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>pay $1 for a lottery ticket
>potentially win millions of dollars

Weird how /biz/ never talks about this. It's basically 50/50. Either you win or you don't.

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No, it's one in sixty million you illiterate.

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Only if you're a loser. You're not a loser, right anon?

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You re from M.I.T i presume.

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>It's basically 50/50. Either you win or you don't.


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wow thanks I'm rich now

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any1 cracked the numbers on this ?
if I buy 2 i win?

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Yeah, but only if you have a Large Hadron Collider of your own.

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Did you not read what I said? It's 50/50. Either you won, or you don't.

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>Take out million dollar loan
>Buy a million tickets
>Win, pay off loan
>Rinse and repeat

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Yes, probability of winning is 2*P=2*50%=100%

You literally can't lose

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Yeah worked at a gas station for a couple years where we sold these scratch off tickets. If you think the regular lottery is a tax on idiots, the scratchers are on a whole other level. I watched countless people come in, buy $100 worth of tickets, scratch them off at the counter (so fucking obnoxious) and then cash in the winners. Usually like $7 worth. And 3 free tickets. Some guys were addicted and would come in and examine each different game and ask me which I thought would “getting ready to hit”. It’s sad really.

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Youll stop playing the lottery when you come to realize it's just a tax on poor people

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Buying lotto tickets is unironically proff that you are financially retarded and illiterate. If forced between buy 1k of lotto ticket and 1k of the scammiest, pajeetest, shill tranny Rosenberg coin in all of existence, I would buy that coin.

So biz, what am I buying 1k of? I will buy 1k of lotto shits and 1k of said shitcoin, then see how my investments pan out after one month. Will post on YouTube.

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>what is regressive tax

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/biz/ is and always has been an instant lottery board.

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Ok, how do I profit from it

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My wife and I each bought a ticket today. Normally don't play the lotto, but with a billion dollar jackpot, no reason not to spend the $6.
It's fun to imagine what we'd do with the money, either way.

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Not Large and Hadron enough

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Imagine not buying in on this amazing opportunity. /biz/ is ngmi

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Yeah, scratchers are like booze for alcoholics. The guys who play those are the same ones who would blow their rent money in a casino if gambling were legal in their state.

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You need a Big Black Collider, not whatever that is.

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gotta be in it to win it ;)

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Buy SHUF and tell me how it goes lol

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It is possible but...

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win or don't win are the possibilities, not the probabilities, Dumbo.

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>Big Black Collider
Found the secret collider you mentioned

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>tfw 235MeV H+ particlelet

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So the lottery IS for dumb-dumbs who can’t math. Huh.

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Just went all in lottery tickets
Wish me luck

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Ygmi anon. The shills on this board will be seething, but I'm rooting for you.

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it's life's fucking cheat code. It's like you're in GTA with unlimited money

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You fucking retard. Let me break this down for you. The outcomes are:

It's 2 separate outcomes. Here's the math.

(1 possible outcome)/(total outcomes: 2) * 100% = 50%

It's 50% for each outcome, so fucking apologize.

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>50/50. Either you win or you don't
>Buy 2 tickets
>Guaranteed win every time

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Lotto General thread here:


Good luck and I didn't go all in but a few hundred dollars.

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But what if your tickets are both "don't win"? I'm pretty sure the real way to win is to buy 51 tickets. Then you are 100% sure to have at least one winning ticket.

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Do people not read? It's a 50/50 chance of winning. Either you win or you lose.

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Spend about 40% of my salary a month on lottery tickets and scratch cards. Lost s lot of money on crypto in 2018, this is my only way to make it back. If I don't win by 30 I'm gonna kms.

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It's 50/50, so if you buy 2 tickets, 1 wins and 1 loses. That's 50%. C'mon, anon

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It's always 50/50.

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How tf are there this many responses on a low effort troll thread wtf

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I took my chances anon. It was either:
>get ignored
>get responses

It's basically 50/50.

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So in order to succed you started two threads? Or 51 threads? I'm confused here.

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The chances of guessing a private key are 50/50, either you guess it right or you don't

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19 28 37 39 45 64

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The odds of fucking Nicole Kidman are 50/50.
Blow jobs are socialization.

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Lotto money is cursed money

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see? I found one

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nice just bought 100k

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Just do it now

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Well ya, I buy a lottery ticket every few weeks, but the chances are so low it's not even worth talking about or fantasising over. I do think not buying a lottery ticket every once in a while is the wrong play, because they're so cheap, but on the flipside, there's no one dumber than the boomers who spend their whole pay cheques on lottery tickets. Every once in awhile you'll hear about some Stanford phd students who figure out a flaw in a small local lottery or something, and cash in, but this is the exception not the norm

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I hope you tipped the gas station clerk. I'd be shitty if I had to run the ticket that many times.

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My dad buys us like 2 scratch tickets for Christmas every year and I must admit the rush is incredible

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>playing lotto is 50/50
>you win or you don't
>believing this

The absolute state of americans

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Kek everytime crypto takes the slightest dump and retards get liquidated we get these threads

>scamming retailers by saying item never arrived
>pissing in the sink to save money
>making money from blackjack/lottery etc

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It's a billion dollar drawing, haven't had one of these for like 5 years. Worth pissing away the cash you'd spend on a bottle of Coke.

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fucking eurofag he knows it's not 50/50, don't you have to go to a free doctors appointment or some shit

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Sitting there all day printing off lotto tickets would be more enjoyable than actually doing cashier work and dealing with customers. You'd be doing them a favor, but only do it in the middle of the night or during the day when there's 2 cashier's.

I used to work at a gas station as a teenager, and I would havefucking loved it if someone came in and said "I'd like 1000 lottery tickets with 100 lines on each". Pushing a button is way better than talking to customers, having to "upsell", having to tell people they can't smoke at the pump, watching the car wash cameras, etc

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Technically each time that (You) try, (You) have a 50% chance, or (You) win or (You) lose.

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No it’s actually 100%, if you buy all the tickets at the store then you are guaranteed to get the jackpot as there is no more tickets to buy and one of them has to be the big winner

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Well when you put it like that, it seems more like giving them a break.

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All the grannies in my area leaving the shop with sheets of these things and not winning a a cent. Depressing to see

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I'm a bong so I can't, but it's not like it's suddenly worth playing for a billion dollars kek. Even 50 million is plenty

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ill buy a 1$ ticket like once a week but thats about it.

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Indeed, but if you don't play the lotto regularly, you'll almost never know how much the jackpot is. The 1B jackpot has made the front page news in all American media over the past 2 days.

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just like the lottery

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>pissing in the sink to save money
>not pissing the shower while taking a shower

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Well they need something to distract people from all the promises bidens breaking already kek

>already sent troops into Syria
>reversed withdrawal from Iraq
>destroyed 70k oil and gas jobs and killed pipeline
>looking at taxing unrealised capital gains
>rejoining retarded climate agreements and WHO

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You piss once or twice a day?

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didn't Biden say his plan was to "trust science" and rejoin WHO?

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Yea it's 50 50. I spent ten dollers on scratch offs an I won five dollers

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Love me my doller scratchers. Get em every friday.

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It used to be easier to win lotteries and the jackpots were big relative to the odds, but now they've reduced the default jackpot size and made it much more difficult to get the winning numbers. It's one of those signs that the gov't is having financial problems despite whatever bullshit metrics they're showing to the public.

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EV isn't attractive until the pot is really big and even then you should only buy one ticket.
Lotto is a tax on the poor. But unironically
The whole point is to get a bunch of people to pay excess taxes. They all throw into a pot and some fuck wins and pays half of it to tax anyways. Big scam

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>It's basically 50/50
/biz/ - Business & Finance

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>It's basically 50/50. Either you win or you don't.
I don't think that's how odds work anon

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Think: 50/50. OP doesn't.

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Are you retarded on purpose?

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Hey, you may not be aware of this, but sixty million of my grandparents died in the holocaust. They were forced to participate in a lottery where all the losers were naild up on crosses and only one winner was permitted to leave the town of Nipton alive.
I would appreciate it if you could be more careful when throwing that number around

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I bought $1,000 worth of $20 scratchiest just to see what would happen.
I lost like $300 and learned that they are a huge waste of time.
That’s also not how odds work you double nigger

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You tell me.

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What was your biggest win?

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how new are you?

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real min/max'ing of lotto is to buy one ticket with the same numbers every time

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Underrated. Thanks for the tip

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unironically true

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