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0% chance of winning, absurd taxes if you do seems like a great deal

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The largest statistical difference is between 0 and 1 tickets.
So yes, I have one ticket. Dream tax, let myself have some daydreams for the cost of a candy bar. I usually buy 2-4 tickets a year, fuck it.

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I'm in for $2 I got for free.

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If I win, I’ll buy everyone here 1 rubic in 2022 (after it’s gone because it’s obviously a scam)

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Yea fuck that lottery if I only get to bring home $600m. Not worth my time

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I'll be using every penny from my win on linkies

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>0% chance of winning
If you don't buy a ticket, correct. You have 0% chance of winning.

If you buy one ticket, you have 1 in 300,000,000 chance of winning. Slim but infinitely better odds than not buying a ticket.

If you buy 300 tickets, odds are 1 in 1 million approximately for a single drawing. Not bad. I have a disease that is as rare as that.

If 100 anons buy 300 tickets each, odds of one of those tickets winning are 1 : 10,000.

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Good then you'll have a 600/800,000,000 chance of winning.

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Why doesn’t /biz/ do some kind of collective buy?

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it is less after all taxes and costs retard. also math says you are not winning.

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i lost 100 playing this. made 600 on crypto in a week...

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Can't wait for a fat Mexican or 90 year old geriatric to win

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Also, here is a redpill most don't know about. You also can write off lottery losses against taxes you'll pay on the jackpot, and that's throughout the year. So you could just gather trashbins full of scratchers and spent tickets and write a sizable portion off. If you were to buy every single combination, you can deduct that from your taxes. Assuming there is no tie and you were able to buy 300 million tickets in the next few hours, with "Just the jackpot" @ $1.50/ticket each option, you would make a great profit.

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i knew someone from my old neighborhood. he got shot within a year of winning

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A 4channer will win tonight.

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Those gains are chump change. I want hundreds of millions of dollars and I am willing to risk losing $600 to gain that.

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yeah that's not a bad way to look at it. if $600 is pennies to you. but I love my gains so far as a 3digit retard, almost entering 4digit forest.

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>can't buy lottos online

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Not if we RNG hack

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Just think how much I could increase the price of LINK with a lump sum.

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Would it be absolutely insane to drop $600 into this?

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What If I buy 300M tickets?

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Oh the humanity

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Just by buying one ticket, you create a quantum timeline where you win $600M right?

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Some old, white, already rich muthafuker will win it and will donate it to BLM.

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This isn't good for me.
Based Florida 0%

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fuck it i might buy a ticket

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How do you even go about organizing a collective ticket buying without someone fucking over someone else

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>Me in some quantum timeline gets $600M
Well fuck now I gotta buy a ticket.

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so you lied. it is not 600m faggot.
glad i dont live in your mutt country. hope you all lose and some some nigger wins it all and blows it.

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Pick yourself 5 numbers 1-70 and a single number from 1-25 I think

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>didn’t reply to me
Uh okay, anyway maybe start some kind of partnership where users can all collectively sign an agreement with an anonymous persona that has some kind of verification that is only held by that individual person so like some sort of key that’s kept on a person anyways I just want us to buy an island and build a large self sufficient mansion that’s all I need for a starter then we can divy up after that

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>anonymous guy wins powerball
>anonymous guy is never seen again

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Because whoever the fuck collects it probably wont distribute it

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I'm gonna put in $10k. On the off chance I win, we're getting a Bitcoin Citadel built in Wyoming

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I wouldn’t screw you guys out of the money if we went in as partners
That’s no guarantee ntee you wouldn’t screw me out of it
I just want to live in a corner room on a giant mansion on a tropical island

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Your name will be everywhere
You will suddenly have family that you never heard about
Your friends will suck your dick and lick your anus for a mil

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Sorry guys I bought 1 ticket I won I know I will ok special me me me winner burger big burger winner

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Where do i play tho?

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If biz started a pool I'd go in on it, but I know some greedy fuck will bail with the all the cash if we somehow won the jackpot

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Is the drawing tonight? Never played the lottery what do I even do?

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Just so you guys know, if I win I'm putting it all into grt and doubling the market cap overnight

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Imma look up if we could even do anonymous partnerships
Fucking imagine us meeting up with niggas wear hello kitty masks and Vader voice changer helmets

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I wont play the lottery unless it is scratchers, because when you win this amount of money your name will be publicized.

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I hope one of us wins tonight and by one of us I mean me

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Never mind

Golotter will pay for your flight to the US! Like other American lottery winnings, Mega Millions prizes are subject to US State and Federal taxes.

I don't have a passport

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not everywhere. some states let you claim it anonymously. if they don't, just talk to a lawyer and set up a shell LLC or something

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How much btc are you buying with your billion dollar winnings?

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I guess we could do lottery pools that way we could stay anonymous and have the winnings automatically shared to our accounts
> Some lottery pools are more complicated. For example, some let people buy more "shares" of the pool by contributing more money. If one of the participants in the example above had contributed $5 instead of $1, and the lottery pool manager had used the extra money to buy 55 tickets instead of 50, that big spender would be eligible to receive 5/55ths of the jackpot instead of 1/50th.
States would still make us reveal ourselves so we can get knifed to death in our sleep

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with smart contracts

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A timeline already exist where you bought the ticket and won anyway so what's the point

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Damn nearly got scammed haha

Visitors to the United States are always welcome to purchase tickets for our game from an American lottery retailer while they are visiting this country; you do not need to be a resident to win. However, Mega Millions tickets are not sold outside the United States. Mega Millions is not affiliated with and does not endorse any company claiming to sell our tickets around the world, online or otherwise. If you choose to do business with one of these companies, you do so at your own risk; Mega Millions rules prohibit the purchase of tickets by agents representing players in other jurisdictions.

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Is there a protocol lottery? Seems like something fun to do without having to disclose your identity if you win. Winnings would automatically be sent to the wallet where you registered from

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but you're definitely gonna lose

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Near guaranteed to get back $10

Better than some crypto that are outright scams

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a billion dollar's worth obviously
fiat is useless
digital money is the future.

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yes, the lottery is a tax on stupid people who can't comprehend odds that are far removed from what we experience in our daily lives

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The drawing is tonight. To play you can either go to a pajeet store or buy online for your State.

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Ah, yeah that's true.

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Remember to buy your tickets in Arizona anons

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Do any anons not play because their state doesn't keep their identity private? Fuck that. I don't want to die from people waiting outside my house once they hear I won or some shit. kek

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I will post this pasta in every lotto thread I find.
This message is mostly for yuropoors.

Bravoloto is a 'free' online lottery developed by marketluck (baguette company) in which you can win up to 1 million EUR if you get lucky, picking 5/48 numbers and 2/12 astrological signs for each grid. The odds to win the jackpot are slightly similar to Euromillions and other lotteries of that kind, i.e close to zero. But playing gives you a nonetheless small chance of winning.

There are three kinds of grids you can play :
-Normal grids, 3 draws per day at 9:45 AM, 12:15 PM and 8:45 PM GMT with a jackpot of 25k EUR
-Super grids, 1 draw per day at 9:45 PM GMT with a jackpot of 100k EUR
-Mega grids, 1 draw on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 10PM GMT with a jackpot varying between 500k and 1M EUR

The app grants you AT LEAST 50 normal grids per day, for free. To obtain super grids, you must fill 10-20 normal grids per draw and 150 normal grids gives you one mega ticket. (If you grind you can gain one per day since there are 3 daily draws.)

>since it's free, you're the product right?
Indeed. The app works by allowing you to play grids by watching ads. So it's NORMALLY a huge time waster, and according to an interview from the CEO the average player spends ~30 minutes per day on the app.

>Then why the fuck are you shilling this?

Because you can actually CIRCUMVENT THE ADS, by using a system-wide adblocker such as a cracked version of AdGuard, Blokada or DNS66 on Android. Filling a grid only takes 2 seconds now instead of 1 minute, and you can block all of the useless background trackers/analytics without risk of breaking the app. I even took the time to read the ToS and there is no mention of the use of adblockers.

>must be a manipulated scam then
It's the weakest link, but it's monitored by a known French bailiff and seeing their business model, they'd rather have people think it's legitimate to bring more potential customers and players. A roastie won 500k EUR in 2019.

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wait I always heard it was better to take out the annuity but I assumed it was cause of tax reasons. They just give you 39% less if you take the money and run?

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>i knew someone from my old neighborhood. he got shot within a year of winning
are you serious or larp? name county

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>holding a wine glass by the bowl and not the stem
not very distinguished desu

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Here are links for the AdBlockers I previously mentioned, even if you don't end up playing this lottery you can at least leave this thread with tools that WILL improve your phoneposting experience. Most of the following links are taken from Mobilism, so you can consider them relatively safe if you're paranoid about viruses and stuff.



>DNS66 for free as in freedom tards

The advantage of those compared to Adaway or AFwall+ is that you don't need to root or install xPosed on your android phone. Be sure to enable all filters in AdGuard and don't hesitate to block requests you deem suspicious.

I think I gave you everything. The chances are slim, but it's worth a shot espcially since you're playing FOR FREE. You can do this while on the job, trading, etc. FOR FREE

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No a single person ITT will win

>> No.26383055

If you won you'd just go into hiding then announce after hiring security lol

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Alright bitches!! i can't play this game.
the sites in my country only allow you to play a bet, if the numbers come out.........
winning a 38% reduction or cash over 30 years. (IF THE SITE GOES DOWN AND STOPS BUSINSS YOU LOSE YOUR WINNINGS)


power ball 12

5 27 38 57 64


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better off buying otm options

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Pajeet, I...

>> No.26383265

maybe there's some kind of trustless, chained blockish technology that could help us achieve this?

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Not an Indian

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Insane? Yes and no. The probability of someone winning tonight is extremely likely. The probability it will be you is EXTREMELY SLIM but you maximize those chances by purchasing more tickets. The loss of $600 is nothing.
Wrong. You're just a midwit of limited intelligence who thinks improbable events will never happen by sheer numbers. 1 in 1 million chance events can and do happen routinely, nay by the minute, and even experiencing life itself is a statistical improbability that exceeds this. It isn't something to bank on but to dismiss it as stupid is plain retarded and probably a cope because you don't have $600 to blow. Funnily enough, most big jackpot winners are snowbird boomers in Florida who spend hundreds on a single drawing.

The stupid person does not play at all. They lose all chance of winning. The loss of $2 is quite literally nothing for most people.

You're just a midwit of limited intelligence who is looking at this as an investment. In any case, you don't take into account the most glaringly obvious thing about life doesn't come to your mind. You're going to be fucking dead one day and as you approach the death horizon, and your body fails and your friends and family around you die, money becomes worth less and less. Sure I could drop that $600 into my IRA or some shitcoin but by the time it materializes into anything I'll be 40 years older and it wouldn't even have grown to such an amount. The value of a windfall of cash, even at risk, during one's youth and prime cannot is much more valuable than something that will come to life many years down the line when your 60, grey, and stupid from the loss of dopamine neurons.

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Honestly I'm kinda curious about this. Too late for this drawing but anons should come up with a way to devise a pool where we wouldn't have to worry about some backstabbing schlomo

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Don't forget to spam fakes on Twitter as soon as they announce.

>> No.26383486

You could increase your odds by 50000 percent by buying 500 tickets bro

>> No.26383525

gold Mega Ball, my bad

>> No.26383555

Who gives a fuck about taxes?

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Too bad there’s nothing like that

>> No.26383625

i'm too dumb to code this but it sounds doable

>> No.26383632

>If you won you'd just go into hiding then announce after hiring security lol
> can't even go outside
> hey aren't you that guy that won the lottery
Nah, I'll pass. Hope someone with high iq person wins so they can do something good with. I don't even know what I would do. kek

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It's better to take the lump sum. Annuity pays out that $737M over 30 years. The $450M lump sum can be reinvested and return you much more than $750m

>> No.26383671

Someone who is going to write MILLIONS of gambling losses off:


Remember you have an entire year to accumulate tickets, scratchers and other crap to reduce your taxes. It'll be hard to do with this large of an amount but you could feasibly get back a few extra million if you go about it the right way.

>> No.26383739

I never play this shit except the 1.5B in 2016 and this.

Fuck it, it’s fun to follow the crowd sometimes.

>> No.26383824

the reason lotterys can work is because the human mind cant really comprehend what a massive number 1 million is. 1 in one million is so incredibly rare.

>> No.26384066

What about crypto lottery. Could even do it with just 2 people, BOTH people put in same money then roll the dice or something

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Checked and based

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I contemplate it just find and realize if repeated, will result in a loss >99% of the time. However, at the same time, I recognize there is likely to be a winner win the jackpot is so high and 1:1M (300 tickets) chance is far better than 1:300M. If several hundred people in this thread are doing the same thing (buying large amounts of tickets), then collectively, there are tens of thousands of tickets at play which effectively reduces the collective odds among that wide group to 1:10,000.

>> No.26384378

Can't win if you don't play

>> No.26384486

But just imagine someone will end up winning and they were told that their chances were nothing. Which they were. But they still won. Fuck it I will throw $20 and dream until the drawing.

>> No.26384498

ITT: losers who could actually profit buying any good coin instead of gambling on that bullshit

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Not to mention, states can go bankrupt and discharge themselves of the legal obligation to pay the remaining annuity.

>> No.26384616

>ITT: losers who could actually profit buying any good coin instead of gambling on that bullshit
You're the loser if profiting off $600 is a big deal. Even if the $600 had a x5, that's still not a very life changing amount. I would rather risk losing it all to have a chance at HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. This is the chad move.

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File: 190 KB, 220x165, EE4E8955-9929-4B7A-9C15-D1ED4A646ECD.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Checked and same. If I win I’m lump summing and market buying 100 million worth of LINK.

>> No.26384787

spoken like a true goy

>> No.26384790

1 in a billion chance events happen every day, but there are also billions of events happening every day
I am just about as likely to be distant cousins with some billionaire who will then give me a million dollars
A longshot? Yes, but when you consider all of the other longshot events that end with me coming into a great some of money, they're not much lower than me winning the lottery
with that said, using anything under $100k on the lottery to increase your odds is a negligible improvement (that's being generous as even that point is still a huge stretch. and at that point you're risking burning huge amounts of capital on a tiny chance event)

>> No.26384816

I bought 2 tickets and I’m going to win

>> No.26384856

Normal tickets or "Just the Jackpot"?

>> No.26385226

Math professor here, you are fundamentally retarded

>> No.26385241

It's a chance I'm willing to take.

>> No.26385307

>Believing in lottery tickets
You all deserve to be poor

>> No.26385325

>buying more tickets doesn't increase your odds
I don't think you're a real math professor.

>> No.26385459

Average loss from buying a ticket: $2
Assuming 1 in 300,000,000 odds of winning—
Average gain (after tax) from buying a ticket: $500,000,000 / 300,000,000 = $1.67

Mathematically, the odds are against you. If you were to take this bet infinitely many times, you would end up losing 16.5% more than you put in on average. In theory though, you could consider it a profitable investment as soon as the post-tax gain hits $600m (roughly $1.3b jackpot).

>> No.26385509


>> No.26385521

im gonna buy a ticket with my post number roleing now



>> No.26385608

i would move to a no tax state before claiming the ticket too

>> No.26385634

You're welcome, anon. Don't keep your hopes up since it's still a lottery, but you can at least play for free without wasting your time. This is what matters the most.

>> No.26385724

That assumes you buy all combinations, which if you did, you could write off your losses against what you'll pay in taxes >>26383671 Average profit would be higher than the cost of a ticket with this in mind. Higher still if you utilized the "Just The Jackpot" tickets, which cost $1.50 each instead of $2.00, so it's definitely positive return at that point. However, it's a bit too late to buy 300,000,000 tickets, and there probably will be a tie anyways.

>> No.26385901

My parents got 5 tickets today, if we win I'm putting it into the market. All on GME

>> No.26385972

>he got shot within a year of winning
Yeah, first rule of winning the lotto. Pick up and fucking leave where you live, right away.

>> No.26385980

Can you still play

>> No.26386019

>spend $900M
>win $750M
>$500M after taxes
Good fucking luck.

>> No.26386033

4 8 15 16 23 42
you can thank me later

>> No.26386037

wouldn you just own GME at that point as a majority shareholder you could make the ocmpany do whatever you want

>> No.26386080

>I assumed it was cause of tax reasons
No, it's because you'd do better if you dumped the lump sum into an S&P 500 fund than if you took the annuity.

>> No.26386110

>That assumes you buy all combinations
I'm talking more about establishing a system of net positive-outcome bets over the course of your life. In this case the average expected outcome of buying a single ticket is $1.67. In theory, if you always take a bet with a higher avg return than the avg cost when given the chance, you come out on top. Maybe not the most exciting way to live but I'm an analytical person by nature.
Good point on the jackpot tickets though. Might have to get in on this.

>> No.26386171

1 4 8 8 14 88

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>living in a State that's at risk of bankruptcy

>> No.26386252

I'm from a supposedly "third world shithole" and we have free instant 24/7 interbank transfers and an official way to split our lottery tickets between people so that each person gets his share.

Burgers truly are the laughingstock of the world.

>> No.26386255

>who could actually profit buying any good coin
I made my money on Antshares years ago

>> No.26386308
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>paying taxes on winnings

>> No.26386373

Between me and my family, we've almost got 1k lines for this drawing(and the next 5 lmao). Oh please lemme win something for once in my life

>> No.26386391

Market cap is 4.5B. Anon wouldn't be a majority shareholder.
There are plenty of profitable public companies that can be purchased for $500M though... Or you could franchise an out-of-state restaurant chain or whatever in an area where it doesn't exist and build 200-300 of them, then sell that later.

>> No.26386412

>reading comprehension, ZERO

>> No.26386437

Nah, I'm not knocking you, I'm just saying I rode a MOON.
I've bought tickets for this.

>> No.26386460

Fuck I forgot

>> No.26386587

You still have time to run out to the gas station, they don't draw for 4 hours.

>> No.26386710

i love retards who dont play for 100-500M but suddenly decide to play when it's 1B.

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It is my DESTINY to win this jackpot. Finally, I will get my revenge on everyone else by living a life of wealth, above them all. I'll be able to get a beautiful blonde girlfriend and have sex

>> No.26386886

If you aren't already married, make sure you don't marry some bitch who isn't already independently wealthy. Just plow sugar babies.

>> No.26386900

if i win i'm going to buy BTC with it

>> No.26386916

Everytime the lottery gets big my family asks me if I bought a ticket. I tell them I did, even though I dont, so they dont waste their time (and mine) trying to talk me into it. So annoying

>> No.26387006

snake eyes

>> No.26387028

$600, $2 a ticket. 300 tickets.
chance of 1 ticket is 1 in 300 million
now it's 600 in 300 million or simplified, 1 in 50 million. a royal flush in poker is 1 in 649,739. you have the same odds of getting multiple royal flushes as winning the lottery.

>> No.26387037

I want to win the lottery so I can focus on everything I was previously too poor to afford. Cooming is a poorfag activity. I want to build things. I want to experience life. Not spill my seed for pleasure.

>> No.26387043

hey whens the cutoff to buy

>> No.26387053

If I win I'll market buy 10 million of litecoin for the lulz

>> No.26387151

300:300M simplifies to 1:1M, not 1:50M.

>> No.26387154

someone has to win
>inb4 it wont be you

>> No.26387211

Bought. If I win, I will say the n word on public

>> No.26387416

let's say you win, yay! you're a millionare
>you are publically named (no way around it)
>everyone sees you full of money
>family begs for money
>if yes, you lose it all
>if no, bs lawsuits will drain you out of legal fees or you'll lose them
>you'll probably murdered by a nigga
i'd rather not

>> No.26387420

i can tell you one number that will win just for 0.001 BTC

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incredibly based

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and ofc as proof here are some dubs

>> No.26387508

you can remain anon you fucking faggot

>> No.26387515

Thinking it would only double the market cap... this is crypto anons, buying with 1B put this shit at 20B MINIMUM

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>people actually win lotteries
>zero chance of winning

>> No.26387540

I’m sold. Just sent 100k BTC

>> No.26387545

10 eastern

>> No.26387644

lmaoo people buying this shit in this thread are probably the same hicks who bet their life savings on drumpf winning. Go back and finish grade 9 math. Or just keep paying the retard tax

>> No.26387669

This is a falsehood. No one has to win, it just becomes more probable over time that someone will. How do you think the pot got so large? Millions of people "had to win" and still lost.
Not in NY

>> No.26387715

>p(z>20) is practically distinguishable from zero

>> No.26387832


>> No.26387886

>everyone sees you full of money
Change your hairstyle immediately before going to collect. Shave your head, get a dark spray tan, then collect. Then drop off the face of the Earth for 6 months, and delete your social media.

>> No.26387922

t. midwit

>> No.26388227
File: 98 KB, 600x600, Neutral_Face_Emoji_grande.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chance of dying in a car accident is low
>it's practically zero chance

>> No.26388565

no he's right, lottery is a retard tax. why do you think only poor people gamble.

>> No.26388577

>what is expected value
Also it makes much more sense to play a large amount at once than smaller amounts over more drawings.

>> No.26388627

You are.

>> No.26388628

Says the midwit. Retards and geniuses are the ones buying loto tickets. Only literal redditors are the ones who go around with some visualization trying to get people not getting a ticket to their dreams.

>> No.26388679

Just bought one (1) ticket. I’m going to win.

>> No.26388705

you'd have to be complete brainlet not to play in this. research odds for one second

>> No.26388734

Mega Millions/Powerball has a positive EV over ~$700 million. Should only buy one ticket, though.

>> No.26388783

>doesn’t use Chainlink vrf to pick numbers
the winner will be a (((random))) person you fucking sheep

>> No.26388964

Why do people start businesses despite statistics showing that most businesses fail within a few years?

>> No.26388967
File: 41 KB, 750x669, 1532453211233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no he's right, lottery is a retard tax.
What? This is precisely what a midwit would say to feel better about their limited, average ranged intelligence.
>no you!
Profound response, big boy.

>> No.26389034

i miss hurley

>> No.26389390

I play a small one every draw. $2/week to pay for regular comfy daydreams.

It starts at $4 mil and I don't see it get out of the 20s, but it's only a 1 in 10 million chance and even the minimum is enough to buy a cottage and shitpost, fish, and Vidya forever.

>> No.26389564

Jew here, no one is going to win tonight. Try next week

>> No.26389689

Statistically speaking, the most likely outcome tonight is a tie.

>> No.26389855

When I win I will put it all into crypto, then send half to anyone who posts their address here.

>> No.26389993

I dropped $20 I got in tips that were floating around my car. If I get the billion I will do a few 10k Link giveaways here.

>> No.26390054

>not gonna make it, even though he would have already made it

>> No.26390167
File: 2.42 MB, 1530x931, 1611361630238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I win I'm buying this crazy castle with 30 acres on a cliff overlooking Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho, fill the garage with Aston Martins and a nice truck, fill the outbuildings with ATVs and off road equipment, hire a full time caretaker and rotate between it and a comfy condo in Southeast Asia during the winter when Idaho is cold as fuck.

>> No.26390224

That looks fucking beautiful.

>> No.26390270

If I win, I'll buy the property for you. Not the vehicles or other stuff.

>> No.26390284

People win lotteries

No one has won the Mega Millions jackpot since September, that's why it's up so high.

>> No.26390302

CPA here, if any of you autists actually win please take the fucking lump sum not the annuity.

Also buy like 10m AVAX to pump my bags haha that would be so funny

>> No.26390334

Is only $9 million, buy it and I will live in one of the 4 gust/caretaker houses and more the lawn when you went around.

>> No.26390354

you are a real dumb fucking retard

>> No.26390358

based comfy potato king

>> No.26390390

I'll give the whole property to you, gratis.

>> No.26390394

redpill me on lumpsum vs annuity

>> No.26390415

>comparing having a vision and starting a company with gambling
i'm so sorry for your IQ anon
lottery players are the retards

>> No.26390433

Why the fuck can't you buy lotto tickets online?

>> No.26390449

You can make far more off the lump sum by investing it conservatively than you can off the annuity.

>> No.26390462

If I win I will start my own village on a ranch in Texas and call it Tendies Ranch, all anons who give me (You)'s get 2 free acres of land with utilities laid already. Build your own houses though lazy cunts, but I will subsidize building materials at a rate of 50%

>> No.26390500

winning 1B instead of 300M wont change anything to your happiness / lifestyle if you win retard. Ever heard of marginal utility?

>> No.26390523
File: 224 KB, 521x937, 1603754235432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26390537

I've done the amortization calc, lumpsum always beats annuity over the average american lifespan even at super low rates of return. You will not only have more money today, you will have more later in life if you invest in even moderately profitable asset classes.

>> No.26390544

got the winning ticket in my hands anon

>> No.26390584

I'm already happy and I wouldn't change my lifestyle much at all, that much is right, but you're thinking too small if you're only thinking about consumption. That's a potentially world-altering amount of capital if applied in the right places.

>> No.26390620

wtf is a power play anons
i never play this shit
i just spent $2 on a quick pick and it says power play no

>> No.26390643

looks like we're splitting the pot I got the winning numbers too. ill see you on the otherside.

>> No.26390768

also I was just thinking that they probably don't account for inflation? so better to get more now than have the deposit amounts decrease in value over time?

>> No.26390853

It is a multiplier that's drawn by a computer RNG, ranging from 2 to 5x. It multiplies all prizes other than the jackpot so if you match 5 out of 5 but not the jackpot, you get $1 million times that amount. It's not worth it as the expected return is always negative.

Just the jackpot tickets at $1.50 are the best deal when the jackpot is this high.

>> No.26390911

The megaplier costs $1 extra so it's $3 a ticket

>$2 for regular ticket
>$3 with multiplier
>$1.50 for Just The Jackpot (not available in all states).

>> No.26391120


>> No.26391179

>$18,000/yr property taxes


>> No.26391198
File: 243 KB, 1412x1412, Rate1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you win as well. Good luck

>> No.26391234

Too much instability to take the money over 30 years, biggest issue is changes in taxes, top federal taxes are low right now but will go up every time a Democrat is president. Better off taking the hit now and reinvesting what you get.

>> No.26391260

Old people win the lottery because they don't masturbate

>> No.26391306

I got 10
if i win i made a plan
I'm going to make a /biz/ coin and give us all free tokens
then i'm going to take a big fiat dump inside it and watch it go up millions of millions and let you guys fight for selling
the day i do this i will keep a secret
to the few anons that didn't sell.. i'll give them something even greater

>> No.26391558

I am going to make it.

>> No.26391576

If anyone wins you have got to buy all of us a house
Like 20-40k dollar house

>> No.26391671

I will if I win, I promise.

>> No.26391688

and in every house they must hire professional smudging brappers to clear negative energy

>> No.26391693

Have you won yet?

>> No.26392093
File: 236 KB, 450x532, 1605978984003.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the dude telling people to spend hundreds of dollars on this

>> No.26392461
File: 42 KB, 720x603, 1579041900189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if i win
>if I win

>> No.26392918

will i be able to buy a ticket tomorrow if nobody wins tonight?

>> No.26392939

The lotto, now that was a good scam that one.

>> No.26392946
File: 79 KB, 640x618, 1590508803112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm already a millionaire off $CLF. Been in that one since $4, am waiting for $50. Just look at what $GME did today

Spent $100 on tickets today. Wish me luck boys

>> No.26393172

$2 for a chance to win $1 billion, I'll take that bet any time of the day even if it's miniscule. Someone will win, but certainly not with 0% (aka not taking the chance, you'll slap yourself in the face when you see the numbers and you think to yourself, there's a chance some computer could've spat them out for you, if only you tried).

>> No.26393221

Wait WTF I read this thread thinking it was about the LOTTO token airdrop. Only now realizing that anons are talking about the normie boomer lottery.

>> No.26393245

I can't tell if you're memeing but I love it

>> No.26393406

based and me as well pilled

>> No.26393448

If I win, I will harass all jannies until I am permabanned from all boards

>> No.26393567

Redpill me on
MegaMillions vs Powerball

>> No.26393574

I've never bought a lotto ticket and don't plan to even if it hits 10b

>> No.26393701

did he died?

>> No.26394007

same here fren. First few seasons were out of this world. Then the seasons during the writers strike went downhill.

>> No.26394198

Powerball has better odds

>> No.26394425

ITT: what is /biz/ going to do when I win a billion hubba bubba smackeroos?

>> No.26394430

I'm not from the US, can I buy this shit?

>> No.26394457

It's rigged

t. bought 1 ticket.

Powerballs is worth 20m, megamillioums is worth 1b

>> No.26394485

Powerball is undervalued, get in now faggots!

>> No.26394501

It’s true
Epstein won 2 lotteries

>> No.26394827

wait what happened with that posting your eth link shit, what i do now

>> No.26394864

Kek I thought this was the crypto shit, it's just boomer talk here

>> No.26395149

ngl this chart is triggering me.... wouldn't stacked be better, since proportions end up at 100

>> No.26395207

The lottery is a tax on stupid people and a scam used to launder money

>> No.26395212


>> No.26395239

No, but 2 acres are marked JQnWM4T5 :^)

>> No.26395241

If it's that high, how has nobody found a way to cheat? There could be no greater motivation.

>> No.26395267

>CLF tranny


>> No.26395278

Holy shit holy shit HOLY SHIT GUYS

>> No.26395299

Tripps gets the lotto.

>> No.26395528

None of you will win

>> No.26395582

It’s someone’s destiny

>> No.26395860

14 mins frens. Which one of us is going to be rich

>> No.26395862

Checked i got 5

>> No.26396466
File: 50 KB, 709x1024, pepe toast hat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol its gonna 10x by next week

>> No.26396781

I got 2 numbers

>> No.26396846

Sissy ass nigga, I won $2

>> No.26397035

Nobody wins. See you all next week.

>> No.26397053
File: 202 KB, 860x582, 447-4473735_fren-pepe-hd-png-download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If i win I'm building a huge gyroscope that will slow down the earths rotation.
I'm going to hold the world hostage and turn my $1billion into $1trillion.

>> No.26397071

i got 2 #

>> No.26397168


>> No.26397253

>just spend $60k to have a 1:10,000 chance of winning

>> No.26397442

if you pool with other rich people it makes sense. imagine a group of 100 millionaires who all drop $60,000 on tickets and agree to split it 100 ways

they now have a 1 in 10 chance of winning 1,000,000 for the measly gamble of 60k which is nothing to them

obviously this only makes financial sense if the jackpot is big enough, which right now it is

>> No.26397624

Imagine no one wins tonight
Imagine no one wins for the next two or three weeks and the jackpot gets so high that even after the one time split and even after the 40 something percent taxes they also steal from you the one time payout is still one billion dollars.

>> No.26398008

i mean, if it weren't for taxes, it'd technically be profitable to buy all 340-some million possible combinations of digits at $2 apiece.

>> No.26398191

did someone already win or nah

you would still have negative EV because if there are multiple winners you have to split the pot

>> No.26398494

i lost

>> No.26398657
File: 1.74 MB, 576x1024, 1611305496842.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought a couple of ticket and 3 $20 scratchers. 2 of them were winners. I won a total of $5k. Not bad for an impulse buy

>> No.26399046

I'll lobby to take over the county its in, and bribe or extort the officials, or eject them from office with my own Manchurian candidates and lower the effective property tax to no more than $800 a year, all for you; assuming I've won. I have quite a number of tickets to go through but I'll let you know the results in an hour or two.

>> No.26399147

you rolled a five and a one

>> No.26399161
File: 54 KB, 500x519, 5faf35cabd22a00c282fd51d_newnew-p-500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lotto Coin is the only lottery I care about. Airdrop next week. Why pay a voluntary tax to the state?

>> No.26399193

no, the first rule is to talk to lawyers, form an LLC, and claim your winnings anonymously

>> No.26399488

The trust defers winnings and can be subject to double taxation depending on the state from my understanding.

>> No.26399830
File: 668 KB, 939x949, 1542308660286.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>$1 Million
>$2 Million

A toast, gentlemen. Hopefully one of us won, the BILLION. I shall be checking my tickets soon and will report back. It has been an honor posting with you tonight.


>> No.26399895

sucks but that's the price you pay to not have your life get ruined over your new money

>> No.26399974

imagine being mad about being half a billionaire

>> No.26400032

UPDATE: I did not win the jackpot but new details have since been made public. Gentlemen, I receive official record that the winning ticket was sold in the (formerly great state of) Michigan. If one of you are from there, check your numbers immediately. Thank you all for playing. No more lottery tickets for me for a while until the EV becomes positive again.

>> No.26400102

Doubtful you still get money even if you only get a few numbers right.

>> No.26400225

I might have won $200 and some smaller prizes so it wasn't that bad of a loss overall. I'll check again in the morning.

>> No.26400776

I won $2!!

Both times I have ever played the lottery, I have won. I’d say I have a pretty good track record. Now I only won $4 and $2, but a win is a win :p

>> No.26401866


>> No.26402093


easiest of claps

>> No.26402450


>> No.26403060

Winning ticket here in michigan...im too scared to even check

>> No.26403364

shill me megamillions

Is it for Muricans only?

>> No.26403420

>tfw didn't win

>> No.26403453


>> No.26403701
File: 105 KB, 728x728, 1611234460803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whether or not a company succeeds largely lies on the competency of the founder and their dedication, scratch tickets and lottos are pure chance at an up front price. You can't get better at playing random chance, you can improve upon and act out your skills will factors you yourself control
And before you get any ideas, no faggot, crypto is not gambling, you control the likelihood of turning a profit through research and focus

>> No.26403902
File: 558 KB, 367x265, 1611341245299.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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