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No amount of "game", money or "personality" is going to make up for a lack of initial attraction. Women know within 100 milliseconds of looking at you whether or not she considers you a sexual option. I'm so tired of the bluepill and redpill copers who downplay just how important looks and height are when it comes to dating. Let me put it this way: you CANNOT -convince- someone to be attracted to you with your behavior and demeanor, wearing expensive clothes, flashing money, etc. I tried and learned this the hard way.

If you're still in this game, don't make it for women, make it for yourself and your own quality of life. You will make it...Even if you have to enjoy it alone.

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Men do the same exact thing. I take one look at a woman and I know instantly whether or not I want to fuck her or breed with her or spit in her face or smell her farts or whatever other degenerate shit I think about women on a daily basis.

I might fuck the same girl if I was drunk, or felt sorry for her, but that's literally it.

In fact, women are much mor maleable in this sense, because no amount of good personality will make me want to fuck some ugly fat sloppy piece of shit woman. But the same is not true for women because they are emotion-driven children who you can legally fuck.

I've had girls admit they did not see me as a sexual option until after they saw my personality. I've also had girls tell me that they initially thought I was a sexual match but then after seeing some character flaw of mine, they lost interest.

You are trying to rationalize irrational beings. Stop doing that.

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>When did you realize that women don't actually care about how much money you have?
probably in my late teens early twenties when I got plenty of pussy even though I was broke as a joke

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Post is prime example of what no pussy does to a mf

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you said it
based department calling
I'm short. not like super short but 5'8" short. i shouldnt be attractive. but apparently i am because of how i act. Girls say i have a lot of confidence... and i dont. i actually just dont give a fuck about anything.
once you stop giving a shit about people or dumb shit like the stuff you just posted, you immediately release some kind of pheromone and it forces women to look at you different.
Do yourself a favor. work out. eat good. stop giving a fuck. its that simple

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you guys dont have families already? ngmi

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absolutely, wise words, different people different views on things in life
to think otherwise would be to try to force everybody to be the same which shouldn't be and isn't even ever possible, anyhing else would be toxic redditor tier behaviour and anons here are on average much better
some hot girls liked me, some didn't, same for not so hot girls, and I'm neither ugly nor handsome, and kind of not even average looking, just a bit weird and different lol

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>Do yourself a favor. work out. eat good. stop giving a fuck. its that simple

If I was trying to stop giving a fuck, as you suggest, that would be wishing it would make me more attractive to girls. So I would still be giving a fuck.

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Get a personal trainer to get fit.
Get a personal chef to get healthy.
Get a personal masseuse to de-stress.
Get a personal stylist to get clothes.
After you do that you'll get good confidence too.
You can make a literal 1 into a 7.

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you should never do it for getting pussy. you're never gmi if you'll only desire is that. Is the same as making it just for the material things.
You're just falling for the "muh shiny" meme.

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Just try to enjoy life, be happy, and be nice - not out of expectation of something in return but just because we’re all here together as humans lucky enough to be alive on this earth at this time. Once you swallow that goldpill your life will change. You’ll be yourself, and women will come, along with everything else


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Wrong. Just do plastic surgery until you become a living god.

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You're never gonna make-it with a low-vibration R-selected redditor materialistic mindset.

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Funny thing is my older brother who was very popular with women, even after settling down told me this earlier today. Just stopped caring w out a lot of things and only worry about that which you have direct control over.

He's been told he seems confident, but he says he just doesn't care.

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Worse than that is knowing women are into you and having no balls to act on it. I get eye fucked almost daily at the gym, but I simply cannot approach them due to my insecurities.

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At the end of the day that's what we all should be doing, desu.

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>tfw have looks
>tfw hve money
>tfw socially autistic

Im just a quiet guy so i never approch and am therefore never getting laid. Im sure if i tried i could get SOMETHING. But honestly i have never tried

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tf u on about nigger? post could get more bitches with the snap of a finger than you've had your entire life

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This is not true OP. My friend was a permavirgin faggot who couldn't get laid while going to a big party state university. He was a legitimate 2/10, went to prom alone, etc. He now makes $200k and got a solid girlfriend, like a 6.5/10. I think he got a girl solely because he makes good money

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you probably could desu. I'm pretty much the same, above average looks, but don't really have money. yet i've had about 5-10 girls come up and hit on me in the 2 years before coof hit. im only imagining all the pussy i could have gotten if i actually tried

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No shit. It should be money first. All these people who tell you money shouldn’t be your focus - they are all poor and in benefits. Kek

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>-80k net worth
>banged 15 girls
>currently engaged
>finance paying to chip away my debt

>120lbs soaking wet
>4.5inch penee
>6/10 on a good day

Just be yourself bro

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I grew up poor
had no pussy.
Virgin till 17yrs old
College was boring and I was still poor but I did get a 4.0 gpa.
Graduated college and began making $80k a year starting salary.
$ gave me confidence
I dress better
Groomed better
I have a nice clean home
A nice car
I Initiate conversation with foxes , roasties and milfs.
Fuck a different girl every weekend.

Im 5’10
220 lbs
Avg looks
6 inch cock
$5M in my portfolio.

Most gold digger Woman only care about $
The keepers look for confidence and care less you took her to the park for a date.

If you just wanna get your cock wet,
It’s easy.
If your looking for love, go to church

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Fuck this gay world...

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Focus on yourself.

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money might be meh,
but power... them panties are moist

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Lol looks like someone has a shit-personality. I'm ugly and poor and my personality does get me plenty of interest.

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It's possible to an extent. After spending sometime with some ~6/10's (great bodies, but butterfaces) my perception of them changed to a ~9/10. Pretty true with all women if they have a good personality, at least for me, and I'd rather have that than a crazy 9/10 with serious baggage, which they typically have. (Something to do with a greater likelihood of receiving too much attention at a young age because of their looks. Without me going on a rant, they tend to make bad decisions when their brain isn't fully developed that fucks them up psychologically later on.)

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OP is 100% correct

I made a Chad catfish account on this dating website to test out the theories myself and was astounded by the results. I had more likes in the span of one day in the Chad account than what I received in a year on my real account. Not only that, women were messaging me first on the Chad account, I didn't even have to search for them whereas I never received any responses if I messaged first in my real one. This experience left me depressed to say the least.

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Based on psychology women are less focused on physical attraction than you'd think. In fact, men are the ones obsessed with physical looks and fertility. Women tend not to focus so much on how attractive a man is, because let's be real here, they lost out in the sex department. Who the fuck would want to fuck a man, let alone an ugly one? Mercifully women have been given the gift of seeing 'the real you' and not having to worry so much about how fuckable you are.

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cope. work out, eat good, stop giving a fuck.

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I am physically attractive but women generally lose interest within 5 seconds after realizing what a sweaty anxious sperg I am. I am cursed with deceptive physiognomy.

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>When did you realize that women don't actually care about how much money you have?

I thankfully fell for the /fit/ and PUA meme in 2013. As soon as I was lean, I got a lot of pussy. At my peak I had 4 fuck buddies and occasionally had sex with two different women a day. I was a poor PhD student back then.

Now I have 200k to my name and didn't have set for 2 years. Corona doesn't help.

So yes, money is a cope. Maybe money is of interest to 27 women who want babies. But it sure is barely relevant for getting laid with hot chicks.
Just be lean, tall and, bonus, have hair.

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>Women know within 100 milliseconds of looking at you whether or not she considers you a sexual option.
that's correct, and if they're not picking you, then that means you're super beta. the good news is you can change that, and having a lot of money sure helps.

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You're right

The difference is that guys will fuck a 5/10 and feel OK about it, but woman would prefer that any sub-9 man literally didn't exist.

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>women dont care about look, they wanna see the real you
so they're not attracted to me at all?

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Back in my PUA days Id have girls tell me im a disgusting piece of shit. Then 2-3 weeks later Id see them out again and they wouldnt even remember me so id hit on them and fuck them.

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>I'm so tired of the bluepill and redpill copers who downplay just how important looks and height are when it comes to dating. Let me put it this way: you CANNOT -convince- someone to be attracted to you with your behavior and demeanor, wearing expensive clothes, flashing money, etc. I tried and learned this the hard way.
It's also nigh impossible to get a girlfriend if your social skills sucks and you have no friends, even if you're good looking. I learnt and am learning that the hard way.

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They care about personality and it does affect how they perceive you, more so than men. It's just easier if you're attractive which is sort of a no brainer. I see ugly dudes walking around with beautiful women all the time. I'm talking like 5/10. Personality has to be a factor.

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Based, except I want to fuck 90% of women I see and women only want to fuck 10% of men they see

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Don't be so sure. I'm a 5/10 on a good day, and ever since I made it big with chainlink I've been paying a 10/10 high class hooker to go around with me and pretend to be my girlfriend. I assume a lot of guys fraud this way, it's the only way to make other men see you as superior.

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I have a nice /fit/ bod and i got le handsome genese, but i never really put myself out there yet. Should i make a tinder and embrace the chadpill, or is it normie tier to do this

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Not giving a fuck actually works anon.

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LoL never thought about it that way. Maybe every ugly dude I see going home with beautiful women is just paying them for the day. Maybe there is no hope? Regardless, it doesn't help to think that way

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>Women do care about personality fren. If youre an ugly pajeet looking motherfucker, you better be funny/smart as fuck

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this is just wrong. maybe you're just meeting trannies. show them a fat unn stack and see the real women get back to you

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Howd you do it sir?

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How do you fuck a different girl every weekend? Isnt that a lot of effort? Tinder or what

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but money is all that matters, because money can change every aspect of your physical appearance (except for shit colored skin or being a manlet by more than a couple inches).

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Then he doesn't have the girl.
He just supports her.
She's got some other chad.

You can NEVER buy women.
At most rent.

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Holy shit thats me. I often get approached but I always lose my shit and sperge. My brain goes error 404 and i smile like a retard not knowing what the F i am supposed to do. I am not an autist but they probably think i am.

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Accurate, it's about looks, looks, and looks. It's scientifically proven.

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You fellas are both correct and I like you both.

It's the truth. On the one hand, it's nice that we have more options than they do, because we are less picky. On the other hand, sometimes you meet that one chick who you would fucking chop your arm off and spit in your own mothers face just to have one date with her. If you're not in her top 10% of choices physically, you had better be a God of personality. And also you might have to keep actually trying to keep her faithful (which never bothered me, I cheat on every woman I've ever been with).

I just try to outdo them at their own game. If you think for even a second your girl is cheating on you with another guy, make it your goal to cheat on her with two girls. If you think she's a straight up whore behind your back, go out and fuck as many other chicks as you can.

You only live once. Fight fire with fire and more importantly enjoy your life. It's like investing. If you want to make gains, you gotta take risks, make moves, and play the game. Sure some people get lucky (link fags last year, PRQ fags in 3 years). But if you want big boy gains you gotta be ballsy.

This thread is now finance related and cannot be deleted.

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damn guess I'm the only 22yo virgin, kissless and handholdless guy about

losing hair, 5'9(5'10 on a good day) not fit but slim and got like 10k to my name

its over

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God you're stupid. Women don't want to fuck you because they smell your desperation and defeatism by your body language and the way you talk. Even if you were 6'5 and male model tier looks you'd get the exact same results with just a few more women approaching you.

t. 5'6 manlet with 50+ body count at age 25

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are you telling a virgin in his 20s not to be desperate? it's pretty hard to do but I get the defeatism in the body language part.

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disregard wemon and acquire currency you faggot

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When did you realize that no amount of anything will make you happy or feel anything good?
20 years old
6'2 200 pounds /fit
7 inch dick
not ugly, average looks...
autistic, barley talk; I just don't know what to say
Nothing brings me joy or release from negativity; not making lots of money, drugs, working out, academic achievement, social interaction or whatever else people like to do. I cannot imagine pussy or female validation would help, at least in the long term.
I gives me some comfort to know that there are other people out there that feel in a similar way. Still I feel always out of place and that I can't understand others and they don't understand me.

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This isn't even remotely true kek, doomer chads get more interaction than the sports one these days.

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When will you realize that you shouldn't care about women? This board really is something else. You'd think people coming here would be educated enough to understand how much women cost for how little gain they provide even when you have chad-tier looks. Stop being retarded and focus on what matters: your funds, health and family. Stop following societal norms or memes

Just show the catalog of this board to anyone outside, see their reaction and understand that you're not like these people. Work from there

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biz is best board

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This is the one.

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I hate women

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>I Initiate conversation with foxes , roasties and milfs.
>Fuck a different girl every weekend.
was this like 2007? This is not how it works anymore at least where I live. Zoomer women are mentally ill and you’d be labelled a rapist for trying to ‘game’ women if you’re not a total chad these days. Also they have to many options with tinder and social media. Men who daygame are at best seen as a joke/spectacle by zoomer thots.

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I just want the freedom that money provides

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You are the most beautiful man Ive ever seen.

Based on what?


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99% of biztards spamming the catalog for years on years with "is xx of coin yy enough to make it" should look at pic related and question their whole life

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Make yourself attractive then

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I'm too scared of STDs to fuck around.

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