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No shit /biz/-frens Rubic scammers invited me to their next Discord AGAIN.

HAHAHAHAH fuck this stupidity shouldn't even be funny anymore!

backstory: We are oldfags and already exposed the Upfiring (UFR) shills back in 2017. Many /biz/-frens were thankful after we've warned them about the pump and dump scam. Some didn't listen and got REKT hard.

Now we noticed the same scam-team is trying again and we infiltrated them at the very beginning.

This time the token that is used for the scam is Rubis. We are sure you already noticed Rubic because it gets spammed here 24/7.

The scammers hope that /biz/ is buying in to rip them off. Just like it was in 2017with Upfiring.

This time they are stupid as fuck and don't even hide anymore. They only shill without actually knowing something about the project - which is very poor btw.

Well /biz/-frens. We did it again. We fucking exposed the scammers and safes a lot of /ourguys/ from being ripped-off by the Rubic pump n dump scam.

Now they end up sitting on a total worthless shitcoin because nobody will (hopefully) buy their bags.

We wish you all a scamfree day and hope you are doing fine.

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original screenshot from their (infiltrated) discord:

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wow you really put some effort into this one huh?

keep fudding bud, you're gonna miss it.

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Bro no problem man. Try to fud. I'm gonna laugh at you every day.

Well I'm gonna fucking dream about you lmfao. This is so fking good. It's insane. Stay fudding and keep missing the biggest comfiest cruise of your life.

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Cool story

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Imagine putting this much effort into a shitcoin that is literally mooning and it’s going higher to make people sell to acquire cheap bags. Ngmi

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why do you save these shops as a gif kek what a faggot

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lmao what even is? a youtube exposed video? jesus christ the reddit spacing is hurting my eyes. this isn't even good fud

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What a surprise

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the amount of work going into this fud is one of the strongest buy signals i have ever seen for any coin in a long time.

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Thanks OP. Just sold 10k

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Lmaooo im in the fucking /biz/ telegram for rubic (not the (((official))) one) and they’re talking about dumping on everybody in half an hour. This shit is comedy at this point. I dont understand how delusional & money hungry someone can be to believe all this shit. But I guess that’s what money does.

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Holy kek that pajeet style emoji image

Are fudsters mentally ill?

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Never selling

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Rubic is not a project you should be investing in long term. Reasons:

1. Market cap: $16M !!! For a swap exchange that has a really shitty UX and product, cannot be even compared with 1inch (used by Rubic primarily and has stellar product with $172m market cap and 8b monthly volume). With 98.4m circulating supply, reaching $10 is not possible in a gazillion years looking at this shitty product.

2. Usecase: Who the fuck wants to swap on Binance chain outside of Binance!? Also why the fuck would I use Rubic when I can easily get the best prices on 1inch, Uni or Metamask swap?!

3. Contant shilling: Pajeets scamming this board just waiting for you poorfags to pump the price so that they can dump on you!

4. Inexperienced tech: Their dev team/tech is really inexperienced compared with dev teams of the defi world. Check the dev teams at Sushi, Aave, 1inch, YFI, CRV, Uni, SNX. These guys dont even stand a chance.

Worst part: The website was down for almost 2 hours which has happened 2-3 times so far (server load is a shitty excuse)! Imagine website going down during a swap.

That being said, yes the constant shilling on biz might pump the price a bit maybe but this is never a safe long term hold, because either you might get rugpulled or whales might dump hard and the price would never recover and you would be holding these coins forever.

So DYOR. There is no reason for you to use Rubic when there are literally 100x better products in the market. Oh and yes binance smart chain recently tweeted but that doesnt mean this coin is going to be listed on Binance, not atleast with this shitty product and dev team.

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I bump the thread because the shilling of Rubic is obviously linked to a scam.
But newcomers won’t notice it.

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Lies and I can’t believe OP made a discord server just for this post. Massive buy signal

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Thanks. Just dumped a HUGE stinky on those dumpers.

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Scammers seem to getting nervous /biz/.
Hahah get rekt sitting on your shittokens pajeets.
Still nobody is buying your scamtoken.

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Put more effort into your fud faggot

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So you censor the user list but not the list in chat?


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yes because I don't want to expose users that may not being actively scamming.

The obvious scammers are not censored.

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show us a meme that they have created but hasn't been seen on the board yet

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Kek, raging pajeetos are actually very funny

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It’ll be the next link. $20 per in a couple years

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fuck you jeeto

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never selling

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Make a video of the discord please. A pic doesnt mean anything i could do it too. We would like to see more of that discord, like the other channels and stuff.

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Thanks to RBC I had some quality A4 Wagyu for lunch. Fuck off niggerfaggot and your weak FUD. Ngmi

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Those are the fags from the attempted 0.2 rugpull, they fucked up and every coin was bought inmediately. Look at rubic now the floor is 0.16 and it keeps going up. Nice try tho maybe another shitty youtube like thumbnail photoshop might work rajesh.

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i sold 120k at 19 cents, this fud shit and spam has gotten insane. was link like this?

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Yes, it actually was. Only Discord didn't exist, not commonly, anyway.

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Checked and prophetic

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Soulja Boy - https://streamable.com/rz503z
Starving African - https://streamable.com/5c9t83
Based African - https://streamable.com/zsumoe
Thank you Rubic Rangers - https://streamable.com/dtao3n
Rangers help village - https://streamable.com/2g29ro
Wake up fud fud fud
>you think we don't know what time you street shitters wake up?

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Anyone who falls for this obvious PnD deserves it.

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holy bump. I told you fuckers RBC is a pajeet scam. get ready to be RUGPULLED

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you faggots now that OP isn't the only one in your discord?

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Post moar OP

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no we are more kek

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lol we don't have a discord retard

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