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Seems like it should be worth more with all the partnerships and announcements that are being made. What do you think it should actually be priced at right now?

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>zero (0) paying users
hmm, probably around 15 cents book value
youll make more money at reddit wallstreetbets t b h

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$100 EOM

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It should be $45 but its literally the gayest crypto on the market

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>8 billion marketcap
>Produces 0 income

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>hurr hurr hurr it should be less valuable than projects with no code and no partnerships and half a white paper durr durr durr
The state of biz.

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>muh code
Ok, name someone who pays to use the code.
>muh partnerships
Ok, name one that isn't some pajeet defi thing (so, an ACTUAL company who makes money)
>muh white paper

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Go back

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How does $1,000 sound?

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its true value is $2

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Bro, you're too late. It's been 3.5 years. The only chance you have (and it's a very small chance) to scare someone will be nufags who have double digit Link.

You shouldn't have sold or swung or been so fucking retarded to not have a Link stack if you were here.

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you can dca in, kinda like with bitcoin i guess, and it is at least a consistent earn.
I should do the math but probably a better rate to peg Link as your blue chips and hope you catch lift on a few others to lift you up to buy more Link

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It doesn't matter. 15 cent LINK would put it below projects with nothing.

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I just bought 8 link for $160...

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Yo it’s crazy...

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>pre-mined scamcoin
It's worth about 1 sat

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1 sat will be $1k

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how new are you? consider yourself lucky that its still this cheap

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Here since mid-2017. Just interested in people’s thoughts on LINK and why it hasn’t increased more since the Grayscale announcement and bull run

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>unable to refute
Linkies are NPCs

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27 eoy maybe 100 by 2025

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+20% in Alt Season with Staking being announced?


This is top tier nubiz. You'll never make it shitbrains.

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If say around $80

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>falling for an obvious bait
YOU will never make it retard.

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You'd make more money trailing WSB than /biz/ 9 times out of 10.

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go back

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Is it retarded to sell off all shares worth about 1,3k and put it into stinkies?
Or should I trade more until I can buy more at once?

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You don't belong.

/biz/ offered you the chance to buy 3k LINK/ETH and you refused.

Now you're bitter.

Get fucked, whiner.

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As mentioned above Link makes zero income and more than that subsidizes the network with their own money. Technically Link is bleeding money hence all the Sergey dumps to fund everything

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I've been off this board for 6 months, Where's 42.
Is 81k per link In 2026 still this timeline

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About tree fiddy

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should i DCA in for a while or try to time the next dip?

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This guy gets it
Sergey betray!

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Hey guys, where can I find their quarterly earnings reports, also would like to know where I can find their board members

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eat my poopies xD

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LINK isn't a publicly traded company. Their ICO excluded US citizens.

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Why does it cost more than a cup of coffee, it doesn't make sense!

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what a world bros

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Please be pretending to be this retarded

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The market cap of LINK is in the billions somehow despite it being literally useless lol.

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Was looking at GRT prices and it reminded me of when we can get LINKS for a dollar

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>market cap

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2 links for a dollar

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set a price for what you'd consider a dip (dont be too greedy)
then start DCAing, and if it hits your figure dump it all in

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Buy now and then DCA.

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>is link overvalued?

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Jesus Christ I feel old reading this

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Yes it should be at least $50 right now look at the btc chart. It’ll catch up it’s been artificially suppressed but they’ve also under delivered

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>steaking being announced
I think you mean delayed until Q3 (and then Q1 2022). It's all a scam. The team can't figure out how to properly implement steaking which is why they're always begging for devs to work for them at the end of every interview and video.

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