I’ve always done; eat clean, lift, sleep, work, cook and maybe watch a documentary or research new things in between. I’m going to die without ever seeing a touching a pussy besides the one I entered the world through. I want it to be this way, it’s the only way I’ve ever known. I hate it when women look at you, smile and play with their hair or laugh at the things you say when they aren’t meant to be funny.

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Seeing or touching**

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Usura slayeth the child in the womb
It stayeth the young man’s courting
It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth
between the young bride and her bridegroom
They have brought whores for Eleusis
Corpses are set to banquet
at behest of usura.>>26402825

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>Loves cocaine
>Works on wallstreet
>Trade shitcoins during my free time

Life's pretty good right now desu

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i hate biz
where are the dirty filthy junkie retards

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I don't use drugs, but once I make it I'm going to purchase me some pretty fags and make them drink my pee.

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Don't care about degeneracy anymore.

Its all about increasing gains for me now.

That is my true addiction now.

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I opened my first beer at 9 am

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>I hate it when women don't do the things I've always wanted them to do with me but never did

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Gonna be a pay pig to some thot, but tell her I’m a wagie and she’s getting all my disposable income. Maybe play a few off against each other.

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Janitor man?

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Listen up newfags, I'm a tcp ip developer at a fortune 50 big data company with 25 years experience in database infosec, I've looked into chainlink and all I can tell you if that the cryptographic measures implemented in regards to the decentralized security paradigm in the API and IoT structure of chainlink's github code is fundamentally flawed after the Pivotal tracker server crashed due to the core attacks on the network enabled by its corrupt data inputs and outputs, what this really means is that by attempting to solve the oracle sybil resistance issue it instead allows customers to bypass the encrypted hardware and even hack into the smart contract Intel SGX mainframe, unless they manage to increase the signatures and scalable nodes, which isn't likely considering the Google backend isn't compatible with the legacy JSON systems and Solidity language from the EVM in the Truffle stacks, that's why the ic3 and SWIFT engineering teams developed the ISO 20220 standards but it's centralized and susceptible to the 51% front running program so yeah basically Sergey didn't foresee that the enterprise customers and cloud blockchain dapps would never allow their protocols to rely on these permissioned host mechanisms thus rendering the LINK ERC 677 token obsolete and no serious developer would consider DLT technology in these conditions, sorry linkies I'm just telling it how it is.

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I hope you mean those custom order life size MLP plushies anon

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There are more alcoholics these days than cokehead but still

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don’t worry I’ll be busy taking ketamine in the ass of some whore as soon as restrictions are lifted

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You resemble 42.

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I don't deserve that praise.

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I will literally have missionary sex with a biological female

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None because I'm a child of G*d and g*d will reward me.

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That used to be the case, I remember being lonely once and yearning for intimacy, but you adapt.

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the things i'm going to do when i make it...
i'm not even sure you could call it sex

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I'm gonna have consensual sex with my girlfriend in the apartment I can now afford on my own.

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Pay a 10/10 prostitute to let me insert sex toys and sounds into her peehole.

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Pay two 10/10 guys to spitroast me on camera

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What the fuck did you say to me you little bitch?

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procreate again with your mom

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tell me anon

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>not anal

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Oedipus would be proud.

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Nothing because I can say no to my dick. I'll still wear the same clothes, drive a <$10k car, and do lsd on weekends. Nothing will change, but I'm happy now, I just want money for my kids/grandkids.

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call me a puritan, but how does that work anon?

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Fulfill my fart fetish and eating ass of brap hogs

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Holding hands.

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You guys need to get into advanced whoring. I got bored with whores like two years ago, so I decided to make things more interesting by going further and further with them. I've seen some really amazing things that have come from carefully cultivating degeneracy of women.

I've watched a 20 year old eat my creampie out of her 18 year old actual sister, and then snowball it to her while french kissing and swallowing.

I've gotten a hooker that started out frigid towards me to progress from condom sex with no blowjob, to bareback blowjob, to bareback sex, to popping all her birth control pills out and flushing them down the toilet while I watch, to begging me to knock her up, to pregnant. (ghosted when she reached 4 months and couldn't abort).

I've taken a beautiful 18 year old college girl and eventually had her walking down the street at daytime with my semen on he face and in her hair, while she takes selfies for me.

I've taken a 19 year old college student and had her sucking dog cock within a single week, and being knotted only two sessions later. I made her wear a middrift top that showed off the scratches from the dog on her sides (forgot to put socks on it). She was inches away from agreeing to get a pawprint tatoo on her lower stomach for me, but I had to leave the country on short notice so never pushed her that far.

I've taken an already degenerate whore and educated her on the art of autoerotic asphyxiation, set her up on webcam and now she makes money choking herself and pissing everywhere for perverts online. Sometimes she does shows where someone else chokes her till she blacks out. It's real. I personally choked her almost to death on several occasions, and there are videos out there of my hand on her throat as she drools and chokes and her face turns purple..

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Excellent taste, anon. Absolutely degrading and humiliating women is one of life's simple pleasures. Even better if they're stuck up and prideful beforehand.

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Well, that’s a different life.

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Medical instruments, essentially.

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Why is nobody into buttstuff? I want a degenerate gf and slowly train her ass to take the biggest toys as she wimpers and cums at the same time. Also do swinging stuff.

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>had to leave the country on short notice

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Google the book Meet Tommy by Shannon Larrat

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I was thinking about going to Thailand and getting gangbanged by ladyboy hookers all night. I probably won't actually do that through haha.

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im all about it man
would leave to train and break some buttholes
I'm interested in an anal-only girlfriend as well

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Why are you making things up? Go to work and invest your salary to Chainlink and after you have made it, seek a therapist

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this is what I mean
since we can now, will we do things like this? how do you get started without winding up in something illegal or wrong, but still fun and depraved

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I´m going to litterally piss on my stepsister who thought it was a good idea to go full commie for half a link in 10 years.

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nerdy degen artist here, idk friend but should I make it I plan on using any wealth I’ve acquired to create something new and beautiful. The creative avenues and projects I could explore with total freedom would make me feel beyond fulfilled. So maybe consider making something would be my suggestion?

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Money doesn't change a man, it reveals him

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Find a gf, get married, and have 3 sons and 1 daughter, and maintain fidelity our whole life, and die by each others' sides.
I can't find one since her as a normie. Once I'm rich, I'll just get gold-diggers

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Honestly I don't think I'd end up doing anything like that. Just sexual fantasy bullshit. I only think about doing stuff like that when I'm in the middle of jerking off. If I'm daydreaming about becoming rich it's never anything sexual.

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That shit's gonna turn you into a braindead moldovian, do shrooms instead

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based I love ketamine

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I take it every now and then to help with moods. I'm having trouble finding it in liquid form. Everybody just has the powder. I prefer injecting it.

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I do both, usually at the same time in hero doses. Thinking about just starting a shroom box so I have a permanent supply. Helps with stress and the introspection has greatly improved my life and state of mind. Wouldn't recommend it for everyone though.

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I want to poo directly in to a vagina hole and then fuck it until completion. Not that degen but most girls aren't down when I mention it.

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Going to diarrhea in their mouth while they rimjob me

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Move to SEA bang whores and drink myself to an early grave, family will get the remaining assets

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You're not even adventurous enough to try it? Sounds like you're asexual or a faggot.

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Get a mexican vet

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this takes longer than you think

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I plan to eat them and kill you.

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Sex on coke is one of the best things you can experience in life, make sure to pop a viagra tho

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No, severely depressed and disappointed by the human condition is all. It’s hard to get out of bed most days, I feel heavy.

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Going to Czech Republic and fucking as many Czech whores as possible

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already done evry degenerate sexual thing ive wanted as a young man. now focused on raising my kids. divorcing wife soon cause she is a cheating whore so maybe ill get back into it. i guess only thing i cn think.of i stil want is a woman to eat my cum out of another womans cunt. probably set that up soon.

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I am unironically into erotic hypnosis. I learned off YouTube and did it with my wife for years. Made her think she's a doctor, student, teacher, my sister, stranger, prisoner etc.
But I'm really into ladyboys and I want to hire two in Bangkok and hypnotize them to think I'm unwilling and drugged and then have them rape me.

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Who would have me? The women that cared enough to get close would be horrible judges of character with a poor intuition.

What I really want can’t get here soon enough.

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Marquis De Sade.

>> No.26404798

I still don't understand how you haven't hired a whore just to experience it. Is watching TV and shit posting on 4chan today really a more compelling experience? You don't know what it's like to enter a woman's wet pussy. You'd literally rather be on 4chan. You cannot explain this

>> No.26404800

don't do it, man

>> No.26404894

4chan > pussy

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No, you have it all wrong, i don’t want anything from anyone. What is want is to stop breathing. Posting, lifting, eating, sleeping, those are filler activities. Death, that’s seductive, more than intimacy, love a warm body could offer. They say you can find good anti emetics to take before swallowing lethal pills, so you don’t vomit when they start to break down and enter your blood stream. High doses of CBD quell the panic response so you don’t have second thoughts or call 911.

>> No.26404986

Or a warm body.**

I can’t be the only one that wants to get away from everyone and everything, even if meant never socializing again. I hate it.

>> No.26405010

What I want**

Forgive all the typos. Sleep deprivation and phone posting like a faggot will have that effect.

>> No.26405014

Will some of you incells start producing porn when you have the money?
You know it's highly immoral right, but you want to 'insert yourself' in that scene so bad.
Would you be able to live with that knowledge of having taken advantage of some dumb slut and thousands of porn addicts?

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>> No.26405082

You need help

>> No.26405084

sleep tight, sweet prince

>> No.26405087

have you done it before? are czech whores cool?

>> No.26405108

No one wants to see these incels naked

>> No.26405118

I might do some degenerate things to GET new wealth.
I'm considering femboy thottery. I already shove silicon dragon dicks up my ass, may as well get some pornhub ad revenue out of it, too.

>> No.26405124

This, but with any women from anywhere.
No real names, numbers, details.
Just cum deep inside and never be seen again. I’ve done it plenty of times already but with money I would do it all over the world.

>> No.26405141

this kills the /biz/ incel

>> No.26405142

Shlomo get this pornscript outta here.

>> No.26405174

definitely porn addiction has always made shooting porn appealing, although realistically, i imagine people in the porn world have better sex off camera. it might be a bit too mechanical trying to actually produce something watchable

>> No.26405236

I feel you brother

>> No.26405490

Y... you too.

>> No.26405522

im glad i was able to cope with suicide obsession by getting into black metal at young age

>> No.26405620

I honestly can't understand the appeal of sex, and I've never been tempted to try and find out. Women, especially, seem revolting.

>> No.26405791

Are you from India?

>> No.26405963

Enjoy hell degenerates

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>> No.26405984

Reminder that money won't save you guys from eternal torment. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you guys.

>> No.26405992

And then suddenly, for no reason at all...

>> No.26405998

Dunno, maybe buy one of those luxury $1000 silicone asses and rub my peepee on it

>> No.26406017

It's not too late.

>> No.26406078

Try instead having sex with a woman that loves you, if that's even possible

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i don't wanna be degenerate. i wanna find a nice qt i can settle down with. someone i can spend the rest of my days with and do activities together. maybe we can take walks, travel a bit, eat and drink. i'm just a lonely autist dork. this is one of my dreams in life.

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This is the first thing I do when I cash out, get a nice heavy set braphog and let her ruin my nose with toxic gas.

>> No.26406149

ITT: Tons of future Day-of-the-rope causalities.

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Didn't read, you gay

>> No.26406227

huge faggot

>> No.26406241

I think if i had that kind of money i'd hire a personal shrink and assistant to prevent me from cooming. I won't be alone anymore and i'd pay somebody to actually care about my well being, both mentally and physically.

>> No.26406244

According to Aquinas those in heaven kek at the souls being tormented in hell for their suffering is just!

>> No.26406263

Reminder all it takes is one OD after degrading someone sexually for you to experience eternal torture. Have fun degenerates.

>> No.26406274

True incel

>> No.26406294

bro, sauce? this looks exactly like a girl i used to know

>> No.26406340

this is the shit, some serious anal action, big toys, fisting, gapes.. and i want them to love it

>> No.26406342

Thanks senpai.

>> No.26406349

That's why I got dat ORAIchain

>> No.26406444

sounds like heaven

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tranny harem

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>> No.26406513

Thanks, anon.

>> No.26406521

I would enjoy one tranny in my harem

>> No.26406609

remain chaste my entire life

>> No.26406615

No, I think that archetype is characterized by bitter, angry thoughts. I don’t have that in me. Quite the opposite; I pushed away a number of women that seemed genuinely surprised and hurt when I declined their advances. Sorry about that.

>> No.26406624


I'm gonna hunt for mermaids, when I find one i'll make it my personal dick sucking slave. It can live in my jacuzzi and give me bubbly blowjobs under water.

>> No.26406649

I've read that supposedly some sleeping pills combined with a very large dose of antimalaria medicine is a way you can go back to your respawn location in minecraft
armed with this knowledge, what will you do? will you play minecraft and try it, or will you feel more in control of your life and make the decision to continue on and search for meaning? I wish you the best, anon

>> No.26406717

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.26406733

The success rate is poor. I want Nembutal, or maybe a climbers rope from amazon.

>> No.26406736

this is pasta

>> No.26406766

Are you aware that there are people in this world that have a severe medical condition which causes them to be that way? My mother for instance is one of those people. She is a truck driver that has bad knees and a bad back from driving the truck but you probably do not care about that case either. Oh well I am not one of those people I am 6'4" 245lbs and I exercise every day. I would love to see you say something like to my mother in front of me. Probably never happen though you are probably just an internet tough guy. I doubt very seriously you would say that to someones face. Just my thought.What do you think. Oh I am sorry you probably do not have a brain. I on the other hand will be happy to buy you a plane ticket to come here and see if you have the nerve to say that to someone I know.

>> No.26406864


>> No.26406968

I've been trying so hard for so long i stopped caring and have lost all motivation in any endeavours with the opposite sex. When i look at how little effort attractive men have to give and how much they get, the prospect of even trying makes me feel like a cuck. Unless a woman approaches me(or makes it clear she wants me) im not ever putting in any effort.

>> No.26407128

you sure she got that from driving a truck anon?

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My plan is real easy.

I want to move to Serbia with my gainz (Novi Sad or Belgrade). Girls in Serbia (and people in general) are turbo mega based. Its literally the Slavic holy land of all kinds of opportunities.

Im like 5/10, myabe 6/10 on my best day, but I dont give a fuck at all and have a great gift of crafty autistic speech... And am funny from time to time...

If you are not sperging out about jews and politics, you will have a great time in Serbia. I was there in 2015-2017 and had the best time of my life.

As soon as corona is done, im renting a flat in Novi Sad (you can rent a maisonette for 200 euros/month kek) and get a rotation of 5 Slavic goddesses... and I will do trips to Belgrade from time to time (where degeneracy is on another level).


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That's easy: a brap-ring. I'm going to hire 3 10/10 escorts and 3 10/10 shemale escorts and have them stand in a circle with their asses facing inwards.

I'm going to hook up 6 hoses to each of the buttholes and the other end to a bicycle pump. I'll then position my head in the middle of the brap-ring and pump the whores full of air using the bicycle pump.

After a countdown from 3, I'm going to yell "FIRE", effectively ordering all of them to fart into my skull simultaneously. If I remain conscious, I will load them again and order another volley.

And of course I'm planning to use swimming goggles while inside the brap-ring, I'm not some weirdo.

>> No.26407212

I'm going sober and heavily cutting down.
Will hire some women to keep as cat girls though, thats degen af.

>> No.26407269

Very cultured tastes anon. Will be aiming for the degradation stuff too.

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i want to find a beautiful upper-middle class girl like this and turn her into my personal slave whore. i want to move into her house with her family, and fuck the living shit out of her while her family has to hear it and tolerate it.

>> No.26407290

i'm not from serbia but my mum is serbian
what makes you likethose cheap whores anyway?

>> No.26407294

honestly tell me more
I was born in Belgrade but I'm non white, always wanted to see it. 200 a month is dumb cheap, how much do the women cost and how freaky do they get?
they aren't dicks about sex tourism?

>> No.26407317

don't know how to cultivate this consistently or how to make my money help me achieve it

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i also want to find married women to seduce and impregnate and cuck their unknowing husbands into raising my blood.

>> No.26407353


>> No.26407361

i you should rather give a 3x price and get a top model

>> No.26407381

a simple one I want to get done is fucking a fat and skinny girl at the same time

>> No.26407383
File: 19 KB, 498x263, lawrence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Two chicks at the same time, man.

>> No.26407413

Gonna knock up my wife through a hole in the sheet.

>> No.26407450


absolutely based. This is the definition of making it. Fuck women, acquire currency

>> No.26407475

Serbian girls are very beautiful, also globo homo has no chance in Serbia, at least for the time being...

You have to understand, that people in Serbia are very poor (even tho they have very little, they will ALWAYS share with you, based people)... So poor = no opportunities... also Serbia is not in EU, so that means, that people are pretty much stuck in there...

So cause of that Serbian girls have to endure "Serbian macho men" all the time... Someone like me (an autist with crafted autstic speech) can easily impress them just with the fact that Im different... I agree that a lot of Serbian girls will still prefer traditional Serbian chad, but not all of them... Perception is reality... I only focus on my target audience and dont care about anything else...

>how much do the women cost
What do you mean by this? I dont pay for sex.

>> No.26407485

why are you even on/biz/?

>> No.26407510

Money and things are no longer a goal. Not existing, now that, that’s something to look forward to.

I won’t take the pills they try to give me.

>> No.26407521

dude serbia is almost a middle income country, you're talking as if its some poor shithole

>> No.26407534

Why wouldn’t I be? Chances are I’ve been visiting and posting here longer than you. Not that it matters.

>> No.26407533

lets talk more about it in pvt
what socials do you use?

>> No.26407564

it is a poor shithole anon
you must know yugoslavia was heavilly influenced by communism and the people there would work for anything cause they are "good" and "fair" people

>> No.26407593

What a shitty thing to say to someone.

>> No.26407600

yeah but why would you even need money in the first place
you sound just fine by the way you are now with no attachments to the opposite sex and preferably want to die enlightened?

>> No.26407607

Femdom dominatrixes

>> No.26407619

I'm going to pay 10 hot asian girls to walk all over me and dominate me with their feet, for hours

>> No.26407621
File: 3.62 MB, 3056x2184, 1594731454930.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26407633

24/7 diaper time

>> No.26407653

Well, I am from Slovakia and when I compare Slovakia with Serbia (Cost and standard of living), it is dramatically lower in Serbia than Slovakia... You can be comfy with 600 euros/month in Novi Sad... with 1000 euros/month, you are a KING

we can do telegram

>> No.26407660


>> No.26407688

The untreated depression, I’m very sick and it’s getting worse. Now having bags to fall back on and waging to stay afloat would compound things. Besides, employers want self starters and outgoing people, it wouldn’t work out.

>> No.26407699
File: 1.14 MB, 500x447, 1531667095368.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've gone from literally $0 to $750K by masturbating to anime waifus instead of spending it on 3D women. I see no reason to change.

>> No.26407700
File: 19 KB, 428x368, 13413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> goes on 4chan to meet fellow aristocrats
> everyone is just a merchant at best; most likely a Sudra though

>> No.26407756

Not happening anon

>> No.26407783 [DELETED] 

i suggest you look into buddhism.
sirimamgalo.org is your call
my usernam is @onlynaturalaw

>> No.26407844

>I am unironically into erotic hypnosis
Same man.
Was your wife already into it, or did you introduce?
How did you tee that one up?

>> No.26407853

impregnate as many bitches as i can

>> No.26407880

pm sent

>> No.26407935

i have heard that feminism is rampant in serbia now due to gender imbalance caused by the war, what truth is there to this?

>> No.26408009

Could be, last time I was there was late 2017, things COULD change... but than again PERCEPTION IS REALITY!

if you choose to focus on the stupid side of things, you will get stupidity back your way... IF YOU DO WHAT YOU DID, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU GOT

>> No.26408048

alright anon, im adding serbia to my list. god they have such incredible bodies

>> No.26408063

I really, really don't like this image

>> No.26408078


>> No.26408126

It is easy to fell into depression trap, when you are browsing 4chan 90% of your waking hours... but dont forget anon, you are the creator of your own reality... If you choose to complain about Jews, niggers and women all the time, you are not gonna have a good time...


You can have fun in pretty much any country, it is all a matter of your own perception...

>> No.26408154

I have a wife , 2 daughters and a son.
Im wealthy an respected in my family/circle.
I fuck black, brown, turk, arab and balkan bbw hookers every fucking week.
Sometimes twice.
Cant stop, love white wife but just cant enjoy sexing her.
Have crippling guilt everynight I may in bed.

>> No.26408179

haha i recognize those words!

>> No.26408213

pissed on two sluts off seekingarrangement while they made out for $1200 kek

>> No.26408238


>> No.26408292


>> No.26408310
File: 33 KB, 303x298, 1600258524505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26408337

proper degen

>> No.26408344

Literally kill yourself you massive faggot. Give me all your eth first though 0x53AFc34e5d1Cd97f410D0d1e9168f6329F2CDC9C

>> No.26408384

Trump special - 3 prostitutes pissing all over each other

>> No.26408431

pretty based

>> No.26408450

i just ordered some seeds for my wife to grow in her garden so i'll have something to smoke with the lads
i also like to spend some time in my studio recording breathy voices from my female friends for my shitty punk jazz project
i quit alcohol recently

>> No.26408475

You will die either by terrible duck trauma in the ass, or by a kick with the force of a car hitting your rib cage if you go from behind. Don’t fly too close to the sun anon

>> No.26408481

Patrician tastes

>> No.26408506

Can’t leave my wife because she’ll take half, so I’m stuck doing missionary with her fat ass

>> No.26408549

i find degeneracy real hot on /gif/ but it would just be way too fucking awkward for me irl kek

>> No.26408560


>> No.26408580

Travel to cambodia

>> No.26408594

Damn where I live I make like like 3000 dollars a month and am just making it this is also due to old debt I had when I was younger though

>> No.26408669

damn bro seek help or reach out to people you know if you truly feel that way tell somebody have you tried?

>> No.26408861

Crypto is the great escape of our life time...

Also Ukraine (Lviv, Odessa) is based... you will be KING OF POP in Lviv with just 600 euros/month... BUT people are not very nice there... they often pretend that they dont understand English and are pretty much uptight all the time (understandable tho)...

Also I am not a big fan of "women are gold diggers" meme, but in Ukraine shit is real... Yes, women are BEAUTIFUL, but they only seek to escape the hell of their everyday life through finding a rich guy that will take care of her and her whole family as well

>> No.26408922
File: 27 KB, 600x747, 3ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26409192

Link millionaire here. I would spank girls over my knee then lick their feet in the same position

I get the part to escape but sacrifices have to be made no? I can take care of her but do these uneducated whores really think Ill dump hundreds of thousands of dollars on oleg's startup?

>> No.26409318

Come on dude, there's going too far with a hedonistic lifestyle filled with degeneracy and then there's the complete opposite where you're convinced you're on some higher plane for actively avoiding women. Get out of your damn comfort zone and try and meet a woman.

>> No.26409335

Baste. I too am progenitor to dual sons. Both have followed the path of the cannibal. I couldn’t be more proud. Their mother dined in fatty organ meat all while pregnant.

>> No.26409375

>I get the part to escape but sacrifices have to be made no?
If this is your perception of reality, than yes... Normally, you dont have to pay for ANYTHING in a relationship... you can be a broke ass piece of shit autist and thots will be all over you, if you play your cards right...

That is why Ukraine is not for me and I prefer Serbia, where people are poor, but not Ukraine-tier poor, which means girls are not uptight and dont focus on money only...

>> No.26409385

i'd buy a yacht, keep it in newport beach and take out weekend trips with girls barely out of highschool. I remember some girls i knew even had a name for it that i used to chat up. I think they called them "mermaids". that's the life. 40 years old fucking 18 year old cumdumpsters.

>> No.26409435

My sons told me to tell you. We didn’t read, definitely never selling.

>> No.26409456
File: 6 KB, 249x202, 1527587129202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same :)
I kind of want to start breeding snakes and cats, maybe get a license to grow mushrooms when it becomes more legal in Oregon.

>> No.26409467

Yeah there’s a lot of Ukrainian women online that scam unsuspecting Americans out of their cash. Also a lot of good marriages come out of it too.

>> No.26409486

Clone my dad.

>> No.26409512

>Also a lot of good marriages come out of it too.
If this is your thing, go for it, anon!

>> No.26409616

Yep I'm Serbian living abroad. Had a Serb gf and she was surprised how different I am from those normie "macho" men. I'd like to move back some day but I like Finland and my Fin gf here, even tho it's so expensive to live here. Bcz of the financial situation in Serbia , the women tend to be bigger gold diggers tho. I'm also concerned about the fucking chink owned factories stanking up our air

>> No.26409679

hey its me, the future you at 31. she doesn't love you, noone loved you. she married the trust fund guy from atlanta and never looked back

>> No.26409697

>I'm also concerned about the fucking chink owned factories stanking up our air
Yep, this is a huge problem in Belgrade, thats why I want to have my base in Novi Sad and only travel to Belgrade from time to time

>> No.26409723

Why is everyone here so fucked up? I might pay an escort for some degenerate foot worship and or pegging stuff, at most

>> No.26409861

>thats why I want to have my base in Novi Sad and only travel to Belgrade from time to time
among other things...

>> No.26409867

Don't care much about sex, I'll try to lock down a good non-gold digger before I even make it or keep my power level hidden until the time is right.
However, I will enjoy the finest psychedelic experiences whenever I possibly can.

>> No.26409935


>> No.26410147

I’ll pay for two extremely attractive 18 year olds to have sex with each other while I watch and touch.

This is my fetish.

>> No.26410244

Awesome anon, I'm also into psychedelics. I'll probably try some weird psychedelic sex on shrooms or acid, if that's even possible.

Besides that I'll probably find some submissive non-gold digger that is into low tier degenerate stuff, like facefucking, being peed on, spit and all that.

>> No.26410406

I'm gonna find some random ethot or girl that's seeking "support" on a dating app. Then I'm going to pay her 10000 to let me tie her down bent over, and then I will give her 50 to 100 cane strokes on her ass and thighs. Then when I'm done I'll fuck her asshole raw until I cum, slapping against her welted ass with each stroke. Then I'll leave her there tied down with cum in her ass and go take a shower and run some errands.

Its both the acts and the fact that I'm paying a naive girl for hopefully her first time prostitution for something she will absolutely hate.

>> No.26410436

putting pussy on a pedestal is what regressed society

>> No.26410460

>doesn’t know about Mr. Hands

t. 2007 4chan oldfag

>> No.26410534
File: 26 KB, 636x358, video-undefined-19962BEA00000578-817_636x358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to build a sex dungeon and invite BDSM curious women to come over and get Fucked. Won't have to pay for it because I'm handsome and /fit.

If I were to do some degeneracy I'd probably get spitroasted by two or three monster cock shemales.

Same with two strapon-wielding femdoms. Be their sex slave for a few hours.

>> No.26410695

t. tiberius caesar

>> No.26410715

I imagine sex on shrooms would be amazing. Maybe try candy flipping with MDMA as well.

>> No.26410799

not breathing fresh mountain air often enough

>> No.26410841

Cocaine is literally trash, I don't know how you can get addicted to that garbage. It lasts like 15 minutes too kek before you want another bump. Ease yourself off the coke and onto mdma anon

>> No.26410862

i dont understand, why do you have to make enormous amounts of money to be able to do this? just have a fancy dinner for 100$

>> No.26410864

Only tried hippie flipping so far and it was AMAZING. I do have a small MDMA and acid stash cuz you never know when you're gonna need it xD I'll probably try it when summer comes and the vegetation grows, cuz I only like tripping in nature

>> No.26410910
File: 459 KB, 640x400, 217u8RQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The most based vehicle for yacht party.

>> No.26410916

I literally did this but it's not fulfilling at all after the 20th woman anon. Got rid of all that shit and have a long time gf who's not even into any of that and I'm much happier

>> No.26410918

honestly that sounds good
i would love to go freak wild in the alps