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Satoshi fud? LMAO at your life.

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He's right you know.

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>>numbers have decimal places
If he really wanted to FUD, he'd talk about ETH gas prices baka

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Imagine holding anything but Chad USD

>Gold: Asteroid mining
>BTC: 51% attacks

Ya, I'm fine having my currency backed by the world's most powerful army. Passing on your asset bro.

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What an absolute lemon

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Think about how many gold atoms there are. OMG SELL!!!!

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ur da lemon

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Why do you keep posting this faggot.

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LOL the army wont stop the FED printing 100 trillions dollars

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Should someone tell him how many atoms there are in a gram of gold?

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>big numba is not scarce!

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There are 3.02*10^21 gold atoms in a gram of gold. This must mean grams of gold are not scarce.

What a fucking retard.

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*blocks your path*

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this is the dumbest post I have ever seen on this board

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I understand that scarcity is based on amount not divisibleness you necropheliac

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>money is divisible
Wow what an amazing nugget of wisdom you have there.

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I like Peter Schiff but this is a brainlet take

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yuck feet but nice tits, how can i profit from this

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Hey that's the bitcoon chart

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There's no way this guy is serious. He's doing it as an act right?

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How many atoms are in an ounce of gold?

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It's not. He's basically saying that bitcoin has no intrinsic value. It's still a fiat currency. Gold does have intrinsic value, you need a specific amount of ounces to make something. You cant make an electronic chip from an atom of gold. But you can always add more zeros to bitcoin after the comma. Gold is tied to reality, bitcoin is not. Still, blockchain is a pretty good technology and I'm buying like a motherfucker. Calling the top at 160k for this cycle.

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That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen him say, his boomer mind cannot understand something so simple

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Not even the most powerful army in the world can stop the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR machine

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Why does no one get this guy is a Bitcoin shill in disguise? He accepts Bitcoin, mentions it all the time and only spreads the most lame fud.

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>bitcoins are created by the expenditure of electricity
>not real

>it's fiat
>can't be arbitrarily inflated through printing

>You can't make an electronic chip from an atom of gold
>The amount of gold used for a single chip is no where near an ounce

Even though you're a brainlet at least you're HODLing

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No, sum argument. A fraction still has a fixed denominator

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He probably has stacks of it, and like a true /biz/nessman he knows that the market will always do the opposite of what he says - thus the opposite of his FUD becomes fit for universal law

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>iplying cost of production equals value
>the value of bitcoin is its ledger properties

>bitcoin can't be inflated through printing
>but many other "bitcoins" can be created. how many altcoins are there?

>you didnt get the point. you need a specific amount tied to reality. just like the specific amount of calories food has. if you chop a fish into a million pieces and eat one piece it will not feed you like a fish does. bitcoin would be great if it was backed by an asset, any asset. which btw can be done with other crypto. that will likely be the future.

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Moving the goalposts, the post

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how so?

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>He doesn’t know that the 2267962kg of gold mined per year can also be broken down into smaller units of measure

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Literally look at your latest statements and compare it to your first post

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kek this guy never stops

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Explain. :) I'm here

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If you can't do that on your own I think the diagnosis is double digit IQ, nothing I can do to save you

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>2.1 quadrillion sats

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Nah... ~99% percentile. Try again. Nice ad hominem btw.

I'll concede that i shouldt have said its fiat. Not really compulsory by government. I meant its basically valued because of social agreement. Not because of intrinsic value.

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>99th percentile
>wasting time arguing on 4chan

Something doesn't check out here

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Same can be said for you. Still waiting for your arguments though.

I have my trading platform on the other screen, I have gone to the gym, and I finished the trimester accounting for the main business. So don't worry about my time managment.

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I never claimed 99th percentile
I really don't care to hear your life story, go tell your mommy

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You claimed I was a two digit IQ though. Implying that you were smarter, making your "arguments" more truthful. Ad hominem and implied authority fallacies. Nice. Berry smart.

And apparently you care about what I do with my time, otherwise why comment on it?

Still waiting for your arguments.

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you talk like you're staggeringly autistic so maybe you're one of those savants

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I'm claiming you're not as smart as you think you are, you make clearly false statements and your ego gets hurt because they got refuted, and you cope by moving the goalposts to retain some sense of rightness
Seethe, cope, dilate

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holy shit he's right

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I actually like and respect Peter Schiff on many points, even if he is eternally closeminded on crypto.

However that tweet is just the dumbest of the dumb FUD. Even a child knows you don't have more pizza just by cutting into smaller slices.

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Does it matter how smart I am or think I am? I'm only asking you to argue your statements. But hey... I make false statements, maybe they are wrong, then tell me why. You've responded to me a million times alredy and everytime is a different insult. Maybe tipe an argument for once.

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Mandelbrot Set. I'm not supporting the retarded gold bug but technically you are incorrect.

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Hes getting to the point where is doing more research on Bitcoin to attack it then to just buy it. Imagine putting that much effort into something you think is a scam.

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tfw 1 btc was fud
you only need 21 satoshis

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What happens to the decimals of Bitcoin smaller than a satoshi? Do they exist?

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The idea that gold is scarce as there's only 240000 tons is nonsence. The standard bar of gold merely represents a quantity of 37.9 septillion gold atoms. So, it's the total number of gold atoms that must be considered. With a supply of 734 nonillion gold atoms are anything but scarce!

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No, conceivably there could be a future fork with more decimals, but it would require a majority consensus

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unironically epic response lol

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>total gold supply is 197576 Tonnes Au
>equal to 1(10)^9 mols
>1 mol = 6.02214076×10^(23)
> there are 100000000000000000000000000000000 golds in circulation

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Gold is a finite element

Bitcoin is nothing

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Based Schiff

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He's trolling everyone, he's got a fat crypto stack and you know it.

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*fag alert*

If you would slobber those toes, you are most likely 100% homosexual

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Ahaha what a brainlet.

Can someone reply to him and tell him gold can be divided into many small pieces and therefore is not scarce.

Top tier troll this guy.

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i said yuck feet faggot


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Holy shit I'm scared now what did I get into buying this? Where and HOW more importantly do I sell my bitcorn stock??

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just send it to to the address 0x000000000000000000000000 anon and it'll auto convert your bitcorn stocks into usd dollar federal bills!

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awesome man are you a stockbroker for bitcorn?

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yes, it is my career sir,,,,,

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