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Honest question, why isn't everyone freaking out about the fact that he dumps 1m every fucking week?

the supply went from 350m to 400m and counting and that's why the price isn't mooning

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because they're bamboozled into thinking that this fat fuck will make them rich, so they're ok with eating his weekly turds

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some people read the whitepaper, and we've been climbing since he started dumping

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>I’m up 50x
>price isn’t “mooning”
anon, I..

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Gotta have those extra stacks for marketing so you can make fresh /biz/ threads lol

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The link is using binance to obfuscate who it’s going to. It’s going to partners who will stake it for decades

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It's a dumb cunt just like crypto in a whole. Hodl BTC while it's not illegal, which will be soon once they make mining and possesion of BTC illegal, and will crash before maintainance levels + Tether shitting the bed.

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Because your role, as an investor, is to FUND THE PROJECT YOU'RE INVESTED IN.

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To shake out faggots like you and make sure you never make it.

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this. the dumps are all part of the process. have you ever stopped to think that a controlled, lesser powered moon is better for the network than an out of control one that allows a bunch of faggots to sell the top and get rich by creating a bunch of bag holders? we're not all impatient moonboy zoomers. we're big boy investors. if you want quick money, go buy one of the various scams advertised here daily and good luck.

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>why isn't everyone freaking out
Because we aren't complete retards like you

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Who is going to make bitcoin mining illegal? I doubt China would want to fuck with that.

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Exactly. Plus it's called "market making". Zoomers want price pumping like a penny stock.

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it's cute seeing /pol/tards comment on crypto

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it would be a worry if he wasn't aggressively expanding the project with that money
but he is
and also you're a complete fucking retard if you think his dumps are anything more than a drop in that gigantic piss bucket of CL's daily trading volume
but in short, i hate most of the people on this board because they're so fucking stupid, please don't buy link - especially you, OP
s and h

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How im a /pol/tard faggot

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If he’s dumping why isn’t the price going down? I would happily buy more cheap links your retard

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This is currently too difficult to do without a world government. An actual world government and not just clubs that countries pay lip service to. Otherwise they run into problems with lobbies and billionaire interests becoming difficult and costing political capital. Keep in mind that the banks are getting in on it and now just want things slowed and mutilated instead of smothered.

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the sergey betrayal fud is pathetic.

>chainlink is too centralized!! scam!!
>sergey reduces centralisation by 5% over 3 years
>he's dumping, what a scam!!!

The dumps are for funding development. They're also to increase decentralisation. Basically just furthering the project. You really think it would be preferable for CL to just hold onto all their linkies forever? Why? makes no sense.

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er..given the choice ill take a violent out of control moon that allows me to sell the top thank you very much, esp if it means I don't have to waste my life waiting for this PIECE OF SHIT to do something

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>dumps are bullish

please pass me the copium next bros

he's literally increasing the circulating supply week by week, how the fuck is that bullish?